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I see them as little stories that fall out of our lives and imaginations. If I have to struggle to write a song, I stop before I start. I figure if it don't flow easy, it's not meant to be" Nelson is no saint. Married four times with numerous children this is a story of restlessness and the purity of the moment and living right. This is a story of true love, wild times, best friends and bar-rooms, with a musical soundtrack ripping right through it.

His music can make me laugh and make me cry. His book leaves no stone unturned, a story told as clear as a Texas sky. I loved it and I want to visit Abbott, Texas before someone rolls me up Willie has such a positive outlook that this book was cheering for me in spite of the bad language. My husband is feeling very low right now due to having read another book by Lee Child so I think he should quit reading them. Its so nice to find a cheerful uplifting book especially these days when it seems that writers try hard to think of the most horrible thing they can write about to shock a person.

Willie has a very unusual positive outlook so I recommend this for everyone and especially if y Willie has such a positive outlook that this book was cheering for me in spite of the bad language. Willie has a very unusual positive outlook so I recommend this for everyone and especially if you like his music as he explains how some of it came about which is so interesting.

Dec 08, Rod rated it liked it Shelves: music-biographies. I've always been a musical fan. And I love his guitar playing. Willie shared a LOT with us: from Old buddies to failed marriages and tax nastiness. It's all in here. It was great to hear Willie go through most of his albums and their creation. Other than music, I wouldn't look to Willie fo I've always been a musical fan.

Other than music, I wouldn't look to Willie for any life advice. Between divorces, alcohol and drugs, bad business deals, and kids everywhere He seems to have some sort of morality that is based on? Who knows, but that's the same place he gets his very poor spirituality and theology.

It was sad to hear Willie attempt to discuss religion with some authority. The Bible tells us differently Willie. Willie assumes Jesus came and died so rebellious music folk can smoke pot, cheat on their wives, live rather selfish lives 4 houses Willie? Satan probably attends church more than you do.

Music won't save your soul Willie. But thanks for the melodies buddy. Sep 23, Lesley Lucas rated it really liked it. Oh, my. As a Southern folk musician, it's hard not to love Willie. This book definitely makes it even harder. He readily admits to being a bit of a dick, as he owns up to infidelity with all his romantic relationships spare for his last and current marriage. He definitely admits to being foolish and full of himself and wrong about a lot of things.

But, he also attributes everything to honesty rather than pride or arrogance, and his perspective is refreshing. There's a lot of great stories in thi Oh, my. There's a lot of great stories in this autobiography--such as him smoking a joint on the roof of the White House or parking his tour bus outside the IRS office in Austin. I think we all expect a lot of crazy stories from Willie.

There's also a lot of uplifting insight about seeing the good in people and music and the world, and it made me all the more gracious for the long story that is Willie Nelson's life. Jun 15, Lori rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir. He starts with his birth and being raised by his grandparents in Abbott Texas with his sister Bobbie. He was poor but happy showed talent at an early age. Nelson is very honest talking about his four marriages. He does not try to paint himself as perfect or blameless.

Shares some of the lyrics from is songs and how he came about writing them. I was impressed willie Nelson writes a very good memoir. I was impressed with this book. As I mentioned Willie does not try and play the blame game. He shares with the readers the friendships with other famous singers such as Johnny Cash,Waylon Jennings etc. A good read if you are a fan of Willie Nelson. May 23, Amanda rated it really liked it. My dad was a Willie Nelson fan so I grew up hearing all the radio hits. He's been doing the music thing since he was just a little kid and is still doing it at Over 60 albums, tours all the time, beat the IRS, 4 wives, many kids, pot advocate, Farm Aid, etc etc etc.

How in the world My dad was a Willie Nelson fan so I grew up hearing all the radio hits. How in the world does he keep doing this?? Willie has had a crazy life and the book reads like a conversation, sitting around a firepit, drinking a beer or having a smoke. Excellent read for anyone who likes the "old" country. Jul 31, Rebecca rated it it was ok. I really wanted to like this book, but I was very disappointed. It felt very repetitive and I got bored of reading the same story for many chapters.

