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Developed by Fribourg Capital, Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a project that seeks to intensify connections and communication between companies that activate in similar domains in order to generate innovation and progress by creating a revolutionary space. RO Cluj-Napoca, Str. Dietrich die Initiative hatte die stark betroffenen Kriegsregionen aus Deutschland mit Lebensmittel zu versorgen. Dietrich had the initiative to transport food supply to severely affected by war regions of Germany. Karl Heinz Dietrich Romania is one of the few companies, on the Romanian market, supplying the full range of logistic services, feature that is highly appreciated by the clients in search of professional outsourcing.

While other companies operating in logistics are focusing on transport, warehousing or custom clearance services, KHD is able to successfully carry out and correlate all these activities. Dietrich company is certified ISO for introducing and using a quality management system for the following activities — storage, warehouse administration of goods, stock management, execution and development of transport activities by road, sea and air, at national and international level, custom clearance and ISO and AEO.

Tetarom Industrial Parks Cluj-Napoca has always been a successful destination for foreign investors giving its significant strengths compared to other areas of the country: the particular geographical position, the international airport, the proximity to the western border, the dynamic economic environment, the human resources offered by the universities, international schools, they all offer potential investors a broad spectrum in terms of local resources. The base stock of the foundation consists of the foundation capital and the own art collection of the Grove couple.

The both founders and cultural ambassadors were awarded by the German Federal President and the Romanian President and are honorary citizens of the city of Cluj-Napoca. In the period till March , help transports in value of approximately Languages in Transylvania: The Ultimate Convenience! Obviously, the handful of teachers that started with Bridge would not be able to cope, which is where the strong team in its three locations in Cluj-Napoca, Satu Mare and Oradea now help things run smoothly. Die Unternehmensdienstleistungen in Cluj entwickeln sich in atemberaubendem Tempo.

The business sector in Cluj is developing at a fantastic rate. All our courses are available to study , in small groups of or larger groups of up to 12 learners and can be taken in English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese Norwegian, Hungarian and Romanian as a foreign language. We provide full assistance and training for all types of communication: reading, listening, writing or speaking and the emphasis can be directed toward general or specific language skills.

The first schools were founded in the Middle Ages by German colonists established in Transylvania after the Great Mongol Invasion in For hundreds of years the German schools were considered to be the best ones in Transylvania, like a study made in the XIXth century by the Romanian scientist George Baritiu shows.

Nowadays in Cluj there are all the levels of education beginning with kindergarten up to postdoctoral studies. The Babes-Bolyai and the Technical Universities offer a great variety of courses to be studied in German and the University for Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine offers studies in English and French language, but they also have optional courses in German details on the following pages , and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy has attracted thousands of foreign students towards studies in English and French languages.

At primary school level, secondary and high school, there's George Cosbuc College which has a well established line of study in German. And also in Cluj the first German private school has been opened, Kinderland with teaching exclusively in German language. This new school includes a kindergarten that has been working for 11 years and an elementary school authorized in August , that has only opened recently. The intention of establishing the German-medium engineering programme of study in Manufacturing Technology following the model of the University in Stuttgart is as old as Part of the lectures are delivered today in Cluj by teaching staff from Stuttgart.

The best undergraduates receive every year a three-month industrial placement offered by our company partners and then they can study a full semester study in Stuttgart. This gives the students the possibility of getting to know both the professional life of the German engineers and the everyday student life there. High professional competence and useful cultural skills for their further career are given to our students.

Banat: Deutsche im Banat - Wojteg

Manufacturing Technology, B. Popa tcm. Dies gibt den Studierenden die Gelegenheit, das Studium in Deutschland und die Arbeitswelt der Ingenieure hier zu erleben. Sie erhalten damit eine hohe. Die Partnerfirmen z. Die Stadt Alba Iulia bleibt ein. Citadel which is the largest citadel in Romania, and one of the largest Vauban Citadels in Europe - for which more than 60 million Euros were invested in the past few years -, were appreciated at national and international level.

Following this important recognition the destination benefits today of a permanent place on the European Commission site. Alba Iulia is considered to be the capital of porcelain in Romania.

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The city occupies an important place in the history of Romania due to the events which took place here and left their marks in the conscience of Romanians. In it became the capital of Transylvania and it is here that on December 1st the province of Transylvania announced its unification with Romania and where the unification act was signed.

