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Thank you so much for coming all the way to Sterling. I hope you made it to DIA on Sunday morning! Thanks for givng us Alliance folks a really fun time. You have great stories, good delivery and timing and are spot on. Hope we can have you back again to our Best Hometown in America. Hello to your mom. She did a great job. Very, very good. We really enjoyed you and the other guy, Tommy chong. Not trying to be funny, he really reminded me of Tommy in looks.

Anyhow, if you have ever tried to friend the name Sam Adams, well let me say you get an entire phone book. But we found your site and really enjoyed the show. Be Blessed You were awesome, thanks for everything you do!! We still want you to prove how "bad" you are at dancing!! Also very brave of you to face "pink" women at our annual Pink Flamingo Event. Everyone there thought you were the best! Thanks again. We hope you had a great time and be safe going home. To Sam's Mom, Sam is doing well and appears to be in good health. Cosby would be proud.. Hi sam Funny who you meet in this world!

Lots of great feedback from all of the attendees. Thank you again! I recommend booking Sam Adams for any event and will definitely catch one of his public shows! We'll definitely look to catch you again! I was LMAO! Thanks for the CD! You are hiliarious! Thanks for getting rid of the four little pigs in the front row. Your show was great. We all had an awesome time! We all enjoyed it very much. You are very kind, and they did take good care of us. I forgot to tell you, I liked your shirt.

Your Erie Show was excellent. My daughter attended with me so I was very pleased that your comedy is not vulgar or profane. You can be funny without swearing. Same goes for the other comedian Orny Adams. No swearing. Good job. I recommended all my facebook friends attend the Saturday show. Hope some of them made it. You said your mom will read these comments so Thanks for your encouragement and for your awesome comedy!

Hoping for a full house for ya tonight! Your show in our opinioin was much better than the headliner. We preferred your presentation and it was so pleasant to not listen to the language that so many comedians use. Your act was just as funny or more and you didn't need any language special effects. We did buy your CD. We really liked your show and will watch for your return to Erie. Great show last night at the Comedy Works for Dawg Nation.

First time I've seen your stand up. You are very entertaining. I truly believe that comedy doesn't have to be rude and crude. I cant wait to show my children you dvd. I was lucky enough to see you at the Apartment Conference here in FoCo yesterday and just wanted to let you know my team and I really enjoyed it!

You did a fantastic job - perfect luncheon keynote entertainment! Enjoy being back in CO, and hope to catch you at the Comedy Works! It is a small bar people. Apreciate if you contact to Amy Johnson to give us the quote. Please call at After P. You had me in tears! I hope I can catch one of your shows in Denver! We attended Loonees with friends last night and were delightfully surprised by the great insight and humor you shared- and you are so clean.

I am convinced that you don't have to be filthy to be uproariously entertaining. I don't find comics who talk about only sex and their pathetic dating experiences to be entertaining- Life is entertaining! You are a rock star!!! My girlfriend and I were at Loonee's last night March 11th and laughed until we cried. What a breath of fresh air you are!

Although no prude, I really enjoy someone who is talented enough to not HAVE to resort to raunchy humor to make us laugh. And the paint chips I'm laughing again just thinking about it!!! Thanks, Sam! Your fun performance was the topping on a well-designed evening. This week's coffee klatches will be a-buzzin' as those who didn't attend will learn what they missed. Super performance. My stomach hurt because I was laughing so hard! Loved it! Thanks for coming to spend time with us in Sutton Nebraska! The show spotlights up and coming comedians and music acts. We plan to tape comedy shows at the Goshen Theater in Indiana.

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We are already filming live music acts for the show. If you wish to submit a video clip of your comedy act go to www. Submissions should be in dvd form, we will not download clips online. They should be free of profanity and anything deemed obscene, although we will edit some profanity If needed. Clips should be 1 to 3 minutes in length or send full show and we will edit it down to clips. Please send contact information with video. Thank you.

The Masseuse

Goshen, IN. Hey, SAM,Thanks for the great show at out Echostar party, and we loved your jokes, not matter what the color! Good luck with the 21 year old, we have emancipated our 22 year old son, and miss him terribly. We love your show, and had to let you know it.

See a Problem?

Come to Cheyenne again. So i'm ash grey? Great Show in Craig!!! Thanks for the laughs. You really captured the Wyoming mindset. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your routine. Thanks for the extra time! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Drive safe and I can't wait to see you again. Well done! Will be watching for nearby shows in the future. Thanks for a great evening, you crazy carmel nut man!!! Sitting in front and you didn't think I was laughing. I was, trust me. I know you're thinking of moving to Baggs, let us know when the house warming is.

