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The Knights of Rhodes against the Ottoman Empire

The attack of several days is terrible, resulting in the loss of thousands of people in both camps. The Turks managed to open a breach in the walls of the fortress, in which the great master lived a cons-attack. In the ensuing battle, the Hospitallers killed 3, Turks. The siege lasted three months and had 9, dead and 27, wounded among the Turks. When a few days later, the Spanish ships crossed the dam and the garrisons provisioned in fresh food, the Turks retreated.

The attacker withdraws, leaving the island of Rhodes in ruins, covered with corpses, but free. Upon retirement, the Muslim fleet faces galleys came to the rescue of the order. Meshach Palaeologus died during this engagement. Mahomet saw this failure very badly and decides to raise a new army which he will command to reduce the knights.

But he died suddenly shortly after his departure. The following year, in , Turkish galleys rowers Christian slaves , led by the Grand Vizier Mustafa, brother of the Sultan, come and seat begins August 1, Soliman comes through Asia Minor and especially with the infantry artillery, and passes through the island, with , men , men and 60, engineers responsible for carrying out the work of seat.

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Later, 15, soldiers reinforcement came to the rescue of the Sultan. The invaders occupied the hill of St. Stephen in the west of the city the site of the ancient acropolis , where they put their guns. Pope Adrian VI adjure Christian princes to rescue the besieged, but internal divisions in Europe and unfavorable elements nuisirent attempts mailing reinforcements from Europe.

They opened a breach in the ramparts near the Gate St. Athanase and were about to give the final assault, but Soliman, remembering that in a similar situation in , the assault had turned to rout Ottomans, he preferred to negotiate with the Knights. Five days before Christmas, December 22, , the Grand Master capitulated, obtaining honorable conditions in order to spare the civilian population. Sultan Soliman, respectful of the courage of his enemies, the Knights gave twelve days to leave the island with their ships, their treasure, their records, their weapons, their property and their relics including precious icon of the Virgin Philermos, a symbol of order, and even provides them with some Turkish ships to transport them.

January 1, , the Grand Master Soliman kiss the hand by offering four vases in gold and will ship with knights survivors, and 4, Christians. The city of Rhodes will not be destroyed, its civilian population will not be massacred, the churches will be met, the Greeks who practice their religion remain. The island ravaged, depopulated, will be exempt from taxes five years. The medieval period is represented by a Gothic architectural style, very close to the Provencal style of the era, characterized by intersecting ribs, shields, et cetera.

John, who fortified the city, leaving an imprint unaltered. The installation of the Knights of St. After the loss of St. The Knights of Rhodes May 2, , the Pope suppressed the Knights Templar and spent much of their property, "ad providam" the Knights Hospitallers in Rhodes with the exception of their possessions in Spain and Portugal, where two orders are born ashes of the Order of the Temple, the Order of Montesa and the Order of Christ.

With the wealth of the Templars received the donations from wealthy benefactors and income properties in Europe, the Order prospered and built at Rhodes, one of the strongest fortresses of the time. The island of Rhodes has still thirty medieval citadels. The Palace of the Grand Master , churches and especially the hospital the admiration of Europe. John, combined with Rhodians built an impressive fleet of galleys fighting to liberate the Eastern Mediterranean and Muslim pirates. In Rhodes, the Order became for the first time a sovereign power, exercising authority without sharing in its own territory and governed by a great master who enjoyed a rank equal to that of kings and other heads of independent states.

Sign of enrichment of the Order at the same time as a conquest of sovereignty, the masters began to mint coins in their own image. Crusade of Despite the maritime control exerted on the Knights of Rhodes in the Aegean, the Ottoman dynasty gradually takes precedence over the dying empire of Byzantium and the Latin states in Greece arising from the Fourth Crusade.

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Seats in and In , then in , the island of Rhodes was besieged by the Sultan of Egypt, but the Knights of Rhodes repel these attacks. The siege of Meanwhile, the Ottoman Turks, who had replaced the Saracens as the first Muslim power is claimed. The Order was now overwhelmed by the Turks on earth who occupied the land only twelve miles away. A conflict arose between his two son, Bajazet II and Cem, who dispute the birthright. In , Mehmet II died while he was preparing a new attempt to take Rhodes and his son Bayezid II was proclaimed sultan, but Prince Cem, one of his younger brothers who ruled the two provinces in Anatolia, proclaimed himself Sultan of Anatolia.

