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Carla writes much of the book to women whose husbands are absent by choice, not necessity — or absent to a much larger extent than mine is. She does include interviews from women in various married single parent situations, giving a wider perspective and personable examples of leaning on God to face the challenge of parenting alone. If you are a married single mom, Married Mom, Solo Parent is a great resource and encouragement.

As always, opinions are all my own. I am not even sure where I fall on the scale and it certainly varies from month to month, but I can relate. I think you talked about this before when I posted on the topic. I was glad to see someone write so extensively and honestly on the topic, too. I can not thank you enough for introducing me to this book!!!

Stop Calling Yourself “A Married Single Parent”

As hard as it is, I always try to keep it in perspective and remind myself that it could be worse…he could be in the military and not have the choice to come home for a visit. Thank you again. Months at a time must be so hard, Tracey. I love your honesty!

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Married Mom Solo Parent: Finding God's Strength to Face the Challenge

Moms who parent in this situation still need help and don't necessarily relate to the advice given in divorce recovery or single parenting resources. Writing from her own experience as a married single mom, Carla Anne Coroy will help wives and mothers sort through their questions, such as: Can I do this alone? How do I raise kids to honor their father?

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How do I give my children a healthy perspective of marriage if they never see one in action? With practical suggestions, anecdotes, and biblical teaching, this book will encourage moms to see their position as a high calling, to find healing for their worries and frustrations, and to tap into God's strength for help in facing the daily challenge of being a married mom, solo parent.

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