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I have had experiences where I was right in the room when loved ones died, and I always look for the silver cord, but so far I haven't seen it. Thanks for reading my work! Great article, thank you for sharing that. I do believe in reincarnation as well but there is something that has always bothered me. It is very comforting to know that your soul will never die, that you will always have time to learn the lessons that you need to. What bothers me though is that I know I have had past lives and will most likely have more but I cannot remember anything. Isn't this why we are afraid of dying in the first place, because "you" as you know "you" does not exist anymore.

Does it make it any better that your soul continues? When my body dies in this life time, my soul will go on but I will know nothing of this life I am currently in. That is very scary to me. Just as scary as dying and there be nothing after. Please help me understand. That is beautiful indeed! My husband has passed, but we know when our only child was conceived, and the mental picture you painted here made me feel happy. I have a copy of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, but have never read it. Maybe it's time to start! I love all books.

A friend was painting my room last year, and innocently said, "Why don't you get rid of all those books on the shelves, you would have so much more room? Get rid of my books! I'd rather cut off my arm! I have a Kindle now, but certain books, the the one we are discussing, I always want to have in "real" book" form.

Take care. There is an ending in the Bar do thodal the Tibetan book of the dead that I think you'll like. After guiding you thru the trials and tribulations of passage to your next incarnation,you enter a great hall which is filled with couples making love. You develop an affinity and are drawn to a certain couple who will be your next parents at the very moment you are conceived in their lives.

True or not Life without reincarnation just doesn't make sense to me. I've been seeing new visions of other lives during my meditations lately. Nice to see you as always. No arguments here, I've seen several using the regression technique. Understanding the links to this life's experience is key to unlocking so much information for the self. Certainly helps for transformation work. Go Jean! Thanks for taking the time to read my hub and comment on it. I can't imagine how anyone could NOT realize reincarnation makes sense. It helps me understand why bad things happen to good people, and after a lot of meditation, I am remembering a lot more about my own self.

Best Wishes. Yes, it is hard to realize that time as we "know" it doesn't exist in a linear way, and all these memories and lives are happening at the same time. Thanks for stopping by! Great hub Jean! I also believe in reincarnation, and although I have no conscious memories, I can pinpoint approximately the places and times where I've lived before. What's really mind-boggling to me is that if time doesn't exist, then all our lives, both past and future, play out simultaneously. What a trip!

Wonderful article about this issue. You must have a great Metaphysical teacher if he says these kinds of very true things I believe this is first coined by Teilhard du Chardin, who is a true divine spirit. Reincarnation is not even a belief. It is a fact. Thanks for writing this great Hub! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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The Life of Spirit. The Seth Books. Messages Sometimes Come Through in Dreams or Visions Many were brave souls who agreed to come back severely handicapped, so they could live a contemplative life and work on their spirituality. Ascending to a New Level of Incarnation. Life Plans are Made In Between Life Incarnations It appears from my readings that we all have at least one or two spirit guides that are always with us all through our lives, and if we are in danger, they step in to help us.

Butterflies Symbolize Reincarnation. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Question: How can I know if I am on the final stage of incarnation? Answer: This is a hard question to answer. Since you believe in reincarnation, then you probably experience situations where you meet certain people and feel like you knew then all your life--because you have, just in other lives. Helpful 7. Hi Jewels, Life without reincarnation just doesn't make sense to me. Hello Buildreps, Thanks for taking the time to read my hub and comment on it.

Hi kalinii58, Yes, it is hard to realize that time as we "know" it doesn't exist in a linear way, and all these memories and lives are happening at the same time. Sign In Join. Connect with us. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons. This is used to prevent bots and spam.

This is used to detect comment spam. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. I found myself skim This was the worst book I have ever read, and I read a lot. I found myself skimming the book, not even wanting to read it properly, only to get it over with. Next time I will buy Linda Howe, which I have learned is like the queen of akashic records. Please save yourself your time and money, and look for an another book instead!

Mar 16, Kristina rated it liked it Shelves: nf-mindfulness-and-meditation , non-fiction , read-in , nf-spirituality , nf-science-meets-spirit , eo-personal-library , nf-reference. This is the most accessible book I've read regarding the Akashic records. I think after reading this book some readers may find they've been tapping into the records without realizing it, much like the author herself.

