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Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Before that happens, try to get there before 9pm and order enough to last you and him for the whole evening. Tropez, France pdf, azw kindle , epub, doc, mobi. Nothing can compare with the Gay Travel Greece Experience. We have found that the Gay Travel Greece Experience works for everyone-young and old, singles and couples. You will return home having had the best vacation of your life,relaxed and refreshed.

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The Lexington [Lexinton at 19th] is one of the few women's bars left in San Francisco.

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Wild Side West [ Cortland Ave] while not strickly speaking a lesbian bar is very popular with lesbians and welcoming of all friendly folks. If you want really upscale check out Mecca [ Market St] a supper club with a mixed clentele that is a favorite for women , e. Not that you'll need much help when there's something fabulous around every corner. He and his team will be on-hand to answer questions and just ask at the welcome desk. Will there be a chance to see an example ceremony? Lesbians who did go to bars often originated from the working class.

Of these, 11 documents were peer-reviewed articles and 10 were grey literature. One article reported results from three interventions Matthews et al. Only one article reported a randomized control trial with results pending Matthews et al. As described in Table 1 , ten interventions in 13 documents reported cultural tailoring of the program towards a LGBT target audience Eliason et al.

Of these, six provided group counselling only Eliason et al. These group based counselling programs provided face-to-face interaction in community centers, community research centers, or research clinics. Except for one program Grady et al. Three interventions provided one-on-one counselling Covey et al. Three interventions were communication campaigns Legacy, , Aragon, , Aragon and Le Veque, , Fallin et al. Six interventions of the 19 in Table 1 reported utilizing a theoretical framework to design the intervention.

Three programs cited the transtheoretical model stages of change Eliason et al.


The thirteen identified smoking cessation group counselling interventions were primarily community driven and lasted between six and eight weeks on average. Two of the group cessation interventions Matthews et al. As an example of tailoring, Stop Dragging Your Butt conducted a focus group with gay men who identified the following issues for inclusion in programming: isolation, bar culture, self-esteem, empowerment, high-risk behaviours, peer pressure, image and lifestyle, and desire for connection and authenticity Program Training and Consultation Centre, Other adaptions to general population cessation resources included reflecting the language and context of the LGBT community, recognizing social life is linked to bars and group outings, giving attention to physical appearance, and recognizing living situations of community members Program Training and Consultation Centre, This program has been adapted and offered in the US for a number of years with favourable results.

However, Eliason et al. This program identified a need for interventions to be multi-leveled in targeting those in each stage of change. One intervention, Courage to Quit , is undergoing a randomized control trial to evaluate a culturally targeted intervention versus a non-targeted intervention Matthews et al. Program-level data indicated that individuals appreciated the group experience that kept them coming back, trusted the community center, and many returned incentives for participation in gratitude of quitting successfully Warren, The majority of participants in this program felt an LGBT-specific program to be important Warren, Lastly, researchers conducted a secondary analysis of two RCTs that provided non-tailored, group-based counselling Grady et al.

Three interventions provided smokers with individual-level support for smoking cessation. Researchers in Switzerland implemented a half-day training, given by the Swiss Lung Association, on cessation counselling and pharmacotherapy for physicians in a HIV clinic Huber et al.

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The training of physicians was found to increase cessation, but there were no significant differences between heterosexuals and MSM Huber et al. Lessons learned were that the training was greatly appreciated and there was community support for the initiative. However, the program found that even with promotion, most LGBT community members were not aware of the quitlines in Minnesota.

Finally, in a post-hoc analysis of a RCT, male participants were provided with a non-tailored individual counselling program in combination with NRT or pharmacotherapy Covey et al. The three remaining interventions were communication strategies that all had an online presence, media coverage, and face-to-face peer outreach events in bars and nightclubs. This program obtained media coverage unpaid , with many hits to their website, print impressions, and blogs discussing the campaign Aragon, , Aragon and Le Veque, CRUSH took the campaign one step further by encouraging LGBT young adult community members to text brand ambassadors in order to receive a text messaging cessation program Legacy, , Fallin et al.

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Further, only three interventions were population-based smoking cessation campaigns and only one of these was targeted to LGBT young adults. Cessation counselling, although effective, has limited reach in comparison to media campaigns; however, the scoping review identified limited smoking cessation outcome data for the population-based campaigns reviewed. Almost half of the studies identified in the scoping review are not in the peer reviewed literature. These findings are similar to Lee and colleagues Lee et al.

They emphasized the need to invest in systems-based interventions, targeted media campaigns, and policy interventions.

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Our scoping review concurs with these findings; however, Lee and colleagues Lee et al. We found that the majority of studies were non-randomized, quasi-experimental before and after designs with no comparison conditions; as a consequence, the internal validity of the research to date can be called into question due to selection bias or motivation bias. More rigorous designs on LGBTQ smoking prevention and cessation interventions such as RCTs or longitudinal studies would increase confidence in the findings reported.

Only one-third of the articles identified a theoretical framework for the development and design of the smoking cessation intervention. Theory is critical to understanding the factors that influence behaviour and underpins the choices of intervention components and how they are intended to work French et al.

There are important policy and practice considerations stemming from this scoping review. Community-based programs have also been successfully implemented, although very little evidence of prevention or cessation outcomes exist. The scoping review also identified a lack of interventions for transgendered and queer population groups. For example, the review identified studies where the transgender participation rate was only between 2. Research on within-group differences e. Research is desperately needed; given the significance of youth development and the transition to young adulthood Youatt et al.

Further, the scoping review identified that the majority of published literature is based on descriptive program evaluations or non-randomized, quasi-experimental designs with no comparison group; half of the studies were published in the non-peer reviewed grey literature. While this literature can be informative, it suffers from a lack of rigour and raises questions regarding the validity of findings.

In addition to the problems of research design, the literature lacks consistency in terms of outcome measures regarding smoking. For example, some studies used either 7-day or day point prevalence abstinence, some only reported current smoking at end of program, others reported an intent-to-treat smoking rate, others conducted biochemical validation of smoking status whereas others relied on self-report. Outcome measures also varied in terms of length of follow-up after the intervention.

Consistency in the reporting of outcomes Copley et al. A full systematic review of the literature is unadvisable given the methodological weaknesses and inconsistency in reporting across studies. Similar to the findings of Berger and Mooney-Somers Berger and Mooney-Somers, , the majority 16 interventions; 18 documents of studies in this review described interventions that were culturally tailored. Gamarel et al. However, there are some logistical challenges of intervention studies in this population.

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  6. Being able to recruit LGBTQ YYAs in urban cities versus rural areas would be another logistical challenge of intervention studies in this population as urban YYAs would likely have easier access to transportation and support mechanisms to participate compared to rural YYAs. The review was limited to publications in English. Accordingly, it is possible that some studies were not identified using the search strategies outlined in this paper.

    While alcohol use, cannabis, tobacco and other health risk behaviours may occur together, we focused on tobacco use which precluded the inclusion of intervention studies that were not primarily focused on tobacco. Some programs are over represented in the review e. Although estimates are based on data from Statistics Canada, the opinions expressed do not represent the views of Statistics Canada. DD and NBB drafted the manuscript. NBB supervised the study. NBB is the guarantor. We also would like to thank the Editor of this journal and the anonymous referees for their helpful comments and suggestions.

    National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Prev Med Rep v. Prev Med Rep. Published online Feb Kennedy b. Bruce Baskerville. Ryan D. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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    Bruce Baskerville: ac. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Methods We conducted a scoping review of the literature, using the framework by Arksey and O'Malley