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Fall asleep every night to views of the piercingly blue skies and wake to a spectacular mountain view. Seeing the orange tips of the peaks of Torres del Paine national park at sunrise is awe-inspiring. We visited this sublime area on the four-day Big-W trek. But after days in the wilderness we began to crave creature comforts.

In Puerto Natales, about 70km south of the park, we ate a memorable meal of lomoa lo pobre steak, chips, fried eggs and onions at El Cangrejo Rojo. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics South America holidays Experts' and readers' tips. Walking holidays Adventure travel Cultural trips features. Reuse this content.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Though he had to relinquish his duties to an acting recorder as the disease progressed, he was retained as official recorder. The headwaters of the Amazon River start in the mountains ringing the Altiplano and flow northward past the ancient Inca sites of Cusco and Machu Picchu, joining the waters of the Rio Napo flowing out of Ecuador. Spanish is the most common language of Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, but on the Altiplano and in the Sierra the mountainous Andean Highlands the Aymara, Quechua, and Quichua languages predominate.

While proselyting efforts initially were focused in large cities, they soon moved into the Altiplano and mountain cities like Otavalo, Ecuador, which is situated in a verdant mountain valley about 60 miles northeast of the capital city of Quito. One of the first Otavalo Indians to accept the gospel was Rafael Tabango, who lived on a small plot of ground just outside the city.

Though he could not read well, Rafael felt a powerful spiritual witness in the message two young missionaries had brought to his home and soon gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. After being baptized, he committed himself and his family to the service of the Lord. Every Sunday thereafter Brother Tabango arrived at the small rented meetinghouse and handed an envelope containing his tithes and offerings to one of the missionaries who was serving as branch president. Brother Tabango prayed for their recovery and did all he could to provide medical care.

On Sunday, when Brother Tabango handed the branch president his donations for the week, the young missionary handed back the envelope, expressing concern that Brother Tabango would need the money for medicine that week.

I have no right to buy medicine with his money. Please accept my tithing. Kimball, who greeted them warmly. Following the dedication, the couple was endowed and sealed, giving them hope and assurance of an eternal family.

Andes Mountains

Later, the children they had lost in life were sealed to them for eternity. Brother Tabango did not let his lack of education prevent him from studying and understanding the gospel. Visitors to La Paz, Bolivia, situated at an altitude of 12, feet on the eastern edge of the Altiplano, invariably struggle for breath their first few days in the thin mountain air. Western influences are increasingly evident in this bustling city, but the culture of La Paz is still quite traditional.

The missionaries again challenged the family to read the Book of Mormon and pray about the things they had heard. Until then, Jorge and Zorka had prayed only at the end of each discussion with the missionaries. That night, for the first time in their marriage, Jorge and Zorka knelt together and prayed to Heavenly Father.

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Both felt an overpowering witness that the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ was true and that the Book of Mormon was the word of God. The following day they told the missionaries that they were ready to be baptized, and on 19 September they became members of the Church. As he grew in the gospel, Jorge became convinced that God had indeed spoken to man again. After his baptism, Jorge had to forgo many social customs associated with his budding banking career.

At first he was the target of teasing and jokes from coworkers who were curious to see how long he could go without a drink or a cigarette. But Jorge remained faithful to his covenants, and his critics eventually became his greatest protectors from those who tried to pressure him into disregarding the Word of Wisdom. During their early years in the Church, Jorge and Zorka faced serious economic challenges. On one occasion they desperately needed money to buy shoes and other essentials for their four children. But the only money they had was what they had set aside as tithing.

On the way home, he wondered, Now what will we do?

My travels: Michael Jacobs travels the Andes from top to bottom

Where will we get the money we need? Arriving home, Jorge learned to his surprise and gratitude that his children had discovered a boliviano bill inside a small plastic flower vase they had found. The money was sufficient to buy the much-needed shoes. Not long after his baptism, he was called to the branch presidency in La Paz.

Later, he served as branch president, district president, and president of the La Paz Stake when it was created in Even though I have felt inadequate, the Lord has always blessed me and made me equal to my responsibilities before him. The little store occupied less than square feet, and the shelves on its walls were stocked with a limited variety of canned and packaged foods. The trail showcases the beautiful Peruvian landscape and the tall mountains of the Andes. It generally takes about 4 days to hike the Inca Trail.

The route is approximately 30km long and takes about 3 to 4 days. It is considered to be quite an easy hike so it is perfect for beginners and inexperienced hikers who want to see the natural beauty and breathtaking views of the area. If you plan to hike in the Andes, make sure that you are adequately insured for up to 4,m. We recommend World Nomads. Use the calculator below to get a quick quote. References : Britannica , Wikipedia.

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Quick Navigation The Andes. Notable Mountains in the Andes. The Andes. Width : km km in the Bolivian flexure Length : 7,km. Area : 3, million sq km. Highest point : Mount Aconcagua at 6,m. Physical Geography. Mountain Regions in the Andes. The Northern Andes. The Central Andes. The Cordillera Central joins the other two ranges as the Andes stretch into Peru.

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The Southern Andes. Here is some more information on some of those mountains. Aconcagua Guide.

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Fitz Roy Guide. Ojos del Salado. The first ascent of Illimani was made by Charles Wiener, J. Ocampo and J. Notable Hikes in the Andes. Here are some of the most notable hikes in the Andes Mountains. Travel Insurance.

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