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Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson

Lenny's Last Call by Phillip Antonucci Horror - An old neighborhood tavern has a strange influence on a small town introvert. In order to save their troubled marriage, he has asked her to sleep with another man. Once the mysterious stranger is brought into their home, he unleashes something sinister upon the family that shatters their very foundation. Now Scott needs to save his family from this darkness and the demons being unleashed inside his wife, Scarlett.

Lethal Dose by Tim Murchu Horror - If a pill could remove the conscience, what choices would be made? Two graduate students discover a drug that temporarily inhibits the conscience. After confirming the drug works in a disastrous lab experiment, they continue testing at a bar the following evening. When the mayhem at the bar inevitably ensues, the remaining three pills are lost. Although only three pills remain, six characters have reason to use them. All demons surface in a whirlwind of catastrophic events as the audience is left wondering which of six people took the pills.

A Lie She Told by James GreenGecko Horror - Three girls are captured when hiking in the woods, but are released under the condition that they don't tell anyone. One wants to call the police, but the other does not. Liminality by Lee Cordner leegion Horror, Thriller - In a town where ghosts begin to appear, a man discovers himself at the epicenter of a supernatural revelation. Littoral by Aldonnius Carter Horror - Some beaches are polluted by man, but the "Littoral" is polluted by a vicious killer!

Detective rivers rivers is a corrupt detective who's vice is prostitutes and creates a false testimony during johns interrogation and Framed for the murder of his father james who was killed by the Antagonist Abraham Skozery a werewolf cult leader after the murder of detective rivers who then shot johns mother is now on the run for five years,in Ontario,Canada.

Jennette is used as bait by an FBI agent Steve Woolman to apprehend john with his swat team agents a sniper, shot gun expert, knife expert, and tactics coordinator. The "brotherhood' Interferes disrupting the arrest attacking the team as well as john. Locker by Robert Holbrook kitsilano99 Horror, Supernatural - A mysterious last request from her dying grandfather leads a New York office worker to a self-storage locker in a haunted old building in San Francisco.

Loon, The by Jesse Horror - Sshh! Did you hear that? The Lost Soul was Snake Bite by Adam Castillo Horror, Found Footage - A young man films himself and his day-to-day lifestyle as part of a online video journal, but things take a harsh turn when he begins to notice a recurring supernatural phenomenon in his footage after a distant relative suddenly moves into his home. Lullaby by Michael SK Booker boomer84 Horror - Evan Westwood's normal life takes an erie turn when his boyfriend, Adam, unexpectedly vanishes, leaving behind no trace.

He is aided by a mysterious woman named Shannon, who has an unusual affinity to the supernatural and holds uncanny knowledge about Adam's disapperance and the distubing circumstances surrounding it. Evan must rush to find Adam before it is too late and battle the horrifying and unbelievable forces that are attacking his sanity. Lurkers by Landen Wilson Horror - When night falls on an unsuspecting campus, three individuals will band together to seek out and destroy the malevolent creature that lurks in the shadows.

Lurkers by Landen Wilson Horror - When night falls on a small college campus it brings with it a creature on the hunt. We can't see it but it's there Lycanthrope by James McClung Horror - A mysterious guest with a monstrous secret wreaks havoc at a roadside bed and breakfast. Lychanthrope by Will Jonassen Horror - Revitalizing the werewolf with a new take on a classic genre, and pushing the norm from their current archetypes to something darker and more abstract, this is a story that returns to the metaphor of the dark side of man's soul.

While true to the subgenre's rules, it turns, and takes us down the hole by examining the dangers inherent when people fail to communicate and find some harmony in the face of their problems - in the face of a monster. Through the eyes of this small town and a force of nature, insanity, we see the werewolf reborn. Mabon by Dale Murray Horror - In the small village of Shieldhill, a coven of teenage witches decide to get back at a bunch popular teenagers who make their school life a living hell by cursing a boy to kill 'All who have wronged' but it goes horrible wrong. Malevolent by Malcolm Bowman scoob Horror, Thriller, Slasher - A crazed mass murderer puts a family through a night of terror as police desperatly hunt for him in a shocked small town.

Malevolent II - The Insane Asylum by Malcolm Bowman scoob Horror, Thriller, Slasher - A group of amatuer ghost hunters are invited to spend the night at the soon to be condemned Candleclose asylum, unaware that a psycopathic killer is using the premises as a hiding place. Malevolent III - Voices Of Rain by Malcolm Bowman scoob Horror, Thriller, Slasher - An abused thirteen year old boy runs away from home and learns how to fend for himself in a sleazy crime ridden city, returning home for revenge nine years later.

