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  1. Waterways of the Royal Gunpowder Mills?
  2. Three-Day Weekend [Refuge Texas] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) (Refuge, Texas);
  3. George Sand (Littérature Française) (French Edition);

Philipps, G. Gabbard, M. Goin, J. Gunderson, P. Soloff, D. Rapport La Vie Allocution La Biologie inventrice Jean Rostand, le jeudi 12 novembre Bestiaire d'amour. Science fausse et fausses sciences Les Anomalies des amphibiens anoures Aux sources de la biologie L'homme de l'an L'atomisme en biologie Ce que je crois.

La Vie des libellules Notes d'un biologiste. La Vie, cette aventure, entretiens avec Paul Bodin Ce que nous apprennent les crapauds et les grenouilles Ce que je crois Instruire sur l'homme Pages d'un moraliste Les chromosomes Les grands courants de la biologie La biologie et l'avenir humain Fernand Caridroit L'Homme devant la biologie Lamarck, Davaine, Mendel, Fabre, Barbellion Charles Darwin Qu'est-ce qu'un enfant? L'Avenir de la biologie La vie des libellules Caridroit et M. Jean Rostand. La Nouvelle biologie La vie des libellulles L'Aventure humaine La Vie des Crapauds Les Sciences.

Les sciences biologiques. Les sciences physico-chimiques Julien, ou Une conscience Julien ou Une conscience Le mariage Deux angoisses Les Familiotes, et autres essais de mystique bourgeoise Deux angoisses : la mort, l'amour Ignace, ou l'Ecrivain Pendant qu'on souffre encore Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Jean Rostand] La loi des riches La Loi des riches Documentation sur Claude Bernard] Documentation sur Ernest Renan] Citation de Jean Rostand.

Cyrano de Bergerac. La perle et le poulet. Les familiotes. L'Homme ou la nature? De l'homme En regardant vivre les plantes 1 En regardant vivre les plantes Les salamandres d'Europe, d'Asie et d'Afrique du Nord Jean Rostand, Daniel Parker et Robert Bonniot. L'Evolution Maupertuis Les chemins de la vie Charles Nicolle Conservation de la vie par le froid Pages extraites de "Marcellin-Boule, un exemple", Les Sciences occultes ne sont pas des sciences.

Proche cousin du pigeon, de l'autruche ou du vautour?

Souvenirs d'un entomologiste Incubation artifielle Remarques Le Monde secret des animaux La Morale de l'avenir. L'Homme atomique Vie et moeurs des abeilles. Chamfort Par monts et par vaux. Charles Nicolle, un grand biologiste Rostand, Jean NAF Rostand, Jean 4-COL Jean Rostand et les enfants Mai Claude Bernard Les grandes pages de la science.

It will merge invited conferences, oral communications, poster sessions as well as an intervention aimed at the general audience. Le Dr. EmTech France which became EmTech Europe in , will be the place to meet and exchange between creative, innovative minds: researchers, CEOs, investors and blooming start-ups — and the place to discover from MiT Technology Review, how new, world-changing, disruptive technologies can be applied. Participants are coming from everywhere in the world: the previous editions gathered more than 25 nationalities United States, Belgium,.

Mobiliscope is a geovisualization platform for the interactive exploration of neighborhood social composition over a 24 hour time period, taking into account how people move throughout the day. The participants will be able to use Mobiliscope to answer questions.

Created by the European Commission in , the Research Night invites citizens and researchers to meet. This event aims to promote science in all dimensions, by exploring new forms of dialog between researchers and citizens, away from concepts and in a friendly atmosphere.

The European Research Night proposes to dream about sciences, to dive into an imaginary-driven world by approaching research from the point of view of those who actively make it. The researchers are at the heart of the event and are the actors of the evening. The event takes place every year on the last Friday of September, in cities in Europe and 12 cities in France. The skin is a vital barrier for preventing the invasion of pathogens, the unintentional uptake ofexternal substances and the uncontrolled loss of water.

