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Dilys has a daughter named Nina, and it is with Nina that the story ends. I read it quickly and lent it to my sister. Ruth Arthur, Candle in her room. I looked at a copy of this book and all three names are in it. Dilys is one of the narrators, and both Briony and Rees are mentioned in the text. Arthur, Ruth M. NY Atheneum I'm sure I'm not the only one to answer this. A Candle in Her Room takes place on the Welsh coast, over a couple of generations. The characters match up. The first part is narrated by Melissa Mansell, whose sisters are Briony and Judith.

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Judith uses the powers of the doll Dido to cripple Melissa and take her fiance Carew away. Part two is narrated by Dilys, the child of Judith and Carew, who learns about some of Judith's plotting. Part three is Melissa again, as she recovers her ability to walk so that she can go to Europe and find Dilys' child. Part four is narrated by Nina, Dilys' daughter found in a refugee camp, who finds the doll Dido again and finally deals with her. This is most definitely A Candle in Her Room. There are three sisters Melissa, Judith and Briony.

Rees is Meliisa's boyfriend but Judith steals him away and marries him. Their daughter is Dilys and her daughter is Nina. The doll is evil and as Bryna grows up, the doll somehow takes her over. Bryna was an overwieght child and the doll makes her lose weight and she becomes very attractive, and the doll takes control of Bryna's body and takes her out into the world where she is involved in Tantric sex. I want to say the doll was possessed by some kind of Hindu goddess It had something to do with Tantra and Hinduism.

By the end of the book the doll has taken her over almost completely and has even committed murder. I think the doll was trying to kill Bryna so her spirit could live in Bryna's body. I know it sounds kind of wierd, but I read this book around when I was in high school and would like to read it again. The book I read was a paperback and at the time it had a dark cover I think black with the outline of a child's facial profile. If you can come up with any suggestions for the title of this book I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your help. John Saul? I don't remember any tantric sex in Saul books, but I do recall a Saul story in which a child's doll gets her to commit murders or something along those lines. The cover for the book The Unwanted sounds like the cover you describe. It is not the John Saul book - I have all of his books and have read them all.

It's a smaller book, probably written in the 80's. Thanks for trying though! Same as B Illustrated by Margery Gill. Atheneum, Third printing, Ex-library copy with usual markings, library bound in green buckram. Hard to find! Was the doll's name Dido? If so, it might be A Candle in her Room It sounds something like "A Candle in her Room," but that is a fairly long girl's fantasy novel and it is about three generations of women in a family who are tragically affected by the influence of an evil doll named Dido.

Do you remember if it was a wooden doll named Dido? I don't remember any other details about the book, except that it was so chilling and evil that I almost didn't want to finish it and I loved scary books! Friermood, Elisabeth Hamilton, Candle in the Sun , I don't have a description, but Friermood usually writes young adult historical fiction with a bit of romance thrown in.

Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood, Candle in the Sun , I have this book! This is a book with a collection of stories or poems, probably written in the 's or earlier. The 'candy man ' story went on to describe the many kinds of candy and goodies he carried on his candy wagon. It was illustrated. The illustrations are by Kathaarine R. I'm so happy to have found the book after all these years. A Cap for Mary Ellis. I only know the one book in the series--it's about Mary Ellis Stebbins beginning her nursing training.

Hope Newell, Mary Ellis series. This could be it, although the name is different than the person remembers. Hope this is it! Mary Ellis has a brother whose stage name is Steppin' Stebbins, so this may be a possibility. There's also a sequel, Mary Ellis, Student Nurse This stumper is definitely the Mary Ellis books by Hope Newell. Her nickname in nursing school is Tater. It probably appears in various other fairy tale books too. In some versions the girl makes a coat of rushes or donkeyskin to wear and this acts as a disguise from her father.

There is a version of the story called Deerskin , by Robin McKinley. This might not be the same exact one that the requester posted since that was in the 70's and in an anthology, but the story is the same. Perhaps you may find it in an anthology of German Fairytales. There are several fairy tales from different countries that have this theme as a story line. It would most likely be in an anthology of folk and fairy tales from around the world An updated version of this was releaced years ago, called Mossgown set in a Louisiana Biou. Both versions were the same story.

A man has 3 daughters. He askes them how much they love him. The two oldest name precious things gold etc the youngest daughter told her father she loved him 'more than meat loves salt'! He didn't understand, he drove her away. Much later, when his poor servant serves him a meal without seasoning esp without salt he realizes what she meant, how much she loved him, and how much she meant to him.