Move here, try to make it, move on It felt like this book just skimmed the surface of Willie's life, and didn't actually touch on anything deep. Which is disappointing, because I think that would have really improved the story. Less about his career, and more personal stories. Aug 27, Will Cooper rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-club-choices. I know Willie has great stories and an incredible number of amazing collaborations, but I have also read other stories from Willie that left me wanting.

Hearing Willie recount the thought processes behind some of his original hits On the Road Again, Hello Walls was one of my favorite parts. I also enjoyed the way he spoke of his friendships with some of the biggest names in country music and beyond Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Ray Charles, Leon Russell.

And his stories of struggling to make it in country music reveal just what has kept him going all this time. Jun 19, James Adams rated it liked it Shelves: dj-ps , bios-memoirs-auto , music. Not an easy one to rate, this.


Willie's voice is always engaging, and he's certainly led an interesting life, but this book often feels almost evasive. There are specific memories, but they can feel scattershot; not enough connective tissue is between them. Running counter to that, entire sections and aspects of his life are glossed over. The warmth and wit go a long way, but the structural issues run too deep to be fixed that easily.

If you want a couple of stories and a lot of lyrics, this one Not an easy one to rate, this. If you want a couple of stories and a lot of lyrics, this one is a good bet for you. If you're looking for substance, though, you won't find it here. Nov 19, Sandy rated it liked it. The first half was exciting but once he became rich and famous the last half , the book became pretty boring May 27, Marisa rated it really liked it.

Picked this one up at the airport in Austin, Texas - Willie's much beloved home state. Nelson's entertaining autobiography reminds us that we all need to follow our own path in life, and do that which makes us happy and fulfilled. Despite all the trials and tribulations, Willie really and truly follows his path, even if it means heartache and, in one instance, near financial ruin.

Perhaps all that weed helps dull the pain? I enjoyed his stories about time on the road, his tumultuous love life, hi Picked this one up at the airport in Austin, Texas - Willie's much beloved home state. I enjoyed his stories about time on the road, his tumultuous love life, his financial troubles. But most of all I liked being reminded of all those great songs, and hearing how they came to be.

May 29, Kalen rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads. I listened to this on audio, driving across Kansas and back again. It's fantastic. Nelson doesn't read it himself but Christopher Ryan Grant does a great job.

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Highly recommend, especially on audio where you get a bonus song. Written with David Ritz, this autobiography of Willie Nelson is as comforting and as comfortable as one of his ballads. It was a joy to read. Written while he is in his 80s, he is as laid back and generous as I'd always thought. Even when things go wrong, he takes it in stride. He takes responsibility for his mistakes as quickly as he excuses other people for their mistakes.

Forgiveness doesn't enter into the picture, because generally, he doesn't think there is anything to forgive. Even raised by Written with David Ritz, this autobiography of Willie Nelson is as comforting and as comfortable as one of his ballads. Even raised by his grandparents after his too-young parents took off, he still thinks highly of his parents, stayed in touch with them, and considers himself lucky to have such a loving, if somewhat unorthodox family. And he has his faith, grew up with faith, studied and adapted, and believes. While I am not a religious person, I enjoyed reading about his faith, about as far from proselytizing as you can get.

I've always loved his music. He can do different genres and it always sounds wonderful, and always sounds like Willie. In his music, his heart and soul always shines through, along with no small amount of humor. This book is no different. I felt almost as if I were visiting him, having him tell his story to me, his long story. I enjoyed reading about his fellow musicians and his relationships with them, some names familiar to me and some not. He stands up for what is right,whether or not it is a popular stance at the time.

