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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The setup turns the Navy effectively into an N. Superpower , unknown to most people. In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide , secret organization SEELE has been plotting the end of mankind for decades, and even after being defeated, their leader is determined to carry out his scheme one way or another, even if it takes years. The Raven's Plan reveals that a cabal within the Maesters have been manipulating events for millennia to control the development of Westerosi society, repress knowledge of magic, and more recently bring down the Targaryen dynasty.

Having discovered this shortly before the old timeline ended, Sam and a group of Reach lords spread the word and spearhead a purge of all those involved. The particular incarnation of the Sith that appears in the Star Wars films is similar to this, except that most of its actions were devised and implemented by Palpatine alone, as opposed to being planned out in advance.

The Castle of Cagliostro has the Cagliostro family's secret counterfeiting ring through which they've secretly controlled global economics for centuries. In Jumper there is an entire conspiracy revolving around killing teleporters and inventing technology to stop them.

They now view the growing power of the US as a threat to their dominance and seek to arm the southern states and provoke a civil war. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and its film adaptation turn slavery in America into this. A means for Southern plantations to obtain cheap labor? No, that's just what they want you to think. Slavery was really a ploy by vampires to obtain a steady source of nourishment all along. When Lincoln's Gettysburg Address mentioned "government of the people, by the people, and for the people," he wasn't talking about democracy, he was talking about wanting a country run by human beings instead of the undead.

In Aeon 14 : Destiny Lost , the terraformers guild, of all people, has become a Benevolent Conspiracy aiming to shepherd humanity out of the technological dark age brought about by the development of Faster-Than-Light Travel : the sudden relief of resource strains meant humanity gave up on being efficient, and the ability to travel between stars in weeks or months rather than decades meant interstellar warfare was now possible, causing some pre-FTL knowledge to become lost. The FGT have covert operatives subtly influencing humanity's governments and sometimes provide new planets beyond their reach to allow threatened populations a fresh start.

They have enough control to hide the existence of entire continents , specifically the ones they don't control. The Bureau, responsible for the constructed, faction-based community in Chicago for at least eight generations in Allegiant. This trope is played straight in the science fiction series, Alterien by Adam R.

The Alteriens Oberon creates go on to form a massive society that spans time and space. In order to more covertly assimilate selected candidates into their society and firmly establish their fellowship on 3D Earth, they create an extension of their nation, a secretive organization they call the Community. Members of the Community are either Alteriens or humans who will soon be transformed into Alteriens. Despite their efforts to keep this secret society a secret, a human who overheard them in the midth century later investigated further. Though that person's efforts to reveal them were never successful, word of their society's existence continued throughout the next two centuries, albeit within the context of an old conspiracy.

Subverted in that the organization does not exist anymore and all of the Illuminati symbols were planted by the Camerlengo in an attempt to get himself elected pope and restore faith in Christianity. Humorously subverted in The Areas of My Expertise : "It is true that all of the past fourteen presidential candidates have been Bonesmen, with the exception of Ralph Nader, who was merely of member of the much less prestigious consumer-advocacy society Scroll and Seatbelt. But having failed to make any progress in this goal, the Bonesmen now focus almost entirely on tending to the pterodactyls on their private island and on ritual masturbation.

Cosgrove knew of at least nine organizations, of which six were still active, who thought it was them. Live-Action TV. Agents of S. Specifically, Season 3 reveals that the modern version founded in Nazi Germany and reborn within SHIELD is just the latest incarnation of a cult that's been working for thousands of years to liberate their master, an ancient Inhuman who was long ago banished through a wormhole to a distant planet, so that it will lead them in conquering the world.

Season 2 of Agent Carter features an earlier incarnation of this same group though you only realize this if you notice that their insignia is an earlier version of the HYDRA one that really plays up the trappings of this trope — operating from within the public facade of a simple social lounge, the Arena Club, whose membership includes some of the most powerful people in the country, their leadership, the Council of Nine, meets within a hidden room to discuss and plan how to manipulate world events to their advantage apparently including the assassination of McKinley and the Great Depression.

America Unearthed has host Scott Wolter who posits that there's an ancient conspiracy starting from the rule of Pharaoh Akenaten through the birth of Jesus and into Europe with The Knights Templar , then through the Freemasons to America. The Senior Partners actually started out as a cabal of extremely weak low-level demons who developed an ingenious plan of conquering the universe using the laws and political institutions of the worlds they wished to rule.

They've been around since the beginning of time, but by the time the series starts, they've pretty much got the world under their sway. Doesn't sound like much at first blush, until you realize that being number two to the most successful group of inter-dimensional demons on record means that they're pretty much the Ultimate Evil by default. Babylon 5 : From the episode "Z'Ha'Dum", we have the human emissary of the Shadows, Justin, describing things thusly: Justin: Who decides that the workday is from nine to five instead of eleven to four? Who decides that the hemlines will be below the knee this year, and short again next year?

