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And no, I don't mean she stripped paint off walls. She was the kind of stripper who took her clothes off for money, swung around a pole, and had tassels hanging from her knockers. When my mom chose her stage name she chose my middle name, which is Savannah. To make matters worse, my aunt was a stripper as well, and she used my first name as her stage name. So every night, Starla and Savannah drove to work together and gave lap dances in my name. My parents divorced when I was only 2 years old. My dad was in the Air Force and was stationed in Turkey when my mom decided to leave him there.

She grew tired of living in a house in the middle of a sheep farm and having scorpions climb up her toilet. When I was about 8 years old, it was court-ordered for me to go visit my dad for the summer months where he had ended up stationed in California. My mom did not like the idea of me being so far away, so she and my step-father delivered me to California themselves and stayed in a nearby hotel the whole summer.

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I often wondered how they could afford to stay in a hotel, eat out every night, and not work. I asked my mother once where they were working while I visited my dad and she told me she was hired as a model to pose in a clothing catalog. I never saw the catalog but was shown a headshot.

I was very happy for her to be doing something besides stripping. At the age of 11 and back in Alabama, my friend Christi came over to my house one day. I did not have many friends that were allowed to come over; most of my friends' parents, for some reason, were not comfortable with my mom being a stripper and allowing their child to be in her house.

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The ex-hustler is sometimes referred to in cast listings as the "Sugar Plum Fairy" - a euphemism for a drug dealer. Joe Campbell, who played the part, was the ex-boyfriend of Harvey Milk in real-life. He had met Warhol through Ondine the Warhol star, not the discotheque with whom he had been friends as a teenager in Red Hook, New York. Joe was Milk was Campbell soon moved into Milk's Rego Park apartment and they lived together until late when Milk asked him to move out. After breaking up with Milk, Campbell looked up his old friend Ondine and eventually ended up in My Hustler.

Milk eventually moved to San Francisco where he gained fame as the first openly gay man to be elected to the Board of Supervisors, only to be assassinated, along with Mayor George Moscone, in November Harvey Milk with a young Joe Campbell in the foreground, here. The star of My Hustler , Paul America, later gave an interview to the New York Times claiming that he hadn't been told what My Hustler was about at the time it was filmed and, in any case, he was on LSD the whole time. But I was completely unaware of what 'My Hustler' was all about. They didn't tell me. It was shot in one day, and though we wanted to go back to Fire Island to finish it, we couldn't because there was trouble with the man who put up the money.

We used his house for the movie, and it was destroyed - the furniture all torn up and burned in the fireplace. We were like little children in a playpen, or in a sandpit I got paranoid after making the movie. Even the Con Ed men were shooting me from down in their manholes.

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It was that tiny bathroom that did it. After My Hustler, Paul America appeared in at least two unreleased sequels to the film and also made an appearance in Danny Williams' silent film Harold Stevenson. Another four-minute silent portrait of Paul America, shot on the beach during the making of My Hustler , has been found in the 'long version' of that film, in the edited montage by Dan Williams that was added to the sixty-six minute film in At the end of , after a brief spell in the U. Manhattan , but his role in the movie ended in when he was imprisoned in Michigan on drug-related charges.

In the article, Guy Flately writes, "Paul America, who skyrocketed to fame, if not fortune, in the title role of Andy Warhol's 'My Hustler,' recently rushed in where other superstars have feared to tread. When Variety headlined this boffo bit of news, everyone from International Velvet to Mario Montez crumpled with shock. You can't argue with him and get him to write checks.

He just 'oohs' and 'aahs' and calls in someone to take over the conversation for him. Although as pointed out by Callie Paul America appeared in a number of Warhol films, Warhol later remembered him as being only in My Hustler , and barely remembered that:. And they said he was saying that he was one of my superstars, but he was never even in one of my movies. Oh wait! My Hustler! I forgot, laughs he was the star. He laughs was My Hustler.

According to Interview columnist and sometimes editor , Bob Colacello, Paul had made a previous attempt, in about , to contact Andy by visiting him in person at 33 Union Square West, but Warhol made a quick escape into the back office:. Tall, blond, and handsome, he had appeared in a single movie like Valerie Solanas , playing the title role in My Hustler, shot on Fire Island in the summer of