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Vedast , The Alchemist of Lost Souls , and the fifth title for Website: www. Nice to have you here, Grace. This will be my first traditionally published series. The commonality in all my work including Southern Sass and Killer Cravings is that I write novels with strong female leads with a dash of humor. Marygene discovers that her sleuthing grit is her saving grace. Southern Sass and Killer Cravings is releasing on May 28, Very nice. They sound wonderful. Please describe your goals as a writer. My goal as a writer is to give readers a chance to escape, relax, and be entertained with a good chuckle or two.

I also hope to continue the Marygene Brown Series. I love Marygene and the Peach Cove gang! Peach Cove sounds like the southern version of my upstate New York Cobble Cove where my series takes place. What type of reader are you hoping to attract, and who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books? Anyone who enjoys Southern culinary mysteries with a twist of supernatural will enjoy my cozy series. I suppose the transition from being an indie author to a traditionally published author.

That meant I needed an agent. Securing the right one proved to be daunting process, but so worth the effort. I had to learn to become comfortable with rejection not an easy task until I finally signed with the right fit. I belong to Sisters in Crime and the Guppy Chapter. I love the writing. The toughest challenge by far is marketing. Finding the correct advertisement channels can be a challenge with so many amazing titles on the market. I love the charming settings, the wonderous islands, the picturesque towns with hosts of shops and diners you wish you could visit. The warm characters that by the end of the story they feel like our closest friends, or we wish they could be.

And it thrills me to be able to write and join the delightful genre with the Marygene Brown Mystery Series. I jolted upright, suddenly aware my mama meant business. Wait a minute, Mama was dead. I rubbed my face with my hand, feeling the grittiness of dried mascara. In her mind, I had always been guilty of something. She was sitting in the beige Queen Anne chair across the room, wearing her yellow dress with white daisies and matching yellow belt.

Her brown hair was curled and styled closed to her head like she always wore it. She was efficient. Close the diner? Am I really seeing this? Neither you nor your sister needs to go to work tomorrow. I know I share a few habits with Alicia, who is a librarian like me. Best wishes on your new release and series. For generations, the women of the Brown family on Peach Cove Island have been known for their Southern sass and sweet homemade desserts at their beloved Peach Diner.

But all is not peachy back home. Marygene has barely tied on an apron when a diner regular drops dead at the counter. Now, to save her sister and the diner, Marygene must find the real killer. Kate Young writes humorous southern mystery novels. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and the Guppy Chapter. Kate lives in a small town in Georgia with her husband, three kids, and Shih Tzu. It is the first in the Laura Bishop Mystery Series. The Laura Bishop Mystery Series is about a woman who decides midlife to change careers and become a professional home stager.

She realizes that the work could be murder, but she never expected it to include a body. When a body falls from a laundry chute and lands at her feet, flowered wallpaper becomes the least of her home staging duties. I am in the middle of writing the next book in the series, which will be coming out next year about the same time. My goal was to learn how to write a mystery, improve my writing, find an agent and a publisher, and successfully promote my book.

To reach these goals, I plan to stay connected to the writing community through writing organizations such as Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.

Also I plan to take additional courses to improve my writing and plotting skills. Nice goals. My book is a cozy mystery. So I hope to attract readers who are looking to be entertained, not horrified. I hope to attract readers who like the concept of home staging and hope to learn something about it through my books, and to make readers laugh occasionally. At least I hope they will. I enjoy writing cozies for that same reason, although my latest book, Sea Scope , is a psychological mystery. The most important thing is to learn the craft of writing. Agents and publishers expect books submitted to them to be well edited.

They will not take a book and make it better. If you need to strengthen your plotting skills, study books on plotting. Libraries have lots of books on writing fiction. When I decided to write a mystery, I took an online course through my community college on how to write a mystery. Best thing I ever did. I came out of it with the complete outline for my book.

Then apply all the things you learn to your manuscript. During my ten years of working toward publication, every time I learned something new, I applied it to my manuscript, creating a new version. By the time I had a publishing contract, I had written 38 versions of my book. I was too stubborn to give up. What a great story. All the authors I speak with agree that being stubborn is an important quality for an author to possess. Thanks also for recommending library books. As I mentioned above, I had to learn about writing fiction and improve my drafts with each new thing I learned.