The Man in the Window by Eric Dickson Jack Horror - A single mother and teen daughter are tormented by a crew of demonic teens hell bent on scaring them from their new home. Masquerade by Cindy L. Keller Horror - A happily-married woman tries to fix-up her single girl friend with one of her husband's coworkers. She decides to have a Halloween party to do so. During the party they have a seance to contact a man that was killed by vigilantes, and end up conjuring the demon that holds the man's soul in bondage. The demon doesn't show himself for who he really is, well at first, anyway.

He comes across to the housewife as simply a bothersome ghost that she must get rid of; but he is a demon, and he is still collecting souls, but this time he wants more He wants the young housewife to be by his side, and no husband, friends, police, or owner of a metaphysical bookstore are going to stand in his way. Merciless by Jonathan Matthews jaybronxny Horror - The past and present of a small town sheriff and a abused woman are linked to a mysterious killer. Mesmerism by Joseph Cahill Horror - After arriving at a lake house in the woods, a group of college students on holiday begin to display bizarre and dangerous behaviors.

The lake house's gruesome past may have something to do with it. Midnight Lake by Abel Orfao abelorfao Horror - Ten college friends gather together at a secluded lakeside residence for one last celebration before fall semester unaware a dangerous predator lurks in the nearby woods. A Midsummer Night's Demented Killing Frenzy by Christine Willows Horror, Comedy - Using only dialogue from Shakespeare's texts, an unsolvable love quadrangle propels four public school pupils to runaway from school to an outdoor rave where a drug is going round that turns people into frenzied, blood-drinking monsters.

Emma, a trouble young girl is receiving visits from the ghosts of his victims. She seeks solace with a group of young teenage psychics. For differing reasons, they decide to find the mind reader themselves. The only trouble is, it's hard to stay a step ahead of someone who can read your mind.

Based on a true story. Misery Index by Randy White ranman78 Horror - People in an impoverished town are turned into zombies after eating free meat provided by the government. The Miskatonic Acid Test by Dark Lord Rob hosted by The Miskatonic Acid Test Horror - In a group of students at Miskatonic University in witch-haunted Arkham, Massachusetts decided to emulate the West Coast and put on their own sort of "happening", where "music and atmosphere could combine to create an alteration of consciousness", with the clandestine help of a little LSD.

Or maybe a lot. Unfortunately, the professor they chose to serve as faculty adviser on the project had an agenda of his own; see, he was a philosophy professor, one who specialized in the "study of Evil", and one who saw the Miskatonic Acid Test as an opportunity for a little experiment. As the music and drugs reached their peak he ascended the stage and began to read incantations from the dread Necronomicon The Missing Dinner Guests by Benjamin Gilton Horror - A young couple, lost on a woodsy trail, comes across a quaint, isolated "gingerbread" cabin.

From the inviting smoke out the chimney, something warm and yummy is cooking. Little do the lost wanderers realize, once they knock on that door, they will be the next ones cooking. Only the result may vary from what you expect. Based on the short story. Monster Squad, The by Alek J. Talevich Horror - When an ancient and bloodthirsty evil awakens and sets forth to destroy the world as we know it, four heroes prepare to rise to the challenge Mopheads by Riley Cranston Horror, Comedy - When an upscale suburban shopping mall is under siege by a popular energy drink that turns its customers into flesh-eating creatures, the mall's fate is left in the hands of the five people who could care less: the janitors.

Mopins by Richard L. Sartore Horror, Comedy - A human is in a serious and comedic struggle with tiny, marble-sized alien creatures MOPINS living inside his body to escape the deadly atmosphere of earth. When an angry and hurting TJ finally reveals their presents, and the FBI lab tries assorted methods to destroy the critters, the tempo intensifies. The creatures are capable of destroying TJ's organs. However, in doing so, they would kill off the host that's keeping them alive.

The Morgue Museum by Chris Bodily Horror, Slasher, Sci-Fi, Conspiracy, Thriller, Anthology - A museum curator introduces three vignettes: A babysitter receives disturbing phone calls; a deaf audiophile cuts off people's ears to use as his own; the discovery of a lost film unravels a conspiracy. Mountain Hexer by Al Lintin Horror - Two young men confront an evil moutain witch, but cannot possibly comprehend the horror they're about to confront.

