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I'm making meditation super easy for you.

Again, I ignore it. This weekend, I am visiting my in laws in S Dakota. I open my eyes and to my disbelief a red cardinal is flying into the glass window …NOT once but 5 or 6 times. SHe WOuld get up.. ITs time for a change. And as I kept on walking, the next car I saw was a Peugeot the one with a lion logo. What should I do?

Take some deep, grounding breaths and ask yourself if your thoughts are coming from a place of fear or love. The universe will present us awesome signs when we connect from a place of love. You got this girl!

How to Create a Personal Success Mantra in 3 Simple Steps

Hi Gabby after reading this blog i was reminded of one my first signs i ever recieved! I was 16 years old and had recently been broken up with my boyfriend. I was laying on my bed with my eyes closed feeling sorry for myself and just resting. When all of a sudden i saw a picture of a blonde man with long curly hair. It came to me quick and was gone just as fast!

However i never forgot it! So fast fwd a couple years later my then husband who i had met not to long after this vision had occurred was going through some things in a drawer and found his old first drivers license when he was As he showed it to me i almost fell off my chair! It was him in my vision i had seen! I hadnt ever put it together before because in my vision he had long curly hair but the man i met and fell in love with looked very different!

He was in the Air Force with very short hair! I also remembered that vision had him standing in a library which i remembered that day as well was i use to go to the library all the time to study and hed come to see me there at the library all the time! Also i had had another vision sign before meeting him before seeing a young boy about years old sitting on a couch! I use to believe that could possibly be my son some day!

But we had two daughters? So one day his mom sent him some old pictures she had found of him! Yep you guessed it! That sign back then was also him! My spirit guides were alive and well then telling me literally who i would marry! And that has been the love of my life for the last 38 years!

So i just tell people trust in your instincts pay attention to your thoughts and have faith your spirit guides are with you sometimes loud and clear and others not so much! But when we are truly paylng attention they are communicating with us!!! Thank you for all yoiur great work your books your blogs and all you do!

I learn so much from you! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It offers up powerful spiritual proof for you and a lesson to tune in, ask for guidance and pay attention. I love your book and finding a sign really helped get me through my doctoral dissertation.

I thanked the universe, chose my sign, I opened up, and waited. Then my sign was everywhere and right on target I finshed as my sign guided me. So thank you. My question is, do you change your sign for different thoughts?

Am I considered greedy that I am wanting multiple signs? Gorgeous Kelly! Hello Gabby! After reading the section of the book where you ask us to choose a sign, you said to just choose the first thing that pops into your head, a frog was the first thing that I thought of so I picked this as my sign. But on my way home from work, as I was rounding the corner to my house, I saw a deer right out in the open. It never ran away. I had to make the first move in leaving the deer. AND then when I got home, while making dinner, there was a frog on my window!! Which do I go with? Is it possible to have both?

The deer really spoke to me, but then the frog was there! I am torn on what I should do. I love your book! I was introduced to this book in a FB group where we are all supporting one another in being alcohol free. Thank you!! After reading this blog at work, I tuned into the feeling of surrender and committed to letting go of control of my situation.

#1 Forget Luck, Live by Intent

I was thinking about what sign or my symbol could be when I had just gotten a patient I am recovery room nurse. I got distracted with work, but then looked down to see his room number was , which I always notice because it is my birthday and it felt like something! Your guides know this number sequence catches your attention.

Hey Gabby!! Thank you so much for everything you do! I recently practiced your advice of asking for a sign — except I assigned a specific sign to a specific question, for example: during meditation I asked a clear question should I try to have another baby cleared my mind and the sign I received was a very particular dog breed with specific coloring.

In both instances I saw my sign popping up in the physical world within the next few days — in the most unexpected places. You can ask for different signs to affirm different questions… the key is to pay attention to how you FEEL, make sure you are clear on what you are asking for, and not to manipulate or play magic tricks with the Universe.

I asked for my sign to be shown 3 times, but only saw it once. Does that still count as being a sign from the universe? The key is to pay attention to your energy. Was that sign undeniable and crystal clear? If you are confused or unsure, as it sounds like you might be, then wait until you are energetically aligned before asking again.

I asked for a sign of an owl appearing three times in a specific day if my business project will work out the way I dream it. An owl appeared 4 times. However on a following day I saw 3 owls in a line in a library just when I was thinking about this project and was a bit scared if I will succeed. How should I understand both of these events? I love your beautiful soul! Last night I was at the part about signs from the Universe and i prayed for gerbera daisies and this morning I saw my first one on a blog I check daily!