Moreover, in King Ferdinand was crowned King of Romania. Alba Iulia Municipality remains an important historical monument of Romania, being officially recognised as the Citadel - Symbol of the Greatest Union of the Romanian Nation, while Alba Carolina Citadel with all its interior and exterior spaces, Ravelines and Bastions is included within the national heritage interest monuments list.

In the past few years the rehabilitation works of the Vauban Alba Carolina. Weltkrieg umgewandelt. Die Wehrmacht hat das Schloss niedergebrannt. A simple statistics show that, for example, on the river Mures, there is a comparable number of castles to the one existing on the Loire River Valley in France. Unfortunately, the state of the castles in Transylvania is pitiful.

Many of them were intentionally destroyed or they were let to decay over decades of communism. The construction of the castle began in , and over the centuries it has become one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences. But the castle was transformed it into a hospital in WWII, for the wounded soldiers.

The Wehrmacht burned down the castle. The surviving parts were first converted into CAP headquarters, a Romanian kolkhoz, by the communists, and they were again burned intentionally during the filming of a movie about the First World War. After the fall of communism, Transylvania Trust began the restoration of the castle, and among those who finance the reconstruction works is Prince Charles of Great Britain. Another famous castle is the one from Hunedoara. It was raised by the last crusade commander, the Romanian General Iancu de Hunedoara, prince of Transylvania and governor of Hungary.

The castle is built in the Gothic style. The most famous Transylvanian is a mythical character. But, in reality, he is a historical figure, the son of the Wallachian prince Vlad Dracul and the Romanians named him Dracula. The nicknames Dracul The Devil and Darculea come from the fact that the two princes of Wallachia became the knights of the Order of the Dragon. Vlad the Impaler was determined to scare his Turkish opponents by acts of cruelty.


He used most often impalement penalty which he learnt from the Turks themselves, during his teens, when he was taken prisoner by the Ottomans. The house Vlad Dracul in Sighisoara is the birthplace of Dracula, and now it has been converted into a restaurant. The tour continues with the Bran Castle photo , located in the south of the city of Brasov, the old border between Transylvania and Wallachia.

The castle belonged then to the kings of Hungary or to the Germans in Brasov and in , the city of Brasov was given to Queen Maria of Romania. During the communist period, the former royal residence became a museum. He had been assisted in his endeavours by his associates Adrian Romanul and Marius Ciurchea. The German businessman states that his business venture is a unique one due to the fact that, it is actually a park, where people can pet the animals. The whole project started four years ago when Wilhelm Dietrich decided to build a pension house thus he spent half a year looking for the proper spot.

Currently the zoo hosts 40 species amongst which there are some animals which cannot be found in the Romanian fauna as mouflons and llamas. In the year the park hosted After he had started the business on a vacant land lacking of any kind of utilities, not even a driveway the area has apparently gathered momentum and started to develop fast. Two other businesses have recently occurred, which are also sponsored by German funding.

More accurately a mini golf course for children and in its vicinity other numerous sport facilities specially designed for children, who will, thus have the opportunity to do some sports after having played with the animals from the park. Besides this the guests can also visit the neighbouring trailer park where they have the possibility to rent trailers. Many foreigners come to Cluj-Napoca for treatments in areas such as dentistry, ophthalmology or to seek for plastic surgery services.

In the last five years, one of the most dynamic areas in Cluj-Napoca became medical tourism.

Ubuy Lebanon Online Shopping For reiss in Affordable Prices.

Thousands of tourists from abroad come for the services provided by clinics or private clinics in the city. The biggest advantage is that the quality of medical services is just like in the best clinics of Europe. The University of Medicine and Pharmacy has developed courses of study in English and French, and the Faculty of Medicine has 2, foreign students. The clinics in Cluj are equipped with the latest devices and the managers of some of them have invested million euros and they continue to make further investments to get efficient services.

However, the prices charged by the doctors in Cluj are several times lower than those in other European Countries. Clinic owners in Cluj and agency representatives who specialized in medical tourism say that for many foreigners it is cheaper to fly to Cluj, to pay for accommodations and boarding, to seek medical treatment, but also to entertain between two sessions at the doctor, than to use the same quality services in countries such as Germany, Italy and Israel. Die am meist nachgefragten Verfahren sind Laserkorrekturen, die Behandlung des Keratoconus und die Behandlung des Katarakts.

Ein einziger Excimer Hochleistungslaser kostet Weitere Details unter www. We have many patients from Italy, the Unit-.