She is the servant. She throws off her disguise and reviels herself to him. They are happily reunited. A character in this children's novel, set in early twentieth-century Hungary, tells a version of this fairy tale. This is probably some variation on the fairy tale Cap O'Rushes. Here's a website with versions of the story, including references to King Lear. A version of this well-known tale search for "love like salt" in any search engine and you'll see how many versions there are!

It's a wonderful tale! I saw it listed mostly as a Czechoslovakian tale, but also saw it listed as a tale from Greece. Ellis, Like Meat Loves Salt. There are a few versions out there, I've just given the author of one. It's Scottish? Joseph Jacobs' version is here.

Also, you can see an analysis of some Cinderella variants here Rushen Coatie not included. I liked Jacobs' version for its smoothness of language, not to mention Cap O'Rushes' cleverness and independence and the fact that the women's general kindness to her doesn't hurt the story at all. Of course, maybe it came before the Perrault and Grimm versions anyway, so to speak! I was very annoyed when I. Edmonds took the riddle away from the female character and gave it to a man in Trickster Tales.

Or so it seemed. I remember this story, too. Could it be one of the stories from the Arabian Nights? This is a classic story told in many cultures, and is one that has always stuck with me. Many of the different versions of this story and the books from which they are taken are available here. There are many versions, some of which can be found here. Perhaps if you find the origin version of the folktale Russian, German, etc.

I also read this story in a school book. It's a more obscure fairy tale called Cap O'Rushes. The daughter tells the king that she loves him as much as fresh meat needs salt. There are several copies of the story on line. Frank O'Leary, Cappy Cardinal. Cute story about a little gray cardinal named Cappy. After he rescues a dove's babies, Mother Nature rewards him by enveloping him in the red stripe of a rainbow.

When the rainbow vanishes, he is left with a brilliant red coat, as a mark of his courage. It took several weeks for me to recieve a copy of Cappy Cardinal through an inter-library loan from another county. But, now that I have it, I know that the Frank O'Leary tale is absolutely the book I was looking for, the one my grandmother bought secondhand. I had no idea it was published two decades before I read it. Thank you so much for your help! I wish I would have known to post it long before I did and saved myself all the fruitless searching! SThe book is called Captain Ghost.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the author's name. Published by Viking, , and reprinted at least four or five times up through the sixties. If you have or find a copy, we'd be interested. Thank you. He used to be a sea captain and has all manner of ship things. Then at the end, something happens and the neighborhood try to make the chilidren tear down their 'ship'. There were several children involved. I'm thinking that the book may be from the forties or fifties; it may or may not have had a red cover.

This is Captain Ghost again, isn't it? But they are constantly aware of being watched from the strange Victorian house where an old recluse lives. Soon they meet "Captain Ghost" who teaches them how to build and man a ship. How they share and finally solve a mystery that surrounded their new friend makes exciting reading. The book was set somewhere landlocked the prairie?

Is it possible that this is Mary Poppins? There is no meadow in Mary Poppins, but a lot of the rest seems to fit. Captain Ghost , mids. I remember this book as well! I've also been looking for it for ages. I think the title was Captain Ghost , and the author's last name may have started with a C. The Captain wasn't a ghost, but at first he wouldn't come out to see the kids, so they thought he was. Eventually, they join him to help build his boat. I think there was a mystery, and the captain's hankerchief figured into it somehow. Actually, it's on the Solved Mysteries page. I remembered reading this book myself, sometime in the early 60's, but I couldn't remember many of the details,but I'm sure it's the same book.

Sharing plans and secrets, the three friends were inseparable. How they came to meet the owner of a Victorian house they called him Captain Ghost among themselves , learned how to build and man a ship, met a sinister stranger, and finally solved an old mystery makes for exciting reading. When the Rand McNally Junior Elf books were reissued in paperback as Tiny Elf books, some were the same stories with the same pictures, while others used the original pictures with a different title and author!

The "Captain Kitty" pictures were done over in this way, so if you find a Tiny Elf book where the pictures seem very familiar and the story doesn't really, that's why. The Junior Elf version was also reprinted and is easy to find. Could you possibly be looking for Captain Kitty? It's a tiny book with a black cat standing at the helm wearing nautical garb.

L15 - I am pretty sure that this person is remembering Barbara Sleigh's Carbonel books.

They are pretty hard to find. I loved them as a kid and had forgotten all about the apothecary jars until I read this description. This sounds like the first Carbonel book by Barbara Sleigh. I can't remember the exact title but there are two or three books with the same characters. Carbonel is the cat. I am a bit of a Barbara Sleigh fan too from my childhood. Good answer on the apothecary jar, but that is actually the second book in the series - The Kingdom of Carbonel.

