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They included a number titled "Mr. W," which humorously imagined what would have to happen to place Mr. Worf in charge of the Enterprise, on their album oh okay LA. In they recorded a song titled "Spot the Cat" using the lyrics from Data's poem for their album Dave Lennon. The quote by Worf used in both tracks is " There is the theory of the moebius. A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop.

Rock band Phish wrote and performed a song called "Spock's Brain," although the song has never made it onto any of the band's albums. The song was inspired by the episode and its title was chosen over several other options by a live audience. American pop singer P!

The song was written by P! In this song she also mentioned a parallel universe. The Finnish funk band Q-Continuum's name pays homage to the world of the Q , by the same name. Some of the band's songs also make reference to the Q, for example, "Q Is Comin". They have released two albums as well as some singles and EPs. The music video for German band Rammstein 's song "Amerika" features the bandmembers as astronauts on the Moon, playing with a Data East version Star Trek Pinball game.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers song " Californication " mentions that " Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement. In the song "Lemon" by N. Warp speed , Doctor Spock couldn't chase. The erroneous reference to Spock as "Doctor" is likely due to conflating the Star Trek character with famed pediatrician Dr.

Benjamin Spock. At the time of this song's recording, Rihanna had recently been involved in the Star Trek franchise by recording the song "Sledgehammer" for the Star Trek Beyond soundtrack. Forged in Philadelphia in , this 9-piece troupe is comprised of professional musicians, cabaret performers, dancers and filmmakers. Having released their debut, self-titled album in , The Roddenberries are currently working on their second album, having created bold new parodies and original compositions.

The song is comprised of a list of celebrities who, like Sandler, are Jewish, with the intent of comforting those who felt isolated during Chanukah by proving that there were others in the world who were also Jewish. What to do a spaceship crew came Crashing through my house Captain Kirk the stupid jerk Punched me in the mouth. Why'd you pick this place? You came from outer space If you're sleeping on my couch then You'll do what I say Go!

Set tbe phasers on kill Go! Set the phasers on kill Go! Set the phasers on kill Cause I don't love her anymore Looking through my records all day On the phone all night Try to fix the beam without The help of Miller Light I can't get no sleep You better earn your keep Take the safety off and go Disintegrate that creep Go! Set the phasers on kill Cause I don't love her anymore.

amok run - der Amoklauf

McCoy", and "Mr. Spock's Brain". The name of this progressive rock band was inspired by the original series episode " Mirror, Mirror ". Switch on the box, Mr. Spock is on the table, Dr. McCoy is unable to connect his brain On their website, rock band The Sisters of Mercy write: " Our smoke and lights work together to create moving clouds and shafts of colour.

Imagine them as a life-form from the first series of Star Trek.

Branko Milanović – “We Had Everything Before Us, We Had Nothing Before Us” | Brave New Europe

Then imagine having a symbiotic relationship with that life-form. If you don't know what symbiosis is, just imagine having sex. If you don't know what a relationship is, just imagine having sex. If you don't know what sex is, you probably watch too much Star Trek. The lyrics are about the singer suddenly finding himself aboard the Starship Enterprise and ends with the line "Where's Spock? The opening bars consist of their parody of TOS theme music.

killing spree

The song was the first to top the newly created UK Indy charts in SpizzEnergi was notorious for changing its name frequently at least once a year so live versions by the band were often performed under different names. It must be unaware of the damage it's creating They are reaching out to the seven seas It's not with man they're communicating We're going back in time, back in history.

Woodfull later said that the show was "probably a bit too weird for [its] slot", and that, when the station suggested they take two of the characters and launch a spin-off called Tea and Toast with Tony and Ted, Mathews opted out. While the band and the series didn't last and left little mark otherwise, it did represent an early outing of the character Father Ted who would be later played on TV by comedian Dermot Morgan and given his own series, which proved popular in Ireland and the UK.

Soundbites of Montgomery Scott are also included. The bit is played by certain radio morning shows nationwide. As Kirk and Spock continue complete with screams provided by the "evil" Kirk duplicate from " The Enemy Within " , Scotty interrupts and becomes involved in the proceedings. The bit ends with Kirk depicting in his log that he's seen a part of himself that no man should ever see, after which he tells Spock " Thank you Tenacious D has covered the " Theme from Star Trek ", with the lyrics included. Toxic Coma is a minor side project of Velvet Acid Christ which itself has also referenced Star Trek A promotional image seemingly supposed to depict the band is derived from a group shot of the original series crew on the Enterprise bridge, though with the faces replaced by new ones, ranging from badly pasted on human faces to more grotesque creatures.

None of their songs directly reference Star Trek , although there has been discussion among their fanbase over the years regarding whether or not some of their songs address Trek -inspired themes, in part because the band's biggest hit, "China In Your Hand", is admitted by the band to be a reference to Frankenstein, and another song by the band samples from the theme of the television series Dallas. Lead-ins included Kirk saying, " Bones, you know who that is? T'Pau " and T'Pau saying, " What thee are about to see comes down from the time of the beginning, without change.

This is the Vulcan heart. This is the Vulcan soul. This is our way. They couldn't turn her down. Terry Talbot, along with his brother John Michael Talbot, was a leading member of the highly influential rock band Mason Profit before discovering Christianity and each subsequently doing solo work. On Terry's album A time to laugh, a time to sing on the cut "Angels" Terry parodies in addition to Rev.

Billy Graham Star Trek crew meeting God on their viewscreen. He starts out saying "if there's a shuttle craft, it'll wait. Uhura with a baby bottle in her ear".

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Spock shows emotion shouting out "Alelujah. Velvet Acid Christ is an electro-industrial band hailing from Denver, Colorado. The samples used are of the characters reciting their lines from the episode's titular play, Frame of Mind. Velvet Acid Christ have also released several versions of the track "Futile". It contains several samples of the TNG crew's encounters with the Borg. Versions of the song mixed before have samples taken from the series Star Trek The Next Generation.

Versions of the song mixed after most notably "Futile Resisted mix by Funker Vogt " contain samples from the from the the motion picture Star Trek: First Contact , including phrases from the Borg as well as dialogue between the Borg Queen and Jean-Luc Picard. The lyrics also appear to be about the Borg, and specifically about assimilation. The song "Koonut-Kaliffee" by Canadian electronic musician Venetian Snares features numerous vocal samples of Leonard Nimoy as Spock from the original series episode "Amok Time" over a breakcore beat, including, "One touches the other in order to feel each other's thoughts.

In this way, our minds were locked together, so that at the proper time, we would both be drawn to koon-ut-kal-if-fee," and "My eyes is flame, my heart is flame —— I burn. It was comprised entirely of parodies of various aspects of the Star Trek universe. The album features updated versions of the songs from Banned on Vulcan, as well as new tracks parodying Star Wars and Doctor Who. It's from their debut album "Time Has Come". The title of the song obviously refers to the Betazed word for "Beloved" and the lyrics are about an impossible love.

Joseph Fidler "Joe" Walsh is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Warp 11 is a rock band that performs humorous songs inspired by Star Trek , with sometimes profane and sexually-related lyrics. The male band members wear torn, short-sleeve versions of the TOS -style Starfleet uniforms. The pun on the title of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan refers to the Rolls-Royce Wraith automobile , some models of which come with a roof equipped with fiber-optic lights meant to evoke the night sky.

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