Who draws up the borders, controls the currency, handles all of the decisions that happen transparently around us? Sheridan: I don't know. Justin: Ahhh I am with them. Same group, different department. Think of me as a sort of middle man. And the name is Justin. Tabletop Games. Illuminati , a card game by Steve Jackson Games, is made of this. Each player takes on the role of one of eight ancient conspiracies: either the Bavarian Illuminati , the Gnomes of Zurich , the Servants of Cthulhu , the Discordian Society , the Society of Assassins , the Network , the Bermuda Triangle conspiracy , or the UFOs with a particular society, they can even be the cow-stealing variety!

They then have to take over various interest groups ranging from political parties to industries to fandoms to aliens. These generate money and can take over other groups, until your cards are arranged in a web. Each conspiracy has a specific goal, although all conspiracies can win by eliminating the competition. The Camarilla and also the Sabbat, and also the Followers of Set, and also many internal conspiracies within vampiric societies However, as these conspiracies oppose and counter each other, they often fail to really control anything.

The Revised Edition, while retconning out the "True Black Hand" nonsense specifically destroying them, reducing the extent of their influence, and debunking their beliefs , manages to deconstruct the trope fairly well. While the group in question had plenty of mortal and immortal "agents", the group itself was too fractional to do anything with them, and the agents themselves knew so little about the group in question that they were useless for anything important.

The 20th anniversary edition brings the Hand back, but reconstructed. They're just barely cohesive enough that they can function as an organization, and they have a fair amount of influence over things, but they can't do everything they'd like, and they have to deal with opposition within and without. While they may well be sitting on potentially world-shaking secrets, even they don't know which are real and which aren't. The reboot Vampire: The Requiem does this as well, although the scale of its conspiracies is much more local.

They mainly influence mortal society in small ways without any overarching scheme. Sometimes they mess with people just as a game. The Technocracy in the Mage: The Ascension RPG is a group of super-scientists who work to change the very nature of reality by making humanity believe in science and disbelieve in magic. Sadly, they have been more successful in eroding people's faith in magic than in making them enthusiastic about science, meaning that people now don't really believe in anything, with general apathy and despair as a result.

Interestingly for a conspiracy, their overall intentions are almost wholly benevolent. They want to better the lives of humanity by protecting them from the dangers of magic and all the other supernatural monsters out there, and the end result of their goals would be a textbook futurist utopia. While it might seem like it, not all the OWOD games get in on this. Ancient conspiracies in Hunter: The Reckoning and Demon: The Fallen are the enemy, both the imbued and the Fallen being relatively new to the present-day supernatural scene.

The conspiracies of Wraith: The Oblivion , meanwhile, are chiefly limited to wraithly society. Even so, there are sufficient conspiracies around that it doesn't help any attempts to fit them all into the same setting. The Seers of the Throne in the successor game Mage: The Awakening are devoted to ensuring that humanity remains ignorant of the Gnostic truths of the universe by keeping as much control of human culture as possible, and directing it away from any supernatural insights whenever possible and necessary, a goal they have been pursuing since the time of Alexander the Great.

The Seers are organized in the manner of an extremely convoluted bureaucracy, with none of the members knowing the entire structure of it, and with the potential for members to be appointed to offices which are ultimately meaningless, but which can be taken so seriously that they eventually 'evolve' a meaning, based on the importance attributed to them. The Guardians of the Veil and the Silver Ladder are also arguably ancient conspiracies, albeit with arguably more altruistic goals the former seeks to prevent humanity from finding truths they are not ready for, the latter seeks to help all of humanity to Awaken.

Also a Deconstruction , in that their potential power is limited by their secrecy as in, Right Hand vs. Left Hand and that they spend so much of their time fighting amongst themselves that their own schemes have a tendency to turn against them due to lack of supervision. As long as we're on the New World of Darkness , there are so many ancient conspiracies in Hunter: The Vigil that it's hard to keep them straight. In fact, the largest possible organization of hunters is commonly called a "conspiracy.

In another World of Darkness example, Geist: The Sin-Eaters has introduced tiers of organization for krewes, the "gangs" of the game. Tier 3 is the Conspiracy level, a national-to-global level death cult that's a strange mixture of religion, mystery cult, and political group. Subverted in that there's a reason they're Ancient Conspiracies — no Tier 3 krewes exist in the present day of the setting.

However, the core book does include sample Tier 3 krewes, such as an African tradition devoted to protecting the grave goods of the dead, a Hindu death cult that attacked the wicked, and a Soviet experiment in near-death experiences that eventually got taken over from within by the Sin-Eaters it generated.