There is quite a bit of repetition, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing for a novice. Her articulations are easy to understand; it's missing the condescending language used by some authors on this subject, which many times become a block to readers. On the other hand, those who a This is the most accessible book I've read regarding the Akashic records.

On the other hand, those who are religious about the Akashic records may find this book unappealing. By no means exhaustive, it definitely has something to offer the spiritually curious reader. Aug 21, Dennis Duda rated it it was amazing. She is a teacher, a sage and a guiding light, and this book gives her the chance to share her knowledge in an easily understandable way. Her writing and meditations are divinely guided and does not disappoint!! Thank you so much, Melissa!

Oct 17, Amy Jane Thomas rated it it was amazing. While I was familiar with the Akashic Records, I never thought of approaching them or seeking help and clarity from them in the way Melissa outlines in her book. Concise, easy to read, yet quite thorough, Melissa not only presents the information, but gives you insights of how to really use the information correctly to raise your level of awareness, and helps overcome the repeating patterns we all go through in our lives. I am ready to take the next step, start using her techniques, and overcome While I was familiar with the Akashic Records, I never thought of approaching them or seeking help and clarity from them in the way Melissa outlines in her book.

I am ready to take the next step, start using her techniques, and overcome the patterns that may be holding me back! Thank you, Melissa! Feb 15, Ramey rated it it was amazing. Unbelievably Informative I am so glad I decided to check this book out, it's weird I came across a little piece of paper that is written a note to myself in instructing me to look into "Akashic Records" and I have no idea when or why I did this, but I happened across this book shortly after and decided that it was not a coincidence. Thank you so much for this book, I couldn't have asked for more. Mar 29, Qat Wanders rated it it was amazing.

Refreshing look at the Akashic records. I have been studying a lot of these concepts for a long time and I noticed many new concepts in this book. The title says it all. Jun 15, Jennifer Nichols rated it it was amazing. I'd never heard of the akashic records so this was mind blowing but she did a great job breaking it down as to the beliefs about the system and why we should want to go into the records. Interesting insight into energy within our universe and the different fields and how we as individuals fit in.

Sep 23, Susan Brochin rated it it was amazing. I really like this book. It was clear, easy to understand , and accessible. I am looking forward to using this book as a resource as I continue to grow in my practice of accessing the records. Jan 01, Jamie F rated it really liked it. Open Yourself To New Ideas This book is a step by step guide to discovering your past and how it effects your present. May 26, Monique rated it it was amazing. I am so excited to experience all the healing and information the Akashic Records have for me!

Great book for learning not just about the Akashic Records, but the foundations of all creation! Oct 20, Jenny Marie Pierce rated it liked it. Informative I thought it was very detailed and informative about the Akashic Records. I would recommend this book to all of my friends looking for information like this. Want to read more! Jan 19, Theresa rated it it was amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge on the subject! Your sincere intention was heartfelt through out the book. Aug 20, Donna rated it it was amazing.

Melissa's book is easily read. Her new thoughts on the old subject are simple to comprehend and practice. Mar 07, Breno Barbosa rated it liked it. Nice knowledge, repeats itself too much. Her sense of personal identity has soared as her new name clicked in. Correctly changing a name is a rare situation, however it does manifest from time to time. There is order and not chaos on the Higher Planes of life. The Deva Chan also has order. There are specific methods of procedure that are anciently taught to readers that do not vary from millennia to millennia. The name at birth opens individual Records.

This is one of those Truths. The few times that I have read in a Book of Life that my client has had an authentic Akashic reading in any past life experience, I have found that the method of access by another Primary Reader is almost identical to the way I access now. I found this absolutely fascinating! It is always a privilege to introduce this loving Soul to you as he is the Keeper of The Akashic Records for all Souls who have ever incarnated upon Earth. Additionally he has the responsibility for all Akashic Libraries in this solar system.

He is a seventh Plane entity from the Planet Vulcan in our solar system. As a judge on this Court, which is the legal arm of all the planets, much like our United Nations, except that all decisions are final and planets must abide by all decisions as all contracts neutralize the possibility of interstellar wars. Usually being a judge on this Court is a three year appointment.

Even his name, Abu Kash Kar, includes a part of the sound of Akasha. His lifes work mirrors his name. Additional information about this Soul is found among the information on the illustrations of this book. Vulcan is the first planet from our sun. It will soon nova. The inhabitants of Vulcan are now preparing for this tremendous shift in their consciousness, to be One with The Source and to become Co-Creators with The Source of All. All Vulcans in service to humanity everywhere are now being called home for this event.

