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We especially recommend Ocean Blue, Moderno, and Teppanyaki. For breakfast, be sure to check out the free buffet at Margaritaville for a quieter place with great views. We would most definitely cruise on the Breakaway again.

Overall ok but not as good as past trips. This is my 4th trip on NCL and first time on Breakaway. Was on Getaway a few years ago and thought it would be much the same. It wasn't. We had to search for help, The wait staff left our food sitting. Even went so far as to bring Even went so far as to bring my daughter and I dessert that was supposed to have ice cream but ended up with a puddle of milk.

There were 2 times we enjoyed our meal, and both times we went out of our way to find someone and actively engage the people. Waiting on someone to come to you and ask is a thing of the past in all but 2 places. We lucked out at Cagneys and got a great server the second time and he was on top of things. The other great experience was at Savor and I finally had to compliment the Asst. She did an excellent job of making sure everyone was in their place and attending to customers. My other issue was with the shows. They were crude and not very friendly to families. The most family friendly show we went to was at the comedy club starting at in the evening.

The one time my daughter went to the splash academy she complained there was a bully there and she wasn't interested in attending any more of course I didn't find this out until we were ready to leave the last evening. There were some really great people that made this cruise work. The entertainment staff and some wait staff and officers made this trip work. I have an Alaska trip planned for and if not for these people renewing my faith in NCL I would probably reschedule with another line.

They took hours to take the money out and have 15 days to explain why? Seems a bit crazy to me. Adreagle 1 Review Written. NCL Breakaway June 16 Very overcrowded, Casino allows smoking, food and staff was above par. Rock of Ages in the main theater was a bunch of high schoolers. Mini Suite emphasizes on mini with a very small balcony. Beds were 2 twins put together to make a king Beds were 2 twins put together to make a king but with a valley between the 2.

Very uncomfortable. The water in the sink was scalding hot immediately so if you have small kids keep them away from the sink until the water cools down. Our suite was 1 level above a night club and the noise kept us up passed midnight.. Ship posts a passenger capacity of but we were told there were almost passengers. Forget about a chaise near the pool on sea days or getting someone to serve drinks. Pool area was plain and boring, whitewashed walls. Shore excursion was very overcrowded as well. Most of the time the soap dispensers were empty in the public restrooms. The buffet staff was excellent in reminding us to wash our hands but missed the small area of black mold on one of the walls and ceiling.

Disembarkation was a total cluster. We stood on a very long line for another hour trying to get off the ship which took us thru the smokey casino. Eastern Caribbean Cruise. Cruise was a normal Norwegain experience, which I think it pretty good! Embarkation was a little unorganized. With the new terminal under construction, we were in terminal G and the signage on which line to get in was poor to With the new terminal under construction, we were in terminal G and the signage on which line to get in was poor to non-existent. There were Norwegian staff to point you in the right direction but it was still confusing.

The check in counter is a circle with lines all around it. I think they could do a much better job with signage here. But once we got to an agent check in was fast and efficient. We spend a lot of our cruise in SpiceH2O and was shocked at the state of the waterfall feature! We have been on Breakaway in the past, and it has been a few years, the difference was drastic. The waterfall was very slow in some spots and heavy in one particular spot. We are scheduled back on the Breakaway in Nov and hope this is refurbished by then. Increase in Cabin Service Charge was a popular topic aboard ship.

Even if you pre-pay gratuities you will not be able to pre-pay this amount. For families with a couple small kids this could easily be dollars they might not be expecting. I think this should just be built into the cost of the cruise fare and not tacked onto your room charges. Or at least allow it to be paid ahead of the cruise.

Disembarking is my least favorite part of Norwegian. It is just much less organized than other cruise lines. This time there was facial recognition used, which actually worked pretty well was surprised and helped. But then once off the ship there was no clear direction on which way to go and the Norwegian staff nearly got into a shouting match with the porters on which way we should go. And a large garage door was nearly closed on a elderly guest in the process.

