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Crafts people are part of the planning process. Estimated job duration by skills and the number of people needed for the job. Required permits available. The cost of each job is estimated. Define physical and environmental constraints. The process of determining the resources, methods, and processes needed to perform maintenance work efficiently and effectively.

Note: Planning is different from scheduling. Planning short definition is to decide what, how and time duration. A synonym to condition monitoring. There are many other condition monitoring tools besides vibration analysis. Essential care and fixed time maintenance together.

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The importance of a maintenance job is defined by a priority code. A priority code represents a deadline for when the maintenance job has to be completed. Agreed upon guidelines for assigning a priority to maintenance work. Actions that are planned, scheduled and executed before a break-down occurs. Includes maintenance prevention activities.

Dictionary of Industrial Terms

Time, speed, and quality performance as it relates to manufacturing process. The document sent to a supplier to order parts, services, material, or machines. A maintenance philosophy which is heavily designed by engineers supported by sound theoretical practices. Note: No known plant have been able to implement a full RCM strategy.

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It is often a very complicated theory for simple common sense actions. RCM has a given place in the specification phase when designing new equipment. The product of process reliability and equipment reliability. Any activity intended to bring a component, equipment, or system back to a specific condition. Type of work that are done often in the plant. Repetitive work should have standard job plans. Global Key Performance Indicators measuring results directly impacting the financial performance of a plant.

All repairs that have to be done again due to a poor repair the first time. Note: A combination of poor planning and scheduling. Usually due to lack of skills, material problem, missing spare parts, or not enough time assigned to do a precision job before starting equipment again. A systematic way to collect select, analyze, solve and eliminate a problem.

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A job put on the schedule before the cut-off time. Specific people, start time and end time is documented. Note: that this process should take place before the job is executed. Scheduling short definition is when and who. A condition Monitoring Tool measuring the shock pulse in rotating equipment. Note: Shock pulse is the pressure wave generated through materials when two materials hit each other. A vibration will wave will be generated by the Shock pulse. An event that triggers a failure.

All machine parts, materials and supplies that may be required to repair an asset. A documented plan for a type of job that can be used repetitively. A combination of equipment that are dependent of each other to complete a production task.

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Can refer to a computer software, a work system or production system. Maintenance management and technology. A term often used by universities in the UK.

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  • A maintenance philosophy. TPM is usually profiled for the strong operator involvement in equipment care. The science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion, including the study of lubrication, friction and wear. See shutdown. Term usually used in steel, alumina, and mining industry. A maintenance job where necessary planned activities are incomplete before job is scheduled. Planning should always be done before scheduling. Opposite to Downtime. Time when a component, equipment or system is producing product. Note: The component, equipment or system may produce defect product or at a slower speed than usual.

    Summarizes what an organization or individual want to achieve in the future. In the Census, produced by a saw mill. In the Census, a product of a foundry that also makes wagons. In the Census, often used as raw material in basketmaking.

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    In the Census, made by a blacksmith using iron. In the Census, usually spelled without the hyphen. In the Census used as a raw material in a drug factory. Probably refers to labels for drug containers.

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    Probably an English construction for the correct form, partie de maison. In the Census, the anglicism melodeon is used. Normally translated as worker. In the Census, used as a raw material for a milliner, and a carpenter who made sifters. In the Census, used as a raw material of a saddler. Also a kitchen garden. In the Census, the abbreviation cwt is used. In the Census, sometimes spelled, radou. In the Census, used to describe dressed cloth products in a fulling mill.

    In the Census, produced by a founder. In the Census, sometimes spelled, sopha. In the Census, often abbreviated to soie Naples. In the Census, the anglicism sorghum is used. In the Census, a raw material in a baking powder factory. They are such as reason must admire, for they are the result of industry , temperance, and freedom.

    Real knowledge concerning fur dressing and dyeing is possessed only by those actually engaged in the industry. As their homes by neglect have grown shabby and squalid, so their industry has become calculating and sordid. The reason of all this is the lack of energy and industry in the people. Lost wealth can be replaced by industry ; lost health by hygiene; but lost time is gone forever. Sense of "diligence, effort" is from s; meaning "trade or manufacture" first recorded s; that of "systematic work" is s.