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The Witch Hunter’s Amulet by Marco Lobo (paperback)

Jupiter is said to preside over mental powers, a teacher of astrology and astronomy. It controls the movement of planets and is ruler of the Sun and Moon. This is the last gem Andrade collects for the navaratna and it completes the circle of gemstones, creating a mini-cosmos. Hedonistic, it rules the sensual side of human nature.

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It is shown riding a horse of heroic desires , holds a scroll as writer of scriptures, sometimes shown also holding a sword and a lotus. The planet rules over regeneration and is life giving.

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  6. In the body, it presides over reproductive systems. It is connected to beauty and sensuality and also governs comfort and luxuries. In the book, Andrade receives a diamond for the he played in a battle; from there he goes to sack the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Planet of darkness and confinement. It is seen riding a vulture. Shani holds a sword of lawlessness, trident of Shiva, a mace of strength and material power. The fourth hand holds the reins.

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    A cold dry planet, Saturn is old and suffers from poor eyesight. It rules over prisons and labor. In the body is controls hair, teeth, bones and the nervous system. When Andrade finds the blue sapphire, he immediately feels a chill. His mental state deteriorates and he travels to Bijapur in search of the next gem. Rahu is disruptive and creates Confusion. The chariot is pulled by a tiger representing the mind wandering in a forest of desires.

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    Rahu is interested only in what gives pleasure. This is the rest of the body of Rahu. It causes disturbs physical bodies and causes a loss of interest in life. It carries a sword, a shield and a flag.

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    The last hand is open, palm out, fingers pointed down. It is seen as a headless torso on the body of a fish. Ketu bestows spiritual tendencies as well as wisdom and powers of discrimination. He manages all his affairs expertly and is for a time greatly admired. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

    The Witch Hunter's Amulet - Historical Novel Society

    Jun 02, Doug Christi rated it it was amazing. I usually do not read historical fiction, mainly because it reminds me of History class in high school. However, The Witch Hunter's Amulet by Marco Lobo successfully transported me back to the 16th Century and made me feel as if I was an integral part of the story, albeit a bystander. His des I usually do not read historical fiction, mainly because it reminds me of History class in high school.

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    His descriptive voice is magic and his characters, good and bad , convey depth and complexity. The story opened my eyes to a period I knew very little about and helped me understand the fragility and torment of man's faith in a Church seemingly bent toward ungodly pursuits. Reading The Witch Hunter's Amulet has made me a convert to historical fiction, at least when it is written by Marco Lobo.

    I look forward to future installments. Sunita rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Jeremy Soldevilla rated it it was amazing Apr 11, Anne Monteith rated it really liked it Oct 28, Sarah J. Brown rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Promocave rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Marco Lobo added it Jan 29, Sarah marked it as to-read Mar 03, Avi added it May 30, Micki Levin marked it as to-read Sep 24, Megan marked it as to-read Mar 05, Our membership is worldwide, but we still like to meet up - and many members travel thousands of miles to do so.

    The Witch Hunter’s Amulet

    Here you can find out about our conferences and chapter meetings, and can check the important dates for our Awards and magazine. In these pages, feared and reviled witch hunter Manuel Andrade is sent by his Catholic church masters to the far reaches of the Portuguese empire—in this case to Goa, India, where Andrade arrives in and, like most newcomers to India, is immediately felled by the heat, the humidity, the very strangeness of the place.

    The novel is also filled with the local sights, sounds, and customs of 16 th -century India, from crowded bazaars to tiger hunts. A very entertaining debut novel.