But in his personal relationships, he didn't always do the right thing, and he acknowledges that. He speaks kindly and gently of his ex-wives. As autobiographies go, this is one of the most entertaining I've read. And one full of soul. He was already a big star, had already had his share of ups and downs, and was playing in this open-air rodeo arena lined with bleachers.

Even in this decidedly unglamorous location, he sang his heart out, and for a remarkably long time. Thanks, Willie. May 19, Bob rated it liked it. You'll probably never make it to the end. There's way too many words, way too many pages, too much time to stop and start again. I'm glad I did. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks.

Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.

Under the Mercy

With more than one million copies in print, Many Lives, Many Masters is one of the breakthrough texts in alternative psychotherapy and remains as provocative and timeless as it was when first published. Weiss, MD, a psychiatrist, lives and practices in Miami, Florida. Weiss maintains a private practice in Miami and conducts international seminars and experiential workshops as well as training programs for professionals.

You can visit his website at BrianWeiss. Read an Excerpt Chapter 1 The first time I saw Catherine she was wearing a vivid crimson dress and was nervously leafing through a magazine in my waiting room. She was visibly out of breath. For the previous twenty minutes she had been pacing the corridor outside the Department of Psychiatry offices, trying to convince herself to keep her appointment with me and not run away.

I went out to the waiting room to greet her, and we shook hands. I noticed that hers were cold and damp, confirming her anxiety. Actually, it had taken her two months of courage gathering to make an appointment to see me even though she had been strongly advised to seek my help by two staff physicians, both of whom she trusted. Finally, she was here. Catherine is an extraordinarily attractive woman, with medium-length blond hair and hazel eyes. At that time, she worked as a laboratory technician in the hospital where I was Chief of Psychiatry, and she earned extra money modeling swimwear.

I ushered her into my office, past the couch and to a large leather chair. We sat across from each other, my semicircular desk separating us. Catherine leaned back in her chair, silent, not knowing where to begin. I waited, preferring that she choose the opening, but after a few minutes I began inquiring about her past. On that first visit we began to unravel who she was and why she had come to see me. In answer to my questions, Catherine revealed the story, of her life. She was the middle child, reared in a conservative Catholic family in a small Massachusetts town.

Her brother, born three years earlier than she, was very athletic, and he enjoyed a freedom that she was never allowed. Her younger sister was the favorite of both parents. When we started to talk about her symptoms, she became noticeably more tense and nervous. Her speech was rapid, and she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the desk. Her life had always been burdened with fears. She feared water, feared choking to the extent that she could not swallow pills, feared airplanes, feared the dark, and she was terrified of dying.

In the recent past, her fears had begun to worsen. In order to feel safe, she often slept in the walk-in closet in her apartment. She suffered two to three hours of insomnia before being able to fall alseep. Once asleep, she would sleep lightly and fitfully, awakening frequently. The nightmares and sleepwalking episodes that had plagued her childhood were returning. As her fears and symptoms increasingly paralyzed her, she became more and more depressed. As Catherine continued to talk, I could sense how deeply she was suffering.

Over the years I had helped many patients like Catherine through the agonies of their fears, and I felt confident that I could help her, too. I decided we would begin by delving into her childhood, looking for the original sources of her problems. Usually this kind of insight helps to alleviate anxiety. If necessary, and if she could manage to swallow pills, I would offer her some mild anti-anxiety medications to make her more comfortable. This was standard textbook treatment for Catherine's symptoms, and I never hesitated to use tranquilizers, or even antidepressant medicines, to treat chronic, severe fears and anxieties.

Now I use these medicines much more sparingly and only temporarily, if at all. No medicine can reach the real roots of these symptoms. My experiences with Catherine and others like her have proved this to me. Now I know there can be cures, not just the suppression or covering-over of symptoms. During the first session, I kept trying to gently nudge her back to her childhood. Because Catherine remembered amazingly few events from her early years, I made a mental note to consider hypnotherapy as a possible shortcut to overcome this repression.