One single orange gerbera daisy in a vase on a desk and I was so excited! It will never get old I am sure. Thank You so much for sharing with all of us. You are very extraordinary. Thank you for being the light and being part of this movement! Trust in that sign. It really never gets old…. When I read this post earlier today I was drawn to that dragonfly image from the card deck.

A few minutes ago I pulled a few cards from the deck and that was one. Thanks for this! I remember the owl story well. I needed this reminder to keep my ego and rational mind out of it. I often get muddy esponses. But not a cartoon elephant. I need to chill out, get centred, tune in and let it come to me. No judgment. Hi Gabby, I have only just discovered your work and this is very helpful as I have felt strongly guided to offer vision board workshops.

I have been working as a healing facilitator for a long time but felt that providing a space to just be creative with others would be very empowering. I realised I might not have the tools necessary to do this and then allowed the thought to just lift from me, and continued doing other work.

Not very long afterwards I started to get tips and random emails bobbing up, about running workshops, what materials I would need, etc etc, all very helpful…and so I started just gathering this together. I had tried to push through with a specific date, as I had been offered a venue not far from me, which is very luxurious and could host a large group.

At this point, although I was excited at this prospect, I also had quite a lot of fears about it….. I have a small studio on my property where I see clients and so then decided to run much smaller and more regular groups. This felt more in alignment with how I want to support others and open them up to their energetic potential. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What a perfect lesson. This is a story you can share with your students! This is what it means to take spiritually aligned action.

Dear Gabby, I have a question regarding the signs from the Universe. But as soon as the deadline is passed, I receive the crystal clear sign right into my face that just leaves me in astonishment and wow!!!! Just wondering why is this happening? Is setting a timeframe to recieve a sign part of controlling the outcome? The Universe works on its own timeline.

I smiled when I read this… your guides are being playful with you and encouraging you to relax and loosen the grip. You are guided. You are supported. I listened to your book The universe has you back on audio and I tried asking for a sign. I went for the 1st think I thought of and it was a red Ferrari. I am working on something new in my life property investment and hoping this is what will give me the financial and time freedom I really desire and I put my attention on this and asked for a sign if I was on the right path with what I want in my life.

It showed up on a tv programme several days later as a small toy car being sold for auction and I was buzzing. The thing is after that I wanted to reaffirm I was on the right path by asking to see this sign again and show up some more and since then it has not shown up. Now I am confused as to whether I am no longer on the right path after it showed up the first time.

Any ideas why it showed up and then stopped after asking again? Hello Gabby, I wanted to share an experience I had regarding this particular video on receiving and trusting signs from the Universe. Love all things SuperSoul and I have recently been introduced to your teachings. During your Session, you mentioned that while in your office one day, you saw wild turkeys in your yard and later discovered their Spiritual meaning. Hand to God, not 15 minutes after I finished watching your video, I had three wild turkeys enter my backyard.

They are around my area, but have not made an appearance since last fall. So, I took that as a sign from the Universe since I do not believe in coincidences, but what do you think it meant as I am not able to have children? Turkeys symbolize not just fertility but also abundance, generosity, satisfaction in life, community and connection to the natural world. If you want to have children and it is not biologically possible for you, the turkeys may have shown up as a reminder that there are other ways to build family and that reproductive fertility is not our only form of fertility.

If this resonates with you, let it be the opening of a conversation with yourself. Perhaps you are ready to consider other options. What is speaking to you? You may want to let this settle and meditate on it for the next few days or even the next 40 days. I learned all this with the Universe has your back, that book marks a before and after in my life, thank you Gabby!! I repeat to myself what you say , that the signal will be crystal clear, and the pictures were SOOO CLEAR , sooooo, even though is a picture in social media, still counts right?

I just recently broke up from someone that I felt he is the one, I decdided to be brave and after 2 months of disconnection, I have texted him and suggested to meet. A day after I have left him. What do you think? What wasn the sign purpose in my case? Think about this… wolves usually live in packs. A lone wolf is the exception. Wolves have strong instincts. They are independent and strong. They are incredibly intelligent. Here is some good guidance on wolves as signs. I have been searching for my soul mate and I really want to have my own family.

I have started with Louise Hay, Dr.