You put ons one hell of a show last night in Cheyenne! Deputies responded to a report of theft. Officers responded to a report of child abuse. Officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle. Thank you again for coming to Craig Colorado on Friday. You did a fantastic job. I would for you to come back again; then you can meet all of our children Drive safely, and drive fast if you have to go back through Rifle.

It was great fun to spend time laughing and enjoying your humor! We're going to the hardware store to look at paint chips! Thanks gor a great evening. Dear mom Adams Thanks, Sam, for a fun night of laughs that is rare in Craig-America! Adams--Sam's mom Yes. He was the caramel mocha man in Craig, Colorado last night. When we last saw him, he was fine.

You should know, however, that he doesn't have a steady job and he doesn't tuck his shirt in. Thought you would want to know. Otherwise, he seemed fine. I know it's hard not to worry. So refreshing to hear really humerous dialog without the 4 letter words. Where is the pill in That! Susansmcdonald comcast.

New Release Round-Up February 26th-March 4th

Just awesome, I enjoyed it very much! I will check to see when you will be back in the Springs for a show and will without a doubt be there to hear more. I believe in laughter and dancing, that's what makes the world go round. Once again thanks and I really enjoyed you talk. We laughed until we cried, especially the material about your mom only knowing one guy in Colorado. I had no idea you were so polished. Youve obviously worked hard on your craft. And Im proud of you. You are proof that if your industry has died on you, you can rebuild and adjust, not moan and cry about it.

I thought you did a great job! Would love to catch a show down in Denver sometime. I've watched some of your routines through facebook and have heard some pretty great things about you from others Keep bringing all the smiles! My husband Luther and I met you at your show. I just wanted to say hello and to let you know how well we enjoyed your show.

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You are a very talented person and it was a pleasure to met and speak with you. We have been telling our friends and family all about you. We are also looking forward to seeing you again. Stay in touch, okay. I haven't laughed that hard in so long. I can't wait to get to the paint store and find out what color I really am! Thanks for coming in and doing that! Awww - small towns You are obviously in your zone, and it was such fun to have you come and shine your light and share your gift. Can I have the words to your rap? I just want to pull that on my teenagers one of these days.

I'm the guy in the Kangol cap who got a a picture with you and b slain by the hardware-store-swatch-as-antidote-to-racism bit. Just so you know My husband was the only other black man in the place last night So do have a Facebook account? We had a terrific time. The audience was all yours. Laugh baby, laugh! Continued success. I can't find it and would like another asap. Can you tell me how to get one?

I do not know when I have laughed, really laughed so hard. The dance routine and the rap songs were instance hits. You have learned from the Master and yet you have your own style. Appreciate you sending information for a private event, but will make sure I check my color chart first. Look forward to seeing you again sometime! First time I've seen you and won't be my last.

My niece is Karen Z. You were hysterical Your show was great! Really ejoyed it! And I'm not big into comedy! Still looking for my "true color! And for "clean comedy! Hope to see one of your shows again!!! Thanks for the laughs!!!! My wife and I love comedians and see as many as possible. You are one of the best. The what's your color bit is great.

Today's Sure Choice

I want to find my color now. I too will carry it. Keep up the great work and Thankyou for being clean. It is funny to cuss but it is talent that can make someone laugh with just the material. Keep it up. You are hilarious I'm totally going to go find mine and use that! Definitely refreshing to see someone have an excellent clean show that was very funny! We hope you enjoyed OKC as much as we enjoyed you! I was at the Loony Bin tonight and can't remember the last time I laughed so much.

I should be able to avoid doctors for a long time! Top item on my to do list, go check out the paint colors We were sitting at the front center table. You shook my hand and apologized for shaking your butt in my face. Anyway, we really enjoyed the fact that you directed your comedy to real comedy. Thank you for avoiding the rank material. It's nice to have a good clean laugh! We pray that your mom continues to be healthy and your son is a success!! Thanks again! You were cracking us up! You prove that you can do stand-up and make people laugh while keeping it clean!

Your Bill Cosby was spot-on, too! I hope you get to come back to OKC soon! We enjoyed the Cosby channeling and the rap conversation with your son. It was a great show, and all for a good cause. Went to the hardware store the next day. Turns out I'm Montpelier Peach! We had an amazing time tonight. It was Klean, it was Klever, and it was Kolored. My girlfriend and I have been suffering from CRD for quite some time. We're so happy to know that there's a pill out there to help us.

