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NEW 23 July. The Fight of the Faith. The Glory of God. The Gold of the Sanctuary. The Gospel According to Paul. When SG-1 successfully thwarted Apophis ' attempt to invade Earth , Apophis chose to take his revenge by brainwashing Rya'c with Nish'ta. SG-1 and Bra'tac were able to infiltrate Chulak and rescue Rya'c. They returned to Earth and were able to prevent him from releasing a deadly poison into the atmosphere, but the brainwashing was harder to overcome. Teal'c eventually was forced to shoot Rya'c with a Zat'nik'tel , freeing him. Drey'auc and Rya'c were then taken to live in the Land of Light.

After Apophis claimed sanctuary on Earth , Teal'c reveled in his former god's fall from power, vowing that the day would become a holy day on Chulak. SG1 : " Serpent's Song ". Teal'c speaking to Jaffa on Chulak. He made an impassioned speech to the Jaffa , urging them to rebel. Only a few joined them, but with Major General George S.

When Cronus , Nirrti , and Yu came to negotiate with the Asgard to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty , Nirrti used a Goa'uld cloaking device to attack him and Cronus in order to frame him for the crime, but Teal'c was soon exonerated and he quickly recovered from his injuries. SG1 : " Fair Game ". During a mission to rescue the Abydonians , Teal'c was forced to kill Sha're , Dr.

Daniel Jackson 's wife, as Amaunet , the Goa'uld who possessed her, was killing Daniel with a Kara kesh. Daniel quickly forgave him as Sha're had communicated with him through the Kara kesh. SG1 : " Forever in a Day ". Teal'c with a staff weapon. During a trip to a planet caught in a civil war between the Bedrosians - who believed that they had evolved on their world- and the Optricans - who believed that they came from another planet-, the rest of SG-1 were captured by the Bedrosians and Teal'c was badly injured when his Staff weapon backfired in a fight, leaving him blind and Junior forced to focus on healing itself before it could heal Teal'c.

Fortunately, Teal'c was aided by Nyan , a Bedrosian archaeologist who had discovered the Stargate , Nyan recognizing that, even if Teal'c was proof that his beliefs were wrong, as a scientist it was just as exciting to be proven wrong as to be proven right. Nyan was able to use a device to repair Teal'c's vision to a point where he was able to rescue his friends.

Although Nyan was then forced to return with SG-1 to Earth after such an open betrayal, he expressed hope to Teal'c that he would some day be able to return and share his discoveries with them. SG1 : " New Ground ". Shan'auc , a priestess and an old friend of Teal'c, came to Earth claiming that she had convinced her symbiote , Tanith to join the Tok'ra , Teal'c refused to believe her.

However, after kelno'reeming and communicating with his own symbiote, he was convinced to take her to the Tok'ra. Teal'c, however, was forced to endure Tanith's presence after he murdered Shaun'ac, Tanith having never been swayed by Shan'auc's words and simply being used by the Tok'ra to provide disinformation to Apophis. SG1 : " Crossroads ". Teal'c was captured by the Jaffa of Heru'ur , who planned to give him as a gift to Apophis. SG1 : " The Serpent's Venom ". Teal'c enduring the Rite of M'al Sharran.

Teal'c finally had his revenge on Cronus when his robotic duplicate was able to kill the System Lord , which also allowed the Tau'ri to gain his personal Ha'tak. SG1 : " Double Jeopardy ". Teal'c's long-standing grudge against Tanith returned with a vengeance months later when SG-1 embarked on a mission to destroy the Vorash's sun. Unfortunately, Teal'c's need for revenge against Tanith outweighed everything, even clouding his own judgment, something that ended up costing Teal'c his life when he died in an ambush orchestrated by Tanith who later captured Teal'c and presented him as a "gift" to Apophis.

Using this to his advantage, Apophis brought Teal'c back to life with a Sarcophagus while also brainwashing Teal'c into believing that he was still Apophis' First Prime and that he had essentially acted as a double agent for the last four years. This effectively turned Teal'c against his teammates with Teal'c maintaining a strong, undying loyalty to Apophis. Even when Apophis was killed, Teal'c still refused to believe the truth.

Bra'tac was brought to the SGC and forced to perform the Rite of M'al Sharran on Teal'c which succeeded in breaking the hold by helping Teal'c recall the events that had led to him recognizing that Apophis was not a god. After that, Teal'c was granted permission to officially rejoin SG SG1 : " Exodus ", " Enemies ", " Threshold ". During a mission, Teal'c was able to kill Tanith by destroying his Al'kesh with a Staff cannon , but the ship subsequently crashed into the still-active Stargate just as Teal'c was traveling through it, resulting in the wormhole being shut down before Teal'c could exit through the other end, leaving his pattern trapped in the Stargate buffer and forcing Stargate Command to try and devise a way to safely extract Teal'c without dialing another wormhole that would have erased his pattern from the gate's memory.