Murder of Crows by Dustin Bowcott hosted by Dustin Bowcott Horror - A freelance wildlife photographer and her young son must fight to survive when their village is besieged by millions of flesh hungry crows. Murderhorn by Rodriquez Fruitbat Horror - A troubled boy finds an injured dark unicorn in the forest behind his house and nurses it back to health with the blood of his tormentors. My Death Approaches Thee by Richard D Dubose Horror - A young man sets out to put an end to the curse that has followed his family for over years after he discovers that innocent people are taking his place in death.

Natas by Mike VinSavage Horror - A family must fight the forces of evil to save their souls, from eternal damnation. Necromancer by Christopher Sorensen Horror - One general, one necromancer, and a long forgotten god. The earth has been in decay for ten years, now a new warrior will emerge to set the world free.

The Neighbor by Bernard Mersier Horror - The laws of the ten commandments are enforced, when Deacon Patrick Graves discovers his wife cheating, leading to a gruesome murder. He goes on a holy rampage of murder, killing those who break the commandments, eating their flesh, which in his mind is cleansing their souls. The New Kid by Simon I. Proud Horror - When Nick, the new kid, arrives at school, Clara Black and her gang of social outcasts take him in. They soon find out that Nick knows a thing or two about the occult, and he tutors them in the ways of witchcraft; a means of striking back at their tormentors.

But as things race out of control - as they invariably do - Clara begins to realize Nick might have other, nefarious, plans: to raise a vile and destructive demon that will lay waste to their town and possibly the world. New Salem by Chris Paulino Horror - In the secluded town of New Salem, Alaska, a disgraced sheriff seeks to rescue his former deputies from a coven of witches operating a whore house. Night of the Violent Men by Jack Felson Horror - After robbing a jewelry store, two gangsters are quickly caught and end up on the coroner's table, one after another.

The first one dead, the other one And the loot is still no to be found.

Nightmare on Elm Street, A Dickson version by Eric Dickson Horror - Nancy Thompson dreams of being stalked by a razor clawed madman who claimed her sister's life twenty years earlier. Several high school students are found butchered alone in rooms, and the police have no leads as to the culprit. Meanwhile, Nancy Thompson is having terrifying nightmares that a mysterious man with a man-made claw of steel blades wants to kill her.

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But it isn't until she finds out that her friends are having the exact same nightmare that she realizes that someone - or something - is killing the teens of Springwood in their sleep. Searching for answers, Nancy uncovers a long-buried town secret - deceased child murderer Freddy Krueger, burned to death years ago by the town's PTA.

Realizing that Freddy has come back in a revenge effort from beyond the grave, Nancy confronts Freddy on his own turf - the world of dreams. The Nines by Leo Birchley-Brun Horror - The Nines is a slasher horror about the members of a very exclusive high school clique who go on a weekend away to a secluded manor house and find themselves unwillingly having to survive against an unknown killer with an unclear motive.

Recently he has been having headaches and sleepless nights, plagued by nightmares involving the death of his ancestor Sir Eric Dashwood. When John Dashwood visits the library to try and uncover the story behind his ancestor's death, and to piece together the fragments of his dreams. He starts discover his past when he is catapulted into the realm of darkness, by a pact by Phillip Brandauer and the Devil three hundred years before. After a terrible accident causes a morbidly obese girl's fat to explode from her body, the town residents who tormented her for being fat must face their fate when the disembodied fat takes on a life of its own and begins to exact a horrific yet hilarious revenge.

Brian Norris is a homicide Detective, ready to give it up. Tiffany is a rotting corpse. And it's her job to tie these men, and a group of others, into a mystery with an ending that none of them saw coming. Oculus by Matthew Jennings Horror, Anime - A business man's chance encounter on a subway with the demon of his dreams. Off The Clock by Charles Harding Horror - A group of restaurant employees discover something very sinister is breeding in their hometown.

Omega by Diego Valenzuela Horror - Death is a doorway. One Evil Man by Steven Clark Horror - A nurse discovers her terminal patient has more than just a passing interest in witchcraft. Much more. One Of Me by Kenneth M. Kielty Horror - Super macho firefighter stiffs a street hooker after using her services. She bites him and three weeks later he morphs into a woman and a werewhore. Only Oscar Knows by Cindy L. Keller Horror - A couple of psychos have come back to their old neighborhood to reclaim their childhood home.