After countless millennia of service, Abu Kash Kar will also cease his service and pass this mantle to another Soul with similar qualifications. Solex Mal literally means the language of the Solar System. This language was created an extremely long time ago as planets in this and other solar systems evolved into being sacred planets with life at least on the Fifth Dimension of consciousness. Therefore, in addition to learning their mother language, each Planetarian Soul learns Solex Mal so that communication through the spoken word is always available.

This device aids his extensive understanding of languages. This instrument is an extremely rarefied emerald gemstone, not mined on any planet. This sacred emerald gemstone is deep emerald green, each facet being hand carved by the Finger of G-d with glyphs that are common to every language. The device fits into the hand, is not heavy and is absolutely exquisite! Each glyph on a facet also contains primal sounds that resonate with each portion of the glyph. Therefore, along with a glyph a sound frequency is emitted that assists with how to pronounce the word.

When components of a language are not understandable, unknown or pronunciation is in question, Abu Kash Kar removes the gemstone from an ornamental box that hangs on a magnificent, ornate chain around his neck. He then places the emerald gemstone device on the persons Book of Life over the portion that cannot be comprehended and, instantly, the translation and pronunciation is available to the reader. I cannot personally read any of these languages.

The letters come alive as a kind of video being fast forwarded with moving pictures. Fortunately, for those of us who read the Records, we do not personally choose the life to be read. The responsibility for choosing the correct lifetime from the hundreds lived on Earth is considerable. Permit me to say that the Karma for incorrectly reading the Akashic Records is heavy.

Sadly, there are an increasing number of persons, especially now during this time in Earths history, who outwardly advertise that they have the ability to read the Records. There is a Key given to each true reader that permits them entrance into the Library at any and every level including entrance to the Libraries above other planets in this and other solar systems. This Key also acts as a Urim and Thummim7 to the reader, instantly causing the glyphs of the letters of ancient languages on the pages to come alive as pictures that are rapidly scrolled forward and read.

Each lifetime that a Soul serves humankind as a reader they are given this Key anew. What is given as a sacred gift can also be taken. Therefore, we are always reminded of the honesty and integrity that must be associated with our work. Abu Kash Kar and Astarte would not continually assist me and grant my entrance to the Library if I gave incorrect information and passed it off for Truth. Even though I have years of service, I am continually monitored so that my accuracy is at a high level, for which I am grateful.

The words Urim and Thummim in Hebrew translate as clearness and justice. They have also been translated as lights and perfections in the Kaballah. These functioned as a universal translation device and, like the one Abu Kash Kar wears, they too were made of gemstones. Initially, I always say a prayer to G-d to surround me with every positive, creative and G-d centered energy of the Universe. I am not in my physical body. It is my Etheric or Soul Body, that is sent through the unusually shaped portal see the illustrations of Earths Akashic Library , and forward to the long wooden table, where Astarte is waiting for me.

While in the Library, Time, as we understand it here on Earth, does not exist for me. My physical body, in the office, is briefly suspended and ages slower than normal. Ive never looked my actual age. This is perhaps the reason. As my body is, to a degree, in suspended animation because I am in a light trance state, Ive had challenges with edema. Also, I was asked many years ago not to use alcohol, smoke or to take any drugs, other than prescribed by a physician.

I also find that eating heavy meats is not good for me. These are a few of the sacrifices made with mediumship. Their Book of Life is quickly placed upon the table and Im ready to read. The seeker is asked how we can serve, and Abu Kash Kar turns to the lifetime that I am to read. Over the years Ive been able to shorten the length of time I need to actually read the entire lifetime in the Library. Initially, well over three decades ago, it took me about thirty seconds to read the life that I had to then condense and to select the most important moments to be conveyed.

Now, with G-ds help, it takes only a few seconds. With Astartes telepathic assistance, Im able to quickly understand the civilizations mores, customs, religion and other pertinent information the seeker needs to understand what is to be given. Also, as many lives have information that is potentially a challenge to present as the information may cause an emotional response, she also assists me with diplomatic and courteous modalities. While it may only take a short time to read the life while in the Library, it often may take ten to fifteen minutes or more to describe what I have just read so there is understanding from my clients perception during the reading.

