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Other agencies also have reasons for being concerned about U. The Administration created a new process, starting in , to help coordinate interagency views on MDB issues. Since , MDB legislation has become law through the regular legislative process only once.

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Usually it is enacted as a rider to other legislation. Congress exercises its influence over MDB policy through its control over authorizations and appropriations and through oversight. The authorizing committees have included in MDB authorizing legislation many directives which affect the goal and direction of U. Congress has used hearings and required reports to get information about U. Share from page:.

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Try Yumpu. This report shows in tabular form how much the Administration requested and how much Congress appropriated for U. Multilateral development banks provide financial assistance to developing countries in order to promote economic and social development.

The United States appropriates funding on an annual basis to various multilateral development banks and related funds. In FY, U. The Treasury Department manages U. It would also provide funding for the African Development Bank. The Administration has proposed cutting U.

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For further information about the MDBs and relevant U. Nelson and Martin A. Epstein, Marian L. Lawson, and Cory R. The World Bank also administers trust funds, focused on particular global issues such as food security and the environment. The MDBs have similar programs, though they all differ somewhat in their institutional structure and emphasis.

Each has a president and executive board that manages or supervises all of its programs and operations. Except for the EBRD, which makes only market-based loans, all the MDBs make both market-based loans to middle-income developing countries and concessional loans to the poorest countries.

Their loans are made to governments or to organizations having government repayment guarantees. In each MDB, the same staff prepares both the market-based and the concessional loans, using the same standards and procedures for both. The MDBs also have specialized facilities which have their own operating staff and management but report to the bank's president and executive board.

The AsDB makes similar loans from its market-rate loan account. It also funds worker retraining and programs for small and micro-enterprises. The International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD , created in , focuses on reducing poverty and hunger in poor countries through agricultural development. Finally, the World Bank also serves as the trustee for several targeted multilateral development funds, for which the Administration has requested and Congress has appropriated funds.

The MDBs' concessional aid programs are funded with money donated by their wealthier member country governments.