The first book in the series is Carbonel, King of Cats. In this story, Rosemary and John communicate with Carbonel by holding onto the witch's broom - but which is destroyed accidently toward the end of the first book - hence the need for the special liquid in the second book.

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The third book, Carbonel and Calidor , is by far the hardest to find. I have yet to read it but have finally tracked down a paperback copy in England at an outlandish price, but which should now be enroute to me. The first book can be obtained as a new paperback from several UK children's bookstores online.

Amazon UK and childrensbookcentre. Both ship internationally.

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To bad the other two books are not avaliable as paperback reprints. Theodore Sturgeon, Yesterday Was Monday. Okay, this is a long shot, but Theodore Sturgeon wrote a short story that sounds similar to the description. This sounds similar to a book my mother bought in the early s, called something like The Secret Club. The members of the "secret club" do the kinds of things you describe for me, the most memorable one was making sure that people don't step in dog poop!

Cooper Edens, Caretakers of Wonder , I think it's Caretakers of Wonder , which exhorts you to open your eyes. This is illustrated with imagination, the sky and the horizon safety-pinned together, the "ones who light and keep the stars burning" floating off in a hot air balloon full of giant matches, the starry sky folded up like a quilt. The imaginative illustrations show "the sky and the horizon" safety-pinned together, the stars being lit by a man in a hot-heart balloon full of giant matches, the sun hoisted up by a pulley, the starry sky folded up like a bolt of cloth on a worker's back, "the ones weaving the meadows and telling the trees where to stand" and more.

Marjories Vetter, Journey for Jennifer, This sounds like it could be the same as C This is a guess - here's the only description I could find: Jennifer could feel her face stiffen as she watched Steve say good-by to the others. Didn't their dates on board the ship to Havana mean anything to him?

Wasn't he going to miss her at all when she was in the hill country? My Bookstumper A was solved by readers input directing me to Marjorie Vetter's hardcover book Cargo for Jennifer. This book was reprinted in as the paperback Journey for Jennifer. C had similar information and helped me find this book. Thanks everyone! Caroline and Her Friends. Check out the Most Requested page. Thanks for your help, now I begin the search to find a copy of it. It was originally published in as LGB , and reissued several times. Every day his master paints him in a different guise. It must be very tiring, not to mention confusing, especially when he hasn't enough legs or too many tails.

But whether emaciated or after Picasso, Carter is beautifully feline and very funny, and so are his more stable friends. At last Carter has his revenge. He paints Mr. Blob himself, in a variety of improbable poses, finally painting him in the bath and leaving him there. He then painted himself in his holiday gear and was off. This is an original story, not over-written, and the pictures are hilarious, packed full of ridiculous jokes.

T Could this be the John Peterson series? The secret hide-out. I have researched the two suggestions, and would like to thank you very much for your help. In fact, I am now sure there was also a dog. It seems to me that Enid Blyton's plots are very similar to the books which I am referring, except the characters' clubhouse was definitely a treehouse. It also seems to me that the style of writing is similar to John Peterson.

Could there be a series written a bit later based on these same ideas and style? Please, please, keep the suggestions coming I know we are getting closer! Thank you! I came across your site while trying to find a reasonably-priced copy of Mary Ann's Mud Day. I read with interest your "Stump the Bookseller" section, and think that the solution to T may be a short series of books about a group of kids called The Three Investigators.

They didn't have a treehouse, but a really cool hideout in a junkyard that required all manner of maneuvering to access. William Arden is the author of that series from the late '60's, and I think an annoying tagalong sibling is among the characters. There are over 20 in the series.

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The main characters are Jack and Annie, and they have a dog named Fluffy. The stories involve traveling back in time to solve problems and have adventures. My son reads them now and is addicted If I'm wrong the time travel aspect is a biggie , sorry! I know these books! They were "easy reader" mysteries, written by Crosby Bonsall.

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One of them was always eating peanut butter sandwiches I believe it was Tubby. As the original stumper noted, there were several books in the series. I too am convinced the poster is referfing to Crosby Bonsall's books and this one in particular. The hungry stranger centres on the stealing of a blueberry pie from Mrs Meech's?? It fascinated me, as blueberries weren't available here in NZ, and thought of any food that could turn your teeth blue was utterly fantastic.

The Wizard Private eye club investigate and Snitch - Wizard's snaggle toothed little brother tries to tag along, and I think ultimately solves the mystery. They have a clubhouse no girls allowed! After asking everyone from the mailman to Mrs Meech herself to smile to see if they have blue teeth and thus would have stolen the pie they discover that the old english sheepdog is the culprit I think.