The most prevalent questions I receive have centered on interpersonal relationships with spouses, lovers, family, friends, teachers, etc. Additionally, adversarial relationships are also researched with good, sound methodology given to bring the Karma into a balanced position. In each case, the full name at birth is needed to secure their Records. When the second Book or Scroll is placed on the table, Abu Kash Kar ascertains the common lifetimes and, with tremendous speed, selects one or two common lives that still have unfinished business Karma pertaining to this life now.

Other information that is commonly requested pertains to health, vocation as well as information on the Souls purpose in this life. Interestingly, most people feel we only have one purpose in life.


This is not true! We have, literally, hundreds of purposes within a given life! I define purpose as the Karma unfinished business that comes through from prior lives that we have chosen, prior to this life. This Karma is with people, health, places, groups of people, etc. These levels of Karma click in at specific points of chronological age when we knew, prior to this life in the Heaven World, that we would have the strength and courage on every level; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and physically, to cope with these units of Karma. Certainly, the purpose we had at two years old, seven years old, fifteen years old and so forth, is not the Karma we are dealing with now.

Additionally, the Karma we will experience at the age of eighty-five will also be different. Therefore, our purpose of life changes as we grow, learn and teach. With the exception of an existing emergency, which may permit information to be released by one of The Lords of Karma, this rule is absolute. The rule is: Every Record is sacred and may not be opened without the knowledge and permission of the owner When you pronounce your full name at birth, you give permission to The Keeper of the Records, to my Guide and to me, to obtain and to read for you.

When you ask about another person, you may receive information concerning prior lives, however, that persons information is as sacred and you may only receive information of the lives you lived in common, and only that specific portion of a lifetime you lived together may be read. Because the information belongs to both of you. I have had as many as 6 Records on the table at the same time, reading one life that all had in common.

I dont suggest doing this, as its not too easy and the reading is slower as there are so many Books or Scrolls to simultaneously read. I do try to avoid this! I have found that three Scrolls or Books of Life are quite enough to be read at the same time, yours and two other persons who may have lived during one time period and in the same civilization.

Multiple Records can be read at the same time when there is a common life between all involved. Initially, the first seeker comes and, as an example, may ask about her mother. Information is given from the seekers Akashic Records, from her point of view. Perhaps the mother also comes for a reading and asks about her daughter. While there may be other lifetimes, perhaps she may also need to know about the same life given to her daughter.

In that case, the same information can be given, however, from the mothers Akashic Records. You might ask, Wouldnt this be the exact same information. Not necessarily as two people can, and do view life from different vantage points. Therefore a fresh approach can be given which sheds additional light on the mother and daughter relationship. The reason is that the seeker may have sought out the same reader in one or more past lives and has received a past life reading! I have personally experienced this with more than a few of my clients. When their Records were opened, I saw my own Seal on their Records.

I rarely tell this to the client as I have no way of proving this to them, and I do feel that this life now is the most important life. More information on the Readers Seal is found in Scroll Nine in this volume. While I sincerely support these transformational modalities, in the hands of very experienced, educated, G-d centered and highly qualified professional people, sadly there are many who are not at this high level of service.

Many people, hungry for self-knowledge and past life information, have been emotionally hurt by those who do not know what they are doing when they break or try to break The Seal of Forgetfulness placed upon our foreheads at the time when our Soul enters our body by the Birthing Angel. Complete information on this Seal is given in this book and I would refer you to that chapter.

I would suggest caution when asking for rebirthing or hypnosis for the purpose of obtaining past life information. The difficulty arises when people in the psychological disciplines, however credentialed in their areas of expertise, They regress clients through time, back to the birth experience and beyond birth to a past life, without the appropriate tools. They may take their patient or client back to the cause of the emotional or physical difficulty, however the Seal of Forgetfulness is often prematurely opened improperly.

When this Seal is opened, without understanding or without the Key given to a reader, this is what happens. Partial experiences from a handful of lives may come through quickly, usually in one session. The seeker as well as the therapist may believe they are hearing one life, when, in fact, separate portions of two, three or even more lives are intermingled into this one viewing. A reader of the Records utilizes their Key to accurately separate one life from another as they read from one life at a time, in the Library. Often, with the therapist, there is no way for them to know what has happened.