The fan-made expansion Genius: The Transgression has, among others, Lemuria — an ancient conspiracy that ain't quite what it used to be. The chapter does state that it's not important who is the conspiracy- the point is that there is a conspiracy. Oh, where to begin in Warhammer 40,? The existence of Chaos and daemons is kept secret by the Inquisition from as many people as it can be, the Orks and Eldar were originally created to fight the Necrons, the C'Tan spliced the pariah gene into proto-humanity for later harvesting, God-Emperor only knows what's up with the Adeptus Mechanicus And then there's 'effing Tzeentch, a one-god ancient conspiracy who has his hand in everything.

Yes, even the plans that oppose each other. Well, he is the literal embodiment of conspiracy. So much so that, should his grand plans ever actually succeed, thus ending the conspiracy, he would immediately cease to exist. So it makes quite a lot of sense for him to have two opposed goals. Well, as much sense as Chaos ever has The Emperor is something like this as well.

He's as old as humanity itself, minus the lives of those first shamans. His companion Malcador the Sigillite gave the Imperium its big "I" symbol. Thing is, the symbol existed long before the Imperium, and it belonged to another group that Malcador was a part of. Malcador helped create the one-galaxy order , by the way. In the grim darkness of the far future, the ancient conspiracies are riddled with ancient conspiracies.

Having secretly used their magic to protect every Phoenix King who stepped into Asuryan's flames, making it look as though they were blessed by the gods. The Ascended from Feng Shui are a conspiracy of animals that have taken human form in defiance of the natural order. They control everything in the and contemporary junctures since using Time Travel to capture enough feng shui sites to cause a Critical Shift and evict the world's previous rulers, the Four Monarchs, to the Netherworld by pulling history out from under them. Because magic is the only thing that can revert these transformed animals back to their natural forms, one of their driving goals is to suppress magic, relying on the media and scientists to discredit those who try to prove that magic is real, and Pledged hit squads to kill known sorcerers and supernatural creatures.

It doesn't exactly help that most sorcerers and supernatural creatures tend toward the evil persuasion themselves. The Kolat from Legend of the Five Rings provide the obligatory shadowy conspiracy in that particular setting. Since the basic structure of Rokugan's society was set down by mystical beings from on high, the Kolat seeks to return control of the world to the hands of mortal men. Themselves specifically, lest they be mistaken for having purely noble intentions. Within the setting, doing away with the influence of the Kami would likely lead to an apocalyptic breakdown of the society.

Take your pick of them in the Dark Matter setting. Ancient conspiracy within ancient conspiracy facing off against other conspiracies. Aliens, humans, and odder things all conspiring for or against something or another. It's probably the main focus of the setting. The name says it all. This is also probably one of the best examples of this Trope in existence. What is it? Paranoia is a game set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian city where everything is controlled by The Computer. The Computer is extremely paranoid about ancient conspiracies and has the players hunt them down.

Some of the conspiracies actually exist. Okay, a lot of them do. Unfortunately, the players are always part of at least one ancient conspiracy , and have to hide this fact along with their mutant powers. ComStar is a pseudo-religious organization from BattleTech that derives a lot of power from its monopoly on the interstellar communications network. However, the organization has also been hoarding LosTech for the past few centuries, hoping that it will give them an edge after the rest of the Inner Sphere bombs itself back into the Stone Age.

Eberron : The Lords of Dust and the Chamber are conspiracies stretching back to the initial dragon-demon war, one of the earliest significant events after the creation of the world, both of whom mostly work through intermediaries since the greatest fiends are chained and a large number of dragons getting directly involved tends to cause inconvenient side effects such as mass destruction and the growth in power of the rakshasa rajah known as Tiamat. More recently, the Blood of Vol dating back to the destruction of House Vol and the end of the elf-dragon war and the Dreaming Dark originating with the severing of direct Material Plane to Dal Quor connections are at the very least ancient enough to predate the formation of Galifar by quite some time, although they're very modern compared to the Chamber and the Lords of Dust.

Hollow Earth Expedition. The Terra Arcanum is a secret organization created by the Atlanteans to prevent humanity from finding out about or entering the Hollow Earth. Over the centuries they have become a network of power brokers who control the Earth's leaders and institutions. Ronald Enroth gives us a means to reach the cultist with Christ and help the person discover the Truth.

As Christians we should not view those in the New Age only as gullible, deceived adherents of false doctrines which need to be refuted. It certainly is true that we must be defenders of the faith, but we must remember that those trapped in the New Age are people just like us. We, too, once were in need of the Truth and were separated from God. We know that this can be attained only through Jesus Christ; what we must understand and ever keep in mind is that these people are victims of propaganda.

The significant thing to remember is that few New Agers start off initially on an unholy quest to wreck and destroy the Christian faith. Moreover, when first approached by cult members. They succumb because they are temporarily vulnerable. Surely, we can sympathize with such men and women though we can not help them if we compromise our own principles and faith in the process. Not too long ago I read a remark made by a woman named Jeanne M ills. Her words touched me deeply and caused me to reflect on the plight o f those involved in the New Age. Angered by her public renunciation of the cult, a year after the Jonestown incident Jeanne Mills was assassinated by surviving but disgruntled and vicious members of the cult who still believed in their dead cult leader.

