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To quickly go back to English simply tick Back to English in the same menu this command will always stay in English.

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Untick Back to English to go back to the loaded language. In a blink and without a restart you can switch back to factory default English.

The future of 'fake news'?

Finally, here is the first section of the configuration dialog in all new languages available to date Click to zoom :. Click to zoom. If you want to contribute to XYplorer and translate it into your language please see this page. Say you meet a filename where you want to learn more about the characters. Easy: You select the file, open the Info Panel F12 , then right-click the bolded filename in the Properties tab, and get a small context menu:.

This gives you the Character Table of this filename, a vertical list of the characters and their unicode ordinals in decimal and hexadecimal, and their utf8 sequences:. Hovering the bolded filename will pop a tooltip showing the filename converted to ASCII, including transliterations of special characters from German, Scandinavian languages, and Turkish, and romanization of Cyrillic characters.

Last not least you can convert the filename to ASCII including all the transliterations mentioned above. Toggle navigation XYplorer What's New Release Builds Multilingual Support.

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XYplorer now supports interface languages other than English. Currently translations for French, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese are available. Languages can be loaded and changed on the fly without restarting the program. NOTE From version For instance, what proportion of overall crimes do these account for?

How do the crimes committed by refugees or migrants compare proportionally with those committed by native or citizen residents of a given area? Without that context, the data is useless at best.

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VKontakte is not subject to the kind of content controls that Facebook has agreed to deploy in Germany, and it shows. It is not clear whether XYE was set up by Merkel's political opponents as a propaganda tool, or whether it reflects the work of motivated individual citizens. In the age of social media those distinctions are starting to blur.

Online supporters of US president Donald Trump coordinated their efforts to push his agenda in the run-up to the election. These supporters are now increasingly interested in Germany.

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Twitter is far less influential in Germany than it is in the US, but there are signs of an online network coalescing around the AfD's anti-immigrant message and XYE's map. Just 10 followers were responsible for more than a quarter of the account's 15, retweets during this period. Among these ten accounts, only one name was more prominent in their tweets than their adversary Angela Merkel, and that was Donald Trump.

Although the map has been circulated mainly within the right-wing world, it and others like it have the potential to play an important role in the migration debate in Germany. Harvard's Jonas Kaiser argues that such seemingly scientific material helps legitimise an anti-immigrant political position. Things like the XYE map "tighten the right wing's identity," Kaiser says. Fake news may not have an impact on the German election, but unreliable maps could.

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Your attack on the source of the XYE map or who tends to spread the information is " ad hominen" Not worthy of true investigation and a large part of this article depends on this. I quote from wikipedia " Ad hominem Latin for "to the man" or "to the person"[1] , short for argumentum ad hominem, is now usually understood as a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

In a way otherwise you yourselves are in danger of spreading a form of fake news. The article is far from being simply an ad hominem attack It 's outing of the authors as being racist is also germane. I am pretty sure whomever bothered to make this map on their free time, they are unlikely to be "politically neutral".

Frankly, I don't think this article is politically neutral either. However, is political neutrality really that important? I suppose, if someone would like to claim themselves as a journalist. Though, if it is a group of civilian attempting to report to others, I think some leeway is ok.

I felt, this map is good as a congregation of news, rather than being actual news itself. It's always the same: people of one ethnic group or religious group like to point out to other ethnic groups in order to nail them onto whatever possible. This happened in our recent past where people of judaic beliefs had to suffer.

Nowadays the draw is at Moslems. When do people learm from history? Even if just a few decades ago? I Think never, never ever!!! If one just think how terrible had been most of the refugees way from homeland to Europe, Germany, how terrible it must be to see relatives die, homes destroyed etc. Police usually asks: "cui bono?

The answer is extremely simple to find: political opposition groups as well as an "Empire" who seeds violation, wars and destrution all over our globe since world war II. Because if people get distracted they are easier to manage. Same as the Roman-Catholic Church with its stance against other religious groups did for more than almost years. How sad - nothing learnt since Roman times. Cui bono? Wasn't the Roman Empire's point: divide and rule?

History tells us. Nothing changed and people just jump onto the same old mare which will - so it seems - never die. I don't understand why German police in collaboration with relevant academic institutions does not provide the more credible statistics themself in order to shed a light to the issue that apparently does interest many Germans and people wider. Maybe there are already serious studies on the issue that have been published?

If there is luck of transparency or luck of good quality work on the issue it leaves the space for such scientifically poorly executed research.

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Share the URL. Send via Email. This story was published in partnership with:. An alarming picture The XYE map first emerged following reports that migrant men had committed mass sexual assaults during Cologne's New Year's Eve celebrations. So far in , more than 2, 'crimes' have already been pinned onto the map. The XYE map purports to show locations of crimes committed in Germany by migrants.