Orange Fall by Amie Jean Denman filth Horror - Seven people are trapped under biological warfare in an old country townhouse. Forced to make a break for their lives they thankfully discover salvation in another inhabited complex. As tensions between them mount, the new group starts to forget what should matter most to all of them: survival. Orbs by Cesare Nassaini Horror - Five people find themselves facing a mysterious and evil entity.

Outbreak by Julian Singleton Horror - Six high school students take refuge in an abandoned High School in the aftermath of an outbreak of a virus that changes the living into undead man-eating creatures. On a survivor's radio, they hear word of a planned rescue operation. Will they survive long enough to be rescued? Or will they succumb to the living dead Outsiders, The by Daniel T Wood Horror - Two couples try to make their ferry crossing, only to take a short cut through a village.

Turns out the villagers don't like outsiders. The P. Meeting by Ed Beach CrusaderVoice Horror - A group of witches review a proposal from a public relations agency to improve their image. Paradise Falls by Rodney Bradley Horror - A female detective, who suffers from PTSD, relocates to a small town where she soon gets roped into an investigation involving a string of kidnappings in which the victims return seven days later, only to go on a murderous rampage. Pattison Hill by Glen Mackenzie Horror - Pattison Hill is nowhere particular, but when the apocalypse hits and you are fighting for your life, it can be your whole world.

A dystopian near future. An entrapped hitman fights to protect a teenage girl from a mysterious bloodthirsty cult whilst being pursued by a power mad crime lord. Payday by Charles Harding Horror - A middle aged man working as a dishwasher in a restaurant loses his mind and begins a vicious killing spree. The Peripherals by Chris Ossman Horror - A home-sick drifter discovers that mankind is no longer the apex predator on Earth as he fights to save himself and fellow travelers trapped in an old bus station. Perish by Mike W. Rogers Horror - While a female Detective in Manhattan searches for her patern father, she take a case to locate a stolen religious relic, which leads her back to her estranged family, and the answers to her deepest desire.

Phantasm: Endgame by Rob Watson rickmasteres Horror - The story picks up where Phantasm IV leaves off, and provides answers and closure for the series. Piece by Piece by Robin Mathews Horror - A group of friends are kidnapped and taken to a large house by a sinister figure. There they will realise that their actions from 1 year before were the biggest mistake of their lives.

Jessica lives in town rocked by a social media rape case and a sports team ban. As the first big party since the case approaches, can she survive a volatile atmosphere and a misogynist revenge killer? Plagued by Malcolm Bowman scoob Horror - A narcissistic author finds his life tipped upside down when he plagiarizes a mysterious manuscript.

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Pogo by Rhonnie Fordham Horror - A contained script about a small-town sheriff who encounters a mysterious, sinister female clown. Stephen King's It meets Se7en. Now she's a loner fighting her way through high school and avoiding her former pageant-mates-- the star cheerleaders who make her life miserable. When Ness' former best friend is murdered and the rest of the cheer squad begin dropping like flies, Ness must go undercover as a cheerleader to solve the mystery of the cheerleader murders-- a mystery tracing all the way back to the beauty pageants.

The Pool by Anton Diether Horror - Two children seem to be haunted by their dead mother's secret lover, as seen through the eyes of a young, troubled woman hired as a nanny while their father leaves town on business. Their suburban house evolves into a nightmare world of psychological evil that seems to emanate from the back-yard pool. Porno Apocalypse by Christopher Brown Horror - A horror story about a group of adult filmmakers who go to the country to shoot the first 'Porror' movie and a happy nuclear family that encounter the ultimate evil.

The nuclear family's story is more atmospheric and genuinely goes for scares and a real sense of horror. In the last act the main protagonists unite to battle the earth itself. Think an exploitation film combined with the new Asian wave of horror and you're kinda close. Portraits by Michael Newbold Smith replica Horror - Family man Anthony's life is in an uproar: his rebellious teenage daughter is getting into trouble with the law, and his father just died in a freak household accident.

When he inherits his late father's old summer house in Maine, he uproots his family to spend a quiet Christmas break in 'The Bungalow' to decide if they want to keep or sell it before the summer rolls around. His young son is delighted, but before long, Anthony and his wife Kate begin to suffer horrifying hallucinations and nightmares. Does the seemingly pleasant house have something to do with it, or are they losing their minds? Driven by fear and morbid curiosity, Anthony delves deeper into his family's history and unearths a shocking secret that should have stayed buried.

