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The night was young and the moon was [ C ] gold.

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So we both decided to take a [ G ] stroll. Can you image the way I f [ D ] elt. I couldn't unfasten her safety [ G ] belt. Riding along in my [ G ] calaboose. Basically this is kind of punk. That's a cool album cover - he was still using that Gibson ES then, before he switched to the iconic red ES How can this be a "1"?? People confound me! I've never bothered to look up "calaboose," just thought it was a nonsense southernism for a vehicle of some sort.

It's a prison! I'm sure I'm the last one to know, but if not, there you go.

No Particular Place To Go

Eddie Cochran. Ann Rabson.

Elizabeth Mitchell. Cliff Richard.

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Hard Working Americans. Sandy Nelson.

No Particular Place To Go - Chuck Berry

Bill Black's Combo. Living Guitars. The Routers.

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Rob Hoeke. The Nashville Superpickers.

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Wachten duurt lang. No Particular Place to Go. Paul Rich and The Beatmen. Jerry Lee Lewis. No Particular Place.

No Particular Place to Go

The Babysitters. Guana Batz. The Toy Dolls. Anniversary Waltz Part One. Status Quo.

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Mike Smith. Spar 2. Ty Tender. Andy Lee.

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