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He, too, left his very own photographic signature on every picture.

Together with all the artists involved, we are very proud of the result! For more than ten years, Darmstadt University has been inviting disabled artists from various facilities to come and paint at the university once a year.

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The works of arts created during this project used to be shown in an exhibition at the university for an entire year. This time the initiators of the painting days, Wilhelm von Schultz and Matthias Etzel of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, encouraged this calendar project. We are very happy about this project and its impressive result as we aim to put inclusion into practice at our university.

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Apart from our ambition to offer equal opportunities for our disabled or chronically ill students, we want to be an inclusive institution beyond the boundaries of our university. Best practice examples of inclusion:.

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  7. In that way, the children are integrated in collective social life from nursery age on. F ollowing the concept of inclusion, all students are educated within the same school classes.

    Consultations, arrangements and exchange of teacher colleagues with the specially trained colleagues for students with special needs are an important part of inclusion and of the concept of prevention of behavior or learning problems. The following studying techniques and choices for learning are offered in order to consider the different learning preconditions and the different individual paces of learning:. Social learning. The concept of inclusion is also connected to children with social and emotional difficulties. Support is being given by:.

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    The extent of the measures, listed above, depends on the human resources of the school teaching and supporting staff. In exceptional cases single support measures can be cancelled. However, the support for dyslexia and lessons of German as a second language will be given. Homework tutoring and various courses take place within the opening hours beginning with lunch and continuing throughout the afternoon.

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    Which projects, experience or institutions have impressed you during the In-Town Project. Emphasized as very special and positive:. All In-Town encounters and meetings, the lovely, friendly and open atmosphere of all participants and the very positive contact with each other. How could further improve the inclusion policy in your country in the future? Ostholstein should become a region in which all people — with more or less challenges, with handicaps and without —, people of different age, gender or ethnic background are welcome as citizens, guests and customers and are sure to participate in social life — in a barrier-free way.