Braumstr 1 Review Written. Before I get too far along I want to say that the crew, bar staff, room stewards etc.. They did what they could.. Now, some complaints: 1. The main dining room food was a disappointment most days. Lunch menus were Lunch menus were identical every day. The buffet was a complete disaster. The food was just ok, but the crowds were overwhelming. The crowding was some of the worst I have witnessed on any of my dozen or so cruises. The Bahamas Atlantis excursion was a disaster.

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It seemed they sold half day tickets without regard to crowd size or infrastructure of the port. Disembarkation in Miami was only slightly improved from the Atlantis excursion.

Ncl called categories much faster than people could exit the ship, and snaked the line of passengers through most common areas on the ship. I understand they need to make ready to set sail, but this was an absurdity. No one will forget standing in a massive line an inordinate amount of time like this and it will hurt return business.

The water slides were often out of service for maintenance. When I went on them I found why. They are brutal. The sliding surface has a cheese grater like effect and was dry in spots as you go down the slide causing your skin to chafe. Crowding everywhere. This may seem repetitive, but its intentional. I don't know if it is understaffed or what but there were lines on top of lines The good: 1. Osheeans was pretty nice to have but was overcrowded with 30 or 40 minute waits standard. The rock band at the pour house was incredible and saved our cruise singlehandedly.

Embarkation was pretty smooth. Have had 8 Great Cruises with Norwegian, this one was a nightmare. I have sailed with Norwegian 7 times over the past 5 years. I loved the Sun, Jade, Pearl. I love the Escape and Getaway so much we've sailed them 2 and 3 times respectively.

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However, this cruise was a nightmare from the start. It was obvious this ship was a training ship as no employees had any idea what to do. On day one 3 pieces of our luggage were lost and I had to spend 2 hours hunting all over the ship trying to find it. Luckily it was found several hours after we were supposed to getour luggage. Employees were unhelpful and kept telling me wait, it will come.

Finally after talking to someone at guest services they told me to go to a missing luggage location. Never once on any other ship has this happened. Most orders in the restaurants were constantly wrong. I think there were more meals where food had to be sent back to the kitchen than not. My aunt got food poisoning, not once, but 2 times on this sailing. None of us get sea sick. She had shrimp and promptly threw up and was sick all night night one. On the final night she had a steak that was cooked wrong and got sick again.

Things wouldn't have been so bad, except the toilets were barely working on this ship. My aunt had to throw up in our toilet 3 times and we could not flush. I called guest services 3 times any they claimed they'd send someone, and they've heard of no issues with the toilet. Finally after talking to an employee in the hall I find out they are doing routine cleaning! Our housekeeper was horrible. She spoke no English at all. She would constantly forget to leave the freestyle daily and time change notifications. We missed so many events because of her lack of experience and notification of time changes.

Our beds were sandy and we requested she change the sheets on the first day. The cartridge was removed from her inhaler. We searched everywhere, but that does not come out without being ejected. We contacted housekeeping and they sent a supervisor. He did nothing but insist she wouldn't take it and invited us to have security search our room. He said he'd ask her about the missing medication, however no one ever followed up for us and we were worried she'd retaliate further for us contacting the supervisor.

This cruise felt like a nightmare. One bad thing kept happening after another. I felt so helpless. The cruise shouldn't have ended up like this and Norwegian needs to have skilled and vetted employees. No one ever knew anything. When I'd order a drink at the bar they'd have to ask their colleagues how to make it. The pool was a mess with pool toys and inflatables, people throwing toys over your head, but no one did anything.

Meals were constantly messed up. At the front desk they'd have to ask someone one else how to resolve anything. I was so angry with this cruise I removed my gratuities, something I've never even thought to do before. The crew did not deserve a tip. They were wonderful, extremely helpful and never once disappointed. Also the Moderno Restauarant management was wonderful. They made sure we had great service and gave us a bottle of wine when we sat there for 30 minutes with no waiter. Management certainly made up for it.