Despite the odds against them- and the recommendation of Dr. SG1 : " 48 Hours ". When the Jaffa Rebellion acquired a new leader in the form of K'tano , Teal'c was just as impressed by this new leader as his fellow Jaffa, even as he acknowledged to O'Neill's concerns that K'tano's tactics, such as suicide bombings, bore little real difference to the way the Goa'uld had treated the Jaffa for so long. Shortly after this, Teal'c participated in a mission into Kali 's territory to rescue the rest of SG-1 in the company of Captain Kirti Patel , the last survivor of SG-7 , and Kail's First Prime, the Thakka, who had saved Captain Patel from a Reetou attack and been taken to safety by her in return.

After Dr. Daniel Jackson died and ascended , Teal'c retreated into himself to manage his grief, noting that he had lost a great friend as well as the fight against the Goa'uld losing one of its greatest soldiers. However, he found himself in a difficult emotional situation when he learned that Drey'auc had died, and Rya'c resented his father.

After learning that Anubis was attacking Earth , Teal'c, Bra'tac , and Rya'c went on a mission to destroy the weapon. They succeeded, and Teal'c and Rya'c bonded. While attending a meeting of Jaffa Rebellion leaders, the Goa'uld attacked them, removing the symbiotes from the shol'vas.

Teal'c and Bra'tac shared Junior between them, causing Teal'c to hallucinate. Daniel Jackson watched over him during that time. When SG-1 found them, Junior was already too overtaxed to save either of them, so Teal'c and Bra'tac went on Tretonin. SG1 : " The Changeling ". After being injured, Teal'c began to doubt his prowess as a warrior without his symbiote. Daniel Jackson , who had since descended, helped Teal'c to overcome his fears. During a meditation, Daniel had a subconscious flashback, seeing Rya'c and Bra'tac as slaves on Erebus.

A rescue mission was successfully undertaken, and Teal'c found his confidence renewed. SG1 : " Orpheus ". Later, SG-1 encountered the Hak'tyl Resistance. Teal'c helped to convince Ishta , their leader, to take Tretonin instead of stealing symbiotes , and they developed affection for each other. SG1 : " Birthright ". However, Teal'c's code of honor forced him to intervene in disputes.

However, Teal'c was exonerated thanks to the efforts of Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Pete Shanahan. SG1 : " Affinity ". Bill Lee and other scientists developed a computer training game program, using the Virtual reality pods that SG-1 had been trapped in years ago, for personnel which they tested on themselves. However, when the game was played by Teal'c with his extensive field experience, it was found lacking.

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  3. God's Reactions to Man's Defections - Part 2.

Unfortunately, the game quickly became too tough for Teal'c, drawing on his memories of combat to increase the danger he faced in each scenario, to the point that the game would not even let Teal'c leave via the game failsafe as it recognized that Teal'c would normally never quit. Colonel Samantha Carter , studying Teal'c's brain patterns from their original experience in the chair, worried that the game would not actually allow Teal'c to win as, when the original scan was taken, Teal'c apparently believed that the Goa'uld could not be defeated, causing her to worry that Teal'c's subconscious would eventually kill him.

Even more seriously, Teal'c's continued failures in the game resulted in him receiving sudden jolts each time he lost, causing spikes in his adrenaline production, which, in turn, caused his blood pressure and heart rate to rise dangerously, to the point that Teal'c would eventually suffer a heart attack if he remained in the system. Lee and Carter, inspired by a comment made by Brigadier General Jack O'Neill , exploited a fluke in the system by connecting a second pod up to Teal'c's system while removing the data recorder from the chair.

This gave Dr. Daniel Jackson - chosen to prevent the game drawing on a soldier's tactical expertise and becoming even more difficult to defeat - a two-second advantage, allowing him to perceive events in the game two seconds in advance, allowing him to join the game and give Teal'c vital information. After several attempts, they were able to defeat the scenario and the pod deactivated, O'Neill confirmed Teal'c's assessment of his and Daniel's victory by simply noting that winning was what they did. SG1 : " Avatar ". Rya'c , having met Kar'yn , an apprentice of Ishta , fell in love and asked her to marry him.