It is so important that we thoughtfully and prayerfully reflect on the most effective way to witness to New Agers. Though many are brainwashed and unable to discern reality, it is vital that we who are of Christ recognize the incredible extent to which those in the New Age are victimized by fraud and deception. Repeat and repeat till they are helpless before your repetitions.

Say it over and over until their brains can hold only what you are saying. Speak it soft, yell it and yell it, change to a whisper, always in repeats. Come back to it day on day, hour after hour. Till they say what you tell them to say. For example, A Course in Miracles stresses that the student is to judge his or her surroundings and all of reality as mere illusion-what the Hindus call maya.

Instructors of A Course in Miracles suggest that the student refuse to accept the reality that confronts them and instead relinquish all their beliefs about reality itself. Though they promise a bright new life and a radiant new aeon, the New Age cult groups deliver only a murky, dim world of partial truths and mega-lies.

Promising to help people become sane, they then proceed to assist the individual to enter an insane asylum of his or her own doing— an impoverished place o f mental and spiritual confinement where the mind and the senses cease to logically process information and distinguish facts from fantasies.

Th Danger of Cults The greatest danger of a cult is that the individual will lose the opportunity to come to know Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior. There is not one-no, not on e-N ew Age cult or religion which truly exalts Jesus Christ as Lord of all. Thus, a person who becomes involved in the New Age is not able to recognize the truth of Philippians Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

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They must realize who Jesus is, and call on Him in true repentance. While many in the New Age join a particular cult or religion to meet personal or social needs, the fact is that at least tentatively, these men, women, and youth do believe in what they are being taught in the New Age. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are told to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.

We are not to yoke ourself with unbelievers through spiritual fellowship. Many are also in real physical danger through involvement in the New Age cults. He was told that he was Jupiter, she Venus. Now the couple is dead. They eventually committed suicide. Almost every day my ministry receives letters from anxious people whose loved ones are caught up in the New Age trap. They say that after the joining a New Age group or becoming fascinated with New Age occult literature, the.

Often, they report, the individual eventually lost his or her job, and sometimes suffered debilitating health problems because of an unsafe dietary regimen prescribed. Mental depression and suicidal manias are also commonplace among those in the New Age. It is ironic that men and women who join New Age groups for what initially appears to be for the best of reasons-personal development, to save the whales, end world hunger, clean up the environment, ensure world peace, or help children-soon find that none of these goals can be obtained through what the New Age has to offer.

Instead, distressed, worn-out, and having sunk into a valley of despair, the person finds that years of his or her life has been wasted. But it is at that moment, and most often at that moment only, that the person begins to realize that there is an answer to his misery. That answer is found through Jesus Christ alone. Asked who this spirit was, Schucman revealingly exclaimed, 'It said it was Jesus. It is called A Course in Miracles. Already some , copies of this new bible have been sold and as many as four million people have studied the Course.

Less than 25 years ago, it was only a vortex of energy, whirling around. Today, it seems to almost be everywhere. Evidently, hundreds of thousands of people with a New Age bent of mind like what they see in the new Jesus. A number of New Age organizations have sprung up to prom oted Course in Miracles, and there are a number of big names involved. In Singh came into contact with A Course in Miracles.

Since then, he has published a number of books, videos, and other products praising the work. She also is frequently interviewed by television, radio, and New Age magazines on behalf of the Course. There are many others involved in A Course in Miracles. For example, pop-psychologist Gerald Jampolsky. He stalks the nation selling his books and enthusiastically touting the message of the Course.

Yet another big name in the New Age who is a believer in the Course is Kenneth Wapnick, who has taken this new bible and interpreted it for the masses in a number of best-. Wapnick claims to be a Catholic Christian. One is the Course's idea that God did not create the world. The second is the Course's teaching that Jesus was not the only Son o f God. A Course in Miracles claims to be a legitimate revelation of the true Jesus Christ, but the truth is, this is one of the most heretical courses and the most diabolically seducing that I have ever personally come across.

How did A Course o f Miracles come into the world? Its origins are undisputed. In the mids, a Jewish, atheist psychologist named Helen Schucman, a professor from a university in the state of New York, claimed that a spirit entity began to send her visions and speak to her mind. For almost ten years Helen Schucman dutifully took down the notes of the Voice inside her brain.

The results were published in , and by over 60, sets of books had been distributed—without the benefits of media advertising and mainly on the basis of recommendations by enthusiastic students of the course. Its influence is especially deeply felt in Unitarian churches and such New Age-oriented denominations as the Church of Religious Science, UnityTand others. It is also increasingly popular within the Catholic Church. In fact, it is now common as I travel around ,-VlT ,u-— America for faithful Catholics to come up to me and say that they left their local church after a priest or a nun began teaching A Course in Miracles, causing great distress and sadness and the eventual breaking away of the individual from the Catholic Church.

