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Exercising While Angry Increases Risk for Heart Attack

By Alexandra Sifferlin February 24, The men and women were asked to fill out a questionnaire about the level of anger they experienced in the last 48 hours based on a number scale: Calm. Busy, but not hassled.

Mildly angry, irritated and hassled, but it does not show. Moderately angry, so hassled it shows in your voice. Very angry, body tense, maybe fists clenched, ready to burst.

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You can significantly reduce risk for heart attack by knowing your numbers and addressing any cardiovascular risk factors that you may have, including hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, or smoking. You can also help reduce cardiovascular risk by maintaining a healthy weight and heart-healthy diet, exercising regularly and controlling stress.

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It's important for men to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack, remain calm and quickly call Under no circumstances should men try to "tough it out. Many studies show that a lack of sleep can have a negative impact on heart health, but few have determined why. Your email has been sent.

Angry outburst may trigger heart attack or stroke within two hours

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Questions for You to Consider Who is at risk for heart attack? Now researchers are issuing another heart warning for women only, which may prompt them to think twice before losing their temper. According to a study performed exclusively on women, those who already face a heightened risk for heart disease may become more vulnerable to problems by acting angry or hostile. Results revealed that anger toward other people appears to be the most dangerous type of hostility for women.