Teal'c opposed the union, fearing that Ry'ac would soon have to choose between family and freedom, as he had. However, after helping Ishta's forces kill the System Lord Moloc , Teal'c eventually accepted Kar'yn, and approved of the union. He and Ishta kept from Rya'c and Kar'yn the fact that Moloc's forces had been absorbed by Ba'al to keep from ruining their honeymoon. SG1 : " Sacrifices ". When the Replicators invaded the Milky Way , they came into conflict with Ba'al , and wiped out most of the System Lords.

Many Rebel Jaffa defected back to the Goa'uld. To stop this, Teal'c proposed that they take Dakara , to shatter the Goa'uld's image as gods. The plan worked, and with the use of a weapon on Dakara, destroyed the Replicators and brought about the fall of the Goa'uld Empire. Afterwards, he and Bra'tac were made Blood Kin to all Jaffa.

Teal'c is still part of SG-1 , having rejoined with the efforts of Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell , although now not in an official manner. The Jaffa Rebellion has successfully pulled the plug for the Goa'uld and are now building their own society. Teal'c, however, is not glad over the way things are going, since the Jaffa High Council is based on military efforts and not on honor and integrity.


Events came to a head when Gerak , the leader of the council, converted to Origin and became a Prior of the Ori. Teal'c was able to convince Gerak to abandon the Ori and help the Tau'ri. Teal'c was able to convince the Lucian Alliance to help stop the Ori from creating a Supergate to bring ships into the galaxy. However, the plan failed, and Teal'c was tortured by Netan.

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However, the Odyssey was able to rescue Teal'c. SG1 : " Camelot ", " Flesh and Blood ".

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  • After the beginning of the Ori crusade , they took control of many Jaffa strongholds including his homeworld Chulak , Dakara and several more worlds. SG1 : " Counterstrike ". He helped try to reform the Free Jaffa Nation 's government on Dar Eshkalon , where the settlement fell victim to a series of explosions, caused by a faction of Jaffa who embraced the Ori cause. Teal'c went on a quest for revenge by killing Arkad , a Jaffa that he believed to be the one responsible for the attacks Although Bra'tac noted that Arkad had also played a role in the death of Teal'c's mother.

    During the brutal fight, Teal'c managed to drive the sword through Arkad's shoulder into his symbiote pouch , killing him. He, along with SG-1 was stuck on the Odyssey in a Time dilation field for 50 years, but was bought back to the moment before the Odyssey was about to be destroyed by the Ori , providing Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter with a crystal containing a program that she had developed in the intervening time to shut down the Asgard computer core and prevent the Ori from tracking them.

    Teal'c volunteered for this duty as, while all of the team had aged fifty years during their 'imprisonment' aboard the Odyssey , his Jaffa lifespan meant that the lost years were less of an issue for him than they would be for others.

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    The only visible sign of his age is a streak of grey hair on the right side of his head, although his skills and physique appear otherwise unaffected. SG1 : " Unending ". Sometime later, Dr. Daniel Jackson uncovered clues to the location of the Ark of Truth , a powerful Ancient device that has the ability to convince people the "truth" of what was programmed in it. They failed in their attempts to hold them off, but anticipating a Prior would support them, SG-1 activated a Prior disruptor ; Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell managed to kill the Prior, and the soldiers surrendered.

    After returning to Earth, they explained to Tomin that the Ori were destroyed by the Sangraal and they were searching for the Ark because Daniel had a vision of a mountain exploding that he believed was a residual memory of Merlin 's. He explained that the Fires of Celestis have gone out and that Ortus Mallum is located on the planet Celestis. Once at Celestis, SG-1 beamed to the surface and began searching. After Mitchell and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter were called back to the ship to deal with James Marrick , Daniel had another vision and they discovered an entrance to an underground tunnel.

    They enter the tunnel and locate the Ark. Once back on the surface, they are attacked by Ori soldiers. After he is shot in the back, the rest of the team are captured and brought to the City of Celestis. After waking up a short time later, he began to walk the long journey to the city.

    After reaching the Plains of Celestis , he passed out again. Luckily, Morgan Le Fay was able to use her ascended powers to heal his wound and he continued to the city. Once inside, he disguised himself as a Prior and released Daniel from his cells and they meet up with Vala and Tomin. After Vala was shown by Morgan the symbols necessary to activate the Ark, she took them to the Ark. Vala distracted Adria, allowing Daniel to activate the Ark and he shot the table to allow the Ark to fall to the floor in view of the Doci. Adria was then weak enough for Morgan to attack and destroy her.

    In the end, with the Ori threat over, he joined a mission to P3K SG1 : " The Ark of Truth ". He later told Colonel Samantha Carter farewell and good luck for her new position as the leader of Atlantis , remarking that "undomesticated equines" could not stop him from visiting.