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Louis is impressed and enlists Quentin in his service. Upon the unexpected arrival of Count Phillip de Creville Marius Goring , a Burgundian ambassador seeking Isabelle, Louis orders Quentin to guard her and to keep her presence secret. During the time they spend together, she and Quentin begin to fall in love.

Having lied about Isabelle being there, Louis commands her to depart. She tells him that she will seek sanctuary with an old friend, the Bishop of Liege Harcourt Williams. Louis concocts a plan to have De la Marck kidnap and forcibly marry Isabelle to keep her strategically important lands out of Burgundian hands. He has Hayraddin, who is a spy in his employ, take the information and a large bribe to De la Marck.

Louis provides Isabelle with a detailed itinerary the better for De la Marck to find her. He also lends her a few guards, including Quentin, so that when they are killed, it will divert any suspicion away from him. Hayraddin is also sent as a guide.

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However, when he discovers that Quentin is to be one of the victims, he warns the Scotsman. When he has recovered, he finally tells Isabelle of his obligation to his uncle, which prevents him from courting her himself, and leaves. De la Marck attacks the castle, captures Isabelle, and kills the bishop when he refuses to marry them. Hearing the sounds of battle, Quentin rescues his love.

He slays De la Marck in an unusual duel involving the combatants in the burning bell tower, swinging from the ropes used to ring the church bells. Meanwhile, the Duke of Burgundy arrests Louis when he comes to continue peace negotiations, accusing him of orchestrating the murder of the bishop. However, Quentin arrives and exonerates the King, providing as proof De la Marck's severed head. Out of gratitude and in France's best interests , Louis tricks Charles into letting Isabelle decide whom she will marry.

Winnie-the-Pooh: The Big Adventure

Quentin has received news that his uncle has died, so he is free to follow his heart. The studio was so pleased with the results that even before the film was released they were looking at a follow up for Taylor, and Quentin Durward was suggested. Producer Berman thought that audiences would accept romance if it was presented "at face value, on a pure basis, as a clean unsmutty kind of thing and without sexy overtones. I haven't got any rules to lay down for successful pictures, but one fact is sure today - people want something besides words, beside conversation pieces from the screen.

Once in a while you have a 'Streetcar', in which all the actors talk their fool heads off, and it's a hit anyway, but for myself I'm committed to pictures with action and scenic and pictorial scope. Grace Kelly turned down the film and Kay Kendall was given the part. Bosley Crowther gave the film a poor review in The New York Times , writing, "it lacks for excitement when Taylor is working to get himself out of jams And the big terminal fight From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A little long for a story time, but the number of words per pa A story about the Smalls, who live in the very large and very opulent Small House. A little long for a story time, but the number of words per page is pretty low, and there is a beautiful four-page pull-out spread that would make a fun impression.

Jan 24, IrenesBookReviews rated it really liked it.

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This story is about two small children who live in a big house. There is about to be a big party at the house and they are sad they will miss the fun. They decide to go over to the steps to take a peek at the action; instead they become part of the action! I thought the story was cute and any child will enjoy reading about these two small children and their adventure the night of the party. The pictures had great color but the pictures looked messy to me. It was almos This story is about two small children who live in a big house.

It was almost like you could not see the scene very clearly. I still enjoyed the book just wish the pictures had been better. Feb 22, Kirsty rated it liked it Shelves: review-books , uk-author. I don't usually review picture books not having any children but received this one for review today in the post and just decided to dip into it. It is a real delight of a book with nice and colourful pictures to look at and a funny story to go along with it.

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I think it is one of those books where younger children would get something very different to older children when reading it as their thinking skills improve and they start to take in the subtle hints inferred at through the combination of th I don't usually review picture books not having any children but received this one for review today in the post and just decided to dip into it. I think it is one of those books where younger children would get something very different to older children when reading it as their thinking skills improve and they start to take in the subtle hints inferred at through the combination of the pictures and the text.

