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Mr Vertigo

They wrote it with him in mind. There are some other differences, but they are not significant. They definitely help the appreciation of the story. The movie is the style and the book is the substance. Sometimes, a character will be caught in an obsessive thought process, and the descriptions will take us along that descending spiral. The writers seem to take a special delight in exposing us to the mysterious or unusual, and then allowing us to supply our own interpretation until it is time for the final revelation. Its brevity keeps it from attaining a P.

James depth, yet that also adds to its allure. The Bernard Herrmann music will likely follow you throughout the book and for some time after you finish. I was so confused about the provenance of this edition of Vertigo at first. I had initially assumed it was a new translation, but it's actually I think a reissue to tie in with the launch of Pushkin's Vertigo imprint, dedicated to 'writers of the greatest thrillers and mysteries on earth from countries around the world'. I really want to cut 'on earth' from that sentence and possibly 'countries' Adding to the confusion which is perhaps very apt for this novel , I was half asleep when I re I was so confused about the provenance of this edition of Vertigo at first.

I really want to cut 'on earth' from that sentence and possibly 'countries' Adding to the confusion which is perhaps very apt for this novel , I was half asleep when I read it. So I can't write anything much in the way of a review, but I did really enjoy this noirish mystery and tale of obsession; it's a quick read with a great ending. I'll certainly read more Boileau-Narcejac. Oct 21, Tosh rated it really liked it. I bought this book in a remainder type of bookstore in London some years ago. I was very excited to find the novel, because I always have been a fan of the Hitchcock film version.

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Also being a fan of French crime fiction, it gave me that little push of interest. The book is very close to the film in many ways. Maybe not as obsessive as Hitchcock's own inspiration from the material, but nevertheless if you are a fan of the film, do try to locate the book. I mean She's been behaving strangely, mysteriously - but she's dazzling. Soon intrigue is replaced by obsession, and dreams by nightmares, as the boundaries between the living and the dead begin to blur. This is the story of a desperate man. A man who ended up compromising his own morality beyond all measure, while the Second World War raged outside his front door.


A man tormented by his search for the truth, and ultimately destroyed by a dark, terrible secret. Set in war-time Paris, former detective Flavieres is asked by an old friend Gevigne to keep an eye on his wife. Flavieres, a lawyer and a loner agrees and very soon becomes obsessed with Madeleine. Madeleine behaves strangely, visiting a graveyard, renting a hotel room for afternoon visits, penning letters but ripping them into pieces before attempting to drown herself.

Flavieres rescues her and as a consequence his relationship with her becomes more intimate not in a physical sense. She is convinced that she has lived before, as one of her ancestors — Pauline Lagerlac - her great grandmother who committed suicide. The Paris narrative ends with the death of Madeleine falling from a high church tower in a town away from the capital. Flavieres again, overcome by vertigo is impotent and unable to prevent her sudden actions.

At this point in reading, I realised I had seen the film albeit some years previously. Long enough ago to have forgotten the outcome anyway. The second part of our book, picks up four years later in Marseilles. Flavieres is still alone, his life revolving around his next drink. A chance viewing of a newsreel clip featuring DeGaulle in Marseilles and Flavieres believes he catches a glimpse of Madeleine as the camera pans the crowd. His obsession reawakens. Fantastic book, complex, convoluted plot but plausible enough or at least not too fanciful to require a suspension of belief.

Did I care about him and his outcome? Probably not, I was more interested in getting to the bottom of the book. Great read 4. Vertigo the movie is set in the US unlike the book. Vertigo has recently been republished by Pushkin Vertigo Press. Their website is here. I received a copy of this from them. Aug 28, Dfordoom rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-mystery. Sadly this one seems to be only one readily available in an English translation. As is the case with the movie caution is needed when discussing the plot.

The movie followed the storyline laid out in the novel surprisingly closely. The changes are fairly minor in themselves, but significant especially with regards to the motivations of the characters. The story opens in He had been chasing a suspect but suffered an attack of vertigo and lost his nerve. As a result a fellow policeman was killed.

Something he is ill-equipped to deal with, being chronically ill-at-ease with women. The character he became in the movie, Scottie Ferguson, is dark and disturbing in his own way and has some serious emotional and sexual issues. But he is at least a person who believes he is a basically good and moral person. This difference in characterisation gives the endings of the novel and the movie rather different feels.

The other major difference is that the war plays a major role in the novel with the first half of the story occurring in as France faces defeat and the second half taking place in against a war-ravaged and cynical background of France in the immediate aftermath of the end of the war. The movie is an acknowledged masterpiece. The novel is a very fine piece of crime fiction and can be unhesitatingly recommended. If you are also a fan of the film, then there is greater nuance here than the film, and plenty to conjecture about for the reader.

He seems, on the face of it, a man who was destined to be obsessed with the wife of his friend. The reasons posited for her behaviour are unexpected and yet oddly believable, but nothing is ever that straight-forward and VERTIGO delivers some twists and turns and stings in the tail that make it end up sitting somewhere between a mystery and a morality play. Beautifully translated with nary a bump to be detected in the language, VERTIGO is complicated, clever and another of those wonderful, one sitting reading experiences.

