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We feed off reality.

The Reality of Quantum Weirdness - SAND

In doing so, we repair the singularity. This conscious process is what confuse behaviour, because it is not gravity, but subatomic collective consciousness. The manner he makes use of his innovative imaginative and prescient to transform into terms and permit us to suppose in a one of a kind way too. Post a Comment.

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De Broglie called the wave associated to a particle, matter wave. He showed that wave, characteristic to a particular particle should have a wavelength of. After the equivalence of Matrix and wave mechanics was established, Jordan in Gottingen University and Paul Dirac in Cambridge university merged these two different ways of representing a matter wave mathematically and came up with what became known as transformation theory. Heisenberg while pondering over the papers of Jordan and Dirac figured that more precisely the position of a subatomic particle is known, less precisely its momentum can be known.

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In , He came up with a mathematical expression to quantize this uncertainty. According to Quantum Mechanics there is a finite probability that empty space may have certain amount of energy as long as nobody observes it.

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More specifically, particles and antiparticles may originate from empty space in pairs and exist for a certain while before annihilating each other. Amount of time they exist for depends on their energy, as Quantum Mechanics predicts. More the energy, shorter the duration they exist for and vice versa.

This prediction came to be known as quantum vacuum fluctuations of electromagnetic field and is inherent to space.

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Posted by Rishi Mishra at November 08, Labels: Entanglement , Quantum Physics , Science. Newer Post Older Post Home. Electrons and other quantum particles striking a screen with two holes in it will generate similar interference patterns, essentially behaving like both a particle and a wave on different parts of its journey.

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It turns out the waves a droplet generates as it bounces off holes in barriers submerged in a vat of vibrating fluid recreates similar patterns of waves. The way these drops behave corresponds to a long-neglected attempt to explain the wave-like behavior of quantum particles. In the early days of quantum physics, French physicist Louis de Broglie suggested quantum particles are borne along on guiding waves of some type, like a buoy on a tide.

Since no physical example was discovered for this so-called pilot wave theory, it was for the most part abandoned — these bouncing droplets and vibrating fluids, discovered in by French physicist Yves Couder, mark the first real example of pilot-wave theory since it was proposed more than 80 years ago, Bush said. These recent findings could revive the question of whether there is a secret foundation to quantum physics.

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Pilot-wave systems are chaotic, just like weather systems — they are sensitive to disturbances in a way that can make them behave in a probabilistic manner, just like quantum particles. Now Bush and his colleagues have conducted the most detailed analysis yet of how droplets bounce and walk on quivering fluids.

They also unexpectedly discovered an exotic new kind of walking drop, ones with a mixed gait, alternating the speeds at which they bounced up and down. The scientists explored how droplets of a range of sizes and viscosities — their level of resistance to flow — behaved on fluid vibrated at a variety of frequencies. The experimental setup involved a circular tray filled with silicone oil jostled up and down by an industrial shaker. Drops microns to 1, microns wide — about four to 10 times the average width of a human hair — were created by rapidly dipping a needle into the fluid, and high-speed cameras helped gauge the width of droplets and capture their behavior.

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It remains uncertain what insights the researchers' discovery might yield, though the results are strengthening theoretical models Bush and his colleagues have developed to describe the behavior of these drops. Their efforts may improve the chances of discovering liquid analogs to the quantum realm, Bush said. The models are also likely to suggest new ways in which quantum mechanics might break down, as well as suggesting how quantum theory might be modified. Authorized news sources may reproduce our content. Find out more about how that works. Charles Q. View the discussion thread.