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Isco and his team-mate Jordi Alba were seen standing over the animal during the first half of the World Cup game. Spanish midfielder Isco found the time to help out a small bird during Wednesday's match. The Real Madrid man bent down to rescue the bird from the Kazan Arena pitch during first half.

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Just as Isco was about to pick it up, the bird flew a short distance away but he was successful. Just as Isco was about to pick it up, the bird flew a short distance away from his hand. Once he had it in his hands he then ran over to the sidelines and put it down in a safer place.

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  6. Spain took the lead over Iran after Isco's heroics as Diego Costa found the net in the 54th minute. If they hold on to the three points they will join Portugal on four points at the top of Group B. Share this article Share.

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    5. Isco the hero: Spaniard rescues small bird from the Kazan Arena pitch | Daily Mail Online.
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      Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Feedly More RSS feeds Season at a glance Live tables Fixtures Scores. More tables. More fixtures. More scores. Birds series who was not one of the original five birds in the flock, with the other three being Terence , Bubbles , and Stella in that order. He is a supporting character in The Angry Birds Movie and it's sequel. Hal first appeared in Theme as a prisoner, but was playable starting with Theme He has appeared as a playable character in every version and episode of the game released since his introduction, though he is not necessarily in all levels.

      This was the first time he has appeared in costume in any game and completely new game sprites were created for this. Hal has a huge, orange beak being the only bird in Red's flock with a beak color other than yellow.

      ice bird hero skillet

      He has three top black feathers, like Matilda, and three spiky black feathers on his back Like Chuck. He has two eyes on either side of his beak with medium-sized eyebrows, and pure white chest feathers. In his earlier cartoon appearance he gains a three black thick brows in each sides, green eyes, his huge beak are dark yellow and orange and his feathers is medium green. He does not have the three top black feathers on his head and his huge beak is now in a different shades of orange.

      His feathers are now emerald green and his white stomach is not seen. In the film version, Hal appears as a green anthropomorphic Emerald Toucanet and is a combination between his classic game counterpart and his earlier cartoon appearance. His beak reverts back into orange and has orange feet.

      Some mobbing behavior may be less about survival, and more about sexual selection

      His black feathers on top is now green as the feathers at the back is also green and his stomach is now pale beige instead of white. Hal's ability is to reverse his direction, which is extremely useful when attempting to get to areas other birds cannot. Hal is very good against wood, glass and snow, but not great against stone. When his ability is used, it's often the longer eventually a set time the bird can break through entire columns of wood and glass.

      Another way to use the Hal is by firing it backwards and using it's ability to cause it to fly forwards.

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      A common disadvantage is when Hal is fired straight into the air, it's hard to arc him perfectly when he approaches the ground. Sometimes he will hit the ground and become a corpse immediately when he goes out of range. Another common disadvantage is when the ability is used too close to the structure, he will very quickly lose speed not long after the boomerang back and not even scratch the structure.

      When it comes to Piglantis in Angry Birds Seasons, another disadvantage is that Hal's ability is useless underwater because if his ability is used underwater, he won't be able to boomerang back and he'll automatically turn into a corpse really fast. However, in High Dive in Angry Birds Rio, an advantage is that his ability works underwater, and can reverse regardless. In the movie version, Hal's ability was demonstrated during the Battle Cry trailer when he was slingshot by Red and the fellow birds in a greater distance but also backfires when he boomerangs Red and the group as he heavily hits a wooden tree as his beak was hurt in a process, ask Red that did they win, and Red immediately calls Chuck for an ice pack.

      A strange thing to note is that in the movie, Hal does not need to open his beak to boomerang backwards. Hal has a short temper when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds and, like most of the Flock, becomes easily enraged when eggs are discovered missing and rare birds caged up. Little is known about his personality and demeanor at this time. Even though he doesn't appear in as many of the Animated Shorts as some of the other Angry Birds do, he only appears in the Summer Pignic Short Movie he is shown in the video as a very cheerful but clumsy bird.

      This is shown during the entirety of the Animated Short which displays Hal trying to enlist on the Angry Birds Army, in order to help defeat the Bad Piggies.

      Characters | Angry Birds

      However, Hal is denied enlistment in the Army after he accidentally knocks over the slingshot, causing the White Bird to be launched in the wrong direction. After this, he hops away sadly. After he leaves, the other birds fail the level, and Hal finds the Red and Blue birds near-unconscious upon his return.