I wasted five years with an agent who kept me dangling. I was afraid to leave her and have no agent. Worse thing I could have done. Once I developed enough courage to nicely sever my contract with her, I found another agent who was able to sell my book in two months. I am also a member of Mystery Writers of America. My favorite activity is reading, and I belong to two book clubs. Reading is important for authors. I wish I had more time to do it because I have so many books in my to-be-read pile.

One of the things that I like most is being a member of the mystery writing community. I particularly enjoy helping to promote other authors. I conduct interviews with mystery writers about twice a month for the Writers Who Kill group blog www. The interviews give the authors an opportunity to talk about their books and for readers to discover them.

The thing I like least is sitting in a chair for long periods of time. And it truly is a juggling act. I feel the same way about the things you mentioned. My Apple watch helps with that. It tells me when to stand for 5 minutes. I like telling a story that will hopefully entertain readers and not horrify them—stories lacking in violence, sex, and bad language. I would be uncomfortable including violent scenes, and I would be embarrassed writing about sex. We certainly have a lot in common, Grace. There, behind the desk and holding the purple-covered Louiston High School yearbook in his hands, stood Warren Hendricks.

Webster said sternly. I sighed and positioned myself in what I assumed might be a karate stance. Webster pointed to a brown leather sofa.

Book Review: Becky Wooley's Non-Prophet Murders

Warren, all six feet of him, plopped onto the sofa, with tiny Mrs. Webster looming over him. Though, getting through it was a bit hard. Webster voice was steely cold. But she gives into the plea by elderly Mrs. Webster to help clear her grandson, who is accused of murder. As reluctant as she is to get involved, Laura rises to the occasion. Thanks so much for the interview, Grace, and best wishes on your series and future books. Worse still, the meddling of a horoscope-guided friend, a determined grandmother, and the local funeral director could get them all killed before Laura props the first pillow.

Grace Topping is a recovering technical writer and IT project manager, accustomed to writing lean, boring documents. Let loose to write fiction, she is now creating murder mysteries and killing off characters who remind her of some of the people she dealt with during her career.

Jobe: A Story of Grace by Brad Duncan | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Fictional revenge is sweet. The first book in the series, Staging is Murder, is about a woman starting a new career midlife as a home stager. She lives with her husband in Northern Virginia. This book, quite different from my cozies and yet still containing a couple of cozy elements such as cats and an inn, also has other unique features. Sarah Collins needs an escape. After Sarah returns to the inn, she faces long-buried memories, text messages and strange clues. Something is not right in Sea Scope.

As the past and present collide, she must face truths about her family, and what happened that summer day by the lighthouse. But will she survive to tell the tale? It still looks lovely. I can see the lighthouse in the distance. We followed the one-lane road to Sea Scope next to dripping Spanish moss. The tires felt like they were rolling in mud as I accelerated so the car could crest the hill up to the inn.

I wondered who the green Camry belonged to. Carolyn looked ahead at the house. It was not as large as I remembered, but things always appear bigger to children. I could tell, even in the dark, that it needed upkeep. It looks like the houses I saw when I visited Cape May years ago. The view of the water and lighthouse must be amazing in good weather. It looks a little unkempt to me and not as large as I remember, but it still exudes that Southern charm of which my aunt and father were always so proud. It looks like one of the other guests is already here.

Best Christian Movie - Can Money Buy Happiness? - "Fortune and Misfortune" (English Dubbed)

No need to drag along our suitcases. The overnight bags we used in the motel should be fine. We can get the other stuff tomorrow. Carolyn nodded, throwing open the passenger door to the onslaught of rain. I ran up the porch steps behind her. When I got there, I tapped the anchor doorknocker even though I saw there was now also a bell. Debbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island. Debbie has also written a romantic comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace , a paranormal romance, Cloudy Rainbow , and the standalone mystery, Reason to Die.

Nice to have you here, Connie. Wait, wait —did I just say that? Although I know plenty of wonderful and successful self-published authors, my goal was always to be traditionally published. Autumn has come and gone on the Scottish Isle of Glenroth, and the locals gather for the Tartan Ball, the annual end-of-leaf-season gala. Spirits are high. A recently published novel about island history has attracted hordes of tourists to the small Hebridean resort community. On the guest list is American antiques dealer Kate Hamilton.

