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Magic Loop:. For a variety of other finished crochet designs including Little Bug Ladybug Hats and other handmade items, please check out my etsy shop.

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Thank you Kat for sharing this wonderful Ladybug pattern. So cute! I hope you have been inspired today to have a go! Aw, that is so cute!

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This is absolutely adorable. What a cute hat!

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I just printed this out to give it a try. I think my little ladybug needs one.

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Love this! We just posted our Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party and would love for you to share this! Great guest post and project…If I only had a daughter and the ability to crochet. Regardless, I love it. I want to make this ladybug hat for my g g grandaughter, am having a bit of a problem. Do you count the ch 1, ch2,after the hdcs a stitch.. Can you help me out with the. Would you mind posting pictures on how to do the Magic Loop? Seeing it helps me and I absolutely love this hat!!

Hello thank you for the pattern.

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Could you please tell me what HDC1 means in round 3 of the hat? What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of cozy handmade hats! The next round is hdc3, 2hdc which would be hdc in the next three stitches and 2hdc in the fourth stitch and so on. I hope this helps others! Not slimy or sticky, and best of all, he is unbreakable! I am now offering this pattern for free, so I hope you enjoy!

This Amigurumi Snail is a fast project that is fun to make. Experiment with colours and use self-striping yarns for the shell to get different and surprising effects! The shell and slug parts are worked separately and the antennae are worked as you go, so no tiny, fiddly bits to work with. Roaming Pixies Crochet and Craft.

You can adjust hook and yarn size as desired, but keep in mind the size of finished object will vary. Copyright — Yes, you can sell items created from this pattern but please acknowledge Roaming Pixies as designer. Mass production is not permitted. Please do not reproduce or distribute any part of this pattern without permission. Written in US terminology.

How To Crochet Love Bugs, Episode 375

Finishing — To close up final hole weave thread through each outer loop of the last 6 sc, inserting your needle top to bottom through the stitch. Pull yarn to close up hole and insert the thread back through the middle of hole, inside head of toy. Exit needle about 2 inches away on the back of head.

Pull gently and trim. Magic Circle — This is the preferred method as it closes up the hole nicely. Work the shell halves in a continuous spiral i.


Shell 2 nd Half. Fasten Off leaving a 12 inch length of thread for seaming two halves together. After that bout with little Weedle, did you think it would come to this? What a terrible misfortune you must now face, a venomous sting by a Beedrill will leave you noxious for days. On approach it will kick sand towards your eyes, so standing at a safe distance is a must. Once stitched, Pidgey will take your amigurumi to new heights! Pidgeotto has a few more colours and extra details that produce a nice step-up from Pidgey. This is a huge battle for any crocheter, but one which can be won with the right technique.

Not too dissimilar from Pidgeotto, with just a larger and more detailed crest, with slightly different tones on the colour scheme. Keep your composure and Rattata will be stitched in no time. Bigger teeth and more ferocity, Raticate comes with a gnawing challenge. An entire change of posture, it is a completely unique experience to its predecessor. Feeling nostalgic about your first Pidgey encounter? Begin your journey into Kanto by checking out our crochet hooks with a simple click here.