Usually after a cruise I am sad, however I was happy to be home where I actually have control at my house and can make sure things are clean, food cooked, drinks made, and things are in order because for a week Norwegian certainly couldn't handle it. We will never sail the Breakaway again, and if it weren't for my experience on the other ships, I'd say I'm done with Norwegian. If your a chain smoker, you can leave your package at home.

The ship smoky! Firstly we are seasoned travelers, and have been on numerous wonderful cruises in the past 25 maybe, we are no snowflakes Layout of ship was a disaster. Instead of having the casino with its smokers in one small area, as on other Instead of having the casino with its smokers in one small area, as on other ships, it was spread through the hallways. Midship with its 3 or 4 story mezzanine , all the smoke poured down to all levels of the ship. We couldn't even try the Asian restaurant because of a blue haze in the air and dry cough it caused.

I had smokers cough for a day after leaving the ship.

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Also they had a loud stage in the mezzanine disturbing all guests on 3 floors, whether you were in the sports bar, or a restaurant, there sales pitches for one thing or another blared up the 3 floors. With compulsory tipping all services deteriorate as a general rule every where in the world we have travel. This held true on this ship The service was adequate perhaps, but the poorest on any ship we have been on. Desserts were terrible, which was a plus for the waist line LOL!

The exception was a Rhubarb cobbler they had one day it was fantastic. The ice-cream was good too. It was the smallest cabinet we have found in 25 cruises, but it was fine for us. Venues were a bit small for crowds. Even with me asking them to direct me to a hot one, or actually making one HOT, nothing was done to remedy situation. It shouldn't be hard to make one of the 12 hot tubs onboard hot degrees is the norm for hot tubs they were all at best 90 degrees.

You can have a few cold ones, and a few hot ones, to make everyone happy can't you?? The"Ball room dancing show" was surprisingly very good. And the "Rock show" not bad. There is no reason why they could not vent all the smoke out of the ship and bring in fresh air. I saw relatively few people smoking it was an accumulation of stale smoke from many cruises, It was the same at the first day we got on board the cruise as the last day, We lined up to disembark in the smoke filled hallways, everyone in lineup was complaining of the smell. Do yourself a favor and choose a different cruise.

We have liked all cruise lines except "Costa" and " Norwegian" so far. Bad experience if is not a Haven cabin with NCL. Boarding and disembarking was a disaster. Food overall way below average. Reservation for the shows was a nightmare. Sushi was very good on board. Kids didn't like the kids club. Pools are small for this size ship.

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Company have to adopt a policy of "no pool chair reservation", guests put towels early in the morning and never use the reserved chairs. Someone have to check that periodically. I felt the ship was understaffed, the waiting to order anything was way greater than expected on a cruise. I traveled Haven with NCL before and was really good, will never travel again with them in the " general population", it is a huge price difference, now I know why.

A ship inside a ship, everything is different. This time we decided to go regular because of the kids, they can't use the Haven pool or solarium, made no sense to me going Haven, but now after the cruise it does. Omer61 1 Review Written. First Impression Total Failure. I needed to get away from work and life in general. The Norwegian Breakaway had an interesting itinerary as we had nevercruised Norwegian before or ever been to Belize, Rotan or Costa Maya.

We have cruised Celebrity, Princess and Royal We have cruised Celebrity, Princess and Royal Caribbean before so we went in with open eyes and expectations for some disappointments and, disapointed we were. We parked our car at a nearby garage just minutes away from the Port of Miami and hopped on the shuttle and arrived at the port five minutes lafer. We worked our way through the snake line in the terminal and within about 30 minutes wasmminnfront of the checkin agent and received our Freestle card and boarding number card.

After working our way through the crowdmwe found a couple of seats and waited for instruas nonnwas given priorto entering the preboard area.. I had read prior to getting to the port that this was a problem on a previous cruise just a couple of weeks earlier so i wasnt surprised. After a short delay we were allowed to board. As opposed to walking into a beautiful atrium like previous cruises we walked in on deck 7 our first sense activated was not sight as much as it was smell, it was horrific, we had walked into the ships ashtray, i mean casino.