The Project by David Boyer Horror - A werewolf enlists the help of his estranged brother to find the vampires responsible for killing his wife and kidnapping his son. The plot is about four friends, Cecilee, Adam, Chelsea, and Will. They all make a fatal mistake and they vowl to keep it a secret But six years later, someone knows what they did and they'll be getting revenge on the most anticipated night of their lives Purgatory by Robert Skotte sniper Horror, Drama - After a halted execution, prison guards, inmates and a civilian - each with their own agenda - must team up against a horde of infected flesh eaters in order to make it out of prison alive.

Quiet by Sean Elwood thedeadwalk2nite Horror, Supernatural - After a tragic firework accident on New Year's Eve leaves Adam permanently deaf in both ears, he tries to put is life back in order to start the new year normally. But soon Adam is stalked by a 'ghost boy. Adam suspects that the ghost boy has something to do with it, and not only can he see dead people, he can hear them too.

As he tries to unravel the truth, Adam finds out that there are some things worse than death--and they're after him. The Rake by Erik D Griffin Horror - A man battling depression is tormented by a demon he began seeing moments after losing his wife in a tragic accident and learns that the creature is an inexorable link to others who suffer similar fates. To locate the permanent cure means that they will have to go through an army of paranoid survivors who will shoot them on sight.

If they die, we all do. Ravaged by Robert Thomas Barker Horror, Fantasy - With the help of God and the Devil, an intrepid young witch battles a powerful vampire to right the balance of the universe. Reality Slaughter by S. Aleksov curse Horror - One group of young adults. One reality TV show. When TV turns a blind eye, everything goes wrong.

Reapers by Shane Allen Yount syaugust8 Horror - A brutal massacre in the woods leaves several teens dead. Six months later, a teenager finds herself facing off against a cult of cannibalistic psychos as the half-year anniversary of the original bloodbath approaches. Reason To Kill, A by Ebony Richard Horror - A married couple comes home to the most horrific site they'll ever see, destroying whats left of their marriage. Husband John, unable to cope with the loss carries out a wave of vigilante justice, only to find out the person he's really looking for has moved in on his estranged family.

Nothing is what it seems in this who dun it horror, but everything done in the dark will come to light. Or will it? Rebirth by William Stephens wtstephens Horror - After a grueling childhood, Brent manages to make a prosperous life for himself. That is until the beast he had been incubating for decades breaks free. Retribution is owed Vengeance must be served. Red Hook by Jordan Littleton nomad Horror - When a brother has to choose between revenge or murder, neither choice is the right one R pdf - Discuss this script.

Redwater by Alanah Rafferty Horror - When five friends celebrate one of the friend's new job, they all drive up to her new house in a town called Redwater. But once they're up there, strange and gruesom things start to happen to them, as a disturbing secret comes back from the dead. Refraction was Something Old by John Newman Horror - Everything Daniel Bantree believes about his life and tragic childhood begins to crumble when he is forced to kill in self-defence.

Regret by Mike Scarr Horror, Psychological Thriller - When a complacent, small time dealer learns of his brothers murder, he begins on a nightmarish pursuit for those responsible where he will come face to face with his troubled past and diminishing sanity. A series of bizzare murders in the area surrounding Raccoon City brings in S. Special Tactics and Rescue Service to investigate. However what they discover as they investigate the doors of long abandoned mansion are the results of horrific viral experiments gone unnoticed, and a conspiracy to make sure that the secrets never get revealed.

Restorative Justice by Rhonnie Fordham Horror - On the night before his long sentence for a fatal hit-and-run, a young man is kidnapped by the unstable mother of the little boy he ran over. Very contained and low-budget. Resurgence by Abel Orfao Horror - On the eve of his execution, the Lake Resurgence Killer claims he will find a way to continue his murderous spree. The killer is executed as scheduled but his body disappears from the morgue without a trace.

Back in Lake Resurgence, the local residents and several vacationers gather by the lake Retail World by David Boyer Horror - Becky sees monsters in retail stores and is convinced she is crazy until she meets a masked man who tells her she is the champion of Retail World, a nightmare world of monsters run by a telepathic despot but the problem is Becky doesn't remember anything.

Returning Death by Luis Garza Horror, Mystery, Slasher - Violet Frey finds herself stuck in a series of murders of their friends committed on their birthdays. When she discovers the truth about her past, Violet along with her remaining friends have to find a way to stop the somehow related killer, before another deadly birthday comes along.

