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Advantages of Self Publishing: Bypassing the Gatekeepers

With POD Print on Demand , authors can upload their book files to a printing service, which will churn out individual copies as, and when, they are purchased. The cost-per-unit is higher than with traditional printing methods, but the lack of risk makes this the preferred option of self-publishing authors.

Read post. For an IngramSpark promo code, read our IngramSpark review here. Also, once the book is on an e-reader, the quality of the product is virtually indistinguishable from something that a big publisher puts out. Anybody can get their book onto the Amazon store for free — but few people know how to do it properly. When uploading your title, there are certain things you can do to make sure more of the right people see your book. Then there's the matter of getting the people who find your book to buy it. In short, you need to turn yourself into a bit of an Amazon expert.

When it comes to marketing in self-publishing, things start to get a little more involved. The good news is that there are tried-and-tested methods for promoting your title, including automated mailing lists, price promotions, and online advertising. To give yourself the best chance at thriving on Amazon and other platforms, your title must accumulate a healthy dose of sales and reviews soon after its release. With that in mind, a lot of work needs to go into preparing your book launch. You now have enough knowledge to actually go and self publish — assuming that your finances are in place Money is an obstacle that nearly all self-publishing authors will face at the start of their career.

After all, they are solely responsible for funding everything to do with the book. Here are two resources that can help you determine your costs and find alternate ways to cover them:. The upside to all this, as we hinted at earlier, is that by bearing most of the costs, the self-publishing author also gets to enjoy most of the spoils.

This massive disparity is one of the reasons why J. Rowling has dipped her toes into self-publishing. There's plenty to learn when it comes to becoming a smart and efficient publisher, so as a send-off, here are a few more resources to help you on your way to the top of the bestseller charts:. The journey to publishing a book can be treacherous, but if you prepare yourself adequately, and surround yourself with the right people, it can also be one of the most satisfying challenges of your life. Do you have any thoughts or questions about how to self publish a book?

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  4. 10 tips for new writers from a self-published success.

Drop a comment in the box below and the folks at Reedsy will get back to you. I've spent the past few hours being inspired I saw the cute typewriter graphic in the banner, and just HAD to try and make my own! Great banner design deserves a shout-out too! I've written and self-published three novels, but I'm hopeless at marketing. I want to find someone who can take on all the PR, ad-placing etc. Can Reedsy help? Hi Jerome. I don't even have a website! Douglas, love the subject matter of your books. Hi Douglas! Sorry we didn't reply earlier. I'm glad to see you've chosen to self-publish your thrillers.

Checking through the synopses, they do look like a gripping read! I would say that on the marketing side, you may wish to prioritise the following: - Your cover designs. Seeing as your books are a part of a series, the covers should reflect that and have some kind of 'branding' that unites them. Also, they could do with communicating the genre a little better: currently, a few of them look like supernatural fantasies rather than political thrillers. Glad you've been getting a lot out of the advice on the blog.

I'm having trouble grasping how best to tackle your question — could you drop us an email on service reedsy.

Do you wish to self-publish a new edition? Are you in charge of marketing the book. Hi, Reedsy has been helpful I'm the "uses assists" sort.

Authors Who Trash Competitors

My classic "Neurotheology" provided superb reviews on the site for an update with a new title although the content is nearly identical, Walkmans swapped out for smart phones TED references, etc. What sort of legit consultant lines up reviewers? It's a winner, but I'm stalled with plenty of product, even a beta book site, the basics and a killer URL, "goingtoheaven.

I have an entire series of children's books written in my head. I am determined to bring it all to real life in the coming year. I want to copyright the series title so that no one can use it in the future.

2. Build Relationships Before You Need Them

Is copyright the way to go? Are there other protections? Thanks for your question! Unfortunately there is no way to protect a series title through copyright — even after you've published the book. Copyright doesn't apply to titles, or sentences, it only applies to full works.

However your trademark registration will only make sense and be valid if you have already established an existing brand around the series title. Thanks so much for the information. While it was a lot, it is very helpful. I plan to save this blog and refer to as I take the plunge into fiction writing. Many first-time authors want to find a literary agent as soon as they put the finishing touches on their debut masterpiece. This way, any kinks can be worked out before it becomes available to the …. Rowling revealed on Twitter. Sensitivity readers lie at the heart of the debate — and the ….

We know not everyone is thrilled by the idea of …. Whether you're dashing off a note to a colleague or listing your bike for sale on Craigslist, your writing could always use a second pair of eyes. But what is line editing specifically? A tool …. A starving writer stands in front of a mailbox, clutching a hefty brown envelope addressed to a publishing company.

They say a prayer, push their manuscript in, and begin the long wait for a reply …. We proudly circulate our newsletter to over , authors each week. Subscribe today today for writing, publishing and marketings tips. Mark's initial venture down the traditional publishing route was a flop. Now he's part of an entrepreneurial generation of writers who are challenging traditional models and using technology to find commercial success online. Here are his top 10 tips for new writers:. Readers will come back again and again for characters that they love. I wrote two standalone novels when I was getting started, and it was more difficult to find traction with those.

My John Milton series features a character that readers get to know. Knowing how to reach your customers will be of critical importance. A mailing list will be your most valuable asset. You need to find that out for yourself. What if they take that away from you? When I started out, I had a promotion with Amazon and had 50, downloads of a book in a weekend. Even if only of those readers signed up to my mailing list, that might have been sales of my next book. Free books or novellas work very well. And a subscription is worth more to you than a sale.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Indie Author?

I give away hundreds of copies of my books every week. I see them as gateway drugs: if I can get you to indulge, for free, I can get you hooked. Common sense! These people have taken the time to write to you. They are already fans. Make them into ambassadors. I probably have around interactions with fans every day. That might include emails, Facebook comments and tweets. You can crowdsource expert help to make sure your books are accurate.

Readers let me know about it with a string of negative reviews. I have several hundred advance readers who read my early drafts. Some of them have served in the military. There are intelligence operatives, pilots, medics, and experts in other fields. They stomp on all of my errors.