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She was said to have made even Berl Katznelson laugh, and he hardly ever smiled. Rahel dedicated poems to him too. But it was aloof, ascetic Noah Naftulski who fell in love with her and remained faithful to her memory throughout the many decades by which he survived her, until he was eventually buried across from her grave.

What do you think was the purpose of my journey, if not to improve my work, to connect every fiber of my heart and mind to it? The Kinneret Training Farm was built around a courtyard dominated by its dovecote. Here Rahel spent the happiest days of her life. Until she was joined by Rachel Yanait later the wife of president Yitzhak Ben-Zvi , Rahel was the only woman in her class. Homesick, she fell asleep every night beneath a picture of the Sea of Galilee on the wall, and she wrote frequently to A.

Gordon for support as she struggled over whether to remain. Bluwstein graduated cum laude, then took a summer art course in Italy before heading home. In Toulouse, Rahel fell in love with Michael Bernstein, a broad-minded, sensitive electrical engineering student from Russia. They stayed in touch during —15, when Rahel traveled back to see her family as the First World War prevented her returning home to Ottoman Palestine.

Their correspondence continued until After Rahel left France, they never met again, although Bernstein was evidently also in war-torn, revolutionary Russia.

The two had planned to marry, she said, but circumstances — his return to eastern Europe and hers to the land of Israel — got in the way. Standing at far left, Shoshana Bluwstein. Rahel was already in France.

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The stormy, anguished relationship seems to have been doomed from the start. In , by now in Russia, she wrote to him:. Two Rachels in France.

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Studying agriculture alongside Rahel in Toulouse, Rachel Yanait right later became as much a Zionist symbol as the poet, especially as wife of President Zalman Shazar. Rahel wandered between various relatives in Russia, but none could support her, so she found work wherever possible. She translated Hebrew literature into Russian, wrote about life in the land of Israel for a Jewish weekly, and looked after Jewish refugee children in Odessa. This last job was apparently the source of the tuberculosis with which she was later diagnosed. Caring for refugee children during World War I, Rahel probably contracted the tuberculosis that killed her.

The poet at an orphanage in Berdiansk, Ukraine, Once the war ended, Bluwstein raised the funds for her sea ticket home by speaking in synagogues about Zionism, concluding with an appeal. In , she was one of many prominent Zionists returning to Mandate Palestine on the SS Ruslan, the first ship in the third wave of Zionist immigration.

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The face staring out from the refugee certificate that granted her entry shows the first signs of her terminal illness. Nevertheless, she joined Degania, the first kibbutz, and struggled to keep up with the physical demands of agriculture. Her condition deteriorated, as she admitted in a letter to her sister Shoshana:. My spirits are bright all the same. Devora Dayan, for one, panicked when Rahel held her little boy, Moshe. Without waiting for a group decision, another kibbutz member approached Rahel and made it clear that Degania was no place for invalids.

Devastated, she wrote to her friend Hayuta Busel:. It pained me that on the day I left … on that miserable day, every face I saw was ashamed, and all eyes looked down, and there was silence — unbearable silence. We parted in silence … suddenly to be orphaned — that was what hit me, more than the mere fact of my illness.

Tsur, pp. Yet Rahel stayed in touch with Degania. Kibbutznik Shifra Yourovski was sent to care for her when she was hospitalized in Safed.


Her mentor, A. Gordon, was being treated for cancer in the same hospital, and the two compared how many letters each received from the kibbutz. Homesick but not alone. Rahel in Toulouse, where she met Michael Bernstein. Additionally, some feast participants visited Jewish communities near the Gaza border, where violent Palestinian mass gatherings and arson attacks have plagued them all summer. Parsons said ICEJ also has donors ready to give funds for three newly designed ATV security vehicles specially made to respond to border infiltrations, though those are still being designed and manufactured.

They have this unwavering love for Israel. They do not want to be just fair-weather friends. When Israel is in danger, then this is when they want their support to count the most. Buhler said the Feast of Tabernacles is a dress rehearsal for the fulfillment of Zechariah , which describes how the nations will gather in Jerusalem to worship God and keep Sukkot.

This loving us back is just amazing to see. Thousands of Christians gather at Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea for performances and speeches as part of the Feast of Tabernacles festivities. Credit: International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. Many of the 7, Christians who walk in the Jerusalem March dress in costumes representative of their countries. Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall. We want to keep our journalism open and accessible and be able to keep providing you with news and analysis from the frontlines of Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

KKL-JNF's Aminadav tree planting center near Jerusalem has seen many diverse and moving tree planting ceremonies, but the ceremony that took place on Sunday, 20th December, will surely stand out in the memory of everyone present. A group of pilgrims from Taraba State in Nigeria had come for, the most part, their first visit to Israel.

Diocese of Auckland - Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Josephine Zinder, president of Tailor Made Tours, responsible for the group's arrangements, told us: "You can't imagine how excited they are to be planting trees in the soil of the Holy Land. These people are industrious farmers and are very connected to the land. Many of them told me that this event is even more emotional for them than the visit to Mount Sinai. Jerusalem Post Green Israel Community.

By KKL. As one of our loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner. They sang of faith and laughter and gave thanks to God for bringing them to the Holy Land. There is a Jewish legend that when we sleep at night we hear the angels sing, but God makes us forget the sound of the angels when we wake up in the morning as otherwise we would not be able to bear everyday life.