Rogues by Kat Bosworth Horror, Fantasy - The Count of Monte Cristo unites a group of supernatural outcasts to hunt down an archangel and end a paradox that could destroy the world. Daniel Horror - After a teenage girl gets into a controversial argument about religion and science with her science teacher, a group of kids plan to go to a local, abandoned, retirement home known as Rose Haven.

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Rumor has it that it is haunted. All they need is the slightest bit of proof to prove science wrong. So the group of kids spend the night and record their surroundings. Once one of the kids go missing, they spin into the seventh circle of hell. When all possible exits vanish, the group of students are trapped in a hellhole of demons, ghosts, and monsters in the abandoned, inescapable retirement home.

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It's either uncover the history of the retirement home and find a way to defeat the demons, or become part of the legend itself. Perkins Horror - After the disappearance of several young girls, it is feared they have been kidnapped by a fiendish murderer called the DARK ONE,known for killing young ladies with medieval devices.

After body parts and notes containing clues are sent to the police, detectives John Carson and Chuck Brown follow the trail that leads them to a bizarre scene of death and torture. And his daughter Ashley may just hold the key to the truth. Samhain, Romanian Style by Jeff Bush dreamscale Horror - An American foreign exchange student in Bulgaria learns firsthand that witches are real and Halloween isn't just for kids.

Sarco by George Galanakis Horror - On the way to their honeymoon in Mexico, a newlywed couple checks into an isolated motel. Nothing is what it seems, as the motel proves to be a death trap set by a family of cannibals, who capture unsuspecting travelers to satisfy their man-eating needs. Nothing is what it seems, as the motel proves to be a death trap set by a family of cannibals, who capture unsuspecting travelers to satisfy their cannibalistic needs.

Sasquatch Massacre, The by Wade Horror - Chip is a single father, and during a long weekend at his son's Wilson school he decides to take him Camping in the woods. However, after the first night, they hear a loud bang on their trailer, and when they open it they find a young couple named Frank and Hannah covered in the blood. The couple explain that they are the only survivours from a group of 3 couples who were brutally murdered by Sasquatch. They soon find themselves trapped in their motorhome fending for there lives. Meanwhile, a self-proclaimed Hunter, a self-proclaimed outdoorsmen, and two cops must battle the Sasquatch outside the motorhome.

Scary Man, The by Eric Dickson Horror - A rebelious high school girl on restriction is forced to babysit a murder witness while her ex cop father investigates the crime, only to have the killer follow the detective home. Scary Outcome by Chris blazedphoenix Horror - Danny Johnson was once a recruit in the Army untill himself and two colleagues find themselves being dissmissed and forced to leave for not dissengaging an order, only to find out his brother has vanished somewhere on the isle of white, Danny recruits his real life friends to discover the truth, not knowing what they are in for.

A mysterious entity, a pack of werewolves, and an escaped convict.. Scream 5 by Gary Warren Horror - Set one year after the events of Scream 4, Kirby Reed is resitting her graduating year of Woodsboro High School when Ghostface returns to carve up a new cast of potential victims. She was contacted through the use of a ouija board. And when Kristin has a nightmare of any of the bullies who pick on her having a horrific death, they actually happen!

So nobody believes her, or can help her. Scriptwriter, The by Ron Aberdeen Horror - An unsuccessful writer throws his computer out and replaces it with an old Underwood typewriter, previously used to write "Psycho". With his typewriter his characters from his dark twisted scripts come to life with devastating consequences. Season of the Devil by M Bowman scoob Horror - It is Halloween eve, the small town of Kensingwood is awoken from it's sleepy slumber when a series of bizarre incidents occur. Every child in the town is suddenly missing; the local hospital is suddenly deserted; the town is stripped of electricity, communication is completly cut.

Even the police force are struggling to find answers. As desperation takes control of the town, the police decide to unite with the parents of the lost children and search for those missing. What they dont know is that Hell on Earth is actually a reality, a 'Trio Of Terror' has been sent from the bowels of Hell itself, intent on reviving a long lost tradition.

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Finding help from the mysterious Kane Rinson, the two soon realise that the nightmare is far from over. It has yet to begin The Shades by Robert de Mezieres hosted by Tales from the Dark Continent Horror, Supernatural, Thriller - On a remote farm in rural Zululand, a troubled young mother finds herself in the fight of her life to save her five-year old daughter from being possessed by a vengeful, ancestral spirit that manifests as a swarm of eerie wasps. As the investigation presses on, an unlikely suspect, a local wife and mother emerges. As Michael get's closer, his family becomes a target for the sorceress's rage.

