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At the end of the Reyne Rebellion , Tywin's army put Castamere castle to the torch, and had all surviving members of House Reyne put to the sword - man, woman, and child - as an example to any vassals who would dare challenge the Lannisters in the future. Tywin subsequently had the corpses of the executed Reynes hanged from the gates of Casterly Rock on public display, where he left them to rot for the entire summer it was a long summer, which lasted many years. House Reyne meet their end at the hands of Tywin Lannister.

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The Rains of Castamere is played during the wedding of King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, though Joffrey cuts the performance short by tossing some money to the minstrels. Forced migration, mass murder, or suicide?

Conflicting theories have abounded for years, capturing the North American imagination for eons. Join Craig Childs as he draws on the latest scholarly research, as well as a lifetime of exploration in the forbidden landscapes of the American Southwest, to shed new light on this compelling mystery.

He takes us from Chaco Canyon to the highlands of Mesa Verde, to the Mongollon Rim; to a contemporary Zuni community where tribal elders maintain silence about the fate of their Lost Others; and to the largely unexplored foothills of the Sierra Madre in Mexico, where abundant remnants of Anasazi culture lie yet to be uncovered. I have heard Craig Childs in person a number of times and know him to be a fascinating storyteller.

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Listening to him read House of Rain was like being with him on his extended, fascinating adventures. I will savor this experience for a long time. I am admittedly an ancient sites junkie and have been to a number of the sites which the author reviews and many many others I will never see. He puts everything into perspective and tells a winding story of how all these sites relate to each other, along the way showing how some long held myths do not hold up to scrutiny. Childs never loses that sense of wonder as if he is seeing each place anew. I absolutely loved this book; listened while I worked in my studio, in the car, before going to bed.

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This was very intriguing. It increases my interest in the people native to the southwest. The narration was good, but could take an occasional break from the dramatic tone. It is more like field notes than a story. I would like to hear more.

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Maybe it is better when read from the page rather than listened to. His prose is so over the top with metaphors that are so stretched they become rediculous and then laughable. I had hoped to listen to some more history of the Anasazi having already read the few that are out there. You won't find it here.

House of Rain: Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest

What can I say I loved it all. Use it for reference and Inspiration. Listening a second time here in Mesa Verde. With solid scientific explanations the narrative is both informational and engaging. Really loved it being read by the author. Was a fascinating story and adventure and mystery tour. In credible amount of information I may start it all over again.

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This is not a serious book about ancient culture in the Southwest, which is what I expected. Let me preface this by saying that the book looks like it has some fascinating history about the Anazasi people in it, but I found the recording lacking. To me, it sounded like there was a slight background hiss and every once in awhile an odd echo. I had thought that perhaps I had downloaded it at the lower audio quality, but I had downloaded it at the highest audio quality.

One last thing, was that it seemed like the narrator was rushing through the reading and I felt that the narrator could have slowed down a little.

"House of Rain" | Over-imagining an ancient people

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