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Learn more. For decades, rising health care costs have hurt American competitiveness, and forced too many individuals into bankruptcy to get their families the care they need. To create true middle class security, we need to out-educate the competition. And he reformed the student loan system, ending government subsidies for banks and using the savings to help more Americans afford their loan payments.

The housing market suffered a dramatic collapse caused by irresponsible lenders who tricked buyers into signing subprime loans and in some cases irresponsible homeowners who took out loans they knew they could not afford. To address this crisis, President Obama and his Administration have taken a broad set of actions to stabilize the housing market and help responsible American homeowners. And I was intrigued this weekend to see that Obama himself seems to understand that downside.

How Badly Has Obama Alienated the Middle Class?

The first is the richest 1 percent of households, who have pulled further away from everyone else in recent decades, with income gains that have been larger than economic growth. The second group is the upper middle class — roughly the 90th to 99th percentiles of earners — whose pay increases have essentially kept pace with economic growth: Not great, but not bad. The final group is the bottom 90 percent, whose raises have trailed G. Their share of the economic pie has been shrinking. It promised a tax cut to the poor, the middle class and to the upper middle class.

There was good political reason for Obama to do so. It allowed him to avoid divisive debates about who was truly rich. While the OECD is working to develop a global consensus on the issue, the French have decided to go ahead on their own, risking worsening the already bad French-American relationship and a massive blowback on future trade.

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Both of these efforts would have raised household energy prices for consumers while disproportionately impacting poor Americans who spend a greater share of their income on energy than wealthier Americans. Steyer has also praised Rep.

Photo Credit: Marc Nozell. Recent media reports suggest that the Trump administration is considering using its regulatory authority to index capital gains taxes to inflation through regulation. This would have clear, immediate economic benefits and will increase the wealth of Americans across the country.

In many cases, inflation comprises a significant portion of the gain when paying capital gains taxes. Current Law. Inflation Adjusted Stock.

Thanks, Obama, For The Decimation Of The Working Class

Value of IBM share when purchased on Jan 1, Value of IBM share when sold on Jan 1, Tax owed — assuming the 20 percent capital gains tax and the 3. Value of Exxon Mobil share when purchased on Jan 1, Value of Exxon Mobil share when sold on Jan 1, In some cases, inflation makes up the entire gain and the taxpayer actual has a loss when inflation is accounted for.

Value of Coca-Cola share when purchased on Jan 1, Value of Coca-Cola share when sold on Jan 1, Millions of low and middle income households would be stuck paying the Obamacare individual mandate tax.

Better but Still Troubled: Our Take on the State of the Union

Millions of households would see their standard deduction cut in half, adding to their tax complexity as they are forced to itemize their deductions and deal with the shoebox full of receipts on top of the refrigerator. According to the same report, every congressional district in America received a tax cut. Joe Biden broke his middle class tax pledge.

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The New York Times also flatly stated: " Most people got a tax cut. CNN's Jake Tapper also stated: " In fact, estimates from both sides of the political spectrum show that the majority of people in the United States of America did receive a tax cut. If the tax cuts were repealed:. Millions of low and middle-income households would be stuck paying the Obamacare individual mandate tax.

Utility bills would go up in all 50 states as a direct result of the corporate income tax increase. Taxes would rise in every state and every congressional district. In Iowa - the state she made this statement - residents received a While the interest of lawmakers in reforming the healthcare system is a positive, recent press reports suggest that the Finance Committee is considering including an inflationary rebate penalty to Medicare Part D in their proposal.

President Obama Alters Middle Class Tax Promise | Americans for Tax Reform

Under this plan, a manufacturer would be required to pay a penalty in the form of a rebate if the price of a medicine rises faster than inflation. This proposal is misguided and threatens to erode the existing, market-based structure of Medicare Part D. Part D works because it facilitates negotiation between pharmacy benefit managers PBMs , pharmaceutical manufacturers, and pharmacies.

At the core of this program is the non-interference clause which prevents the secretary of Health and Human Services HHS from interfering with the robust private-sector negotiations. An inflationary rebate would undermine non-interference and could disrupt incentives for negotiations between stakeholders. Manufacturers would be on the hook for any price increase in a way that would limit leverage in negotiations.

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  5. Private sector negotiations already lower costs for patients and promote access through existing rebates and discounts. These may be crowded out by this new rebate at the expense of consumers. In addition, PBMs already negotiate price protection rebates that establish a private sector cap on the increase of medicines. The Part D program has a record of success. Moving forward, lawmakers should enhance market-based competition in order to put downward pressure on costs and promote increased access. An inflationary rebate penalty would distort the incentives to negotiate efficiencies and would allow the government to set arbitrary prices.

    We will not share your email address with any outside group. Skip to main content. From the AP article: The Democratic campaign used such statements to counter Republican assertions that Obama would raise taxes in a multitude of direct and indirect ways, recalled Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.