This is another of my lost books - and though I'm happy to see it reprinted, the thought of a full colour version isn't quite the same as my beloved black and white Scholastic copy. Maybe A Handful of Thieves? She wrote lots of wonderful books involving English children getting into and out of!

Try this link to see descriptions of her books. When an early painting by Constable is stolen from a private collector, four English children decide to solve the crime. An amusing story of a gang of British boys foiling thieves who have stolen a top secret energy source, the silver egg, from the gang leader's father's laboratory by applying popular science experiments like how to develop your own photos, suspend an egg in water, put out a candle, etc.

Desmond Skirrow, The case of the silver egg. Further to my previous posting on this, I've now reread my copy of The Case of the Silver Egg and it is definitely the one. The scene happens as described except that the boy is locked in with his father and the explosive is liquid gelignite. The boy mixes baking powder with vinegar to create carbon dioxide which he pours down the shelf liner tube to put out the candle.

Jan is running away from bad people but he doesn't know why because he has amnesia. He meets Ginny on the bus. Ginny is blind but she can see in a different way. She takes Jan to her home where he meets her aunt and uncle and little brother who have special ESP powers. Jan and Ginny are kidnapped by the bad guys an evil doctor who has a brainwashing machine named Matilda because they want to control Jan who has the unique ability to teleport. They eventually escape and Ginny's family find out that Jan is the missing family member they have been searching for. He died in and the book was published posthumously by his wife, Alice Towle Key.

It was only published in paperback - there's NO hardcover edition. Casket and the Sword by Norman Dale , illustrated by Biro, published Barrie , pages "Clive and his sister Sally, coming back from abroad to find the family mansion in the hands of unfriendly strangers, determine to restore the fortunes of the house by endeavouring to break in and find the casket and the sword, hidden there by a piratical ancestor in the 17th century.

A curious book, with the author bursting into verse quite good verse on occasion I think this book was set in England and may have involved a boy? There he solved some kind of mystery or found something of great value that was hidden in a dark place--maybe a crypt??? I read this book in 5th or 6th grade and have thought of it hundreds of times since then. I was completely lost in the story. Eleanor Jewett, Hidden Treasure of Glaston.

This book features an English boy being sent to a monastery for safekeeping during a war, and helping to discover the graves of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Arthur's sword is with him in his casket. Jim is visiting a distant aunt for the summer. While messing around in the backyard, he finds some kind of opening or break in a wall, admitting him to the house next door.

While there, Jim meets David and Sally, children of the aforesaid family. They are living in hiding on their own estate. They are hiding from the family servants, who have done something illegal -- possibly killing David and Sally's parents. David and Sally are trying to find positive proof of the servants' guilt and wrong-doing.

The servants are trying to find David and Sally and silence them so no one will ever find out what they have done. David and Sally enlist Jim's help. The plot revolves around the three characters' escapades, adventures and final success in bringing the servants to justice. Additional clues: David used an armbrace sling-shot and steel ball bearings in fighting the servants. Norman Dale, The Casket and the Sword , , copyright.

I'm pretty sure this is the book you're thinking of. Jeremy is visiting his Aunt Eleanor to fully recover from measles, and finds Clive and Sally Palfrey, the heirs to the neighboring estate, living in the estate grounds, which have become dangerous since the bad guys groundskeepers in the pay of an old servant who wants the land and a rumored treasure have let the menagerie out of their cages. The children have to dodge wild animals, escape the keepers, and find their way into the house to locate the treasure that will save their home. They have a friend named Mickey Few, and a long-lost uncle also turns up to help.

And yes, Clive uses a metal slingshot in addition to his bow and arrows. The three children use trumpets and a penny whistle to communicate via a signal tune. Norman Dale, Casket and the Sword , , copyright. My brother, Dennis, says this is indeed the book he's been looking for the solution posted on the website.

He is delighted to find the title after all these years. Thank you so much. Children's adventure set in country estate called Castle Combe or Coombe. Map of CC in front. Children spending summer holidays in a house next to CC. Sneaked into grounds, sometimes at night. Watched strange happenings from tree. Eventually went inside building. But obviously the caretaker doesn't want her there. What secret is he hiding? And who are the mysterious paying guests who roam the castle? Molly is afraid. Norman Dale, The Casket and the Sword, This sounds like the beginning of The Casket and the Sword.

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There are lots of plot descriptions on the Solved Mysteries page under this title. This is definitely the book I was searching for. Thanks to everyone that helped to find it. I have now purchased a copy. It brings back so many childhood memories and I am delighted to have the chance to read it again. The listing I have shows it as published by Current in , and that may be too recent. A description for the Roloff book: "Very nice book about a little girl named Cassie who lived in a town that wasn't on any map.