Has certainly made me think I need to read more picture books as I was happily chuckling along to myself whilst reading it! Oct 03, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books. There is always something going on and tonight is the Small Ball. Paul and Sally are sent to bed but they want a peak. Then Mr. Puddles drops into the party and the Smalls have to go find him. They creep through the party and take a secret passageway and hide in a cake pan until they finally find Mr. Puddles and get him back to bed.

And of course no one saw them at all. I love all the details of this story. Paul and Sally are great little adventurers who leave a trail of destruction in their path. This is a fun story that I am sure kids will love. Jun 07, Judy rated it it was amazing Shelves: awesome , illustration-of-note , my-best-books-of-all-time , buy-a-copy , children-s-books , colour , great-covers , hand-lettering , picture-books. I just love this book. It is mainly for the illustration, but the illustration is SO good! So so so good. It also has some of the elements that appeal to a young audience: the difference in scale between the protagonists and their surroundings and people; the rescue of a lost loved thing without adult assistance; tunnels; hiding places; a cute dog side-kick.

Feb 26, George rated it it was ok Shelves: picture-books , art , humor , ar-level The illustrations are lovely and the story is, too. With this I'd easily rank this a 5-star-book. However, it's fatal in my opinion when you insert naked art into a picture book. Ah, this one could have been one of my favorites, too. Mar 09, Maria Burel rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books. The illustrations in this book remind me of Quentin Blake who did many of Roald Dahl's illustrations.

The story really must be read with an eye on the illustrations in order to catch the humor in this story. One to really read twice with young readers. Aug 29, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: pb. This was lovely. With the number of people who call their children their smalls, I think it would be an appropriate addition for many families. I especially liked the way the author drew their home, it reminded me of some castle in Europe.

May 06, Kayce rated it liked it. The illustrations are charmingly reminiscent of Bemelmans' work for the Madeline books, but more colorful. The story is cute with a fabulous setting, but loses me in some of the transitions. The last line is adorable. Oct 13, Madeline rated it liked it. While the artwork was fun and the overall outcome cute, the story itself wasn't particularly gripping, and I don't think I'd ever read this to a child more than once.

It didn't seem to captivate them very much at all. Mar 17, Gervy rated it liked it Shelves: kidlet-ageto Illustrations are delightful; story is a bit "meh". Sep 09, Carrie Gelson rated it really liked it Shelves: adventure , family , siblings , story-time , picture-books. Perfect book to read with little ones. So much to look at on the page and full of fun. Mar 19, Leticia rated it liked it Shelves: storytime , juvy. The Smalls' adventure searching for their teddy bear was fun to read.

Good visual book for storytime. Sep 22, Ingrid rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books.

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A very sweet story of medium length. It has an old- fashioned feel, which I like and great illustrations. Probably to subtle for a story time read, but it would be great for bedtime reading. Sep 30, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: humor , lost-and-found , adventure , picturebooks. Nice loose lines, I agree with the others who see echoes of Bemelmans here. I like the unique setting, too.

The Big Adventure of the Smalls

View 1 comment. Apr 26, Bethe rated it liked it Shelves: childrens-realistic. The littlest Smalls have quite the adventure when their teddy bear is dropped down into a crowded party. The corgi pup saves the day, the bear, and the book. Nov 25, Jie rated it it was amazing. The 5-star rating is from my 5-year old. Jan 20, Melissa rated it liked it. Fun story to read. The pictures tell the story more than the words. Jun 11, Julie Flake rated it it was ok Shelves: picture-books , read-in Liked the art and the story but why do you have to have naked statues in a children's book.

Oct 13, Michael Fitzgerald rated it it was ok Shelves: picture-books.

quentins sleepin

Rather pointless. Lamest use of a double fold-out. Mar 03, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: children , picture. A fun little adventure book set in a huge house. Clare Landrigan rated it liked it Nov 01, Kayla rated it liked it Dec 19, Uma rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Abby Rogers rated it liked it Sep 07,