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10 Most Valuable Human Attributes

A Role Model Can Have Positive or Negative Impact

When I was doing this, I found myself looking for patterns. I found no two people had all of the same traits, but I began to find lots of overlap between people. Eventually, I began to realize that there were seven traits that kept showing up again and again in the people I admired the most. None of them had all of these traits, but they were shared so often among the people I considered that I began to see them as seven attributes that really matter.

Lately, these seven traits have become something of a self-improvement checklist of mine. I hope they do for you, too. Self-Belief Self-belief simply means that you believe you can accomplish things.

15 Amazing Attributes of God: What They Mean and Why They Matter - Topical Studies

Self-belief is, of course, the latter. Without self-belief, it becomes very hard to take on large challenges in your life. How can you build self-belief? The easiest way is to show yourself that you can do it. Can you walk 2, miles this year? Can you write a novel before the end of March? Set that plan down and focus all your energy on making it happen.

Examples of Attributes

The more you achieve, the more your self-belief will grow. You can easily begin to believe that you are the secret sauce that makes things happen and that you make the world go around. Virtually everything in your life is a collaboration. The ideas that flow through my head came through countless sources. The inspiration for this post was other people.

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A good way to practice humility is to think about how many people had to be involved to bring you the things you take for granted. Who made it? Who wrote the software that runs on it? Self-reliance combines well with self-belief. Self-belief means you think you can do anything. Natalie and Samira were part of my research study on how young people develop the skills, abilities, and motivation to become engaged citizens.

They and 42 other college students recalled stories of their childhoods and adolescence and the kind of people who inspired them. They are educators, civic leaders, mothers, fathers, clergy, peers, and ordinary people encountered in everyday life. My study showed that being a role model is not constrained to those with fancy titles or personal wealth. Who do your children look up to for inspiration and guidance? Sometimes a positive role model will make poor choices. When a role model displays behavior that is negative, talk with your child about your family values and why the behavior is unacceptable.

By the time children become adolescents, they should be able to differentiate the positive and negative behaviors of the people they admire. Most often, when role models embrace inappropriate behaviors, they lose their ability to inspire others. When families learn to teach integrity and live their values, children and teens are much more likely to recognize and be inspired by positive role models. The top five qualities of role models described by students in my study are listed below.

These qualities were woven through hundreds of stories and life experiences that helped children form a vision for their own futures. By far, the greatest attribute of a positive role model is the ability to inspire others. Role models show passion for their work and have the capacity to infect others with their passion. That is such a meaningful gesture. They are always trying to give back to the next generation. That really inspires me. Role models live their values in the world. Children admire people who act in ways that support their beliefs.

It helps them understand how their own values are part of who they are and how they might seek fulfilling roles as adults. For example, students spoke of many people who supported causes from education to poverty to the environment. Life is defined as any system capable of performing functions such as eating, metabolizing, excreting, breathing , moving, growing, reproducing, and responding to external stimuli.

The Two Things That Really Matter in Life

But many such properties are either present in machines that nobody is willing to call alive or absent from organisms, such as the dormant hard-covered seed of a tree , that everybody is willing to call alive. An automobile, for example, can be said to eat, metabolize, excrete, breathe, move, and be responsive to external stimuli. A visitor from another planet, judging from the enormous number of automobiles on Earth and the way in which cities and landscapes have been designed for the special benefit of motorcars, might well believe that automobiles are not only alive but are the dominant life-form on the planet.

See physiology. A biochemical or molecular biological definition sees living organisms as systems that contain reproducible hereditary information coded in nucleic acid molecules and that metabolize by controlling the rate of chemical reactions using the proteinaceous catalysts known as enzymes. In many respects, this is more satisfying than the physiological or metabolic definitions of life. However, even here there are counterexamples. Viruslike agents called prions lack nucleic acids, although the nucleic acids of the animal cells in which they reside may be involved in their reproduction.

Ribonucleic acid RNA molecules may replicate, mutate, and then replicate their mutations in test tubes, although by themselves they are not alive.

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Furthermore, a definition strictly in chemical terms seems peculiarly vulnerable. It implies that, were a person able to construct a system that had all the functional properties of life, it would still not be alive if it lacked the molecules that earthly biologists are fond of—and made of. See biochemistry. Life biology. See Article History. Read More on This Topic. The connection between climate and life arises from a two-way exchange of mass and energy between the atmosphere and the biosphere. Facts Matter.