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Thousands of channels are making six figures a year. It is a membership-based site, but worth it if you need to take yourself up a steep learning curve. TIP: Keep your videos short to keep them effective. Write a script and practice, then video it. Then watch it yourself and show it to peers. TIP: Run a contest that offers your customers a prize for submitting and showing how they use your product or service, in a video, of course. You load the winning entry to YouTube.

A YouTube channel is how you customize your presence on YouTube. TIP: Pay attention to the audio portion of your video creation. It is easy to record a segment outdoors, for instance, and have a ton of light wind overtake your voice. Test with some short duration recordings and listen to the results. This video offers basic tips to help keep your audience interested in your visual content. Pinnacle and Adobe Premiere Elements are my two favs.

Or if you want video, image, sound, illustration and special effects, you can find them all at p ond5. Use sparingly. This service offers different plans ranging from free to a monthly fee for heavy users. The templates are priced based on their content i. NOTE: I like this service — it is similar to stock video and photo services, except you can customize it. Keep it short, under two minutes. Not everything has to be a hard sales pitch.


TIP: Watch some of the most popular videos done by your competitors and peers. I always look to see how many views a video has — some YouTubers block this info, but you can often still see those stats if you click the link that states how many videos that channel has on it. In that gallery view, you can usually see the video views count for each video. Sort on popular, then watch and learn what others are doing to drive that success. This is a great tool to find help identify what you may want to change or tweak about your YouTube video strategy.

They are advertising their YouTube marketing software but have many videos with helpful tips posted. I reviewed the service here on Small Business Trends. Small Business Administration Channel. This channel is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with government information for small businesses. TIP: If you use YouTube for educating yourself on different topics, you can save those videos into playlists or subscriptions — and make those available to your customers and prospects as content that you have found useful.

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Use Canva to easily create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos if you're going to upload your videos to YouTube or another platform that pits you against other videos. Finally, since it's not just how you create the videos but how you upload them too, you should be wary of the specifications for each channel. If you're going to embed your videos on your blog or website, make sure they're responsive on mobile. Entrepreneurs and creators can always make up for what they lack in resources with resourcefulness.

So if you have a hunch that videos can take your marketing to the next level, don't let the perceived costs and amount of effort stop you. You can get started for free using these resources and work your way up from there. Braveen Kumar is a content marketing manager at Shopify where he develops resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.

Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. In the meantime, start building your store with a free day trial of Shopify.

Do 30-Day Challenges Actually Work?

Email address. Your store name. Create your store. Plus, videos play automatically on some channels like Facebook. You can also take infographics, blog posts, photos, and other types of content , and turn them into videos. Get the free video series. Get our Ecommerce Inspiration video series delivered right to your inbox. Almost there: please enter your email below to gain instant access. Email address Get updates. Make sure that you have Google Analytics linked up to your site. See how people interact with your site, identify the pain points and discover the most popular pages.

With this information you can make considered and informed changes and improvements to your site. Google AdWords is not free. Try rewriting some of the ads and improving your quality score to generate better results. Sparing a little time reviewing your campaign could save you lots of money.

Without hiring a dedicated PR agency, there are some steps you can take to implement a bit of PR.

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  4. Sign up to platforms like HARO help a reporter out and look out for hashtags like journorequest on Twitter, as you may be able to wrangle a mention. PR, of course, goes hand-in-hand with link-building for SEO. Part of marketing your business online is to establish yourself as a reliable industry expert and a voice of authority. In order to build this authority, take the time to contribute to relevant forums, blogs and social media discussions. Offer genuinely helpful insight and answer questions that are being asked.

    People will appreciate your input and, with any luck, will convert into a customer. Another excellent way of building your authority and reputation as an expert within your industry, is to volunteer to speak at relevant industry conferences. It goes without saying that content creation should be central to any digital marketing strategy.

    30+ Ways for You To Use YouTube Effectively - Small Business Trends

    Do it. Right now. As well as creating content for your own site, be sure to integrate guest blogging into your marketing strategy.

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    Only aim for relevant and high quality sites, preferably with a high domain authority and nonexistent spam score. Especially if you are only just starting out, it can be crushing to spend hours working on a stellar article, only for two people to read it probably your mum and your best mate. This is where blogging platforms, like Medium , can help increase your exposure. Just make sure that you follow the best practices for republishing content on these platforms. For the newbies, keyword research is the initial stage of any SEO campaign and can help you identify user intent and figure out what your target audience is searching for.

    It would take several blog posts to cover this in enough detail, but a good place to start is with this complete guide to keyword research for SEO. Get into the habit of writing an SEO title and meta description for every page and post you publish. This is the information that will be displayed in the search engine results pages, so you need to make it as enticing and relevant as possible. In a nutshell, schema markup allows you to label the content on your site for the benefit of the search engine.


    It helps the search engines provide more detailed search engine results pages. Although there is no evidence that schema markup directly improves your rankings, it will make your listing more attractive, therefore encouraging more click-throughs. And that can only be a good thing! Ensure that your business is listed in relevant online directories. There are the most popular ones, such as Yell, Yelp and Thomson Local, but there are a whole host of other industry or location-specific directories.

    NAP stands for name, address and phone number.