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Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North is a gripping, tactical RPG that lets you build a powerful band of adventurers and partake in a grand adventure. All Reviews:. Wave Light Games Inc. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 22 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Wave Light Games Inc. Franchise: Shieldwall Chronicles. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Recent updates View all 19 9 July 1. The female is a longer range marksman with a long rifle. Each has a separate set of skills and stat line to suit their role so play very differently from one another.

These feature large waves of higher level enemies including goblins, monsters and undead.

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These include aura effects and abilities that kick under specific conditions low health, surrounded, etc. These abilities add a new layer of tactical depth to the game and help to further differentiate the player characters and enemy types. There are, of course, the usual round of bug fixes and minor tweaks. Please note that this update also coincided with a major upgrade to the underlying unity engine version.

Therefore, if you notice anything strange, please report and we will do our best to fix asap. However, we may change it to something more fantasy-esque such as "Gate Warden" or something similar. If you have a good suggestion, please share below or in the community discussion. The male version will be heavily armoured and armed with a hand-cannon and tower shield.

It will be a front-line unit but one that relies on a powerful missile attack to actually kill his enemies. He will have various defensive buffs and artillery weapons such as oil bombs and perhaps be able to summon a mechanical ally of some kind. The design for the female variant may be a slightly longer range missile unit that replaces the tower shield for a long rifle. She will be designed to be a more mid-range shooter with greater accuracy.

This is a well researched, historical novel. The author sticks to the historical facts as much as he can, telling a plausible story where there are no facts. The characters are believable, the battle scenes are gory, the story well written. Breathtaking historical novel set around the events leading up to the battle of Ashingdon in England is in peril King Ethelred is dying and his son, Edmund Ironsides, takes a young man, Godwin to his side and together they ride to war against King Knut and the fearsome Danes.

Stunningly told and very gripping. The battle descriptions are awesome. A great read, and a fsntastic way to learn about history. A fantastic literary work of historical fiction! Although I have the distinct feeling that I should not have been rooting for the Northmen. Highly recommended. Sep 17, Tyler rated it really liked it Shelves: justin-hill. Very good book. A little surprised at the ending, but at the same time it clears up any time line issues with the next book if that makes sense. Definitely worth a read. Jan 05, Speesh rated it liked it Shelves: A nicely written and paced novel, rich with drama and intrigue and which begins at the start of a momentous period for what was beginning to become England.

The 11th Century. If '11th Century' says nothing to you - was the second half of the 11th Century. But that's not just for fun, because this is actually a novel set in England of the early 11th Century, a century of invasions, clearly. Vikings are banging on Englands door every few years, they invade and conquer a couple of times, A nicely written and paced novel, rich with drama and intrigue and which begins at the start of a momentous period for what was beginning to become England.

Vikings are banging on Englands door every few years, they invade and conquer a couple of times, then there's the pesky Normans, here just waiting and watching. In Normandy. Beginning at the start of the century and concentrating on the situation in England - and wider afield sometimes - this is a story taking place before the momentous events of later on. Pre-Conquest happenings seem to have been non the less momentous as those later on, by the sounds of it.

And as I found here, obviously benefit greatly from a little illumination, context and background. But it's not just a history lesson, though it is clearly well researched, and not just fleshing out the bare bones of history. Wikipedia could have told me that and I did have to check a couple of times, to see if the characters were who I thought they were. Here, Justin Hill's writing really brings the period to life, the landscape, the people, the politics, the prevalent mentality of the period.

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Fully formed and thoroughly immersed, I think you might say it is and one becomes. We follow, at the start of the book, one Wulfnoth, who seems to have become an Anglicised ex-Viking invader. Then for the majority of the novel, his son Godwin guides the story through the period. And if you add a '-son' to his name, as was the habit in those days, if you know anything at all of the period, you'll understand the significance of the person Justin Hill is writing about.

Whilst they are the embodiment of a people becoming 'English', they are also Viking invaders of the first wave. So this is the situation in England before the Norman conquest of , that James Aitcheson and James Wilde are currently writing so evocatively about the after effects of. Where James Aitcheson's stories of the Norman knight 'Tancred' show the invaders' side and James Wilde's 'Hereward' series is about the guerrilla war of English resistance to the conquerors, this is a much more relaxed, panoramic view of the the events leading up to the conquest.

