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Castello di Velona

Il borgo si trova in una posizione strategica a ridosso del suggestivo centro storico. Il meraviglioso panorama di cui si gode dalle camere e dai terrazzi dell'hotel abbraccia la costa fino al Golfo di Policastro, il centro storico con il campanile della Chiesa Madre e il bosco dei carpini del monte San Biagio.

Accuratamente ristrutturate, le camere offrono tutti i comfort e le caratteristiche di una moderna struttura ricettiva, senza rinunciare all'ampiezza e all'indipendenza tipiche delle antiche abitazioni. I nostri clienti hanno una vasta scelta fra dolce e salato. La posizione dell'albergo a Maratea regala un panorama suggestivo del paese che giace ai piedi dell'Appennino lucano e del Golfo di Policastro.

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Il ristorante propone un menu di carne e di pesce. Sofia, Italia, Catania; tel. The general experience is in Plant Pathology, mostly with oomycetes and horticultural crops, fruit trees and forest tree species, fungi and diagnosis. Main research lines are: 1. Phytophthora and fungal diseases of citrus, ornamentals and Mediterranean forest trees; 2.

Phylogeny and molecular diagnosis of Phytophthora and fungal pathogens; 3. Metagenomic of plant pathogens; 4. Colletotrichum anthracnose of olive and other crops; 5. I aim to improve my skills of course, and i am sure this experience will put me on the right path. Agne Hi, My name is Agnes. I'm 28 years and I'm from London, UK. I work in healthcare, however I have discovered my passion for photography whilst doing some work in the fashion industry, I love to travel and the outdoors, camera travels with me everywhere! I mostly enjoy landscape and wildlife photography and I'm looking forward to discover Krakow!

Maria Agata Maria, 23 years old, Lecce.

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I'm currently studying pharmacy in Padua but I'm keen on learning anything I don't know and photography is one of those subjects; the goal I follow in life is the pursuit of creativity, everything it could mean. In this direction this project seems to be perfect to discover a city in a innovative way and to share this experience with a group who has the same passion as mine. I'm just looking forward I was born and grew up in Rimini, a small town on the Adriatic Sea.

LEZIONE 8 Le stanze

Taking pictures of nature is, perhaps, what I like most, and a walk on the hills is often enough to make me feel happy. In spare time, I love reading, travelling, discovering.

Paesaggio Italia | Italian Ways

Friends, kind people, cats and nature make my life better. I am an amateur photographer.

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I love taking pictures but I don't have a particular subject that I prefer catching. I'm looking foward to take part to this project in Cracovia. I love photography and I really enjoy taking pictures with my old analog camera. As travelling is another big interest of mine, every time I can I leave for a new place and I take my camera with me.

At that time, there weren't digital cameras and in my family nobody has never had passione of photography. Mauro I'm Mauro, I'm working with several photography studios since I also contributed to local newspapers. I'm interested in volunteering and, as a matter of fact, I work with an Onlus Association in support of the disableds and with an Onlus Association in support of abandoned animals.

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  5. I graduated in civil engineering in Trieste. I love cooking and design and, as soon as I have some free time, I take my car or my camper and I leave. I love travelling and discovering new places. Silvia Hello! I'm in love with art because is a process that never ceases to amaze me. I decide to dedicate myself to Photography and Video. I think only with a constantly renew and involvement we can feed our mind. I'm interested to grow my knowledge and to enrich myself thanks by the collaboration with other people who share the same passion.

    I really like to travel, visit new places and traditions, taste new foods and meet motivating people. I'm 28 years old and I am currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree program in Public Administration.

    Santa Olga Cacciola

    My interests include nature, art in all its forms, theatre, music and animals. Above all, I love travelling and photography. I always have my suitcase and reflex camera ready! I attended two courses of photography and my focus is urban and street photography, but I'm ready to test myself with other issues. I hope to meet many people and I believe that this experience is going to be a big chance of personal and cultural empowerment. See you soon in Krakow! Paola Hi! I look forward leaving and living this new experience!