There was a time when the Alfred Hitchcock imprimatur on a book title was a marketing goldmine. I was a teenager during the tail-end of that time. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then check this out: publication chronology During those years mid to late 's , I recall purchasing at least 15 or 20 short story anthologies in a paperback format, published by Dell. The covers were gloriously comic depictions of Hitch himself in macabre settings.

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The art was typically of very high qualit There was a time when the Alfred Hitchcock imprimatur on a book title was a marketing goldmine. The art was typically of very high quality. For example: stories not for the nervous Those Dell paperbacks can still be found at used bookshops or on ebay, but generally speaking, it's tough to find them in decent condition. Nevertheless, I have embarked on something of a re-acquisition project. In the process, I found this copy of Vertigo, which is a translation of a French novel that Hitchcock adapted for the much more celebrated film.

From time to time, I have read criticism of the film. The book upon which it is based is routinely dismissed as second-rate, or characterized as having little in common with the film. Neither allegation is true! This is a short gem of a book. The writing is solid. In particular, the stream of consciousness style that depicts the inner workings of Flavieres' mind Flavieres is the analog of Scotty in the film is executed brilliantly.

Also, the essentials of the movie plot are all there. Except that the story takes place in France, mostly during WWII; and although the main character has a fear of heights which is exploited, the phenomenon of vertigo is never really mentioned or explored in the book. Yes, Hitchcock did embellish the story quite a bit, and the film is a richer experience on many levels.

But this book stands on its own legs, and deserves an audience. It should not be so completely overshadowed by the film. Not to mention that this old Dell edition has a fantastic cover! Seek, and you shall find! Jul 16, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I've never seen the Hitchcock film, so I went into this without really having any expectations one way or another. As he follows her, he ends up becoming obsessed with her and becoming a confidant of Madeline's. It was a quick, exciting read and I really enjoyed it. Curious to see the film adaptation! Dec 04, Beth rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Like watching the movie in slow motion, with different people playing the parts. And in France during the war. The ending of the book doesn't live up to the movie, though. Madeleine's death scene is not recreated; the vertigo is not conquered. Having watched Vertigo on TV several times, it was enjoyable to compare the book with the move and discover differences as well as similarities.

Listened with TTS. Clean with a few mild bad words. Roger Flavieres begrudgingly went into the police force, but after his partner dies tragically because of his own fear of heights he quits and goes into the law. One day his old school friend Gevigne looks him up because he is in the midst of a very odd situation at home.

His wife, Madeleine, seems remote. She has also been behaving very oddly. Gevigne is convinced it has something to do with Madeleine's great grandmother, Pauline Lagerlac, who killed herself. He's not sure what is going on, but Roger Flavieres begrudgingly went into the police force, but after his partner dies tragically because of his own fear of heights he quits and goes into the law.

He's not sure what is going on, but thinks the the spirit of Pauline is inhabiting his wife. Flavieres, thinking it perhaps an act of a dissatisfied wife is thrown when he learns that Madeleine knows nothing of Pauline. Intrigued he agrees to trail her. Flavieres instantly becomes obsessed with Madeleine, whose behaviour bears out Gevigne's theory. She sits in a hotel room in a house that Pauline once lived in and often visits Pauline's grave, but not with a sense of someone visiting an ancestors grave, but of someone visiting their home.

After Flavieres rescues Madeleine from a suicide attempt by drowning, the same method Pauline used, he decides not to leave her side. But in the fatalistic days leading up to full out war with Germany, Paris is hardly the place to keep a vibrant, young woman in the here and now, versus slipping into some unhappy past. What Flavieres had dreaded from his first loosing his heart to Madeleine comes to pass. On a frantic drive through the country she rushes out of the car and into a church with a tall bell tower.

Unable to follow her to such heights, Flaviers cannot stop the inevitable, Madeleine throws herself off the top of the tower. Having lost the woman he loves and with the war beginning, Flavieres leaves. He leaves Gevigne being investigated for his wife's murder, he leaves his practice and he leaves France. Four years later he returns to Paris a broken drunkard. But a new obsession gripes him when he sees a woman in a newsreel who is Madeleine, but isn't at the same time. Rushing to Marseilles he eventually encounters Renee Sourange, Madeleine's doppelganger. Flavieres becomes more obsessed than ever thinking that Renee IS Madeleine.

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    Clean, smart, innovative. Error: Please enter a valid email address. Error: Oops! An error has occurred. Most clinicians also do an ECG. Other tests are done based on findings see table Some Causes of Dizziness and Vertigo , but generally gadolinium-enhanced MRI is indicated for patients with acute symptoms who have headache, neurologic abnormalities, or any other findings suggestive of a CNS etiology. Patients with chronic symptoms should have gadolinium-enhanced MRI to look for evidence of stroke , multiple sclerosis , or other CNS lesions.