First part of book in black and white with the last half in color. Winterfield, Henry, Castaways in Lilliput, Australians Peggy, Jim and friend Ralph drift on a rubber raft until they land on an invisible island. It is populated by Gulliver's lilliputians and the children have several adventures trying to get back home. Including drinking hundreds of buckets of milk and riding on the top of a train. I really think this is Castaways in Lilliput by Henry Winterfeld. It's about three children who wash up on an uncharted island that turns out to be Lilliput, and they are the first "giants" to visit there since Gulliver.

Hutchinson, published by Harcourt , Weekly Reader , reprinted in , pp. But the only signs of life are miniature farms, a toy-sized village and tiny roads. They have to be very careful not to step on something important! It's not as old as the person remembers pub. Thanks for the update. Actually I have found the book I was looking for. I solved this one myself.

The book is about a summer adventure in the English countryside, involving a young girl, her best friend Persephone and her unusual family. There is a island with some abbey ruins, some caves, some mysterious singing, and a flood that imperils a little girl and her nanny in the caves, and a mysterious young boy who helps rescue them. I've been interested in the poem ever since. One of the "I Can Read Book" series. This was my favorite series as a child since I'm just crazy about cats. Esther Averill wrote and illustrated a number of stories about a small black cat named Jenny Linsky.

Many of the stories revolve around the Cat Club, of which Jenny is a member.

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Pickles was the name of the firecat. One of her brothers was named Checkers and he had a talent of retrieving balls. I can't remember the name of the other brother. There was also a set of twins who were members of the cat club. Esther Averill, Jenny Linsky series. If it makes a difference, I'll add a second voice to the suggestion that this is likely to be the "Jenny Linsky" series. These books are terribly collectible, and remembered fondly by all sorts of people. They've been reprinted a number of times, but currently aren't in print.

C Averill, Esther. Harper, Grabo, Carl Henry, Cat in grandfather's house , This may be the book the reader remembered as The Clock in Grandfather's House. The reader did mention a cat, so it might well have been The Cat in Grandfather's House. The date is about right. I have new information. I know it sounds silly, but I didn't want to ask my father the exact name of this book because I wanted to surprise him for his 75th birthday. It all became too much for me, though, and I finally called him. According to him, the name of this book is The Cat in Grandfather's House , and it was published in , the year of his birth.

He lives in San Diego near the famous "Prince and the Pauper" children's bookstore, and some time ago they said they had a waiting list for this book. I contacted them today and they are looking into it, but of course, any help on your end would be wonderful. Just reading that line, I got a flashback of some illustrations by him.

For some strange reason, I think that book had something to do with chicken noodle soup, or am I thinking of something else? So check it out, I hope I'm right! Well, gee, I have The Nutshell Library sitting right here on my desk. Really fun, really clever. Just a detective series with a little syfy thrown in. Bonus: a detective series without misogyny. Apr 13, Saretta rated it really liked it Shelves: weird , fantasy , racconti , crime-noir , crime-detective-story. Apr 14, Bruce rated it liked it. Quirky and very short. Angela rated it it was amazing Feb 05, David rated it liked it Jan 11, Miriam rated it really liked it Sep 01, Jennifer Bradshaw rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Carissa rated it really liked it Sep 23, Letizia Sechi rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Amir rated it it was amazing Sep 21, Meghan Sochocki rated it liked it Sep 29, Roberto Grassilli rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Maureen rated it really liked it Apr 18, Guadalupe marked it as to-read Apr 06, Merry marked it as to-read Apr 12, Brian marked it as to-read Jun 05, Smashley marked it as to-read Mar 13, Karina Urquhart marked it as to-read Mar 30, Abby Mundell added it Jan 11, Chris marked it as to-read Jun 04, Christa added it Jan 02, David Repuri added it Apr 30, Pinar marked it as to-read Sep 09, Veronica Nagorny marked it as to-read Nov 16, Bernd added it Jan 27, Then a barbarian prince proposes, and if she refuses, the country may plunge into war.

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But then I met Jade — the woman whose presence instantly brightens my dark world. Meeting her was all it took to break my first rule. One day, no strings was our compromise, and it seemed like the best option at the time. The thing about breaking rules? There are always consequences. As he and Brie find themselves in the mating dance, they must save their packs from the one rule of their world: never let the humans find out the truth. Thankfully, she has a plan. Montana Mail Order Bride Box Set Westward Series Books by Linda Bridey: Immerse yourself in the spellbinding Western Mail Order Bride series that critics describe as a superb collection of heart-warming, humorous, romantic stories full of adventure which show strong women in difficult situations.

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