But his troops were soon defeated and the Prince Cem fled to Egypt. In , he landed again in Anatolia and tried to foment a revolt against the sultan. This second attempt failed and Prince Cem found refuge in the fortress of St. This miniature sixteenth century shows his arrival at Emporio : the Gate Sainte-Catherine and harbor fortifications are clearly visible. The siege of Sultan Selim I had extended his empire to the east by conquering Syria and Egypt made it crucial for the Ottomans to control the road from Constantinople to Alexandria. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Suleiman II Kanuni, the legislator considers what this stronghold Latin Rhodes, the last state of Franco-Latin Crusades as an obstacle to its domination of the Greek islands and navigation.

Architecture The Knights showed the extent of their architectural engineering and building military fortifications particularly modern for their time. This will be the beginning of the fourteenth century to the end of the fifteenth, a very large architectural era. The history of Rhodes at the time of the Knights. Presentation General.

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From the fall of the Byzantine Empire, Venetians and Genoese attempted to take possession of Rhodes until the arrival of the Knights of St. Stonemasons and craftsmen were for the most part Greek but workers from France and Spain were also brought here. The Palace , a structure imposing both for its dimensions 80m by 75m and for the strength of its fortification. These were so strong that even the siege of hardly damaged them.

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The Turks used the Palace as a prison, after which it was allowed to fall in ruins. The final blow was dealt by the explosion which wrecked the nearby St. John's Church. However, the Italians wishing to provide King Victor Emmanuel and Duce Mussolini with a worthy residence, rebuilt it along the lines m of the old building. It was finished in The castle is now a museum with exhibits downstairs from the days of ancient Greece. Upstairs is an Italian reconstruction of the splendor of the Knights but with lifts, lighting and.

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The fine mosaic floors, lifted from the island of Kos, were all brought here by the Italians. On top of Socrates Street, to the left you'll find the Mosque of Suleiman, one of the finest with a big red roof, standing in a fine courtyard with plane trees. It was built in in the place of an older mosque erected in honor of the conqueror of Rhodes, Suleiman the Magnificent. If you turn to the right, you will come to the Clock Tower, built after one earthquake in Opposite the Mustafa Mosque, built in , are the Turkish Baths that are still in use and worth having a look at.

They have been restored since being destroyed in the last war. If you fancy sitting in charming little heated rooms and having a good old scrub they are open Tuesday to Saturday and close at 7 P. There are a number of museums in the Old Town area. Nearly all the museums have an admission charge.

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The Archeological Museum - no visit to Rhodes is complete without visiting this museum, near the Arnaldo gate. It was first built as a hospital by the Knights of St. John and you can still. It is probably the most important monument left by the Knights in the City. The building was finished in Aristotle's Street, which leads out from Hippocrates Square, will take you to the old Jewish quarter and to the Square of the Hebrew Martyrs, with its attractive little fountain, decorated with rows of shells, starfish, octopuses and so on, set on blue tiles are surmounted by three large sea horses.

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The square is named for over thousand Jews who were sent, from Rhodes to Auschwitz during the Second World War, in They were assembled here before shipped to the Nazi concentration camp and only a very few of them ever returned. One little synagogue survives in Dossiadou Street and it's open every day. The building whose front is on the north side of the square is the Palace of the Admirals, which was the residence of the Orthodox Archbishop of Rhodes before the Turkish occupation.

It's perhaps the most spectacular of all the gates to the Old Town. Next to the gate is all that remains of an important building of the Knights known as Castellania.

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The building dates from and was a commercial centre. Fabulous icons and wall paintings from the late Byzantine and post Byzantine period, quit music and not much else. The Decorative Arts Museum has a wealth of exhibitions of local costumes and ceramics from Lindos but also from local costumes and ceramics from Lindos but also from various parts of Europe.