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Scan of the original 78 rpm single required!

Bob Dylan - Just Like a Woman (Audio)

By CBS was established in more countries or had distribution agreements with other companies in countries where it had no presence. This is why it's possible to find Lay, Lady, Lay released in countries where Dylan singles were scarce, and sometimes it is the only Dylan release in that country. Please note I cannot value your Dylan rarities - see the Mission page for reasons why.

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Contact the dealers on my Trading page for assistance! The mono side has a white label with red text, the stereo side has a blue label with black and yellow text. There are radio station stickers on both sides of the single. The single came in a buff sleeve with text round the cut-out centre, the first time this design of sleeve was used by Columbia US.

Lay Lady Lay Bass Tabs - Bob Dylan @

Columbia USA , 1 Jul The commercial US single also has the same two variants. The Canadian single was released with one version only - the one with the album title on one line.

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However, I have no knowledge it was ever marketed like that. Columbia Canada , 1 Jul The second copy had had the push-out centre removed to play in a jukebox - it has a demo sticker on the A-side. This label style was also used for the equally rare Indian release of George Jackson , see Thanks to Arie de Reus for scans. A-side scan from eBay This double-sided mono test pressing was again made for publishing company B. Thanks to Gerd Rundel for finding this on eBay. There were three variants with plain orange labels.

The promo and first commercial releases have "U. The text along bottom edge is missing from the second commercial release, which comes with both solid and push-out centres. The third UK commercial release has larger song titles and omits the words "U. Production" from under the song titles but restores the text along the bottom edge the difference in the colours between the copies is probably due to scanner variations.

It again comes with solid and push-out centres. There are again several variants for each year. This can be seen in the detailed scans by looking at the circumference text. Paul Shenton has a copy that is similar to Hans' second copy, but with an open centre instead of solid. There was one release only. The West German promo sleeve had a generic reverse side, see 7" Single Sleeves. The record inside the promo sleeve was the commercial version as shown.

The West German commercial front sleeve looks the same as the Dutch front sleeve but has one minor difference - the "" catalogue number is now below the CBS logo at top right. There are at least three different commercial rear sleeves!

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The third rear sleeve variant 2 has six completely different album illustrations without a Dylan album, but has the same text at bottom left as variant 1A. All three have the same front sleeves, and except for the different record weights, the vinyl, the matrix numbers and the labels look the same.

Lay, Lady, Lay

The record with the variant 1B rear sleeve is significantly heavier than the other two records! The copy shown was used for a jukebox single and has a centre hole punched out. The rear sleeve has only four LP illustrations.

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The sleeve and record were made in Italy. For more information about the unique French index tabs or "languettes", see The second French release my copy has no languette and different record labels from Ronald Born's first release copy. The third release from Hans Seegers also has no languette, but it does have a 57mm cut-away strip on the rear edge. Thanks to Hans Seegers and Ronald Born for information and scans.

The front of the sleeve and the record labels are identical. The front sleeve is completely fake, and the rear sleeve does not have the correct text at the bottom. There are three sleeve variants:. There are two sub-variants of this sleeve:. Added to this, the record labels have two main variants, each of which has two sub-variants:. Dylan " below song titles:. This exists in two variants, with and without a spelling mistake!

Lay, Lady, Lay

Thanks to Hans Seegers for detailed! The rear sleeve of the Norwegian single was plain white. It had orange CBS labels. Thanks to Peter Denzler for information and scans. This single was released with three sleeve and two label variants. The first sleeve exists in a promo version with a Hebrew language sticker on the front sleeve. It has two generic rear sleeve variants, each showing six different singles by other CBS artists. The second release sleeve has a differently printed front while the generic rear has six new other artist singles printed in purple. Both records have orange CBS labels, but the second label text style is completely different from the first.

Thanks to Francisco Lima for information and to Hans Seegers for further information and scans. They didn't have picture sleeves. The B-side of Ronald's copy is the same as Stuart's. Manuel's copy has a white demo sticker on the B-side. Like the US single above, the matrix numbers in the vinyl and on the labels are lower on the B-side, as if Peggy Day was intended to be the A-side.

This single is listed there as "Made In Hong Kong" but apparently this is one of many mistakes in the book. About Lay, Lady, Lay lyrics. Album Nashville Skyline Bob Dylan. Accompanied By. Liner Notes. Johnny Cash. Bob Johnston. Charlie Bragg, Neil Wilburn.

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Photography By. Al Clayton , Elliott Landy. Hot lyrics. About Bob Dylan.