Volume I, the principal text, has pages. Volume II, a workbook for students, is pages in length. There is al I a Manual for Teachers 88 pages. Indeed, it comes across as a verjTKoly and loving text which promises peace and contentment for its students. Those who are unfamiliar with the Holy Bible and have rejected traditional Christian doctrines are almost sitting ducks for A Course in Miracles because of the seductive nature in which it presents its teachings.

The Course also claims that God does not condemn us for our evil or even hold us personally to blame for our bad BeeSsTTf also rejects the Biblical account of Adam and Eve being driven out of the garden. Judgment is depicted not as something that Gcd undertakes, but something we ourselves must determine. However, the Bible says that Jesus has been appointed as Judge of both the living and the dead Acts , and see II Corinthians A ll will be saved.

But the Bible says that the natural man Boes not receive the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him and he cannot understand them. The Course vs. The Course teaches that theworld we see is simply anjllusion, that material matter does not exist. God did not create it. The Course maintains that the Word or thought could not have been made flesh and that this is a false belief. Moreover, every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, the Bible teaches, and every spirit that does not acknowledge that Jesus Christ came in the flesh as God is the spirit of the Antichrist I John ; John This, it says, is a distortion.

Obviously this is in direct contradiction with John and with a score of other biblical passages. The Course tells its readers that their works and their holiness will result in their individual salvation. It cannot come from anywhere else. We are all part of God, says the Course.

To call ujxrn His name is but to call upon. To worship ourselves as God and to exalt ourselves in this manner 'v'Jl is simply to defame and blaspheme God. How deceptive is this teaching, for if we are not sinners then Jesus died on the cross in vain, and He was either a fool or a lunatic. However, the Bible testifies to the Truth-that if we claim to be without sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. But if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sin and cleanse us from our unrighteousness see I John ; Romans ; ; and Ephesians Naturally, since it is a New Age bible, the Course teaches that there is no death, that man is an eternal creature who will live on and on.

This is simply a Cj reiteration of the Hindu and New Age belief in 9, reincarnation and karma. Easily we see that this is a. Below is just a part of it. Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You in which there are no illusions and where none can ever enter. Our holiness is Yours. Let us not wonder at temptations, for the temptation of the Son of God is not Your will. And let us receive only what You have given and accept this into the mind You love. The Course itself encourages its readers to forget all that they have ever learned and to willingly accept its new conceptions of spirituality: Let us be still an instant and forget all things we have ever learned, all thoughts we have and every preconception we hold of what things mean and what their purpose is.

Let us remember not our own ideas of what the world is for. We do not know. Let every image held by everyone be loosened from our minds. Be innocent of judgment, unaware of any thoughts of evil or of good that ever crossed your mind of anyone. You can accept whatever parts you wanTtSTTf you have problems with parts, that is okay.

We can only assume that either they are greatly deceived as Christians or that these disciples of the Course are"simply deceiving themselves in their insistence that they are Christians. Certainly those who would promote and teach A Course in Miracles are not born-again believers as Jesus taught in John The fact tfiat this new bible is 1, pages long is ample evidence that spirit entities and intellectuals such as Dr. Ultimately, A Course in Miracles is simply a more refined and sophisticated type o f Christian Science.

It is a mistake that must be corrected at its source. Healing is of the mind, since only the mind can make mistakes. Another similarity between the Course and other New Age teachings is the emphasis by the Course on experience rather than salvation by grace as a free gift from God. Skutch-Wilson herself gives an indication of this when she states: Christianity is the dominant religion in the Western world and history but some of its beliefs are not very Christian. The Course tries to help us understand spiritual teachings without the distortions. Some Biblical scholars, in fact, have told us that the material seems to be very close to what the early Christians probably believed.

In January, , J. This is the testimony of the man who is the founder of The Academy for Future Science. It is his claim that in a spirit-being named Enoch enveloped him with a great wall of light, and both he and Enoch sped upwards into the heavens. Finally, Hurtag says, he was taken directly into the throne room, near the pyramid of the living light, before a great Throne.

According to Hurtag, the Ancient of Days has glowing white hair and a face of overwhelming love and joy.

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For example, when Hurtag mentions the externalization o f the Hierarchy, this is simply a throwback to the teachings of Alice Bailey of the Lucis Trust, who published a prominent New Age occuitic book, The Extemalization o f the Hierarchy, in the s. Hurtag also borrows freely and. They are a prophetic message showing how the seven seals of the book of Revelation of the Bible will come to be broken, or unsealed, and how the last days will transpire.

He most certainly is not credited by this cult group as the creator of the universe as depicted truthfully in the Holy Bible.

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The masters who are the Brotherhood of Light will transmit into the mind of the person through the Third Eye region o f his forehead and into his brain direct knowledge, or gnosis. Thus, the person will.