She could not remember any particularly traumatic moments in her childhood that would explain the epidemic of fears in her life. The novel 3 Aspects portrays love, affection and ambitions of a young adult, struggling with the josteling throws of life's fateful twists.

Filled with humor and emotions, this story is about a mentally disabled boy called Aashique. I felt he may be the employee of some IT sector company but I was wrong. He was with a friend and was cooking food in the middle of the main road.. The 'Bharat Ki Badalti Tasveer' book has been prepared on the basis of a change in India in a few years.

This book contains articles, stories and poems related to Indian society. Through this book, the author has tried to give a message to his society. Under this book, an attempt has been made to show the society a new path.


By adopting which we can bring changes in our society. In this book, the author has interpreted social evils and analyzes the progress made by India. Under this book, efforts have not been made to hurt India's reputation, but efforts have been made to get rid of social evils and maintain India's reputation. The book has keenly looked into the sensitive stereotype culture of our society. Scribbles that set memoirs has covered a vast prospect in relation to social atrocities that we civilians avoid dealing with, and blind fold our eyes, to attain a pleasant lifestyle that has almost become, a swift road runner.

It throws light on each ugly man-made norm that we worship. Dear Youth, this book gives us a Call of Protest against the forced taboos we are encircled with. The Snapshot Credos belongs to you. Be confident even when you are in your worst attire, Your regret , will make you buy the best one someday. Self ego! Is the positive booster for the growth of your personality. Altering Reality is a journey of life. You live it inch by inch while sipping the words into your soul. It is not a book about beautiful horizons and happy endings.

It is about the different colours of a palette, some darker some brighter together making it a complete picture. A picture with the true shades of life. The cohort of , recruited by one of the world's best management consulting concerns, handpicked from the best business schools, is keen on succeeding at The Concern.

The Concern showers the members of the cohort with the best of opportunities, the best of luxury and unbelievable money.

Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Unabridged) - PART 2 - Audiobook

However, behind the good life, lies an ugly truth. A secret organization operates within The Concern that helps proprietor driven family owned concerns succeed in a post liberalized India. When one member of the cohort is handpicked to join this club, he is elated. Having been identified as the chosen one, there is little that can go wrong for him now. What he doesn't realize is that nearly a dozen management consultants who have been handpicked before have paid with their lives working for them.

Will he survive the game in which every mistake is fatal or will he be on his way to become a partner? Across 3 continents, 6 industries and over dozens of characters; the angels of Satan bring you a journey of greed, brilliance, sleaze, murder, debt, progress from the greatest profession of them all - management consulting! This book is a book that everyone can relate with. Each girl would have suffered like Dhani and Preeti, but the sad part is that there are few people like Akash in society.

We need more of people like Akash to stop beasts like Ankit. The book comprises of a collection of short stories based on incidents and people from my life. Since it's not entirely biographical, rather fictional in a way, the stories either end abruptly or sometimes in a very different way than they were in reality. Sometimes the way I wanted them to, in my life. The stories are built on long lost love, unrequited love, a deep sense of melancholy and loneliness. If not love story, these stories can be called romantic stories.

The stories are meant to bring about a hope, a silver lining for the true romantic hearts. The stories that end abruptly are written in a fashion to let the readers decide the fate of the characters. The cynics can live peacefully knowing that there is a thin chance of a "happily-ever after" and the romantics are reassured that there is always a hope. An uneducated village girl goes on a honeymoon trip with her husband in and in an unexpected turn of events she gets separated from her husband in a far away land without any companion.

Will she be able to survive and get back to her loved ones? Once upon a time, there lived a boy in Sidhi M. He dreams of becoming a doctor. But unluckily he gets trapped into the marsh of obsessive compulsive disorder OCD. At the very crucial step, he got betrayed by his love but he did not lose hope, he struggles with this attack and finally achieves his target. Are you ready to face the attack?

