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Skickas inom vardagar. Excerpt from The Age of the Maccabees: With Special Reference to the Religious Literature of the Period The aim of this volume of the Bible Student's Library is to give the average educated reader as clear a view as is attainable of the main features which are characteristic of Jewish literature during the period dealt with.


That period, though it may briefly be called the Age of the Maccabees, embraces, in fact, as will at once be seen, a much larger space. We have thought it well, therefore, to commence by giving a sketch of the history of the period from the Return of the Jews in accordance with the decree of Cyrus, till the accession of Herod the Great 37 B.

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We seek, in the next place, to estimate the social, political, and religious condition of the Jewish people during the period dealt with; and the rest of the book is mainly occupied with an examination of the literature of the time, as closely bound up with the aspirations and various modes of thought which are exhibited in the life of the nation, mainly, though we cannot say exclusively, in Palestine and Egypt.

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Find more at www. Every evening, oil would be poured into the cups that sat on top of the menorah. The Temple would be filled with shimmering light. At the time of the Hanukkah story, a mean king named Antiochus ruled over the land of Israel.

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No more going to the Temple, and no more Torah! He told his guards to go into the Temple and make a mess. They brought mud, stones, and garbage into the Temple. They broke furniture and knocked things down; they smashed the jars of oil that were used to light the menorah. Antiochus and his soldiers made the Jews feel sad and angry. We must think of ways to make him leave the land of Israel.

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His soldiers carry such big weapons and he uses huge elephants to fight his battles! As soon as Antiochus and his soldiers were gone, the Jewish people ran to Jerusalem to clean their Temple.

What a mess! The beautiful menorah was gone, and the floor was covered with trash, broken furniture, and pieces from the shattered jars of oil.