Meaning of "Banat" in the German dictionary

The main way in which this clinic became famous was the satisfaction of the patients. The most demanded procedures are laser corrections, the treatment of keratoconus and cataract treatment. The Optilens Surgery department has an ultra-modern operating block, with three surgery rooms equipped with last-generation operating microscopes, video monitoring and best quality instruments and two comfortable pre and postop rooms.

Major investments have been made in equipment. A single high-performance Excimer laser cost The clinic in Cluj has two of these devices, an unusual thing even for renowned Occidental clinics. The Optilens team can provide, at request, transport from the airport and can help finding accommodations. For further details acces www. Schwerpunktlegung den Meister. In unserer Klinik befindet sich auch ein eigenes Labor und Forschungszentrum.

Das geht! Probieren Sie Q Klinik aus! Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Q Smile is a modern, highly specialised clinic! In our clinic works a team of specialist in a space provided with 8 treatment rooms. We provide high-quality and modern therapy methods in order to restore your smile the way you want, in order to make you feel happy and comfortable.

We value quality, this is why in our clinic each doctor concentrates on his own specialty, but all work as a team. Even if it is an implant placement, endodontic treatment, a ve-. We have a 3D cone beam computer tomograf, CADCAM milling machines for one day dentistry, endodontic microscopes, lasers and brand new devices, most of all unique in eastern Europe. All of them for quality treatments and endless therapeutical choices from basic to high-tech ones!

That's the way we think! In the last years we had a lot of patients from european countries, USA and also Asia, who were impressed by the quality of the treatments and did come back with friend and relatives. You can recover your money from your insurance companies and more, we do offer guarantee for all our treatments.

And we offer treatment prices you cannot even imagine! Come to visit Transylvania and try us! We are more than happy to welcome you! An dieser wichtigen internationalen Veranstaltung nahmen von ca. The purpose of this association is the long lasting development and advertisement of the products, of the cultural and traditional values, of the tourism from the area of Cluj County; furthermore the association is set to promote the excellence of this area in the field of agriculture and traditional craftsmanship.

Moreover, it encourages competitiveness in this field, and the development of the rural areas by promoting the work and products of the local producers on national and international markets alike. By what means could such a goal be achieved? This can be achieved through courses, seminars and consultation workshops and by creating different programmes and study possibilities. The products made in Cluj are also known outside the borders of the country due to a series of specialized events. In August the Product of Cluj Association had taken part in the European Fair of Traditional Products organized in the Tatra Mountains, Zacopane Malopolska, Poland ; event which hosted around producers from more than 16 countries.

This large scale international exhibition received approximately In May the association had succeeded to exhibit its products in Serbia in the city of Kladovo. At this event, the Product of Cluj Association organized a specialized fair consisting of ten stands; numerous traditional craftsmen exhibited samples of traditional Romanian craftsmanship from Transylvania, as well as traditional products from this area. To top this demonstration the craftsmen have prepared a dish with the traditional Transylvanian products that they have previously advertised.

Chronik des europäischen Theaters

The products most appreciated by the visitors of the fair were the honey from Chiuiesti, the jam form Moldovenesti, the cold pressed oils and the products made of lavender oil, toilet waters, and syrup. The association intends to launch Product of Transylvania project, which will promote the products of the county and the region alike, as a campaign meant to attract both Romanian and foreign tourists.

Through this project the organizers aim to promote the tradition, the crafts, the cuisine and other elements of Transylvanian culture. Its main organizer, Transilvania Fest Association, is committed to maintain the uniqueness of the festival, by blending the ageless air of true Transylvanian customs and traditions with the contemporary chic atmosphere of Cluj.

This comprises craftwork, cuisine, architecture and ancient traditions. In addition, the festival has added a valuable social dimension to its mission, as it supports small producers and encourages culinary and cultural tourism. Thus, visitors discover and enjoy local types of cheese, honey, spiced oils, sweets, natural juices, jams and teas. Das kleine Deutschland.

My recent discussions and surveys reveal that Romania still shows a great interest for 4 German companies. I think that an intensification of the already extensive German-Romanian eco- nomic relations is in principle feasible and desirable. On September 21st I will visit Transylvania for the first time during the annual meeting of the Transylvanian Saxons in Sighisoara. German Businessmen strategically choose Romania What motivates German businessmen to invest in Romania? Lazar Comanescu: When we talk about German-Romanian connections, including economical relations, we need to look at the traditional aspect, the fact that the experience gained over time has generated trust 6 and interest on both sides, as well as a continuous intensification of both.