As I say, there is drama and intrigue, politicking and later, action aplenty. And it is all handled with a confident, fluidic surety by Justin Hill. I think this is his first foray into the Historical Novel field, though you'd never know it.

Amon Amarth - Crack the Sky

You can tell he had great fun writing this one, that's clear from some lovely descriptive passages that are almost lyrical and must have felt lovely when just written. The book has in parts, an almost dream-like feel to it. You can feel him looking back into history, trying to see into the mists, attempting to make sense of and see what is forming. Then there come passages and events clear, sharp and bright. And heart-pounding action, of course.

Best I can sum it up as. Interestingly, if he's got his research right and I can only presume he has, this is an England being formed by and fought over, by what we would think of as boys, young men at best. Godwin is barely 19 at the end of this, Knut is I think a little younger, and all the other main characters, Ethelred apart, are very young men.

If there was one quibble I had, it was the lack of meaningful action by which I mean, fighting in the first half. I saw somewhere he was writing a trilogy and even with having to follow historical events pretty closely by which I mean that if there weren't any battles, you can hardly write about them, can you? The front cover illustration of the paperback version I have is also a bit non-descript.

Not gonna be leaping off the shelves with that one. To something more 'read my book, you'll really enjoy it'- like. Rather than the current 'read my book - or I'll break yer legs! Fantastic book that leads up nicely to the events of I bought this book ages ago and it's sat on my bookshelf overlooked ever since. For some reason I could never quite bring myself to start reading it. However, after reading several Roman books in a row I finally decided on a change and took the plunge and I wasn't disappointed.

Set 50 years before the more popular battles of , this is a fascinating insight into the life of the people who lived under King Ethelred and then King Edmund. I am a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell's "warrior" series se I bought this book ages ago and it's sat on my bookshelf overlooked ever since. I am a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell's "warrior" series set at the time of King Alfred and this is a worthy addition to that collection. Unfortunately as far as I know it is a one off novel, but as such it was a very enjoyable read.

The only problem I had with the book was having to constantly refer back to the glossary to remind myself of where places were as I found the old Saxon town names hard to remember. That's more a reflection of my failing memory though than the book. Sep 04, Bryn Hammond rated it it was ok Shelves: imagined-fiction. Terrific first chapter but I'm a Did Not Finish on page See how persistent I was? It's not going to live up to the beginning.

Can I have a whole book like the first chapter? That was five stars, with its elegy and inglory - an inglorious end, and the mood of the Old English elegies that were heavily quoted. I felt for Wulfnoth and I was happy to go back and see what led him to this. I thought his death seen ahead might give a sense of fatedness - that ingredient of the sad courage you find Terrific first chapter but I'm a Did Not Finish on page I thought his death seen ahead might give a sense of fatedness - that ingredient of the sad courage you find in the tragic epic of the times.

But none of that came to pass and besides the book isn't about him. It's been unstartling histfic ever since -- even of the clumsy, cruded-down sort I can't stand. I've hoped it works up to a conclusion of equal weight to the beginning, but I can't get there. I'm rarely this cruel - blame my heightened expectations. Sep 05, Paul Cookson rated it really liked it.

The story is well paced with good strong characters and a great storyline.

Review: Shieldwall Chronicles

I had to keep referring to the list of place names in the front of the book as the author uses contemporary place names rather than the modern names we all know. I can't wait for book two in the trilogy. All in all an excellent tale. Could have used a bit of editing, but overall the history was good, especially given how little is known of the period.

It was nice to see a sympathetic portrayal of Godwin and of people in general -- neither the Danes nor the English were villainized, with only one or two exceptions. Probably my best historical fiction read after Gates of Fire Stephen Pressfield. Beautifully written, descriptive but well paced. I didn't know much about this particular period of the early 11th cent. I can't wait to read the next one in the series. A good story telling of the historical facts around the turn of the years to in England.

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