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The ideas in this book are thought provoking, and the story itself is a fun read. It's the rare book that combines a fun read with this much "bigthink": Blood Music by Greg Bear and Snow Crash are two that come to mind. A very recommended read for sci-fi fans. Engine Summer S. Instead of dwelling on the negative and serving up a diatribe against mankind's folly, he offers us a poignant, lyrical coming of age story with a post apocalyptic backdrop. The catastrophe, termed simply the Storm, is not elaborated upon.

In it's aftermath, society splits into 3 factions.. Angels, who were technologically advanced and built a floating city to escape.. There is a resemblance to Native Americans in the names, dwellings, and customs of these people. I thought of Belaire as a kind of Pueblo village, and chords as Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Konopka Shamokin, PA. In case you were wondering, a "pavane" is a stately dance in elaborate clothing, and this book is contructed like such a dance: six measures and a coda, each one a separate, but tenuously connected, story. It's an alternate history of the world in which Queen Elizabeth I is assassinated in , and the Spanish Armada conquers England.

For hundreds of years after that date, the Roman Church rules most of the world with a somewhat iron hand, keeping to a minimum the progress of science and inventions.

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Throughout the book you wonder about the rationale of the Church leaders for this stance, until everything sort of is made clear in the Coda. The writing is quite lyrical at times, and even though a reader might wish for more information about the world the author created, enough is given to enable you to understand what is happening, even if you Mockingbird S. Masterworks S. Set in 25th-century America, it paints a picture of an eerie yet believable world, made all the more spooky by the fact that the twenty-five years since the book's publication has brought us ever closer to Tevis' imagined world: of a humankind drugged with chemicals, TV, and ignorance; where robots have broken down and can't repair things or each other; where there are no families and no more children being born; and where people are taught that "privacy is supreme," "quick sex is best," and "don't ask; relax.

Human history is dead. The main characters are Paul, who manages to teach himself to read and in so doing becomes an outlaw on the run; Mary Lou, who drops out of the system and finds herself the only The Chrysalids S. I'd read a book by John Wyndham before and saw this one listed in the catalog. It like "Day of the Triffids" is set in an imaginary future.

Survivors here in the story are living after a nuclear war, in a society that is very worried about mutations from radiation. Who have set up a near religion about things being "normal. And then, we find out he isn't quite normal either, nor are some of his relatives. It is a very complex story and the characters are so normal in actions that you are carried along to the end in a wholly plausible way.

Very enjoyable. Recommend it if you like "Day of the Triffids" or even if you did not. Ammonite S. Currently unavailable. Ursula LeGuin said in an interview once that she regretted having used the male pronoun in The Left Hand of Darkness because it did a disservice to women in science fiction. I pass no judgment, her work was a milestone in science fiction and gender issues. Griffith's Ammonite fills in that deficiency brilliantly.

The Rediscovery of Man. Flowers for Algernon. A Case of Conscience.

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The Penultimate Truth. Rendezvous with Rama. Life During Wartime. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Dark Benediction. While a bit confusing at first, the book was very good.

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It was nice to have a shift in point-of-views with each chapter. Each character was written very well that there was never a moment where I could not remember who I was reading about. One person found this helpful. I was attracted to the idea of a prescient writer in the s foretelling what might happen if we continued on our present path. Interesting, but not worth spending hours on a twisted adventure in a particularly distasteful setting.

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Format: Hardcover. This novel pictures a world facing the rising sea with the resulting decline of the land mass. It based in the middle of the 21st century Australia. The unemployed form more than half the population and they are massed in specially built high rise towers and kept there by the police and the army.

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The story traces the fall of a family from sweet i. While this may seem confusing at first, the author managed to turn this into an interesting way of examining different personalities each with its own selfish motive and self centered view of the world.

Format: Paperback. A really interesting look at our current society falling apart due to the weather, etc. For a pleasant change, not set in 'ho-hum, not New York again, who the hell cares about there for the nth time', but in Melbourne. The characters seem real. After a woman loses her job, and her husband, she tries to get by.

One honorable man tries to organise people to help each other out.

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This book is fantastic - and a warning. Reading it, you can feel the heat, the claustrophobia, the hopelessness of life on the fringes and the rising sea lapping at the doorstep. The scary thing is, the writing's on the wall. Global warming is still a threat, huge multi-story pack-em-in apartment blocks are going up in the middle of cities everywhere, the gap between the haves and have nots is rising, and everybody's looking away. It's just a little harder to look away after reading this.

If you like this book, seek out Brunner's "Sheep look up",. The late George Turner has captured science, fears of global warming and society change into a brilliantly read book. His scenario may not be entirely feasible, but it is indeed a possibility of a future that we are creating and have no control over. See all 11 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. Customers who bought this item also bought.

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