The casino on Breakaway covers a good part of deck seven and due to the ships design the smoke smell travels over the balcong down to the atrium on deck 6 and up to deck 8. Again i had read about the smoke and the writer said if gou are sensitive to cigarette smoke avoid this cruise. Again a very accurate review.

We spent a lot of time jockeying up and down hallways and elevators to avoid this smell. We never got teat at The Noodlebar as seating opens up to the casino and we wanted to taste our food not cigarette smoke. We were assigned our balcony stateroom which was above one of the nightclubs and the bass was so loud at night we asked for and was assigned a new stateroom after the third night.

The food was mediocre at best and almost never hot at the Garden Cafe main buffet specialty diningat the Itian, French and Habachi bar were great and thanks to our dining package was free. When it comes to handling passenges Norwegian is an epic fail. Seating in Atrium where most events took place was inadequate for seating the amount of guest on board. Poolside is the typical cruise ship with the freguent cruiser jerks who cover all the chairs and disappear for hours prevent rule followers from sitting poolside. There wer many more disappointments than there was positives of this cruise.

Ports were disappointing but we did not do excursions except Cozumel where i did the Mexican Cusine cooking class that was worth the Rotan greeted us with noise and the wonder view of port construction. Belize was lackluster. Costa Maya was nice however even though we were in Mexico and my Verizon plan covefs Mexico it dosent deach that far south or it is blocked at the port. Cozumel has improved so much over the year and we were able to get both voice and data with no problems. LilBitCruiser 1 Review Written. Great staff and fun Casino.

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We had two rooms and Both rooms were wonderful and we all were well taken care of by our room attendants. The staff was friendly and helpful through out the ship. At Cagneys they offered to deliver our deserts to our At Cagneys they offered to deliver our deserts to our rooms since we didn't have room after dinner. The spa was a nice quiet retreat, especially, after a day in the ports.

The staff was wonderful and attentive. Massage was nice and relaxing. Lots of port specials. The Vibe was nice but the price was surprisingly higher than last year. We felt we didn't get enough use out of it to justify the price. The casino had lots of hand pays and the staff was friendly and fun. We had a good give and take relationship with the slots. I won a few handpays which always makes for an exciting time. The drink servers were very attentive. Loved the casino hosts!

Always upbeat and fun. Loved going to the main dining rooms, especially for breakfast. The food was good and there was never a long wait. Entertainment was good. Really enjoyed comedy magician. Ports were fun. We booked all inusive excursions for Cozumel and Costa Maya. We will do this again next year. We had a wonderful time on the Breakaway. Would highly recommend this ship. Will be booking again.

Jramos 1 Review Written. Worst cruise ever - Haven. The service on this ship was absolutely horrible, and in the Haven, not much better. We had ONLY scolding hot water. Too hot to even brush Too hot to even brush your teeth. Day 2 - Ate at Cagneys and asked for dessert to be delivered. We were sleeping with the DND light on. It didn't stop whoever was bringing the dessert from literally banging on our door non-stop until one of us woke up to answer.

Top Charts. New Arrivals. This is the first English translation of Apicius de re Coquinaria , the oldest known cookbook in existence. It is also one of the few translations of this original Roman cookbook prepared by a professional chef. Joseph Vehling's brilliant translation, extended introduction, and full and helpful commentary combine to bring you a clear picture of what foods the Romans ate, how they prepared them, and the highly developed state of culinary arts in Imperial Rome. There are recipes for cooking fish and seafood, game, chicken, pork, veal, and other domesticated animals and birds, for vegetable dishes, grains, beverages, and sauces; virtually the full range of cookery is covered.

There are also methods for preserving foods, revitalizing them, even adulterating them. Some of the recipes are strikingly modern; others use ingredients and methods that have long since disappeared. As the book was originally written for professional cooks working in Rome perhaps made even more obscure to prevent amateurs from gaining access to the recipes , Joseph Vehling's generous notes are essential for understanding the ingredients and methods used in the recipes and the relationship of Roman cooking to our own traditions.