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They are transformed into beings of pure light and thereafter live an existence of pure bliss. Meanwhile, here on earth the dark forces no doubt including biblical Christians will be overcome.

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In Hindu mythology, the Lord Agni was the fire god, represented by lightning. This is the Third Eye region. It is thought to be the chakra Hindu or energy point in the body which, when developed, enables the individual to develop god-like abilities, powers, and knowledge. Programmed by In The Keys o f Enoch, we find similar occultic construction.

Those light messages are said to come in a numerical electrical sequence. In effect, The Academy for Future Science and its false bible, The Keys o f Enoch, instruct initiates to communicate with demonic powers through a light-link. Here is the procedure o f how this is supposed to be done: The Eye of Horus is the eye of the lords, serving the Living Father of Creation which is placed upon the Third Eye region of the elect.

Therefore, this alignment of the divine eyes permits you to acquire wisdom and to work within the complete network of the divine hierarchy. Contrasts with the real Bible are many. For example, The Keys o f Enoch teaches that the Antichrist is not a man, though Revelation 13 clearly shows him to be a man.

It seems that another organization which Kieninger established, the Stelle Group, dismissed Kieninger from its leadership claiming that he had bilked the organization out of a significant sum of money and that he was also guilty of sexual misconduct. Specifically, it was charged that Kieninger had failed to come through on his grandiose scheme for a utopia on earth. Philadelphia, according to Kieninger, is slated by the Brotherhood to be a heavenly city on earth.

None the worse off, Kieninger in decided to emphasize Adelphi, which, after extended litigation and legal maneuverings, appears now to be totally a separate entity under the direction of Kieninger and associates. Adelphi teaches that the cosmic universe consists of seven planes of existence made up of matter and energy.

These range from the physical plane to the plane of pure spirit and love, which is the seventh and ultimate plane. Another teaching is the spiritual evolution of man. The central and most desirable goal of those who Ibelieve in Adelphi is to be initiated into the Brotherhood. In fact, Adelphi seems to claim to be the New Lemuria, an embryo of a great society soon to take hold and. As part of this teaching on Lemurian and Atlantis history, initiates are also instructed on the spiritual role and meaning of the Egyptian religions, and the building of the Great Pyramid.

According to founder Richard Kieninger, everyone on earth is insane to a certain degree because of the sickness of society and its failure to recognize the true spiritual laws of the universe. The center provides a wide range of New. Age and holistic health learning experiences and studies. How does the Aletheia program claim to achieve such astounding goals? In fact, Aletheia offers multiple ways to achieve the oriental transformation so familiar to New Age believers. On May June 7, they personally conducted a tour to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, the site where many claim that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, appeared to children.

Francis, patron of nature in the Catholic Church, first formulated his now popular religious teachings advocating the worship of nature. While emphasizing Hinduism, the organization unabashedly promotes Pope John Paul II, the worldwide head of the Catholic Church, and declares that all religions basically are the same regardless of their outward form, dogmas, or rituals. Donald Walters. Swami, or Sri, Kriyananda is the founder and spiritual director of Ananda. Nehru quickly approved the project; however, Walters could not get it off the ground because of a lack of funding and, by his own admission, a lack of spiritual maturity on his part.

The Oneness of all Religions In a letter to seekers who request information about the Ananda community, Kriyananda explains the purpose of Ananda. First, he announces that spirituality in its purest form was brought to the world by Krishna and Buddha as well as by Jesus and Moses. In fact, he writes, all world teachers serve the same God. For, clearly, all of them are devoted to principles that are universal.

Every one of them has a goal of uplifting human consciousness, and of expanding human sympathies. All of them teach us to love our fellow man, to honor truth, and to be humble. At their essence, Ananda teaches, all religions are the same; therefore, the group has decided to immortalize in architecture this universalist teaching. Therefore, Ananda and its founder Kriyananda also promise the individual manifold rewards if he or she actively participates in Ananda projects. At their facilities in California, Ananda offers a number of programs. This program is not only offered in residence, but is available through the use of written study guides and tapes designed for home study as well.

The spiritual tradition of Ananda comes from the life and teachings of the Hindu guru Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography o f a Yogi. Its literature claims that miracles seem to happen spontaneously at the Ananda community and that those who practice Raji Yogi, a form of spiritual as well as physical Yoga, will awaken their human consciousness and attune it to the divine. The Ananda group also operates a press, Crystal Clarity Publishers. Rudolf Steiner was the author of over books and lectures.

A Western occultist, he studied and borrowed freely from dozens of other occultic systems, especially Theosophy, to create this strange new system which he dubbed Anthroposophy. This is sort of a smorgasbord of occultism. Today, Anthroposophy has deep roots in American and German society, as well as in other countries around the world. Holder of a doctorate degree, he was fascinated by the ideas of such mystical thinkers as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German writer who single-mindedly pushed the occultist, pantheist ideas of his day. Moreover, the force is in everything and is everything.

