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Thank you Felicity for trusting me with your work! Nov 20, Will Laforge rated it really liked it. It's the story about a woman, who in my opinion, had begun to take her husband and her marriage for granted. The lesson Jenna receives puts her love for her husband to the test, but it also reveals hidden desires she didn't know she had. Is she a true submissive or is she just momentarily turned on by her husb 'Friday's Lesson' is a yummy short story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Is she a true submissive or is she just momentarily turned on by her husband's surprise dominant behavior?

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You'll have to read the story and decide for yourself. Brandon's writing is crisp and the story flows at a nice pace. I give this book two thumbs up and four stars. Sep 16, Richard Savage rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotic. I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of this book. After arriving home late after drinks, Jenna is confronted by an angry Oliver and his ultimatum, change her ways or he will leave her.

He asks if she remembers their wedding vows, to love and obey, he says he hasn't seen much obedience. She says she'll make any changes, do anything he says. The story weaves through the power play smo I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of this book. The story weaves through the power play smoothly, the sex sense are deliciously steamy.

This is the fourth story I have read by Felicity, I have enjoyed each very much. This is another great story, I am wondering is this the start of a series with these two characters? Sep 16, KitReads a.

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Shelves: spanking , erotica , oral-sex. Recommended for: Anyone the enjoys a quick, hot, lunchtime read! Read on September 16, -- I own a copy What a fun quick read! And hot too! Just perfect to read over your lunch hour or while sitting in a nice warm bubble bath! A husband and wife on the verge of splitting up until the husband tells her what he wants from her and exactly how he wants it.

She's taken aback, but even with the shock of it all she notices this change that has come over him in this situation, and she likes it! But will Recommended for: Anyone the enjoys a quick, hot, lunchtime read!

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But will she like it when He takes complete control? Read it and find out! Feb 02, Billy Masters rated it really liked it. I had to give only four stars to this story because of some editing issues with grammar. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this short story from Felicity! A very sexy story of domination. You can actually become one with the character. I love reading her books. Very detailed and keeps you wanting more.

The sex scenes were definitely very arousing as I read them. Hot, Hotter, Hottest! Shame on you If you I had to give only four stars to this story because of some editing issues with grammar. Shame on you If you haven't read any of her books. You need to!

You won't regret it. Sep 26, Jane Patterson rated it it was amazing. Another fantastic read by this author, yes all her books are short reads but are well worth it. They pull you in each time and I can never put them down til I have finished them.

Friday's lesson? We should all be more unprofessional

I have read all four of Felicity's books and marvel in her insight to the subject she is writing about and each book has been different. I look forward to reading her next story. Dec 30, Suzy Ayers rated it it was amazing. Ok Oliver.. This story is hot, sexy, and relate-able. Jenna is literally fighting with the emotions in her head and body.

I want to know what the next lesson is. This one leaves you panting for more….

Jun 15, Scarlett rated it really liked it. What happens when a husband is fed up with his wife's going out at all hours of the night and neglecting him as a husband? Well, he teaches her a lesson This sexy short story is about that lesson. It shows a couple's reigniting of their passion by way of exploring BDSM. View 1 comment. Sep 17, Leisha rated it really liked it Shelves: g-erotica , y-underpages , g-contemporary , g-bdsm , w-what-amazon-freebie , x-kindle-library-read.

As usual, Felicity Brandon does not disappoint and, as usual, I am asking myself why she writes short stories that would make great novels :. This is a very quick and very hot read that I highly recommend to anyone who loves first BDSM exploration stories. Oct 15, Sheila Lord rated it it was amazing. Loved it I bet she'll be home every Friday night waiting for her husband to come home Cute short story.

Jul 03, Aya rated it really liked it Shelves: content-bdsm-kink , erotica , on-everything-else , format-shorts , lists-giveaways-gifts. Recommended for those in search of a hot quickie. Get yourself off in record time. Dec 10, Ashley Holland rated it it was amazing. Wish it was longer to see how it continues but it was a good short read!!

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I am curious as to how it continues! This was my first book by Felicity Brandon who I have heard so many great things about. I am hoping I can stay open-minded and find something else by her because this was a big letdown. First of all, Friday's Lesson is extremely short. In my experience, it is very, very rare to find an author capable of telling a complete, full story in such a small amount of pages. The first model Figure 1 in the activity is designed to show these field effects.

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