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What causes a bad dream or nightmare?

There are lots of different ways you can be wounded in a dream. Your nightmare might involve anything from a painful cut to a disfiguring accident or to major burns. In all cases, the prevailing theory is that dreams about injuries are usually connected to feeling weak or powerless in some aspect of your life. This is particularly likely if you dream about having a broken leg or another major fracture. Ask yourself where you might be feeling weak, and why. If you work on the source of weakness, you're less likely to have this nightmare again in the future.

As with nightmares about teeth, dreaming that you're injured in a way that has a huge impact on your looks can also signal insecurities about your appearance. For example, perhaps you are worried that someone only values you for your looks and that if you didn't have them, you would not be worthy of love.

● Find out what your nightmare, or weird dream means

If you have a phobia of being trapped, you're not alone. As well as being a common fear , this is also a frequent nightmare for many people, and it can mean a variety of different things. Sometimes, it merely reflects your phobia , in the same way, that dreaming of spiders might relate to your irrational fear of these insects.

Getting the most out of your sleep in a different, creative way

Do you have a phobia? Click here to read our 6 top tips on overcoming an irrational fear. That being said, nightmares about being physically trapped can also be a sign that you feel psychologically trapped in some way. You might feel trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, or you may feel hemmed in by debt, limited at work, or stuck in a particular location. And if you can't change your circumstances, perhaps changing your perspective on them might be enough. Challenge yourself to think of 5 good things about the place you're currently at in life.

Just as dreaming about flying is one of the most commonly reported positive dreams, many people experience awful nightmares about falling.

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Whether you fall down from something, fall out of a plane or just find yourself falling with no explanation, you can wake up with a racing heart and a deep feeling of helplessness. Often, the sources of these nightmares will be a degree of anxiety you feel in your waking life; worries about being out of control in some way, with an underlying feeling that a negative outcome is inevitable.

Just remember that no matter what your circumstances, there's always room to exercise your agency and work towards something better. When you've figured out what makes you feel out of control, look for at least one thing you can control. And if there truly is nothing you can change, consciously turn your energy towards a different area of your life; one you can influence. If you speak to psychologists who specialize in dreams, they'll tell you that the most frequently reported nightmares involved being chased or attacked.

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You might be running from monsters, hurt by people you know, or in peril due to the actions of strangers. In all such cases, the underlying theme is most likely to be fear; often of confrontation, and what it could mean.

Nightmare Meanings: 9 Common Bad Dreams And What They Mean

This could be a highly personal type of confrontation e. When you're being chased, what this tells you is that you're trying to evade conflict, but that deep down you know it's likely something you have to face. The key is to face it on your own terms and to give some serious thought to the main points you want to make to the other person. The classic nudity dream involves suddenly finding yourself naked in front of your old high school class, or during a work presentation. This is a nightmare that can sound funny in the abstract, but when experienced, is very humiliating and degrading.

The message from these sorts of dreams is that you're afraid of being judged whether by one person or more broadly. And if you have this nightmare on a regular basis, it could be that fear of judgment is actually holding you back.

It is only when you learn to live in an authentic way that you can truly find and follow your purpose. She is surrounded by this color in the dream. Spirit is clearly showing her a total happy ending. NOTE: Colors in dreams do have meaning. You have to intuit what each color means for you. DreamChange is a shamanic process in which one can go back into a bad dream or nightmare and change it for the better. This does make lasting change within the inner-self. I told Dora to imagine that she was back in the last part of the dream. Because the navy blue color meant happiness to her, I asked her to breathe the color into her body.

I suggested that she feel the happiness and calmness it gave her. She did as I asked. After a few minutes, her face began to look different. More relaxed. After interpreting her dream with the help of her "Voice of Intuition," Dora was no longer paralyzed by fear. She went into action. She sought out legal aid and found an advocate. The advocate helped her find the orders in her original legal document that were important to take to court.

Even though her son will be eighteen soon, he is still in high school. He intends to go to community college. Therefore, his dad has to continue paying support for him until he is twenty-one. It also turned out that because there was unpaid health insurance, and payments her ex missed, he now has to pay Dora more each month than he had been paying. Would you like to learn more about how to interpret your nightmares and bad dreams? Would you like to read more case stories about the positive, hidden messages in nightmares?

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