German business interest in Romania is also motivated by the strategic advantages offered by Romania, located at the border between two continents, between a Europe in search of its own relaunch and the emerging Asian markets. Conditions have got to be creat- Can you give examples of Romanian companies whose names have become synonymous with success in the German market? Planwerk architecture office handles both urban development concepts and the development of documentation for public and private beneficiaries, mainly from Romania and Germany.

I think Cluj can compete for the title as we have strong companies and new projects What would be the local objectives that could attract German tourists? Formal and informal grassroots movements are visible throughout the city, calling for a more responsible living and helping the shaping of urban policies. In more abstract terms we could say that by the praxis of co-created culture we move away from representative models of imagining society towards more participatory ones.

What about you? Weltkriegs wurde Cluj von Ungarn besetzt und die ungarischen Faschisten haben die Juden aus Cluj nach Auschwitz deportiert. The German Roman Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg strengthened the city's defense system and contributed to the expansion of St. The Saxon settlements towns, cities and villages have served as an example of thorough organizational skills, and their inhabitants have distinguished themselves by their diligence, honesty and resistance against the harshness of history. Apart from the momentous city walls which protect each settlement, they had also built around fortified churches, meant to prevent the invasion of the Tartars.

Carried by the Romanian-German Cultural Society, supported by the BabesBolyai-University and closely connected to the Goethe-Institut, the Cultural Centre established trusted partnerships with all important actors in culture and adminis- 22 tration, from the City Hall to foundations in Germany, from the Institut Francais to the independent art space Fabrica de Pensule.

For the general public, the significant details of this edition will certainly be the live show of Foieni Band and FUNKorporation from Cluj, torch jugglers as well as children activities — train- ing shows of German shepherd dogs, rides with the DWNT train and face painting.

Born to T he Impress printing house started its activity in as a prepress studio and has soon succeeded to stand out on the market in Cluj-Napoca due to the professionalism and quality of its services. Impress has a very strict quality control assurance due to the implementation of the quality management system ISO Mihaela Miron manager of the commercial department Impress Impress printing house has always been open to international collaborations, especially in Germany with Kirchheim-Verlag as one of the German clients which is why starting from this year, the printing house has become a member of the German Business Cluj from Northern Transylvania.

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  • International Affairs and Investment Department Assistance for Investors In order to support both local and foreign investors, the municipality of Cluj-Napoca created back in the International Affairs and Investment Department. Join us, so we can be stronger together! C luj Innovation City will be a modern urban extension of Cluj-Napoca comprised of integrated economic, academic and social elements focused towards building a sustainable entrepreneurial culture and economy based on innovation and high value service delivery.

    This modern extension of Cluj-Napoca will become a critical educational, economical and culturalhub for the city. IV www. Help for Romania Comes from Germany T he physician Maria Grove of Romanian origin has tried together with her husband, Hans-Joachim Grove, to improve within a foundation the situation of the Romanian health care system since and to promote the cultural exchange between Germany and Romania.

    Calea Dorobantilor nr. On the Trails of Dracula The most famous Transylvanian is a mythical character. Foto: arhivafoto. Medical Tourism Flourishes in Cluj In the last five years, one of the most dynamic areas in Cluj-Napoca became medical tourism. Claudia Corega www. A Smile from Transylvania W elcome to our clinic! We are aware of the costs of quality dentistry, that's why our aim was to provide the best possible treatments at affordable prices. Published on Oct 10, She highlights what was different or even odd about the Polish concepts, as well as how they dovetailed into the broader European tradition stretching back to antiquity.

    Warfare in Eastern Europe, Editor: Brian Davies. This volume examines continuities and new developments in the conduct of warfare in early modern Eastern Europe from the early sixteenth century, when Ottoman imperial expansion reached the Danube and Crimea, to the late eighteenth century, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was partitioned out of existence and Russia rolled back Ottoman power from Ukraine and Moldavia. The essays engage military history understood in the broadest sense and treat such subjects as taxation, recruitment, the sociology and culture of officer corps, logistics, command-and-control, and ideology as well as technology and tactics.

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    • The volume aims at facilitating comparative study of Eastern European military development across Eastern Europe and its points of divergence from military practice in the West. Contributors are Virginia H.

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