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The Shadow Demon by Donald E. Marx Horror - When a father and daughter begin experiencing paranormal activity in their new house, they put together a team to investigate. When the shadows come alive, they get more than expected in a night of desperation and terror. Maybe ghost hunting is best left to the professionals. Keller Horror - A teen is troubled by happenings after the purchase of a Ouija board. Shadows by Suparn Verma Horror - Shadows is the story of Diana Miller, who loses her abusive husband in an accident, leaving her to start a new life with her seven year old daughter Bridgette.

Diana does not tell her daughter about the death of her father because Bridgette was extremely attached to her father, and being a sensitive child this will shock her at a tender age. Shape, The by Michael Alexopoulos myersfan Horror - Three football players try to steal the answers to a final exam. But things go haywire when a maniacle killer tries to kill them. Shifter, The by Scott R.

Martin scottrmartin Horror - A teenage shape shifter escapes captivity to terrorize a small Illinois town. Shudder by David A Starcher Horror, Based On A True Story - After being brought back to life, a young boy returns with a supernatural attachment creating havoc and fear within his family.

Carly's friends Including herself all fall victim of the murderess clown. Day By Day body counts rises. Shutdown by Mahyar Rasi Horror - A giant megastore becomes a death trap for its employees who must come up with an escape plan while being hunted by a vicious creature that gives new meaning to "dead-end job". Silhouette by Bernard Mersier Horror - A innocent man murdered by his father for helping the slaves, curses "God" for allowing his father to kill him.

Banished to hell, he vows he'll kill "God" when a woman with a pure soul wears the sapphire ring he was murdered in. Silhouettes by Stephen Dickey Horror - You can't even trust your own shadow nowadays. Detective Michael Roselli soon finds this out the hard way. After his father is murdered at the hands of a murderous, mysterious entity, a young detective's life is thrown into disarray. After losing everything, he has to regain everything by confronting his father's killer head on, and the end will justify the means. Horror - The year is "", The Cussmount Plantation, in South Carolina, where a beautiful young woman and her newborn daughter, were killed by her brutal and jealous husband.

Now one hundred and thirty seven years later, the undead young women, seeks revenge against the present day "Cussmount "family members, that destroy her life. Slasher by Troy Oates Horror - Dominic finds his past catching up with him when he and his friends are stalked by somebody intent on killing them all.

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  • Illicit Love, and Other Stories; Little Blue Book No. 672 (Little Blue Books);

Slaughter by Guy Jackson Horror - In , a reclusive butcher is wrongfully accused of killing a young woman in a small town in Pennsylvania. He is lynched in the slaughterhouse that he works at and is left for dead. The local urban legend states that ever since that day, anyone who enters the slaughterhouse is doomed. Ten years later, a group of college students will look to to see if that urban legend is actually true for a school project. And these tough women prove they are up to the challenge. In the state of Kerala, on the southernmost tip of India, fraternal twins Esthappen and Rahel fashion a childhood for themselves in the shade of the wreck that is their family.

Homegoing follows the parallel paths of these sisters and their descendants through eight generations: from the Gold Coast to the plantations of Mississippi, from the American Civil War to Jazz Age Harlem. Olivia Laguni is half-Chinese, but typically American in her uneasiness with her patchwork family.

A masterpiece that breathtakingly tells a story of alienation and connection, power and abuse, devastation and renewal. The Gold children—four adolescents on the cusp of self-awareness—sneak out to hear their fortunes. David Henry is forced by a blizzard to deliver his own twins. His son, born first, is perfectly healthy. Rationalizing it as a need to protect Norah, his wife, he makes a split-second decision that will alter all of their lives forever.

When he is found dead in the French Broad River of rural North Carolina, his teenaged stepsister, Jess, is sought for questioning by their family and the police. This is the story of two sisters, Marianne and Elinor Dashwood. But when Japanese bombs fall on their beloved city, they set out on the journey of a lifetime, one that will take them through the Chinese countryside, in and out of the clutch of brutal soldiers, and across the Pacific to the shores of America.

He reluctantly returns to face his long-dysfunctional family and haunting memories of a troubled past. Now old and ailing, she at last wants to tell the truth about her extraordinary life. She summons biographer Margaret Lea, a young woman for whom the secret of her own birth, hidden by those who loved her most, remains an ever-present pain.

