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What is gluten?

Some manufacturers may choose to use the gluten-free label on these foods and beverages, but it is not necessary for these foods to be labeled gluten-free to be safe:. The FDA governs most packaged foods, shelled eggs and dietary supplements. Manufacturers are not required to label their foods gluten free. However, manufacturers who choose to use the gluten-free label must meet the specifications outlined in the rule. You can also look for symbols of third-party gluten-free testing and certification.

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However, it is not necessary to limit yourself only to products that have these certifications. You can buy any product labeled gluten free. You can read more about third-party certification of foods here. Look for the gluten-free label on any grain product you purchase, including flours made from these grains. In addition, nut and bean flours should also be labeled gluten free. While these are considered naturally gluten-free foods, they are at risk for cross-contact with gluten.

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Beans and legumes may also be at risk for cross-contact with other grains. By entering your email, you're agreeing to our Privacy Policy.

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Unsubscribe at any time. Print Share. What is gluten? What is celiac disease? What is gluten sensitivity? All grains that are not the gluten-containing grains mentioned above wheat, barley and rye are naturally gluten free. These include: corn rice quinoa amaranth buckwheat sorghum teff wild rice oats.

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A note about oats: They are not a gluten-containing grain. However, they are typically grown on shared fields with wheat and other gluten-containing grains, and stored and processed in shared facilities with gluten-containing grains. Some celiacs are also sensitive to oats, but they are not a gluten-containing grain when in their pure form. Please see Are Oats Gluten Free? All flours made from anything other than the gluten-containing grains are naturally gluten free.

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Food starches, unless they are made from wheat, are gluten free. Guar and xanthan gums are naturally gluten free. Other hard liquors that are derived from gluten-containing grains such as whiskey and bourbon are arguably not gluten free, but the distillation process removes nearly all of the gluten, down to a minuscule level. To be completely safe, stay with alcohol that is gluten free from the start.

Flavored wines may not be gluten free. What foods are not gluten free? Wheat, barley and rye in all of their forms including ancient forms of wheat, such as spelt are not gluten free under any circumstances. Foods derived from wheat, barley and rye are not gluten free, including barley malt in all its forms malt vinegar, malt syrup, malt flavoring, etc. Foods that contain wheat as an ingredient, such as conventional soy sauces, which contain wheat in the United States. Gluten free tamari is a good alternative. Anything breaded, unless the breading is specifically gluten free.

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All conventional flours in all forms, including all purpose flour, cake flour, pastry flour, bread flour, semolina flour and 00 flour. Anything made with conventional flours, such a breads including bread crumbs and croutons , cake, pies, cookies, crackers, sauces and gravies, conventional pastas, Communion wafers, wheat-based snacks such as Wheat Thins and most crackers.

Rice Krispies was making a gluten free formulation of its popular cereal for a time, but the line has been discontinued. No worries. I thought their version was rather bland, and much prefer Attune Foods Erewhon crisp brown rice cereal.

FreeEasy Guide Starting Out Gluten Free FreeEasy Guides

Conventional beer, which is made from gluten-containing grains such as wheat and barley, is not gluten free. There are many gluten free beers on the market, though, many made in dedicated facilities and from gluten-free grains such as sorghum, rice, millet or even buckwheat. Some gluten free beers, like Estrella Damm Daura, are made using a gluten containing grain like barley, then distilled in a special brewing process to remove the traces of gluten that would otherwise remain after traditional beer brewing.

For a list of 10 gluten free beers, About. Modified food starches are gluten free unless they are derived from wheat. Naturally gluten free or prepared gluten free foods that are prepared in a kitchen in which cross-contamination with gluten-containing foods, including crumbs, is a legitimate concern. Yeah, I know, it only took me six months to build it…. A book is not a living tree, unlike a blog post.

The Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks, According to Gluten-Free Bakers and Chefs

This page will continue to grow, even before a 2nd edition of the book is released, with books to read, sites to learn from and delicious food to focus on from around the world. Search for:. Bon appetit! The Essential Gluten Free Guide to Mexico Gluten free guide to Mexico, including foods that are safe, foods to avoid, gluten free all-inclusive resorts, and a Spanish translation card for celiacs.

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