It is principally fulfilled by theepidermis. Detailed knowledge about the epidermal barrier is important for the understandingand treatment of chronic skin diseases, including eczema, as well as for cosmetical andbiotechnological applications. The European Epidermal Barrier Research Network is anetwork for scientists from European countries interested in all aspects of epidermal barrierfunction, from both the academic and industrial research.

Its annual meeting provides aforum for exchange and facilitates collaborations and innovations. Each year, the festival welcomes around young people in Toulouse on school days and nearly general visitors through projections, gatherings, debates around coffee sessions and workshops which end up fully subscribed. The second day will be articulated around five workshops Biodiversity, Climate, Water, Geology, and Landscapes , on the Pyrenees in a climate change environment, directed towards baccalaureate candidates and young students.

The topic of this symposium is the amount of water contained within the soil, or soil water. Despite the importance of this stage in the water cycle meteorology, climate, agriculture , it remains poorly estimated. The topics which will be particularly looked into are the measure and the instruments, as well as the different fields of application.

This symposium features an aspect covering tool development, spoken about by manufacturers, and an aspect covering the application of those measures soil processing, agricultural tracking, remote sensing. The aim of this symposium is to gather French and Norwegian researchers that are specialists in biophysical interactions occurring at interfaces.

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The different sessions will address the molecular factors involved in microbial adhesion, the techniques operating at the level of a single molecule including atomic force microscopy, optical tweezers, super resolution microscopy PALM, STORM, etc. The conference, which unites academics and industrialists from all over the world, aims at discussing knowledge and progress on mixing technology, research and applications in the process industries.

Approximately people are expected to attend. The PHOST international conference will gather more than astrophysicists of the whole world, interested in the deep implication of the discovery and study of stellar oscillations and their large consequences. European researchers are top-ranked in this field, and the Toulouse team is one of the most well known for their results and discoveries.

We will take this opportunity to honor a Japanese colleague from Tokyo University who has always been a close collaborator of European groups, Prof. Hiromoto Shibahashi. The training, dedicated to several audiences mainly from European institutions business or academic , largely covers the core of EE: a specific part will be covering materials, essentially metallic, and surface treatments in the fields of aeronautics and transports more broadly, whose scope at regional level is extremely important.

The conference usually attracts participants, coming from research laboratories worldwide. The programme consists of invited plenary lectures with sufficient time allocated for stimulating discussions and interactions between the participants. There will also be a number of minutes lectures, selected amongst submitted abstracts. The scope of this conference covers traditional and new topics on fundamental and applied semiconductor physics and related subject areas where high magnetic fields play a crucial role.

Indeed, they are rarely able to be shown outside their own country. Some of the works have been made by great Chinese artists from the 17 th to the 20 th century, including Emperor Qian Long More Information. Dedicated to training for scientific communication, scientific exchange as well as the setup of personal relationships, those days mean to be multidisciplinary and intergenerational.

Les contaminations environnementales sont partout. Environmental contaminations are everywhere. The quality of the environment is currently acknowledged as being a determining factor not only for health but also for the social welfare of populations. Attention is regularly drawn to the harmful effects of environmental contamination on health and sustainable development at all levels, from local up to global. The uncertain consequences of their accumulation cocktail effect during unwanted exposure are potentially conflicting and damaging to health, thus making them a subject of concern.

Different world regions, however, vary widely on environmental contaminations according to the types of pressure, exposure, social, economic or health-related impacts , and so do the responses to the associated risks types of legal frameworks, regulation systems, civil society demands, healthcare systems, media exposure, etc. Environmental contaminations-related risk assessment is therefore essentially an interdisciplinary study and necessarily country-specific. As of today, many grey areas remain, that this conference will attempt to clarify:.

This workshop aims to leverage a network among European and Latin American institutions on ocean and climate observations issues. The MOSIM conferences are aiming to be an area of exchange and discussion in between researchers, teachers and business actors around these topics. The MOSIM conferences wish to promote the latest original theoretical results but also case studies or codes of practice on one of the conference topics.