And just yesterday ive bought your book. Lots of miraculous things happened to me during this spiritual journey of mine career, income, new and real friends ext and the only thing that left is my love life. Try this surrender practice. Getting into the habit of turning over your fears, desires and control to the Universe will help you to loosen your grip. You will begin to notice what it feels like to be in alignment and you will open yourself up to guidance.

You can turn this into a day practice and really focus on surrendering for the next 40 days. If you do that I know you will experience breakthroughs. Gabby Thank you for replying back! It is much appreciated. You are the perfect combination of Dr. You are truly gifted. Thank you for your beautiful words. Wayne and Louise have gifted me with so much incredible wisdom and I am privileged to continue sharing their powerful messages in my way.

So happy it all resonates with you xo. I keep seeing my sign. When I feel like I should back off or start to feel insecure, I seem to get bombarded with the sign. This friend is crazy busy and usually only speaks when spoken to. So I keep wanting to let myself off the hook. But then the elephants sign are everywhere.

Get aligned and surrender daily to guidance. Pray and meditate and let the guidance come through. Check out my SuperSoul Sessions talk on the steps to spiritual surrender for more guidance on how to make this a practice. I just read the chapter of Universe Has your back about picking your sign just last week. So the timing of this post is great! The first thing that came to my mind was the color teal.

The next day I was laughing to myself because it was everywhere. Teachers at my kids preschool wearing it, the receptionist at work, clients of mine.

Prayers and Mantras for Success

Having certainty of being guided is the most calming feeling I have ever felt. I have been a fan of Louise Hay for awhile and finding you has been one of the greatest gifts from the Universe. So thank you for your words and guidance. I watched your video about asking for signs. I drove to work that morning and as I closed my door and turned around to walk to work I saw the brightest yellow car staring right at me.


I was in shock! I immediately felt a sense of relief and thanked God for this sign. Is that a sign or does the sign only happen the one time. Your book and videos have helped me through this very difficult time. God bless! Your sign will come to you when you are in a place of alignment. How do you get aligned? One way is to pray and then sit in meditation. I recommend that you say a prayer of surrender and allow yourself to truly surrender to Universal guidance. Pray for the highest good. Turn over your fears, expectations and desires to the care of the Universe or God, your inner guide, etc.

Sit in meditation and feel what this surrender feels like. What does it feel like to know you are supported at all times? When you have fully turned over all outcomes to the care of the Universe, you will be in a good position to ask for your sign and let it come into your mind spontaneously and naturally. Trust what comes up. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this post.

I have read all your books and did your masterclass last June right after I quit my 20 year corporate career to follow my dream. Lately I had been feeling nervous that I made the wrong choice and then I kid you not out of nowhere my instagram started blowing up…. I knew right away that was a sign that I should not give up. The universe shows up when you least expect it and most need it. Blessings to you and for all you have taught me. Sat nam. Hi Gabby!!!

I listened to the whole book in one go on Audible and it blew me away!! The next day as I started my 2nd day of driving I asked my Angels and Spirit Guides for Safety and Protection on my drive and to send me my sign. I had decided that my sign was a Rainbow.

I burst into a combination of tears and laughter hahah it was amazing!!!! Since then, which has only been about a month, I have seen Rainbows in some strange places and every time I see one, I get the biggest smile because I know that I am guided and it is the most amazing feeling. Thank you for everything! I asked a question and I got a very clear answer which Iam over the moon excited about my question is since I was told yes. Do I continue to pray and meditate and manifest that witch I know is coming or do I literally nothing?

I love your books your Amazing! Thanks so much for this post… I have been dealing with some uncertainty in this area lately. My question however has more to do with the last part of the post where you touch on not having your peace and happiness rely on something outside of yourself. I struggle, especially since just recently losing my Mother only real family , with balancing my reliance on my husband.

Thanks x. I have a podcast called The Thinkergirls Pod channel and was sharing your 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrender for our listeners. It was all recorded! And it was the most epic moment ever. You would loose your mine if you heard it! If I have chosen a peacock for my sign what happens if I have more than one question… I think I am starting to confuse the universe and myself. Hey Gabby, Like so many, this post came at the right time. I shall re-read your Universe book, but quick question. Thanks a mil. Claire x. I recently was asking the universe for a sign to move. Recently I went on vacation to California and while I was on the beach I asked the universe for a sign on if I should stay.

