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He even sent a letter to President Trump on Tuesday, asking him to tell the N. There is little question that Mr. Cuomo has had a longstanding ideological commitment to gun control. In , Mr.

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Cuomo successfully fought for passage of the Safe Act , making New York the first state to enact more stringent gun regulations after the Sandy Hook massacre. But it is also undeniable that in a year when he is facing an aggressive challenge from the left in his bid for re-election, and staving off an increasingly demanding Democratic base, he has recognized — far from for the first time — the potential payoffs of playing up his war on the N.

He has also made no secret of his belief that his actions on gun control have made his state a model for the nation — a handy argument for a politician who has garnered some mention as a possible presidential candidate.

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Cuomo said in an interview of his gun control measures, including the Safe Act. Come look at our state.


In April, Mr. Brewer said. Brewer conceded that the N. But he said that could change if Mr. Cuomo were left unchecked. The regulatory approach bears similarities to the tactics some conservative states have adopted to limit access to abortions , albeit on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum. Twenty-six states restrict coverage for abortions in insurance plans bought through their public exchanges, and 11 of those states restrict it in private plans as well.

Cuomo denied that there was political gain to be had from taking on gun owners. His stance on gun control has, in fact, cost him before, especially among upstate voters : After passing the Safe Act in , his job-approval ratings plunged 15 points, a drop from which he has never fully recovered. Cuomo said. But his gun-control record has also given him a ready talking point in fending off Cynthia Nixon, his opponent in the Democratic primary for governor, who, despite repeatedly accusing Mr.

Cuomo of chasing the political tailwinds leftward, has shied away from calling him weak on gun safety. The Safe Act, while unpopular in parts of Western and Central New York, tracks far more positively in much of the rest of the state, with a recent poll finding that three-quarters of Democrats supported it and about half of Republicans. And for all his protestations about the political risks of gun control, the governor is no stranger to jostling for the limelight the topic can bring as well.

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Only donations made through our website or sent directly to our Albany office will be used to offset costs of this litigation. Here is a copy of the legal filing pdf. Memorandum in support of a preliminary injunction. The Court has not yet decided our request. Under the Order, the following deadlines were set: the time for all defendants to file an Answer to the Amended Complaint was stayed until June 7.

June 13, Update: The State has until June 22 to respond to our amended complaint. Afterwards we have 30 days to respond to them. Both parties are due in court August July 26, Update: The August date has been moved back. Both parties are due in court on September No new date has been set yet. October 31, Update: The State has requested a motion for summary judgement in an attempt to have our lawsuit thrown out.

November 19, Update: Our lawyers have asked the Judge to schedule a public hearing to outline our case against the law.

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Since briefing is complete, we believe the Court will schedule an oral argument on the motions. Normally, for cases involving controversial of issues, courts will hold an oral argument although they are not required to as the issues involved in the motions are purely legal. No testimony is required and the Court may just rule on the papers that have been filed.

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At this time we do not know if the Court will have a hearing. Procedural rules do not require the Court either to set a hearing or to decide the motion within a specified amount of time. December 26, Update: Judge William Skretny has decided oral arguments are unnecessary and he will make his decision based upon the briefs submitted by both parties.

December 31, Update: The Court ruled against us on guns, but dismissed 7 round limit. Here is a copy of the decision. A formal opinion of this decision will be posted here at a later date.

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January 3, Update: We will appeal the court decision. Here is a draft copy of the filing. March 7, Update: Here is a rough schedule of the appeals process: Appellant briefs and their replies should be done by mid-August There may be a CAMP conference in this case as they are common in the 2nd Circuit and are aimed at pre-appeal resolution.