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All of my pets have been treated with the same loving, care and attention. I have worked for West Midlands Police since I am honest, trustworthy, thoroughly reliable, adaptable and really easy to get along with. Please browse my site to see if I can help you. Whilst I have outlined my pet care services generally, I am completely flexible and will do all I can to accommodate whatever it is that you require. And I can assure you that no-one apart from yourself will look after your pet better than me.

Dog Training Classes

Kerry holds a Bachelors degree in Biology and is currently working toward her Masters. She is well trained in animal behavior and veterinary first aid. Whether it is full day or half day we offer great rates with complete care.

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Individualized training and group training sessions are available. Shampoo, nail trim, ear cleaning, the whole works. Your dog must be current on all vaccinations.

Known Residents

Required vaccinations include canine distemper, parvovirus, rabies, and bordetella. Vaccinations should be administered at least two weeks prior to your visit for optimal protection. Please consult with your veterinarian. Written documentation of vaccination of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian is required and will be kept on file for all clients.

Please remember to provide us with current copies of records whenever your dog is given a new set of vaccinations. Puppies under four months of age must have a series of two vaccinations, but are exempt from the rabies requirement only.

Your dog must be on a flea AND tick preventative. Oftentimes we find that an owner is under the impression that their monthly preventative covers both fleas and ticks, only to later discover it was only protecting against fleas.

A dog house away from home...

Tick control is imperative in this type of environment. Please double check your preventative and make sure it is protecting your dog from both parasites. If we find fleas or ticks on your dog, we will immediately apply a preventative and charge accordingly. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. Puppies less than one year of age are exempt from this requirement.

The Contented Canine

The Contented Canine is a group play environment. Not all dogs play well with others. For this reason, every dog will need to be evaluated prior to being accepted as a new client.

As much as we would love to care for every dog we meet, safety and happiness are our top priorities and sometimes that means we have to turn away an otherwise great dog who will not be a good fit for this type of environment. Travel eastbound for 2 miles. Monday - Thursday am - pm Friday am - Monday - Friday closed 12pm-1pm for lunch Saturday am - pm. The Contented Canine.

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A dog house away from home What's New? August This is a sample item of what's new.

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