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Both the therapist and client may leave feeling that Truth has been served. Conflicting images of places, people and events are now believed, and the therapist tries to help the seeker with the information which is not based on Truth. Additionally, the client may experience many levels of emotional trauma in seeing and emotionally experiencing a death in a past life, resulting in the need to seek professional psychological counseling.

While a hypnotic suggestion can be given not to experience pain or any discomfort during the session, there is really no reason to experience the pain and discomfort of going through death throws of other past lives a second time. Ask for credentials. Just as you would not go to a lawyer or a physician who has not completed their schooling or tested properly to practice law or medicine, why would you go to anyone in the psychic, paranormal, psychological or counseling field to be regressed by any method when the person does not have years of training and experience to guide you through the corridors of Time?

When the practitioner is fully trained and schooled and has permission to do this work by the Lords of Karma, outstanding results occur. We know Truth by its fruit. On the opposite side of the situation, there are many outstanding, highly educated, experienced and G-d centered men and women in the psychological and psychiatric sciences whose work is outstanding, loving and evidential in curing many dysfunctions that have been brought forward from past lifetimes. While they may not be consciously aware of their spiritual credentials, they may have definitely come into this lifetime with permission to access the Records through the psychological sciences with excellent results.

More excellent therapists will emerge soon. When this happens, I immediately recommend psychological counseling as I am not credentialed in that area. There is a very definite, strong line between psychological counseling and clairvoyant counseling. I do not cross that line. To my knowledge, there are few mediums who have been given permission to open and accurately read the Records.

Over the years, people have come to me after they had their Records read by such a person. These readings were done by mediums who perhaps felt they were legitimately connecting with the Library. The fact may be that they were permitting their own subconscious mind to obtain the information and, from that information, a lifetime could be fabricated. There are no books or manuals or weekend courses that can instruct anyone how to read the Akashic Records.

An example of this was a woman who was told by a medium that she was poisoned by her daughter in a former life. This was what she was told by a woman who professed to have the ability to read the Akashic Records. The woman, who was confined to bed and dependent upon her very caring and loving daughter for assistance, then ordered her daughter out of the house following the reading.

Furthermore, the woman called her daughter a murderer. Needless to say, both mother and daughter were horrified and in a state of emotional, mental and psychic trauma. When the daughter came for a reading, she admitted she was suicidal. When her Records were deeply looked into, my Guide and I found absolutely no Record that such a lifetime ever existed.

The mother and daughter were spiritually counseled by me, and I suggested that both seek competent psychological counseling with a professional that understood past life therapy. Many sessions with this health care professional were required before both the mother and her innocent daughter were reunited. I have often worked with health care professionals in the psychological, psychiatric and medical sciences who are aware of and believe in Reincarnation. These good Souls have had the courage to integrate their academic credentials and models of diagnosis and treatment with past life therapy.

I do not step over the line to do their work, as Im not an academically trained health care professional. The wise professional seeks out someone with true paranormal credentials to assist in the care of their patient. Many referrals are received by me by these good Souls. Knowing that my client will share the information with their health care professional, I am often impressed, during the reading, to speak directly to the professional.

For example, the client may come to me with a phobia, migraine headaches or bodily pain that has not been able to be diagnosed or treated with any permanent success. I then ask the client if I can make a suggestion to their health care professional on a suggested procedure for treatment, using the information given in the reading and not the effect their patient is experiencing.

I may indicate to the professional to treat for something entirely different from what the patient complained of when visiting them and suggest a modality. From the feedback received from either my client or the health care professional, when they have used their solid medical training techniques , treating for the CAUSE and not the effect their patient is experiencing, there has been tremendous success.

It is an equal Truth that, while many health care professionals are enormously curious about past life information and therapy, they should not go into an area where they are not trained. Rather they should have the humility to refer their patient to someone who can work together with them to effectuate a permanent cure. Many of my clients have been regressed via hypnotism by a well meaning therapist with more problems arising than they had prior to the hypnosis sessions.

Lifetimes are opened, however, without the Key to separate each life from another life, more damage is done as the patient may experience multiple pictures of many lives, thinking that they are seeing one life. The patient may also feel the terrible physical or emotional pain of death in a past life. We do not have to experience this again. Once is enough. When a person comes to me with this kind of fragmented information, I then have to separate fact from fiction and try to correct the damage before I can access new information from their Records.