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks so much for diving deeper into this, Gabby! And thank you for sharing the light! That sounds counter-productive. I was blown away. A definite sign from the Universe! So I got a sign, I guess, by maybe letting go? I try to meditate but have focus issues. I know this is a practice and I have to keep at it.

At 54 I feel too old and really want to find peace and a partner will come. It will come! I keep praying…thank you for all you have given me. Your voice and wise words bring me peace. Hi Gabby, I read your book last week and I have to say its one of the best books Ive ever had the pleasure of reading. In fact Im re-reading it and Ive brought a couple more of yours. Ive been waiting for my sign but I dont appear to see anything — im trying really hard not to get impatient and to learn not how to pre-judge.

Thank you for everything xx. I was asking G— and the Universe for a sign to let me know if I should get back into the wedding and event insurance business the public at large after a decade still did not know that you can protect your wedding milestone event. I love you for all you teach me and sharing your wisdom.

We all need more of that in the world to make it a better place! My question is that I see repetitive numbers on the clock multiple times a day every day. I pray for strength and see now too. And things would happen and I would notice oh ok wow!! Can our signs change through time? Thank you so much for making me learn to believe. I need to continue to have faith and listen to my gut. Myself Vrushali. I m just about to graduate and have passion in media. For me sometimes the sign of some specific cloud works. My dad is against getting me in media industry. But I had a gut feeling or believed in nature and saw that specific designed cloud up there..

And I gave media a shot and same day I visited a radio fm to allow me for internship. They did. Eventually my dad was less worried and he believed in me. As you said, we shall have faith and surrender to the universe. Sending positive vibes. And another sign maybe it is I get to see a bharadwaj bird a breed in India.

It have brownish red feathers.

Whenever I see that bird, situation gets lucky.. And that view of bird calms my anxiety as well. Hi Gabby, great article and great lessons in TUHYB This came at the right time for me as I have just finished making my website and set it live, done some ads in magazines and now am anxious about waiting for the signs as to where to take it next to get it seen. Or at least I do Thanks again, Gary. O my gosh! No no no! In such amazement! There you are. Last year I chose a car.

Specific car. This year I chose an animal. Maybe i should change my sign? I go into this emailer to see what on earth am I missing? And boom… as I scroll down. There it is. The Dragonfly how special! How universal! From the card deck! This is a special symbol clearly. I Have just this year learned about you and some of your teachings. I have always been an intuit, and frequently meditate and look to center my energies, so that I may better receive the universe around me in all of its forms. There have certainly been slight differences In my practice and what I have read from you, although most times, I still find the guidance, connection and love from the universe.

I guess you could say I am self taught in my spiritual practice, in that I never really conform to one system of beliefs or another. Rather, I find myself building my own personal faith through using my intuition and taking ideas from many spiritual disciplines. That being said, I have a question, one that I feel I know the answer to, however it seems to be different than what you speak of on this particular article. In regards to asking and receiving signs, I find that mine are rarely the same. However, I can certainly feel when I have been given a sign, most times.

As an example, the other night I was in a bit of a tough spot emotionally, physically and spiritually, and happened upon an article that mentioned being able to ask for a sign within a particular time frame as long as one kept an open mind. I meditated for awhile, and asked the universe to give me a sign that I would clearly recognize within a 24 hour period, though I never focused on what the sign was, trusting that the universe would make it very apparent.

I asked for this sign in an effort to seek reassurance that the universe was guiding me on a specific situation in my life, and that the outcome that I had asked for from the universe some time prior to asking for this sign, was aligned to what the universe itself had in mind for me. After getting home from work, I paused in my car for a moment, and allowed myself to recenter and calm myself from the busy day, before going inside.

I opened my eyes and there it was!

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive - Gabby Bernstein

It was so blatantly obvious that the universe had heard me, that it sent a surge of energy up my spine and I almost came to tears, both of joy, and of deep, deep connection to the universe in that moment! For reference, I live right behind a church with a big open field in between. One night I had seen a doe and her two fawn peacefully standing in that field.

It made me happy to see them there since I love nature in all of its forms, and it made me think of family. Unfortunately they had disappeared for some time, but on the night I asked for the sign, there was the doe!! So, my initial question is do you think that I correctly interpreted that sign? And my follow up question is, how do I obtain a consistent, reoccurring sign from the universe? As it seems, most people have specific signs, yet I feel that I do not. Any help and guidance on this would be appreciated the world over! Hi Gabby, recently finished reading your book and loved it. After making a decision to put my dog to sleep recently at the time I knew it was the right decision the very next day I starting regretting it and have been carrying around guilt ever since.