Steiner eventually concluded that men could become more fully an expression of this creative force by uniting with the spirit world. Eventually, he became Secretary of Theosophy for all o f Germany. Today, the Goetheanum, rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original facility, serves as the world headquarters of Anthroposophy and also houses its School for Spiritual Science. Steiner rejected the biblical account in Genesis of the fall. It is the goal of Anthroposophy to bring man to a knowledge of the spiritual world and return him to the state of heavenly bliss he enjoyed before the fall.

His teachings on geography and geology are very similar to those of Maria Montessori, the Italian educator whose work is being carried on in thousands of Montessori schools in America today. According to Steiner, the planet has undergone four embodiments-as saturn warmth , the sun air , the moon water , and the earth mineral. The earth is now supposed to be in its fourth reincarnation. Each of these cycles is guarded over by spiritual beings. It is because of this conflict in the spirit world, he said, that man fell and lost his perfect nature.

The conflict which Steiner referred to is said to be a war between spirits who lived on the sun, whom he called the Sun Beings, and those who lived on the moon, the Moon Beings. The teachings of Anthroposophy are therefore in line with those of the Illuminati in general, as well as the many. Some Anthroposophy groups even refer to themselves as Christian occult societies. It has been reported also that one of C. To Anthroposophy the gospels are esoterically understood and are for the initiated only. Meanwhile, Jesus Christ is claimed to be a supreme example of human perfection which men should emulate.

The Coming of the Sun God and the Two Jesuses Instead of the second coming of Christ, Anthroposophy teaches the coming of the great sun spirit, also known as the. Sun Being or as the Hidden One. One of these Jesuses was said to be a human being whose body was prepared by the Spiritual Beings, including none other than the Buddha. This teaching of the two Jesuses is most complicated.

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Then, at the age of 12, the two Jesuses were merged as one spirit. This occurred at the moment the Christ Essence came and settled within the Jesus of Nazareth. Anthroposophy also has an occult explanation for the sightings of Jesus after His resurrection. Mary Magdalene, his disciples, and all the others who saw Jesus actually merely saw Him clairvoyantlyy with the use of their Third Eye. It is by meditation, Anthroposophy teaches, that we empower ourselves and gain entrance into the spiritual world beyond our present material limitations.

The Waldorf Schools Anthroposophy began its growing system of Waldorf Schools after receiving a huge grant o f money from the owner of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany. Waldorf Schools are becoming increasingly popular in Germany, Holland, and the United States, and they have also been founded in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and in other countries.

The Waldorf system of education attempts to keep children away from the disrupting influences o f modern society and particularly what Anthroposophy feels are unspiritual influences. For example, relationships with those who believe in fundamentalist Christianity. Eurythmy is based on the Hindu concept that both God and man are involved in a form of cosmic dance and that energy is ever in motion. In eurythmic dancing, children and adults use sweeping and stately movements of the arms. The trunk sways in a gradual motion; the field is ascetic. Grown women who practice this dance do so with their dresses on, which hides the shape of their bodies; their hair is typically parted in the middle and is often gathered in a bun at the back.

Most Anthroposophists have at one time or another taken up eurythmy. There has even been a rock music group called the Eurythmics, the leader of which was reputed to be a witch. Children in the Waldorf system are taught a special form of Steiner speech therapy. Painting and colors are also quite important and the use of the rainbow as a symbol is greatly encouraged. Instead, great care is taken to convince parents that the teaching methods of the Waldorf Schools are imaginative and promote creativity in children.

In later years principles such as karma and rein-carnation are taught in a mild form. However, in some schools there might well be blunt instruction in these topics. The curriculum in most Waldorf Schools does emphasize the importance of such topics as the Norse myths; the ancient pagan gods; the history of India, Babylon, Sumeria, Persia, and Egypt; and harmony and music in ancient Greece. There is also an emphasis on nature as well as on fairy tales, fables, and legends. The Old Testament is even taught, the children often being led to believe that the sagas and stories of the Old Testament are basically yet more examples o f fairy tales, nature stories, fables, and legends.

One is the serpent. The teaching is that the Goetheanum serpent is one that has its tail within its mouth, being formed as a circle. This is said to be an indication of the individual being part of the macrocosmic spirit, the all. Another popular symbol among some is the dome. The dome has its origins as an occult symbol in the worship of the ancient goddess, a concept which Steiner no doubt found appealing. Steiner was an accomplished theosophist and occultist. Then he bccame a teacher of Rosicrucianism. Thus, he undoubtedly knew that the dome represented the breast of the goddess, that it is a sign o f fertility.


He knew, too, that in occultism the dome symbolizes the man who has achieved perfection and has become both masculine and feminine, integrating the two poles, though the feminine strain reigns dominant. The Church of Anthroposophy Though most members of Anthroposophy meet in individual study groups, conducted in one of many centers, or at the major center in Dornach, Switzerland, there is also a formal religion which is called the Christian Community. According to Geoffry Ahem, who conducted an insightful study of Anthroposophy and subsequently authored the book Sun at Midnight, there may be as many as priests in the Christian Community of Anthroposophy.