Wouldnt it be wonderful if the left brain of allopathic medicine, with physical procedures, could work in kind and courteous concert with those of us who are so right brained for the benefit of humanity? We can work together without prejudice or envy. It is important for each of us who has a Gift of the Spirit to fully understand their Gift and the accompanying area This includes when to realize that our client may not receive from us the desired healing and that we must refer them to a health care professional for help.

Even when we have the best of intentions, we are warned not to experiment in uncharted waters with a seeker who truly needs help in a specific school of clairvoyant discipline. If you are an intuitive doing healing work on any level and you cannot give clear, accurate and ethical information that you KNOW will heal, go no further with your client.

Refer them to a highly trained professional who is well schooled in their educational discipline and who CAN help and heal the person who has come to you. Enough said. There was never a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor any of these kings. Nor is there any future in which we shall cease to be. Just as the dweller in this body passes through childhood, youth and old age, so at death he merely passes into another kind of body. The wise are not deceived by that. Bodies are said to die, but That which possesses the body is eternal. It cannot be limited or destroyed.

Worn out bodies are shed by the dweller, like garments. Not wounded by weapons, not burned by fire, not dried by the wind, not wetted by water, such is the Atman the Soul. Not dried, not wetted, not burned, not wounded. Innermost element, Being of Being, changeless, eternal, forever and ever. From The Bhagavad Gita Hinduism.

Additionally, the reader must agree to abide by the rules, ethics and responsibilities inherent with these skills and be willing to stand by these mandates. They are also sanctioned to read from the Akashic Libraries on all other planets in this or any other solar system or galaxy.

For example, when a seeker comes to a Primary Reader with a question that cannot be answered with information from a life here on Earth, this is what happens. Initially, Abu Kash Kar quickly tells my Guide, Astarte and I that the most important and causal life that answers the seekers question is not an Earth life.

Quickly, Astarte travels in consciousness to the Planetary Council of Venus, asking for permission to access these Records. As we work with Abu Kash Kar directly, permission has always been granted. We then all go, in our Soul body, to the Library over the planet Venus. As the life on Venus is now at the higher levels of the sixth dimension or plane of life, the Library is on the first level of the seventh dimension.

Again, permission from the Tiler9 is received and we enter. I would refer you to the illustration of the Akashic Library over Venus. The reading is done in a very different manner on planets other than on Earth. On Venus, a disk, very similar to a CD disk today, is placed on a beautiful round table.

These disks are made of the metal electrum. This is an alchemically produced mineral composition of sixty percent pure gold not mined from the earth and forty percent pure silver. Again, these disks have a cover. The covers display symbols that testify to the seekers spiritual evolution. In the Venusian language, which is a flowing combination of geometric symbols, lines and dots, the Record of the seeker unfolds. The disk is placed into a mechanism and read through a type of magnification crystal.

The symbols come alive for me and, with Astartes assistance, the lifetime is read as the causal life for the difficulty the seeker has voiced. After the Record has been read, my Seal is placed on it, as with all Records. We then quickly return to Earths Library. All of this traveling takes only seconds. In the time it has taken to describe the process, all traveling would have been completed, the Record read and I would be on to the next lifetime!

Now, during this enormous time of change, in all areas of life, several more have come into Service and have awakened to their ability. During these decades, several have gone through their physical transition into the Higher Reality. From what I am now told. There are less than twelve who can completely read. However, not all are still actively in service.

There are only less than a handful presently active. As in Freemasonry, there is also a Soul called a Tiler, whose duty it is to guard the door of the Lodge.

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There is also such a person who guards the higher doorways into the Libraries. Sadly, only a handful of Souls have volunteered their service to The Source in this capacity. These Souls dedicate numerous successive lifetimes in order to receive the proper training from Abu Kash Kar and his predecessor to read.

Ive often wondered about this as reading is a tremendous blessing. It is also an enormous responsibility as there needs to be an extremely high level of accuracy. You either read correctly or you do not. There is not a great deal of room for error. Additionally, as I see so much of the trauma and violence that has occurred on Earth through the centuries, it may be depressing for Souls to read if they are unable to neutralize what they have seen. Perhaps that may answer the question. A visitor from another planet, perhaps Venus, in keeping with the above information, comes to Earth. In the course of that visit, she meets several Earth born Souls that she knows she has met in prior lives, whether on her planet or even on Earth.