While Larry Cook deteriorates into a pathetic drunk, his daughters are left to cope with the often grim realities of life on a family farm—from battering husbands to cutthroat lenders. Their days pass in happy isolation until cousin Charles appears. Only Merricat can see the danger, and she must act swiftly to keep Constance from his grasp.

These previously unpublished diaries by the elder Warren give us a lively picture of English life, literature, music and thought during one of the most creative periods of recent history. A gripping, unsettling account, Brothers and Keepers weighs the bonds of blood, tenderness, and guilt that connect Wideman to his brother and measures the distance that lies between them. Here is an exhilarating debut that manages to be simultaneously hilarious and wildly inventive as well as a deeply heartfelt story of the love that holds a family together.

In World War II she and her family risked their lives to help Jews and underground workers escape from the Nazis, and for their work they were tested in the infamous Nazi death camps. While there she was reunited with her sister Danka. Each day became a struggle to fulfill the promise Rena made to her mother when the family was forced to split apart—a promise to take care of her sister. Beth spends her days riding the buses in her Pennsylvania city. One day, Beth asked Rachel to accompany her on the buses for an entire year; the book is the chronicle of that remarkable time.

Jessica was a Communist; Debo became the Duchess of Devonshire; Nancy was one of the best-selling novelists of her day; the ethereally beautiful Diana was the most hated woman in England; and Unity Valkyrie, born in Swastika, Alaska, would become obsessed with Adolf Hitler. Against the backdrop of the wonders of the world, daredevil Micah and the more serious, introspective Nicholas recalled their rambunctious childhood adventures and the tragedies that tested their faith.

Separated after the death of their mother, and reunited as orphans after the death of their father, they became inseparable companions. The Romanov Sisters sets out to capture the joy as well as the insecurities and poignancy of those young lives against the backdrop of the dying days of late Imperial Russia, World War I and the Russian Revolution. Cath and her twin sister are going to college, and for the first time, not living together. Now Cath has a grumpy roommate with an ever-present boyfriend, a cute classmate hanging around, and a professor that does not share her love of fan fiction.

And no one seems to acknowledge that Julia is broken, too. Was Olga really what she seemed? Years later, they are barely speaking. Do you think a need for closure helps make for good case-closers in the ranks of law enforcement? You put it well: We are all about the persistence of our past selves , and our happiness or lack thereof is a function of the relationships we maintain with those selves. What made you decide to write her, and really go for it, by putting her in a setting so rife with misogyny, from daily workplace sexism to heinous crimes against women?

Did the recent increase in women speaking up about their experiences spark something for you? Bill Cosby? How much do you have to hate women to get satisfaction from that? How powerful is the patriarchy that this goes unnoticed, unprosecuted, that the victims stay silent? Like I said in the answer above, there were tough times for me in the writing process, but at a certain point I knew I was being real. Having the wind of the zeitgeist at my back really helped. Heidi and her office ally, Denise, preemptively crack sexist jokes as a way to vaccinate against said chauvinism. Was it a challenge to calibrate the jokes, to ensure that they landed as sardonic rather than self-flagellating?

The jokes were a huge risk. You would not believe how many hours I spent combing through bad sexist jokes to find just the right ones for the moment. The jokes had to hit just the right note: appropriate to the moment in the story, the particular flavor of sexism at issue, strong enough to have a bite, funny in their disgusting way, and overall they had to leave both Heidi Kick and the reader feeling refreshed and empowered. Sure, I have hope that the workplace will improve, with respect not only to gender equity but also to race and sexuality. I think improvement will be slow and painful, though, with plenty of backlash, as we are witnessing on the national stage.

I see that your earlier books have hockey and fly fishing in them, too. What do sports represent for you, and why is it important for you to include this in your books? I grew up as a full-on jock, so my connection with sports is deep and personal. To me, sports represent institutionalized masculinity and both the strengths and dangers of that. My understanding, I think, is nuanced, paradoxical, maybe conflicted. A lot of successful male athletes are misunderstood and unfairly judged.

They are complex people who are good at sports because their intelligence and discipline make them good at everything they do. So there is that. But to me it involves much of what I love about sports—physical skill is required to do it well, and you can always get much better than you are—and it strips away the team and all the negatives and replaces those with the challenge to be present and immerse yourself in nature.

Lots can go wrong—both outside and inside the self.