    Patients for whom results of bedside tests of hearing and vestibular function are abnormal or equivocal should undergo formal testing with audiometry and electronystagmography. ECG, Holter monitoring for heart rhythm abnormalities, echocardiography, and exercise stress testing may be done to evaluate heart function. Laboratory tests are rarely helpful, except for patients with chronic vertigo and bilateral hearing loss, for whom syphilis serology is indicated.

    Treatment is directed at the cause, including stopping, reducing, or switching any causative drugs. All of these drugs can cause drowsiness, thereby limiting their use for certain patients. Nausea can be treated with prochlorperazine 10 mg IM four times a day or 25 mg rectally twice a day. Vertigo associated with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is treated with the Epley maneuver otolith repositioning done by an experienced practitioner.

    Meniere disease is best managed by an otolaryngologist with training in management of this chronic disorder, but initial management consists of a low-salt diet and a potassium-sparing diuretic. Patients with persistent or recurrent vertigo secondary to unilateral vestibular weakness such as secondary to vestibular neuronitis usually benefit from vestibular rehabilitation therapy done by an experienced physical therapist. Most patients compensate well, although some, especially older patients, have more difficulty.

    Physical therapy can also provide important safety information for older patients or particularly disabled patients. As people age, organs involved in balance function less well. For example, seeing in dim light becomes more difficult, inner ear structures deteriorate, proprioception becomes less sensitive, and mechanisms that control blood pressure become less responsive eg, to postural changes, postprandial demands. Older people also are more likely to have cardiac or cerebrovascular disorders that can contribute to dizziness. They also are more likely to be taking drugs that can cause dizziness, including those for hypertension, angina, heart failure, seizures, and anxiety, as well as certain antibiotics, antihistamines, and sleep aids.

    Thus, dizziness in older patients usually has more than one cause. Although unpleasant at any age, the consequences of dizziness and vertigo are a particular problem for older patients. Patients with frailty are at significant risk of falling with consequent fractures; their fear of moving and falling often significantly decreases their ability to do daily activities. In addition to treatment of specific causes, older patients with dizziness or vertigo may benefit from physical therapy and exercises to strengthen muscles and help maintain independent ambulation as long as possible.

    Peripheral vestibular system disorders should be differentiated from central vestibular system disorders. Immediate neuroimaging should be done when symptoms are accompanied by headache, focal neurologic abnormalities, or both. From developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to helping people in need, we are committed to improving health and well-being around the world. The Manual was first published in as a service to the community.

    Learn more about our commitment to Global Medical Knowledge.

    Brought to you by AboutUs Careers Research worldwide. Common Health Topics. Videos Figures Images Quizzes. Vestibular apparatus. History Physical examination Red flags Interpretation of findings Testing.

    Geriatrics Essentials. Key Points. Test your knowledge. The risk of oropharyngeal cancer is 16 times higher in which of the following? Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Otolaryngology for May This roundup includes the latest research news from journal articles, as Add to Any Platform.

    Dizziness and Vertigo By David M. Click here for Patient Education. Faintness a feeling of impending syncope. The vestibular apparatus of the inner ear. Middle Ear and Inner Ear. The 3 semicircular canals. Drug effects. Some Causes of Dizziness and Vertigo Cause. Recurrent episodes of unilateral tinnitus, hearing loss, ear fullness. Sudden, incapacitating, severe vertigo with no hearing loss or other findings. Ear pain, abnormal ear examination, including discharge if chronic otitis.

    With cholesteatoma, CT optional to rule out semicircular canal fistula formation. Slowly progressive unilateral hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, dysequilibrium. Gadolinium-enhanced MRI if significant hearing asymmetry or unilateral tinnitus. Vestibular evaluation with electronystagmography and rotary chair tests. Sudden onset, with ataxia and other cerebellar findings, often headache. Photophobia, phonophobia, visual or other auras possible, helping make diagnosis. Usually clinical examination but with brain imaging as needed to rule out other causes.

    Varied CNS motor and sensory deficits, with remissions and recurring exacerbations. Intermittent brief episodes, sometimes with drop attacks, visual disturbance, confusion. Drug recently instituted or dose increased; multiple drugs, particularly in an older patient. Psychiatric eg, panic attack, hyperventilation syndrome, anxiety, depression. Chronic symptoms with bilateral hearing loss, fluctuating, with episodic vertigo. Severity of initial episode. Nystagmus Nystagmus is a rhythmic movement of the eyes that can have various causes.

    The following findings are of particular concern:. Head or neck pain. Vague or inconsistently described symptoms may still be associated with a serious condition. Cerebrovascular disease and drug effects should be sought, particularly in elderly patients. Kaylie, MS, MD. Was This Page Helpful? Yes No. Evaluation of the Patient with Nasal and Pharyngeal Disorders. Dix-Hallpike maneuver to assess characteristic positional nystagmus. Audiogram Gadolinium-enhanced MRI to rule out other causes.

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    Sudden, incapacitating, severe vertigo with no hearing loss or other findings Lasts up to 1 week, with gradual lessening of symptoms Positional vertigo may result. Hearing loss, tinnitus. Ear pain, abnormal ear examination, including discharge if chronic otitis History of infection.