The Natural History Museum of Toulouse, which stands as a place promoting discovery, awareness and an in-depth look at topics related to the relationships between humans and their environment, proposes a vast, temporary exhibition on Easter Island. Between fantasies, discoveries and realities, this exhibition will be a unique occasion to address some universal issues and to present the latest research findings on such a particular island, with a multidisciplinary approach. This exhibition of m 2 is scheduled to be opened summer for a duration of at least 9 months.

At the same time, massive changes have occurred in the legal and administrative context of entomologists, risking a negative impact on the understanding and monitoring of biodiversity. Finally, insects are increasingly sought after to serve the development of new economical and industrial activities. Their use in both human and animal diet is finally authorised in Europe, and should expand in the countries that are traditional consumers: the latter will have to reorganise their modes of production in order to preserve their place in this field. The symposium is largely open towards Europe, towards the North African communities and towards Southern countries, and is meant as a place for discussions between people representing several aspects of the French-speaking community.

Groups of non-professional enthusiasts are equally invited to come and debate around these many questions. This BioPhiT project aims, through a short symposium in July , to account for thoughts and discussions prepared beforehand between young people, PhD candidates, biologists UT3 and biology philosophers UT2.

Jean Rostand (1894-1977)

This seeks to better understand the foundations of biology and the connections between theory and experience. A meeting between these two groups of students will allow for refining the questions which will be asked during the Forum of July, during a dedicated session, where their respective works will be shown. The first edition took place in The number of participants expected for the 15th edition organised in Toulouse is to people. The subjects discussed concern thermal and non-equilibrium plasmas but a majority of the works presented are related to electric arcs and thermal plasmas.

The aim of this congress is to bring together different scientific communities thermal plasmas and non-equilibrium plasmas and to facilitate the contacts between science, technology and industry. It is a generalist congress that covers all chemistry-related themes. It will be organised in two steps: the Opening weekend, open to all, will take place on 30 June and 1 July in both sites simultaneously. The scientific heart of the congress will be in Montpellier from 2 July to 4 July.

Le festival proposera une programmation pour les scolaires et pour le grand public du vendredi 29 juin au dimanche 1er juillet. This regional programme involving two universities explores the mechanisms for easing tensions in early modern and contemporary eras. The emphasis is put on the political and cultural players as well as the methods of peace-making and brokering agreements during a specific time of negotiation: that of the truce. The programme? Qui fait quoi? A cycle of 18 scientific conferences in Toulouse, open to all audiences with free entry and open access.

For each conference, the number of members in the audience ranges from 60 to , from all ages and all levels from final year high-school and preparatory classes to students, researchers, teachers, manufacturers, working or retired individuals. Furthermore, conferences will be filmed and accessible on our site.

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  • Problématique et enjeux du partenariat école-musée à la Grande Galerie de l'évolution - Persée.
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  • In , as part of the ESOF dynamism, these conferences will have particularities such as European guests from outside France, themed subjects geared towards Europe or covering the European aspect of the subjects, youth participation notably regarding the vivacity of the sessions as opposed to the implication seniors. Moreover, the opinion of young people will be systematically sought after, as we want to highlight the lessons learnt from their vision. GEOBIA'18 est l'occasion de rassembler des scientifiques, des professionnels et desusagers venant du monde entier.

    They are showing the contradictions of a small oil-producing country caught between economic development and sustainable development. Que sait-on des actions sociolinguistiques en faveur des langues? Combien y a-t-il de sexes? Les algorithmes peuvent-ils contribuer au bien commun?

    Guide de lignes directrices pour le traitement de… – Santé mentale au Québec – Érudit

    Lorca, Neruda, Vallejo et les autres". We are preparing, for March , an original multi-media exhibition dedicated to the king of cuddly toys: the bear.

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    Be it in nature, in plush toys world or in book world, let us discover the imaginary related to this iconic animal, powerful and endearing. These radars probe the dynamics of the Earth's upper atmosphere, called the ionosphere, in both the northern and southern hemispheres. The planetary coverage of the network and its continuous operation make SuperDARN a critical tool to characterise the global state of the Earth's space environment. GPE will provide an exceptionally stimulating international forum for presentation of industrial applications, emerging technologies and scientific advancements in the area of green process engineering.