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This procedure can only be used for item-wise.

Concepts in Workflow Release Strategy

The criteria that can be used with this procedure to distinct the PR approval processes are limited to: PR item value, material group, account assignment, and plant. The only reason we should use this procedure is its simplicity. But if we want more flexibility in determining the PR release procedure we should use the other option. We will.

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Create a List. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. To make it more understandable, it is supplied with a case study and the screen shots of each configuration step. The book is written in a simple-to-understand way, so anyone can learn it easily.

SAP Purchase Requisition (PR) Release Strategy - Concept & Configuration Guide by net ofsap - Issuu

You don't need to have extensive SAP skill to be able to configure it. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Since purchase order is a legal document and it goes outside the company to the vendor, it is very much important to control the process to avoid any errors or unauthorized transaction.

When the Purchase order is processed further for goods receipt and invoice verifications, there will be accounting entries generate and it creates Accounts Payable entries AP. Because of this reason and legal implications of Purchase orders, it is very much required to control the procurement process by introducing approvals. For the same, SAP has provided a concept of release strategy. In release strategy, there are different released codes which are used for designated users. The release code is a two character ID allowing a person to release clear, or approve a purchase requisition or an external purchasing document.

The user with specific release code assigned can perform a respective release in a purchase order.

For example, the user who creates the purchase order is assigned the lowest level release code. When the purchase order is saved or checked, system will trigger the Release Strategy for that document depending on the defined criteria. In the purchase order which is required to be released by a higher level user, there will be a Release Strategy tab on header of the PO document. In this tab, system shows all the levels of release codes who are involved in approving the purchase order. Following practical example will demonstrate the purpose of release strategy and its implementation in SAP.

A company where there is following approval mechanism used in procurement department needs to have a release strategy in SAP. To achieve this, there will be four release codes created in the system. Now with this requirement, following release code will be attached to each document depending on the value of the PO. Before we start configuring release strategy in SAP, we need to define the combination of parameters to trigger the release. This triggering criterion can be a combination of Document type and Purchasing organization along with value depending on which the number of release codes are assigned when the document is created.

Document which provides all the possible list of fields using which a release strategy can be configured. To view all this fields of the structure you can use transaction code SE Let us assume that we want to configure the release strategy based on the combination of three fields. We need to create individual characteristic for each of this field and then group them into a release class. Please follow the steps given below to create characteristics. Transaction code: CT Provide the characteristic name and click on Create button to create the characteristic.

Give appropriate and meaningful name for each characteristic so that they become easy to identify in further process. In Basic Data of characteristic screen, provide appropriate description. If you want to configure the release strategy for single document type, you need to select Single Values in Value Assignment block and if it is required for multiple document type then select Multiple Values radio button. Now, the fields are to be referred from CEKKO structure, we need to provide the reference to this structure and corresponding field.

Since this characteristic is created for document type, please specify the structure and field name given in the below screen.

  • SAP PR Release Strategy Concept and Configuration Guide: A Case Study.
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This warning message indicates that the data type of the characteristic will be taken from the data dictionary of this structure in SAP. Now navigate to Values tab and provide the document types which are required in this release strategy. Please see below screen shot. Please note that in the characteristic values tab, these values are not available as a F4 selection. So they must be typed correctly and it should match exactly with the document types used. We need to make sure that these characteristics are used only in class which is made up for Purchase order release.

For this purpose we need to provide the restriction in characteristic.

SAP PR Release Strategy Concept and Configuration Guide - A Case Study

Provide class type in the restriction tab to achieve this. If the system is used in multiple languages and if it is required to maintained the characteristic description in multiple languages, then the same can be done from the description tab. Please navigate to Description tab and for each language and save your characteristic.

For third characteristic which is Purchase order Net value, we need follow the same steps except the below points:. Please mention USD as a currency for the characteristic. If you have multiple criteria for different range of values, the same has to be provided in Values tab with a Multiple Value radio button tick in Basic data.

S ince there will be intervals in the purchase order values, you have to configure the characteristic to allow the values in intervals. Define Release Strategy for Purchase Order After the class is ready, the next is to configure the elements required in release strategy. In the given space give all your Release codes. Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts. Related Questions. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Former Member. April 12, at am.