Keep reading the signs. Going to be a fun one. Shooting at town hall in the morning. Okay, here she is. Just read this in the new Esquire: "On the morning I had to shoot John Wayne, he leaned in to me with a little Jim Beam on his breath—but sober—and said, 'Oh, they're going to hate you for this.

Because he understands bad guys are funny. Otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about them years later. Meanwhile, Mad Coyote Joe came by with homemade bread. Sent up this reference to Prescott Valley and Bronzesmith this morning: We can see the piping on Billy's fireman shirt clearly in the tintype: Well, anyway, those of us who study this little credit-card-sized piece of tin see the piping clearly.

soiled dove Manual

What we can't see very good is the alleged anchor in the shield of the shirt. Some people see a dragon: Here's what I see: And here's a closer look at the "anchor": And here's what I think I see: I think there is also a design on the collar, perhaps stars? What do you see? Pablo Picasso said, "It took me four years to paint like Rafael and all my life to paint like a child. The point being, artifice is ultimately stilted and fake, no matter how much skill or schooling is applied. A couple weeks ago I went into Phoenix for a meeting and took advantage of being in the Beast by dropping into Arizona Art Supply to stock up on an assortment of watercolor papers.

My goal with this is to do a batch of starter paintings—"without hope, without despair"—in the hopes of finding a few honest passages I might build on. So, this morning I whipped out a bunch of small, patina starters to get the juices flowing. As I said, the key here is to let go and not worry about where it's going.

On several of these I painted with my opposite hand my right to try and break loose of my left-brain, linear thinking. I have become a firm believer in painting myself into a corner and trying to get out, which is a technique I learned from a Tucson git-picker at the Red Rooster Bar on the Old Benson Highway. That was his answer when I asked how he played such crazy leads in the honkytonk band we were both slumming in. I recently read that people with musical training are more successful in life because they know how to listen; they know how to collaborate with others; and they know how to explore problem solving in a creative way by playing, or painting, yourself into a corner.

Do drummers count? In this equation? Not sure, but I'll take it anyway. Crazy bad. Much mud. Much regret. I need to channel the child, keep it loosey goosey and trust my instincts to let go. Or, as some Zen guy put it: "Your grip should be like autumn leaves blown by a storm. Mighty good.

Davy Knowles - Every Man For Himself - 5/24/19 The Soiled Dove Underground - Denver, CO

Sat by the window and watched the sun come up as a big-boned waitress with a big rack poured me coffee and asked me, "Everything okay? There were two Soccoro cops at the counter, so I knew the coffee was good. Four booths away in my line of sight was an old coot with a cane sticking out in the aisle.

Out of the overhead speakers came Waylon singing about "America". Looking into Arizona on a lonesome highway I love this long stretch of highway because it's so serene. I met maybe four cars in the 50 mile stretch to Springerville. I did pass a couple slowpokes, as I was averaging 80 most of the way. As I shot past a couple slow-moving vehicles I imagined the occupants looking at me and muttering, "Look at that asshole go.

When I went down the hill after Payson, the traffic increased and I found myself being passed by cars and trucks like I was standing still. I was still going 80, and I found myself muttering to myself, "Look at those assholes go! For one thing we get to expose people to our latest issues of True West, in this case, Soiled Doves. But the little Weiner-cowboy in the stroller kind of changes the meaning of all this, doesn't he?

Soiled Dog? But, more than anything, I love talking to the cowboys and boy do they have 'em at this event. Sometimes it's just fun to watch two cowboys talk, like these two-good-old-boys standing in front of our table. Now, I couldn't hear a word they were saying, but based solely on their body language I think I can approximate what was being said.

My additional impressions follow. Bruised Beauty In Ruidoso. Orange underbrush has blossomed underneath and it gives an odd sense of barren beauty to the landscape. Beautiful early morning drive until I caught the sun right between the eyes at about Quemado.

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Got to Pie Town for breakfast and everything was closed up tighter than a gnat's ass stretched over a rain barrel. Paloma Rodriguez marked it as to-read Jun 08, Amanda marked it as to-read Apr 14, Ida marked it as to-read Jul 09, Booklover added it Mar 03, Jennifer marked it as to-read Aug 20, Tawnya marked it as to-read Aug 20, Anna Niem marked it as to-read Jan 26, Ric Murray added it May 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Claudia Easton. Claudia Easton. Claudia Easton is the author of The Soiled Dove book series. She tends to roam, but leaves her heart in Columbus, Ohio.

Claudia likes Rosanne Cash, organic pie, Bob Fosse, lattes, good comedy shows and soft sweaters. Other books in the series. The Soiled Dove 5 books. Books by Claudia Easton. Trivia About The Masseuse The No trivia or quizzes yet.