There are a number of sacraments in the church including baptism, confirmation, marriage, counseling, anointing, and ordination. These sacraments were given to Steiner by his spirit guides. This seems to be an ideal form of New Age religion, and its extension into education through the Waldorf Schools will also likely prove a continuing success. As the environmental movement grows stronger, earth worship increases in popularity, and the goddess religion advances because o f its connection with Gaia, the Greek earth goddess, and other pagan goddesses of nature, interest in Anthroposophy will also grow in tandem.

They believe this to be in tune with ecological awareness. For example, they may use powdered quartz or cow manure as well as dandelion, nettle velarion, oak bark, and other natural substances to prepare the soil. Moreover, it is believed that the astral aura of cows nourishes the gnomes. Just as for the Hindus, the cows are greatly venerated by Anthroposophists, for it is felt that cows provide the important spiritual functions of bringing cosmic forces down to earth.

Birds are also greatly respected because it is taught that they carry earthly substance out into the cosmos. All in all, it can be seen that Anthroposophy provides an eclectic and thoroughly absurd system of occultism; yet,. Such initiates will become part of The New Group of World Servers, an unnamed and unidentified but powerful group of men and women in all walks of life who are said to be masters of occultism destined to lead the world into a New Age kingdom. Headquartered in New York, but also with centers in Europe, the stated goal of the Arcane School is to train men and women so that they may take their next step upon the path o f evolution.

Alice Bailey taught that the Arcane School would enable students to recognize the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Christians of course, would recognize this spiritual hierarchy as the demonic entities under the control of Satan. Another primary teaching of the Arcane School is that the souls of men are one, again a cardinal New Age belief. While the Arcane School claims to be non-sectarian and non-political, in fact, the school certainly does have a religious and political basis.

Each student is a believer in occultism, although there is significant leeway and freedom as to the exact occult philosophies that may be held by the individual. However, no formal pledges or vows to obey are extracted from any student during the training. They are expected to voluntarily carry out the requirements, and most. In other words, the Arcane School teaches universality and harshly rejects any religious teaching of exclusiveness.

For example, to teach that Jesus Christ is Lord of all would be a heresy not tolerated by the Arcane School and its teachers. Alice Bailey once stated: In the Arcane School, we make a definite effort to counter the great heresy of separateness. Interestingly, Alice Bailey often attempted to invoke scripture to prove. It is my well-founded contention that Satan is indeed the lord of the Arcane School. He is definitely one of the fathers of the New Age and has especially been influential in the area of New Age holistic medicine. Born in on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Cayce never had a formal education, dropping out of school in the sixth grade.

At first, he took an interest in Christianity, even as a young boy reading the Bible and enjoying going to church regularly. It is claimed that he made it a habit to read. Yet, though he claimed to be a Christian, Edgar Cayce was one of the most occultic leaders the New Age has ever known. Today, the Association for Research and Enlightenment A. As many as 15 million persons worldwide have been influenced through his many writings. Some medical doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, and other professional health workers are associated with the A.

Most are listed in the A. According to A. Their children are schooled in A. Search For God programs. Across the nation, hundreds of seminars and lectures are held in almost every major city on a variety of A. Tens of thousands of seekers and researchers continually access the thousands o f Edgar Cayce readings that are now contained in the A. There they use an index for over 10, subjects. Cayce and Occultism Edgar Cayce developed occultic tendencies quite early in life. At the age of 13, an angelic being, Cayce claimed, appeared to him and asked him what request he would make of her.

Young Edgar replied that he would like to help others. At that point the apparition dissolved. His father had a hypnotic control over snakes; his grandfather was a dowser and water witcher. At his home, magical stunts such as making tables move, causing brooms to dance, and the use of telepathic powers was commonplace. One time, famed evangelist Dwight L. Moody passed through town. When Edgar shared with him the fact that he was receiving visions and hearing voices from a supernatural world, the great evangelist suggested to him that evil spirits could be responsible.

Lane was a mail-order naturopath who also practiced hypnosis. In fact, the healing took place immediately while Cayce was still under the hypnotic spell. Awakening, he found he was able to speak normally. This convinced the young man that mind powers and trance-like states were very significant to healing processes. Cayee the Occultic Healer Following this self-healing episode, Cayce then began a vocation of self-hypnotic trances during which he physically evaluated the health complaints of patients who had come.

Cayce then would dredge up some kind of supernatural knowledge from a spiritual realm and make the diagnosis as well as suggested treatment. Cayce professed astonishment. How could the good he was trying to accomplish be so misunderstood? After this arrest, Edgar Cayce was more careful about his medical practice or should we call it malpracticel. He began to turn his attention to another area—that of prophetic dreams.