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He last book of short stories, Tales of Edgar A. Poe , only contained one horror story among a collection of mysteries and science fiction. Poe walking in his yard, and most agreeably was I surprised to see a very handsome and elegant appearing gentleman, who welcomed us with a quiet, cordial, and graceful politeness that ill accorded with my imaginary sombre poet. A: Poe revolutionized literature in a number of ways.

He invented the detective story, made important contributions that shaped the modern science fiction genre, and developed the tale of psychological terror. He thought that it was enough for a poem to be beautiful even and especially if it did not try to teach the reader anything. European writers and critics of the time, like Charles Baudelaire in France, praised Poe for this stance. A: Poe made several important contributions to the mystery story.

With only a handful of precedents, he developed a new kind of fictional character—one who solves mysteries using reason, analysis, and keen observational skills. This is the same purpose Dr. After inventing these primary characters, Poe continued by developing the standard mystery plots.

Since each of his detective stories was the first of its kind, he developed several different prototypes.

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Several of the standard mystery plot devices also originated with Poe. He finds the letter because he anticipates the villain has already anticipated how and where the police will look for the letter. A: No, that was W. Jacobs , one of many writers whose work was influenced by Poe. When museum guests ask questions like this, it only reminds us how many different authors Poe has inspired.

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A: Poe found inspiration all around him, especially in newspapers or history books. Lesser Multi-volume Editions: These items are listed chronologically. Richardson 10 vols. Lovell Book Co. A limited edition of 30 numbered sets, printed on Japanese vellum. R and illustrations by Arthur E. The Works of Edgar Allan Poe , 10 vols. Green cloth binding, with gold lettering and ornamentation.

The volumes contain various black and white illustrations. The age and nature of this edition has confused many owners. A reprint by the same publishers gives their copyright as Anyone familiar with paper and bindings of various periods would assign approximately the same date range without this additional information. Facsimiles and Photographic Reproductions:.

Tamerlane and Other Poems These items are listed chronologically by date of publication. An edition printed for George Redway in London by Chiswick Press, , with the text taken from the copy in the library of the British Museum, at that time the only copy known. Strictly speaking, this little book is not a facsimile as it does not attempt to reproduce the typography or even the pagination of the original printing.

It includes an introduction by Richard Herne Shepherd. A total of numbered copies were printed. A total of 37 copies were printed, 2 on India paper, 10 on Japan paper and 25 on hand-made paper.

Edgar Allan Poe: the master of horror writing

Copies are numbered. According to ABC , , p. This facsimile was accompanied by a modern printing of the poems, with a comment by James Southall Wilson. This facsimile is based on a copy of the original then owned by Williams Andrews Clark, Jr. Facsimile printed by The Ulysses Bookshop, London, This mark is easily removed as it often has been.

This typeface facsimile was printed by Wirth, Baltimore, This facsimile has no identifying marks or imprint. According to a statement by Ferdinand F. Wirth, provided on October 7, to Alexander G. Rose, of the Poe Society of Baltimore, the edition was 1, copies. It has introductory notes by T. Miscellaneous Facsimiles These items are listed alphabetically by author or editor. Graham and N. Willis New York: H. Caldwell, Brown, n. Redfield, A full-sized and lavishly illustrated edition, featuring woodcuts designed by F.

The copyright is Briggs by J. Whitman in , T. Mabbott Poems , and J.

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Dameron Bibliography of Criticism , , p. Reprinted by W. Widdleton, with the same memoir, beginning in London: Ward, Lock, n. Widdleton, Poe and His Biographer, Rufus W. This edition was reissued by the same publisher in The same collection was reissued by A. Armstrong in According to a letter from S. Whitman to J. Ingram, W. Reissued London, This edition is printed as part of the Canterbury Poets series, edited by William Sharp. Reissued as a separate volume from the multi-volume Stedman and Woodberry edition of Whitty Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, A second edition, with revisions, appeared in A third edition, also noted as revised, appeared in , although some copies are dated as An edition with prefatory material dated January , ends the text at p.

Whitty was an important scholar, but prone to sensationalize. Although it is not widely known, there are two issues of this edition. Neither bears an imprint date, and both have only the copyright. As a result, the page references in the notes, for items on pages are off by one page.

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Poe Philadelphia: William H. This set was later reprinted by New York: A. Willis 2 volumes bound as one, Leipzig: Alphons Durr, Karl Elze. Griswold — if these pages should ever meet his eye — will certainly pardon the present editor for having ventured thus to tone down a highly colored picture of one of the most gifted poets of America. The Works of Edgar Allan Poe , 8 vols.

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London: J. Lowell , New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, n. They are selected from the edition of New York: University Publishing, Black, This volume has since been reprinted several times.

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Knopf, Selected Poetry and Prose , edited by T. Mabbott , New York: Modern, Poetry and Tales , edited by Patrick F. Some Miscellaneous Items:. Prescott , New York: Henry Holt, Spannuth, with introduction and commentary by T. Mabbott as not being by Poe. Hough , Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Miniature Books:. None of these books carry a date, so all are generally noted as A minimum order was 20 books.

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By , the series had expanded to over 2, titles. The price was later raised to cents each. A leather book cover was available for cents. In later editions, the plain covers featuring only simple text were replaced with illustrated ones. The editor for the series was Emanuel Haldeman-Julius , a controversial figure who published books on a variety of radical subjects, socialism and the KKK. In addition to these items, he included others on agriculture and farming, health and hygiene, self-improvement, history, religion and psychology.

He also published a large number of works of great literature both to establish credibility and perhaps with a genuine interest in making such writings available and affordable to everyone. Lilly Library at the University of Indiana. Includes S. Found in a Bottle. At some point, this booklet seems to have been called Tales Grotesque and Amusing. Hass, Inc. Covers appear in suede, leather in various colors, green leatherette also in brown and red , and red leather with gold lettering.

Some of these carry embossed labels, while others are merely stamped. There was even a volume Bible. Some Special Illustrated Editions:. The illustrators are not identified. This edition includes an introductory essay by James Hannay and illustrations by E. Wehnert, James Godwin, F. Hume and Harrison Weir. This edition includes illustrations by F.