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It's also for people who are interested in finding out more about Path of Love www. Come and join our monthly Path Retreats Burn! Open to anyone who has attended POL! A time to explore, connect and release!!

What graduates say about Walking the Path:

There is a space with your name on it!! Look for to seeing you soon! Walking the Path is the groundbreaking new process for everyone who has done the Path of Love 7-Day Retreat. Virtually every participant who goes through the Path of Love has deeply meaningful breakthroughs, profound realisations about themselves and experiences of feeling free from their past. Even though participants have an inspired vision of how they want to live their lives, it can be challenging to integrate those deep openings into their relationships, families and working lives.

This is why Walking the Path is the next step Skip to content. Path of Love - London. London, United Kingdom.

Love is the goal, walking the path towards it is the act of loving – Luqman Nieto

Organized by Simon M. Join this group.

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The secret is in the love. You are the love, not another. Everything is in the love, and everyone needs the love.

The Journey Begins Here - Introduction to the Path of Love

If you find this, what more could you want? When you know, what could you want?

Path Retreats

When you have the knowledge of the love, you feel peace in your heart. When two people or two nations are in a conflict there is a sense of anger, distrust, and hate but when we are willing to open our hearts to see the similarities and the needs of the other side, we can create compassion for one another, the gap can collapse and a bridge can be built. The term Sufism has different meanings. According to some the word is derived from safa, which means purity. Some say it comes from the root as-suf, which means wool because the Sufi is like wool between the hands of God.

The wool has no will of its own. It is soft and yielding and it moves in whichever way The Fashioner is shaping it. This meaning also refers to the woolen garment worn by the early ascetics. The focus of this path is the purification of the heart, and the walking of oneself from the station they are to annihilation in God, fana fi La. This process enable the spiritual traveler, murid, to wash the heart from human characteristic such as greed, anger, jealousy, fear, worry, and hate, and ornament the heart with the qualities of God-the Merciful, Compassionate, Holy, Giver of Peace and others.

Sufism is a path with an open invitation to all people and all religions. It gives the follower tools to wash away the feelings of fear, loneliness and separation, and walk from station to station all the way to the unity, where you will have a lasting experience of deep love, peace, mercy, compassion, freedom, safety and great beauty. We have a sense that we need to work hard to achieve all that we want in life. The goal in the Sufi way is to liberate one from this prison and let all people live in peace, love, freedom and harmony.

In the most simple and practical way, we all have experienced pain and suffering in our lives.