She could seek out a Primary Reader of the Records and request a past life reading. While I fully realize that there may be a few reading these words who will be laughing at the possible absurdity of such a scenario, my point is simple. It can and most likely will occur in the not too distant future.

A Primary Reader can, with G-ds help and Abu Kash Kars instructions, read for anyone, regardless of the dimensional frequency their body is vibrating to at that time. Again, the responsibility for accurately reading these Records is considerable. There are most definitely many gifted individuals who have beautiful and extremely evidential clairvoyant abilities. Because of the purity of their heart and Soul, combined with their dedication to humanitys upliftment here on Earth, they are given true inspirational visions about specific lifetimes for a seeker.

While they are not reading verbatim from the Records in the Library, their spiritual information is given directly in picture for or through a clauraudient hearing relay from a Higher Plane Teacher or a Guide in the Heaven World. In this case, it would be the Teacher or Guide who has the authority to access in the Library.

The medium receiving the message must be open to receive, as clearly and without judgement as possible, an undiluted and accurate message. This Secondary Level is often misunderstood and misdirected by the thought and brain patterns of the medium. Additionally, unless the medium is very clear on how the information is received and from whom, it can be incorrectly viewed as having been accessed directly from the Records in the Library.

Proper training, with competent teachers, is a necessity to receive truthful information from the higher realms. When Abu Kash Kar places one of the large Books on the long table, one is immediately awed by the beauty and, in some cases, the opulence This cover may contain unusual geometric symbols, floral designs, spiritual and religious symbols and what we perceive to be precious metals and gemstones.

A fascinating reading can be accomplished by interpreting the cover, as when correctly understood, the cover gives a broad overview of the evolution of the Souls journey. For example, as the Soul establishes completion of an extremely challenging lesson that has been addressed in numerous lives, a symbol of that victory appears on the cover.

It is often etched in gold and embedded with a precious gemstone. An old soul10 living on Earth will have the cover of their Book of Life truly glowing with the vibrations of their accomplishments. Those who have a Scroll of Life will have a beautiful cloth cover that is placed over the Scroll, very similar to a Torah the first Five Books of Moses in the Bible in a Jewish synagogue. In like manner, the cover of an Akashic Scroll is decorated with similar symbols, precious gemstones and metals, that tell their own story of the Souls journey through Earth incarnations.

The Scroll is opened from the beginning and not from the middle. It usually has only one rod or post, around which the parchment is wound. There is a sturdy wooden hand grip to unroll the parchment. I have seen a few Scrolls with two posts, similar to the Torah. As the Scroll is opened from the beginning, it is unrolled along the long table in the Library. As indicated, the Scrolls are very ancient and signal an extremely old Soul.

It is also very possible for a seeker to have more than one Scroll or Book. This is usually the case when a Soul has been in service to humanity for a long time. However, there are Souls who have not followed their mission in life very well and have had to come back to the Earth Plane more times than are necessary to try to attain victory.

On the cover, usually near the center of the Book or Scroll is your Souls Name. This Name is given to you by G-d when you were breathed forth as a whole Atom at the beginning of Time. This whole Atom is composed of both positive male and negative female electrical energy. This energy is a frequency. You see, when we were created by The Source, we were very complete within ourselves. We were both male and female, positive and negative. The male portion was the creative force on an electrical basis and the female was the receptive force, again on an electrical basis.

Most of the whole Atoms made the decision to separate, thereby creating the opportunity to experience life with double the work load! The learning process could definitely be accelerated. More correctly articulated, the first human was called Adama, which incorporates both the male and female polarities. Even the word Atom in science is similar in sound to the androgynous Adama and the masculine form, Adam.

Additional information will be in my next book. An old Soul is one who has consistently reincarnated, century after century, to learn and grow. This accumulation of experience permits an easier opportunity to master the lessons of life. A young Soul often has many apprehensions about coming to the Earth Plane as there are fewer victories of completion because of the lack of understanding of spiritual tools to work with their lessons. Sadly, the misunderstanding of this Truth has permitted the error of belief found in may religions, philosophies and political values that the feminine portion of humanity has created evil in the world, and therefore the masculine or good aspect is superior.

The terms positive and negative denote electrical frequencies and not good and bad. Interestingly, there were a few Souls who elected to stay in the whole, permanent Atom and to incarnate continually in that whole form. In life after life, a few of these whole Souls not only gained a tremendous level of experience from the knowledge of the reincarnational process, they gathered unto themselves a vast storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

As seekers, we sat at their feet to learn from the wellspring of their minds and hearts.