This is a collection of poetry that poetries are represents the nature of beauty and I have to share the wonders of nature and how the nature will destroy a man under technology growth. I love nature and I am in love with the green earth, which I admired in my golden life journey. I have insisted social awareness on nature to protect them in my book. I also shared my happy moment's during love my travel with my bike. The book has two stories of two different kinds of people who are fighting with the corrupt system but their ideology and attitude towards their common problem are totally different.

The book gives hard hitting message and an answer to how we can deal with the corrupt system What is a Dream? It may be a fantasy, it may be an ambition or it may be any dominant inspiration that is ever present within us, which constantly provokes us to greatness and awakens our desire. To live and to fulfil our dreams we need three utmost things in life. First, our efforts, second our family's support and the most important destiny. We can manage our efforts and family support, but the route of destiny is not in our hand.

Fate or destiny is often regarded as the "course that life takes" and karma is one of the factors that influence this course. Destiny is the summation or encapsulation of everyone's life. The saddest part about the destiny is that it is not under anyone's control. People often believe that fate is pre-destined and nothing can be changed, but is this really true?

This story is about a guy who is battling his own destiny to accomplish his dreams and to turn the fortune in his way. From Cricket to Career From Love to Life From Family to Freedom And, From Dream to Dignity Each time he wanted to live his dreams, his fate duped him, but he had a never say die attitude, so he continued his combat against his destiny alone.

A time came when it seemed he would probably win the battle as everything was falling in place for him, but his destiny had some other plans. This is a story about a girl, who is an undergraduate student. Who wants to do something in life, she wants to be successful in life but doesn't know how.

She also had a job which proved failure for her, because she was not interested solely in the idea of money making, she was a creative person. She was failing in life till then a motivational speaker came in her life. His words changed her life completely. He said "Everybody is unique, everybody is special.

Anybody can be successful in life if he or she puts his or her mind, heart and soul in which ever field they are interested in or passionate about. Her experience in life from nobody to somebody. They fought a battle for a Magical Gem which can break down their curses. A father is the seed of the family, the one who tears himself apart willingly to give way to a happy and bright future for his children until the moment his last breath leaves him. And so is the fortune of a father that his soul continues to live in his children. This book is based on a Father's journey and his family which belongs to the middle class section of the society who werefully dependent on him.

But fate took him away from them before he could fulfil his purpose. Yet the lessons he left by made him no less than a Superhero in the eyes of his family. This book is a conversation between a sick mother on the verge of death and her son who wants to know about his father. This book is a combination of emotions, feeling and regrets.

Don't Call Me Mother: A Daughter's Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness by Linda Joy Myers

It is the story of reluctance on the mother's part to talk about her husband and the willingness of the son to give up his secrets just to find something in return about his father. Re-union is a hindi fiction novel. It is a story about seven friends and their journey from college life to adulthood. The novel- 'That Weird Girl' is about the journey of an Indian girl, who lost her parents at an early age.

She lives with her grandparents in Shimla and finally heads to Delhi to fulfil her grandparents' dream. The story revolves around the atmosphere she faces there, the obstructions she fights on her way and the sphere of relationships, she gets surrounded by.

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The story ends at a good note, as all the mysteries get entangled. The story, however, paves way for the independent thinking and thought process of a youngster and his parents in India. It strongly opposes the hypocrisy and oppression of the present day youth. It also deals about the changing concept of relationships these days and their consequences on people. Before his stay in Kolkata, D. Ashutosh Srivastav was investigating a suicidal case at Raxaul in Bihar. Meanwhile, he received an order to participate in a seminar when Devashish Mukherjee shared the compartment.

He wanted to know about Srivastav. Srivastav said 'I am a small businessman and this is my business trip. Prashant Mazumdar, the superintendent of police crime branch, who was investigating the murder case of Dr. Arbind Ghos. In course of investigation, he decided to meet Devashish Mukherjee. Devashish Mukherjee fulfilled his promise and told him the secrets of seven murders.