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Looking forward to the Adventure. We must make a decision. Many people are staying either in close vicinity of the attacks or so far away that they cannot walk home. Close enough to be within eyesight, but far enough away not to make targets. The streets echo with an eerie silence, only occasionally being pierced by the sudden sound of a siren screeching past. A few hours ago, my biggest concern was making sure we did not run out of drinks. Despite traveling to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia last year with nary a hitch, It is the middle of Paris that puts me only blocks away from a fully fledged terrorist rampage.

After stumbling downstairs to find sustenance, I double-take. Pedestrians stroll leisurely. I walk into the neighborhood market.

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Parisians pick out their produce and wait patiently at the register with their Saturday groceries. Yes, it was real. I think: If only this beautiful moment could sustain itself, if only this terrible atrocity would bring humans together instead of pull them apart, the victims, not the perpetrators will win.

That afternoon, President Hollande addresses the world. Barbarians murdered over one hundred innocent victims in cold blood. They run an empire of mayhem, bloodshed, and violence. An eye for an eye. The following Monday in Dublin, I await the moment of silence being held across Europe. Immediately before the solemn moment is set to commence, images of fighter jets and bombs exploding across Syria fill the screen.

French airstrikes underway, first civilian casualties reported. It hits me.

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They demonstrated foresight and patience. They knew how the world would react: by combating violence with ever more violence. I try to distract myself by mindlessly scanning Facebook. An article about allowing Syrian refugees into the United States appears.

Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light - Baxter, John -

I scan the comments in morbid curiosity. The knot in my stomach tightens. In , two out of three Americans said they would not take in 10, Jewish refugee children after the first Nazi atrocities came to light. Half of American governors agree, refusing to accept refugees. How can one blame those attempting to escape atrocities for the atrocities they seek to escape? We are still in the early stages, but I feel powerless to halt it from continuing to its terrifying yet seemingly inevitable conclusion. ISIS wants more bombs. ISIS wants us to be afraid of Muslims.

ISIS wants refugees to feel ostracized. There is no easy answer.

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  7. Yet, we can either opt for progress or exacerbate an already dire situation. We must stop playing geopolitics with Syria — and the rest of the Middle East. Instead of making Muslims in Europe and the Americas feel like second-class citizens, we should welcome them with open hearts. Of the , refugees resettled in America since September 11th, two have been arrested on terrorism charges. None have committed an act of terrorism. I supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    City of Light, City of Dark

    Peace, not war. And love, not hate. A bankrupt ideology will eventually collapse upon itself unless given additional fuel. We did not beat the Soviets with guns, but with ideas. What they fear is unity. Instead, let us terrify them with our unwillingness to live in fear or stoop to their level of violence and bloodshed.

    Dark and Light - TOUR THE MAIN CITIES - Titanshield Gaming

    Thanks for sharing this Paul…. I firmly believe one of the biggest levers is people simply connecting with other people. Which is what particularly breaks my heart around the current dialogue around refugees. The more we build walls between us, the easier it is for us to dehumanize the other side and subsequently act in ways that are less than human. Then there are the things that go along with this — from refusing to support politicians that stir hatred to actively supporting those who take stands that are politically risky at the moment but ultimately just.

    Trump really has done a lot of damage to the narrative. And thank you for playing your part Paul of trying to bring some sanity. Would love to go explore the mountains soon! Perhaps later this year.