I constantly question my decision so asked the universe for a sign to let me know I had indeed made the correct choice. I chose a rabbit and immediately saw them everywhere! I also had feathers fall at my feet, a sign I know the angels are watching over but yet again let my ego tell me otherwise.

Why am I allowing my ego to run the show? Thank you Gabby. I was just re-reading the book this weekend as we live in California since 6 years and are having a lot of blocks from staying immigration ,visas, job opportunity for my husband etc.. My husband received a job offer in Belgium, where we are originally from, and this weekend he told me that he think these are all signs from the universe to bring us back there he has read the book as well ;o.

I get what he means but I started feeling so sad and tired, I feel so depressed considering going back. My whole body is reacting so strongly. Can the right direction make me feel this way? How can I know? Merci Gabby. I always believed in the universe, and I must say you are completely right. Other times I try to manipulate the situation and I feel terrible. I need to continue to believe that the universe will guide me. My friends always tell me. In the past, with a situation it was a song. Can it change? Thank you!!! Your book is incredible, and it has changed my life for the better.

Thank you for the support you give to others, and sharing your stories with the world! Something I have learned from you is to let go of praying for a specific outcome, and instead praying for the highest good for all. It has really helped me to begin to let go of things that I obsess over, and truly hand things over to the universe. Once I was finally able to let it go into the universe, I saw my sign a couple of days later…and when I did see it, it was like the pieces clicked together, and I remembered that I had asked for a sign.

I also saw it multiple times, in different places. I have seen the number 8 appear several times in my life in dates, events, etc. This mantra helps your individuality connect with your essence of pure potentiality. The name Shiva represents the transcendent, unchanging, and formless reality. This mantra helps you embody love in every action. Prema is the cosmic force of consciousness that holds everything together. This mantra activates balance, strength, and healing in the mind and body with the creative life force.

The sounds Har , Haray , and Haree represent in sequence the creative flow of consciousness from inception, through its development, and on to its manifestation. As you repeat the mantra, see your body radiating the light of vitality. This movement of conscious energy purifies, rejuvenates, and enlivens your entire Being. This mantra activates balance, strength, and healing in the body.

The sound Ram rhymes with mom brings powerful balancing and healing qualities directly into your physical body, mind, and emotions. The repetition of this mantra often has the effect of creating a surge of bliss through the body. This mantra clears and simplifies the mind. Hreem is a seed mantra that reveals the truth of the unity of life to the mind, underneath the sensory experience of diversity. This mantra settles the emotional body and soothes the heart.

This mantra honors the wholeness of the universe functioning within you. This mantra aligns your intelligence with the intelligence of life. Aieem is the divine wisdom principle operating in Nature. This mantra harnesses the forces of success. The mantra Eem engages divine intelligence, Hreem instills the highest truth in your awareness, and Shreem invokes all forms of material and immaterial support for your goals.

Together they ensure your outer success will also be your spiritual or inner success. This mantra gives your mind the ability to track details while not losing the vision of the whole. The mantra Sharavana is associated with alertness and focused awareness.

What is Meditation?

This mantra centers awareness in the still point between inner and outer life. This course will teach you that money in and of itself isn't the elusive, evasive currency we've built it up to be in our minds. Money is just a form of energy that you can attract and channel into your life. Through these lessons, you will identify your roadblocks to creating money, blast through sub-conscious money related beliefs, and create alignment in all areas of your life.

Once you strip these limitations away, you can access the powerful and vibrant life force energy of your spirit, which knows no limits and can manifest instantaneously. Do you have dreams and goals that you'd like to manifest, but haven't? Have you tried all kinds of manifestation tips and tools, and you still have not been able to manifest those dreams? There actually is a Magic Formula to manifesting what you want. This course will give you concrete tools, techniques, and practices that you can do in less than one minute per day.

The course is guided by the principle that you become what you focus on and do consistently. You can incorporate the practical exercises in whatever ways work best for you in your schedule and your life. Manifesting is intentionally creating your life. With the power of chakra clearing, soulcare lessons, and guided meditation, this course guides you on a clearing journey that is designed to help you energetically get out of your own way. Each of the seven main chakras represents an area of your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical life.