These few, who were able to balance the positive and negative portions of themselves, sometimes took on the appearance of being not fully male or female and really sought to create balance in all areas of their life. A fine example of such a Soul, in our twentieth century, was the true Master Soul called Paramahansa Yogananda. If one gleans the very heart of his message, it would be to have balance in all areas of life. This Name was given to you by G-d and contains a frequency that travels with you in every lifetime on Earth or on any planet in this or another solar system!

When the whole Atom makes the choice to divide, it takes the frequency of the Soul Name into every embodiment. As an example, a Soul Name could be Elan. When the Soul divides, the masculine portion of the permanent Atom retains the name Elan and the feminine portion becomes Elana. The mores and customs of naming a child vary in every nationality, geographical area, ethnic group and religion.

When the parents correctly receive the telepathic thought from the Soul concerning its name or names, the primary name usually our first name has the same frequency not necessarily the same sound as every other first name they have ever received! If, for example, you were to give a true reader of the Akashic Records a full and complete name you had in another lifetime if you really knew that name , the reader could open your Book of Life from that lifetime and civilization and read that life and the lives prior to that life, but not the ones after the life.

This is another reason why we need the full name at birth now, in this life you are living. In this way, we can read from this lifetime back to and inclusive of all prior lives. Rarely is permission given to give a seeker their Soul Name.

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We must come to that knowledge ourselves. If we feel it is important to have that information, meditation can help achieve this goal. The one clue that can be given to the seeker of such information is simple. If we have received the correct first name, in this or any other life, there is at least one syllable in our current name, regardless of our mother language, that is the same as at least one of the symbols of our Soul Name.

The Astrological information and chosen name work in tandem with each other to keep us on our Path of Life. The correct first name links us to our Soul Name, providing an abundance of inspirational energy and courage to press forward with our tasks! There is, sadly, so much misinformation in books and by lecturers concerning this concept! We want so much to believe that our spouse is our Soul Mate.

It is highly improbable! When our permanent Atom divided, we knew that we would learn and grow at a faster rate. In this way, there was a realization that the loneliness experienced in many lives, would also be potentially overwhelming. We We often married a person who had many of the characteristics of our true Soul Mate.

Yet, we consistently felt an estrangement and emptiness. We were always searching Yet, it is only in an exceptional lifetime, and then with the permission of one of the great Lords of Karma, that we are granted the experience to be with our TRUE Soul Mate in a lifetime. I am told by Abu Kash Kar that, at any time in the history of Earth, there are approximately two thousand pairs of Soul Mates that are permitted to live together.

Could be several hundred plus or minus two thousand. These Souls work together, as a unified pair, for the glory of G-d in specific arenas of life. These opportunities are rare. Lifetimes where this may occur will usually see this united pair of Soul mates only interested in themselves and their chosen work. They may not accomplish very much with their children or loved ones as they are so complete with just themselves!

Much of their personal Karma may remain unfinished as their Karmic contracts are rarely addressed because of being consumed with each other! You see, dear ones, the bliss of coming together again, allows them to breathe part of the understanding of G-ds creation as the experience of oneness with their true mate mirrors the Oneness of G-d.

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On a higher level, the best way to reunite with our true Soul Mate is to earn the experience. Here on Earth, we must be ever vigilant of those who, even with well intentioned motives, are pairing people together, announcing that they are Soul Mates. A tremendous amount of damage has been done to people and their families because of teachers and psychics who have made these pronouncements.

Ive had the privilege of being in the Ancient Wisdom and Metaphysical fields for almost four decades. Within this time, Ive sadly heard of so-called spiritual teachers conducting seminars onHow to Meet your Soul Mate. Several people have come to me over the years, claiming they have been paired up with a mate in a class.

They left their spouses, their children and all of their responsibilities because of this pronouncement! The Karma for the teacher as well as for those who severely lacked discernment is quite considerable. The symbol states that the Soul is the positive or negative portion of the permanent Atom. The reason the knowledge of the Souls frequency orientation may be important in the reading is to give a balanced view of why the seeker may or may not be comfortable in the body they have selected to master.

The seeker may be having challenges accepting their present sexuality. A sweet healing balm often comes over the seeker when the truth of their Souls orientation is known.