Kate has hardly unpacked when a body turns up, murdered in a way eerily reminiscent of an infamous murder described in the book. The second in the series, A Legacy of Murder , will be published in October of On a practical level, I hope to continue writing the Kate Hamilton Mystery series. With the third book underway, two more are rough outlined and another two are roaming around in the back of my brain.

On an aspirational level, my goal is to continue growing as a writer—honing my skills, adding depth and complexity to my characters and plot, writing beautiful prose. I would love to have my books described as literary mysteries. I imagine my readers will be a lot like me—those who enjoy a good mystery and love to be surprised at the end. I hope to attract readers who like vivid characters with gifts and flaws, regrets and dreams. My readers will include fellow Anglophiles and those who like stories set in another country or culture. They will love history and reading about how the present is shaped by the past.

I hope they will enjoy learning a bit about the world of fine art and antiques. My best advice is to read, read, read. Notice how writers use language, setting, dialogue, and characterization. Pay attention to story structure. Take time to learn craft. Connect with other writers. Swap manuscripts. Help others succeed. I struggled with impatience, an unwillingness to stop writing and start learning.

It took me years to produce a manuscript I felt confident putting out there. Afterwards, a fellow attendee asked me to join a critique group. Three of the four are now published with the fourth not far behind. We exchange manuscripts online and try to meet yearly at the Crime Bake conference near Boston. Great question! Life is more than writing.


My interests include reading of course , knitting, my family, our sweet dog, Millie, spending time at our lake cottage in northern Wisconsin, foreign travel with a hint of adventure, and hiking. I belong to a book club. What I like most about writing is re-writing—revising and polishing a manuscript.

Once I have words on a page, I relax and begin to enjoy life. What I like least is putting words on a blank page. This past year—getting my first novel launched and finishing the second—has been brutal on my body. One of my goals going forward is adding regular exercise to my daily routine. I call my books traditional mysteries with cozy characteristics. But years ago my thesis advisor recommended picking a topic I loved enough to spend many months with. That applies to writing. Reading a crime novel takes days. Writing one takes months if not years.

I choose not to describe violence in graphic detail. I love children and pets too much to describe their harm. I feel the same about my books. Even when I write my standalones, apart from my Cobble Cove mystery series, I tend to inject cozy elements. The setting is the Tartan Ball.

Hugh Guthrie, a bachelor who cares for his disabled mother, Margaret—the closest thing the Isle of Glenroth has to nobility:. Elenor held up both hands. Every head in the room swiveled toward Margaret Guthrie, sitting like a ramrod in her wheelchair. Wherever you choose to live—now that Hugh will no longer be able to care for you himself—please remember that we will do everything in our power to make the days you have left happy ones. Guthrie pulled a handkerchief from his inside pocket and mopped his face. Margaret Guthrie reared up like a cobra in her wheelchair.

I am certain my son has agreed to no such plans. Hugh Guthrie stood motionless, a pile of metal shavings between two powerful magnets. He looked at Elenor, then at his mother, and seemed to quail. The wheelchair squeaked through the stone archways toward the exit. Elenor still held the microphone, her face frozen in a smile. A Dream of Death involves a contemporary murder and a historical murder from The two stories are interwoven through the use of excerpts from a novel written in the form of a diary.

A list of book club questions will appear shortly on my website see below. Sign up for my newsletter. Watch for my bi-monthly blog. Follow me on social media:. Thanks so much, Connie, and best wishes on your release and upcoming books in the series. On a remote Scottish island, American antiques dealer Kate Hamilton wrestles with her own past while sleuthing a brutal killing, staged to recreate a two-hundred-year-old unsolved murder.

A recently published novel about island history has brought hordes of tourists to the small Hebridean resort community. Like her main character, Connie Berry was raised by charmingly eccentric antique collectors who opened a shop, not because they wanted to sell antiques but because they needed a plausible excuse to keep buying them.

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Connie adores history, off-season foreign travel, cute animals, and all things British. She lives in Ohio with her husband and adorable Shih Tzu, Millie. Author Links: Website — www. Facebook Author Facebook.

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Twitter conniecberry. April 25 — Ascroft, eh? You are quite prolific. Those sound great. I love the title of the Christmas one. What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published? Glad it worked out for you. Do you belong to any writing groups? Which ones? Come meet the talented crafters, business people, and authors who live just down the street," officials said.

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