Besides the translation and notes there is much other material, both scholarly and informative, covering cooking in the ancient world, the history and bibliography of Apicius manuscripts and editions, an index and vocabulary of Roman cookery terms, 49 illustrations including drawings by the author and facsimiles from earlier editions, and much more.

Needless to say, you couldn't find this information anywhere else. This rare book will appeal to gourmets, professional and amateur chefs, cultural historians, and others who want to see, first hand, the foods on which Imperial Rome dined. It will clear up many myths about Roman cooking and will provide a great deal of enjoyable reading as well. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Flag as inappropriate.

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It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to cooking. See more. The New American Cooking. Joan Nathan. Joan Nathan, the author of Jewish Cooking in America, An American Folklife Cookbook, and many other treasured cookbooks, now gives us a fabulous feast of new American recipes and the stories behind them that reflect the most innovative time in our culinary history.

The huge influx of peoples from all over Asia--Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India--and from the Middle East and Latin America in the past forty years has brought to our kitchens new exotic flavors, little-known herbs and condiments, and novel cooking techniques that make the most of every ingredient. At the same time, health and environmental concerns have dramatically affected how and what we eat. The result: American cooking has never been as exciting as it is today. And Joan Nathan proves it on every page of this wonderfully rewarding book. Crisscrossing the country, she talks to organic farmers, artisanal bread bakers and cheese makers, a Hmong farmer in Minnesota, a mango grower in Florida, an entrepreneur of Indian frozen foods in New Jersey, home cooks, and new-wave chefs.

Among the many enticing dishes she discovers are a breakfast huevos rancheros casserole; starters such as Ecuadorean shrimp ceviche, Szechuan dumplings, and Malaysian swordfish satays; pea soup with kaffir leaves; gazpacho with sashimi; pasta dressed with pistachio pesto; Iraqi rice-stuffed Vidalia onions; and main courses of Ecuadorean casuela, chicken yasa from Gambia, and couscous from Timbuktu with dates and lamb. And there are desserts for every taste.

Old American favorites are featured, too, but often Nathan discovers a cook who has a new way with a dish, such as an asparagus salad with blood orange mayonnaise, pancakes made with blue cornmeal and pine nuts, a seafood chowder that includes monkfish, and a chocolate bread pudding with dried cherries. Because every recipe has a story behind it, The New American Cooking is a book that is as much fun to read as it is to cook from--a must for every kitchen today. Eric Gower. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Sep 22, lisa church rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone who likes to cook. Shelves: cookbooks. Sep 24, Deno Marcum rated it really liked it. This is a beautiful book for the upscale home cook. I also believe Eric Gower is on to something here with his quick and easy style of cooking termed "Breakaway Cooking" which incorporates the use flavor packed ingredients he calls "Flavor Blasts". And no other cookbook author in my collection has formed such a clear opinion of salt as Eric does in his introductory essay on the subject.

This is one of my favorite cookbooks for fresh and simple cooking ideas. I look forward to fresh new books by This is a beautiful book for the upscale home cook. I look forward to fresh new books by this author. Oct 13, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: food.

This is my favorite new cookbook of the year. Eric Gower's approach is to keep a well-stocked pantry of "global flavor bursts" -- ingredients like flavored salts, pomegranate molasses, miso paste, maccha powder -- that are easy to use and bring tremendous flavor and style to simple dishes. Try sprinkling a nice ripe tomato with lavender-infused sea salt, or adding tangy Greek yogurt to an herby dish of scrambled eggs and you'll see immediately. This is inventive, flexible cooking that is accessi This is my favorite new cookbook of the year.

This is inventive, flexible cooking that is accessible to the home cook in the best possible sense. And the book is gorgeously illustrated. Nov 30, Deb rated it really liked it Shelves: cookbooks. This book and the author's other book The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen, are my favorites when i am craving unique food with an Asian flair.